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2021 Apple iPad de 10,2 pulgadas (Wi-Fi, 256GB) – gris espacial

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Technical Details

iPad (9.a generacion)


Pantalla Liquid Retina de 10.2 pulgadas


64GB, 256GB


Chip A13 Bionic con arquitectura de 64 bits, Neural Engine

Cámara y vídeo

Cámara de 8MP con HDR y video HD de 1080p

Cámara frontal

Cámara frontal FaceTime HD de 12 MP

Batería y alimentación

Hasta 10 horas para navegar por Internet a través de Wi-Fi o ver videos , Hasta 9 horas para navegar por Internet usando una red de datos celulares



En la caja

iPad, Cable de conector Lightning a USB‑C, Adaptador de corriente USB‑C de 20 W


250.6 mm


174.1 mm


7.5 mm


487 gramos el modelo Wi-Fi ; 498 gramos el modelo Wi-Fi + Cellular

Apple Pencil

Compatible con el Apple Pencil (primera generación)

Additional information


a la tienda de Apple


256GB, 64GB


Gris espacial, plateado


WiFi, WiFi + Celular

Comentarios (9)

  1. An H. Pham

    I have had my iPad 9th Generation 64GB Wi-Fi since the end of November, 2022. It has been about 5 months. I upgraded from an iPad Air 2 32GB Wi-Fi (2014 model) that I had for almost 6 years! I have to say that there is a reason why Apple iPads are sold at such a premium price. That’s because they provide valuable practical use for far longer than the vast majority of what is available in the tablet market.With that said the 2021 iPad 9th Generation is a base iPad with a limited amount of fancy features and a dated iPad design. Quite frankly, I actually use my iPad on the go and all of the iPads I have had go directly into an Otterbox Defender case. So I hardly notice the little aesthetics in design when my iPads area always in an Otterbox Defender case.I won’t make this review long and will highlight the particular reason why I feel the need to write this review at all. I would say there’s three top reasons why I believe the iPad 9th generation is excellent: 1. Good CPU performance/64GB base memory capacity, 2. Value pricing, and 3. Apple Pencil/Freeform.1. CPU performance is good with the A13 CPU from the iPhone 11. I am confident that I will be able to use this iPad for at least 4 more years, if not 5. I bought my iPad Air 2 (2014 model) in 2016 and it was supported with OS updates up until iPadOS 15, which is a total of 8 years. But the iPad Air 2 was among the longest supported iPads in Apple’s tablet history. So it is not likely to be repeated. But I think that the iPad 9th generation should be supported for at least 6 years, 2021 to 2027. Plus, the 64GB base capacity is excellent for my basic use of the iPad.2. The pricing for the iPad 9th Generation 64GB retails at $329.99, but it is often for sale at $269.99. That’s how much I purchased it for during Cyber Monday 2022. It has been on sale for as low as $249.99 at some other retailers as well. So overall, the pricing is very affordable for a device this capable with support for many years to come.3. I know that the Apple Pencil has been out for years, but I have only now tried it. It was not supported with my iPad Air 2 (2014 model) and I never gave it much thought as being useful to me. I always thought that the Apple Pencil was geared towards artists, which to some extent it is. I tried the Apple Pencil on my iPad 9th Generation about a month after getting mine. It was a revolutionary experience for me. I have been looking for a viable substitute for a whiteboard for the longest time. But there is not any real replacement for what you can do on a whiteboard. The Apple Pencil with FreeForm is the closest that I’ve come to the experience I get on a whiteboard. Although, I do still use a 4’x8′ whiteboard for some brainstorming sessions, the Apple Pencil has afforded me to do some basic brainstorming in FreeForm. This is a massive benefit and I can only see Apple getting better with its FreeForm app. Not to mention app developers releasing new apps to take advantage of the Apple Pencil for brainstorming on a virtual whiteboard.Overall, I highly recommend the iPad 9th Generation.

  2. Ciggy

    I’ve had and seen so many extension cords over the years be a complete hazard. Melted, frayed, blown, you name it. I’ve studied fire science and it’s not worth the risk to me to purchase these newer power surge protectors that allow 12-20 plugs in a strip or even a square. Some of these things look mental. This is UL listed and that stood out to me in my search for a safe power cord/surge protector. I’ve got my 4K Smart tv, PlayStation, and internet router plugged in here and I’m not going to be worrying much about them if a fuse even blew. Best of all is the blue protected light I know will turn off if it’s not safe to use any more. Very happy with this purchase over the thousands of choices on here!

  3. Joshua Krause

    I absolutely love this surge protector with its 10-foot extension cord. It’s the perfect solution for reaching those distant outlets in my room. The rotating plugs are a game-changer, allowing me to easily accommodate different-sized adapters without any hassle. This surge protector offers fantastic convenience and flexibility. With its top-notch build quality and reliable surge protection, it’s a must-have for anyone looking to safeguard their electronics while enjoying the convenience of extended reach. Five stars all the way!

  4. Mr. Review

    The 10.2-inch screen (9th Generation) iPad is as good of a “Best Buy” today as it was when it launched in 2021. It is every bit the best and lowest investment for entry into the Apple ecosystem – even a better fractional portion of an investment than iPhone.Let’s talk specs. Nice big screen – 10.2-inches, long battery life – 10 hours, touch-screen design, 12 MP front camera and 8MP back camera, A13 chip – not as fast as it newer siblings but fast enough, iPadOS 16+ – and can handle more updates for several years to come, storage options – 64 GB or 256 GB, color options – Silver or Space Gray, Apple Pencil (1st Gen.) compatible, and lightening port charging. How’s that for value at the entry MSRP of $329 (Wi-Fi version), which is this one I bought at the unbelievable price of $249!As for use, this tablet will do anything you want if you are, like me, an avid Internet browser. It has a larger bezel than its younger siblings but that doesn’t bother me at all. While it doesn’t have the stereo speakers of newer models, it does have a headphone jack – perhaps the only remaining iPad to have one. It is great on video calls with a feature called “Center Stage”, which leverages the wide angle of the iPad’s front camera. In a cool way, the feature “zooms” in during FaceTime and other video calls.If you have students at home, are into Internet browsing, or shop online, this 9th Gen. iPad offers the best value for the investment!

  5. Cristhian A.

    I’ve never felt a quote so accurate. I’m not an Apple guy tbh, I have an iPhone but if I had the chance I would immediately change it for an Android.But for so many years I’ve been looking for a tablet that could help me to do what I do in a better way. But I never expected that an iPad would help me with all that. This is by far a great product for me, great performance, beautiful screen, stunning battery life. I got a cheap Bluetooth keyboard and it works perfect, in fact, I’m writing this review with that keyboard and it’s working great, the iPad captures all the words I type and it feels like using a PC but waaaaay more portable.If you’re an student like me, you should definitely get this one, I’m still not an Apple fan, but this is a great product, that makes me realize Apple rules when it’s about tablets, like I said, I’ve used plenty of Android tablets, but I’ve never experienced something like this. And the best part? It includes a charger, you now how weird is that on these days?For me 64gb it’s more than enough, however, I would definitely recommend you to get the 256gb version, just in case. I feel this iPad will be with me a very long time. Also, get a keyboard and a cheap stylus to touch the screen and I promise you the experience you’ll get through this device will be great.

  6. RAE 【麗龍】

    I needed a power strip that fit a very specific criteria, and I can’t believe how hard it was to find one. It needed to have a 15ft cord, closable outlet covers, and have a length of less than 10.5”. I spent a whole night looking at power strips until I found the actual correct dimensions buried in the questions & answers (9.98” x 2.01” x 1.34”)One of my first Amazon orders 8+ years ago was this now-discontinued power strip cable organizer box, and I figured it would be perfect to protect a power strip I wanted to put next to my coffee table. However, finding a power strip that fit my needs was way more difficult than it should have been. When this box was made, a power strip was still just a power strip. Now we have what can only be described as an arms race to cram as many outlets on to a single surge protector, with many having dozens on a single unit. I feel like an old man telling my grandkids “back in my day, a power strip had 6 outlets and was only 10” long” as they nod silently while wheeling me into the nursing home.I have a loft space that I turned into a modest recording studio and home theater. All of my gear is plugged into various UPS’s, surge protectors, and power conditioners, most by a reliable brand that starts with the letter F. This just needed to be a basic power strip, capable of handling the usual consumer electronics while being able to withstand coffee table mishaps. Should you plug all of your most expensive gear into it? Maybe, but I probably wouldn’t. However, if you just need a basic, ordinary power strip with some handy features and typical dimensions, this does the job. The power switch works. All of the outlets and closable covers work. You can choose from multiple cord lengths that will fit just about any need. It knows what it is and it gets the job done. Thank you GE!

  7. Linda Badilla

    My niece loves her new iPad. Shes always had an android or Lenovo tablets. She is able to play Roblox on this iPad and that is a must. Lol. She’s also not complaining that it’s running slow or it won’t let her play a certain game.

  8. Alex C.

    Last gen ipad, got it for under 300 dollars. Ipad typically get iOS updates for several years, so I’m not worried about it being left out in 2-3 years. Screen and battery life are great, and I got fast shipping.

  9. Cavicchi

    This is my first iPad product and glad I made the purchase. Comparing it to my Samsung A8 Tablet, sent back to BB, the quality is much better with this unit. Selfies are much better with the iPad, not important if you don’t want others to see you 🙂 Overall, for what I am using it, the iPad 9th generation is fine. Amazon had a great deal on the price and I grabbed it.

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