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$100M Leads: How to Get Strangers To Want To Buy Your Stuff ( $100M Series)

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GET MORE LEADS: Because...when you double your

all about advertising in 8 boxes

Who-What-When Ad framework

Leverage comes down to getting more for what you put in.

The Only 8 Ways Any Business Can Advertise Their Stuff.

A lot of people don’t know the first thing to do to advertise. The good news is, there’s a step by step process anyone can use to let people know about their stuff. And it’s easier than you think. Only four actions communicate anything to anyone. Once you know how, step-by-step, getting leads will no longer be a constraint in your business.

The What-Who-When Copywriting Framework for Writing Ads That Get Leads

I’m not the best copywriter in the world. But I’ve always been good enough to make money. I wrote six pages that give you everything I’ve needed to know to make my ads profitable. And the best part is, it works on any platform, with any method, to any audience.

How to Get 10x The Leads For The Same Work

If you are not getting as many leads as you want, you are not getting enough out for what you put in. There’s a predictable way to scale from 1000 leads per month to 1000 leads per hour. And it all starts with learning how to use leverage in advertising.

Get as many leads as you darn well please..with the three simplest methods to scale any advertising.

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‎ Publishing (30 Agosto 2023)



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‎ 279 páginas

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‎ 1737475774

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‎ 978-1737475774

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‎ 8.5 x 0.63 x 11 pulgadas

Comentarios (9)

  1. MD

    Alex breaks down content and content creation in a way I’ve never seen before. He demystifies so much of the fluff that is out there, while most people are throwing darts at a wall, Alex is breaking it all down to very digestible fundamentals that will have you with your highlighter and sticky notes and writing a mile a minute. I haven’t even had the book 24 hours and I’ve devoured it. This will be my marketing and lead generation “bible” as I launch my own business. Thank goodness I chose to go to the person who actually gives away all his secrets! I am thanking the heavens this book was placed in my life. And the funny thing is, I purchased the book after watching ONE of his free videos that had so much value I knew I needed both of his books. He practices what he preaches and it worked on me! I know I’ll be submitting an application one day so he can help me scale from $1M profit! It’s laid out so beautifully there’s no way I can’t win, there’s no way YOU can’t win!

  2. JenRada

    The dimensions of the book are bigger than I thought. You might wonder why that’s important… Well, there’s space inside to take notes and highlights and write in. (I love doing that). There are pictures and diagrams, and I took Alex’s advice and listen to the audiobook while I read the print version. Game changer! Also, he doesn’t hold anything back. He explains concepts thoroughly, and gives examples as well as action steps to complete after each teaching point. I only regret I didn’t read it earlier. You totally have to check this out! Thanks Alex! Jen

  3. Imani Ackerman

    One of the best business books I have read because it does exactly what it sets out to do— show the reader how to create grand slam offers. I’ve spent a lot of money trying to learn from “business gurus” who just want to teach their witchy mindset tricks for a whole lot of money. This book is NOT that and I find that extremely refreshing. It is educational and I know that implementing everything will be a game-changer in my business!

  4. Jonathan Foote

    Take a highlighter and pen to this and pull out your laptop and work on your business at the same time. You’ll be amazed what happens to your life when you apply and not just read. I launched a podcast and this was great for monetizing that along with a videography company.

  5. Trevor Cochran

    I’ve just started my entrepreneurship journey somewhat recently and this book has changed the way I’m able to generate leads! I did a cold email course which was great but it didn’t give me the overall framework of getting leads, with multiple strategies. This book does that tremendously well and you should never be lead-hungry again!

  6. Kash

    This book was a steal for the amount of information that it provided. It built my self confidence on how to present and convert my leads. Harmozi is a master of making a dreaded task easy. Thanks a million. Eloise

  7. Amazon Customer

    I loved the first book—$100M Offers—so I couldn’t wait for the second. $100M Leads did not disappoint one bit! Just as good as the first. Great firsthand overview of how to build an audience to help market and sell your product/service. Made social media marketing make sense even to someone not experienced with social media. Please write a third book, Alex!!

  8. Luis Francisco Ponce Chávez

    Buen libro para atraer e identificar a tu audiencia.En el libro recibes muy buenas recomendaciones para generar una gran audiencia potencial y cómo atraerla. Sin embargo, me hubiera gustado leer más consejos para hacer un negocio de oro molido, pero no sé si vendrán en el próximo libro.

  9. Théo Belgo

    Tudo que você precisa está nesse livroVocê não precisa acompanhar mais nenhum influenciador ou qualquer pessoas que seja. Se você costuma ficar confuso(a) com tanta informação na internet e não sabe pra onde ir, basta seguir os ensinamentos do livro e você terá entendimento do que fazer no marketing digital para ter sucesso. Direto ao ponto. Estude esse livro com calma, faça anotações e crie frameworks. Vale cada página.

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