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Acer Nitro 17 Gaming Laptop AMD Ryzen 7 7840HS Octa-Core CPU 17.3″ FHD 165Hz IPS Pantalla NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050 16GB DDR5 1TB

$ 1.182,48

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Acelera a toda velocidad con la laptop para juegos Acer Nitro 17 con los últimos procesadores AMD Ryzen y la tecnología DLSS 3 de NVIDIA, ya sea jugando casualmente o subiendo en línea. La pantalla FHD de 17.3 pulgadas perfecta con frecuencias de actualización de 165 Hz proporciona una experiencia de visualización inmersiva mientras que la refrigeración de próxima generación, un teclado RGB de 4 zonas y el software NitroSense te permiten tomar el control del campo de juego. (NH.QKLAA.001)

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acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40

acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40

Max Your Speeds with Wi-Fi 6E

Get an edge on line by taking control of your network and prioritizing your gameplay with Killer Ethernet E2600 and Wi-Fi 6E.

acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40

Complete Next-Gen Cooling

The chassis has a few extra tricks up its sleeve when it comes to cooling with dual-fan, dual-intakes (top and bottom), and a quad-exhaust port design. This also includes the chilling effects of liquid metal thermal grease which acts as a more efficient heat transfer between the CPU & the heatsink.

acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40


Plug all your peripherals into the full range of ports, including HDMI 2.1, USB Type-C Port – supporting USB4 and USB 3.2 with Gen 2 support. There’s even a MicroSD Card Reader should it be needed.

acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40

The Keys to Victory

Spice things up with the 4-zone RGB keyboard and take command of the inner workings of the laptop via the dedicated NitroSense Key. With the NitroSense utility app, you can control fan speeds, lighting, and more to push performance to its max.

acer nitro 17 Ryzen; RTX laptop; 17” gaming laptop; AMD gaming laptops; Ryzen Gaming laptops; RTX 40

Additional information

Resolución de la pantalla

‎1920 x 1080 píxeles


‎5.1 GHz amd_ryzen_7


‎16 GB DDR5

Velocidad de memoria

‎4800 MHz

Disco Duro


Coprocesador de gráficos

‎NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4050

Marca Chipset


Descripción de la tarjeta


Número de puertos USB 2.0


Número de puertos USB 3.0





‎Nitro 17

Sistema operativo

‎Windows 11 Home

Dimensiones del producto

‎15,76 x 1,1 x 11,55 pulgadas



Marca del procesador


Número de procesadores


Tipo de memoria del equipo


Tamaño de memoria flash

‎1 TB

Tipo de unidad óptica

‎Sin unidad óptica


‎5 Voltios


1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)





Comentarios (8)

  1. Stephen S

    Overall Build Quality: Laptop is nice and thicc. Thick plastic casing and has some weight to it. Screen is really nice and only thing I would say that’s, «wrong» with it is the colors. Some pedant in these reviews mentioned the colors looking washed out on certain images. I’ve only noticed that once on some yellow background and it’s so minimal I wouldn’t knock any points for it. Because the screen is really nice. So nice in fact, that I now want to replace my 144hz 1080p monitor on my main PC. The keyboard is really nice too. When I’m casually gaming I’ll use the laptops keyboard but I still prefer a nice ,clicky, mechanical keyboard. Speakers aren’t super loud if that matters to you but they sound okay.Cooling: They used liquid metal on the CPU and GPU instead of thermal paste so the temperatures stay below 80 degrees Celsius without any additional cooling. The fans have only blasted one time for me and I was gaming without the laptop propped up. Overall, the laptop is very quiet and stays cool. Only issue with the liquid metal is it will be a pain to change out in the future and you might want to take it to a professional to replace for you.Battery: I’m able to do an entire session(8 hours) of Ableton music production on just battery life… Haven’t tried recording yet but I’m not worried. The battery also charges very fast and lasts a long time, which is nice. I haven’t tried gaming on battery life but maybe I will and add to review later.Gaming/Screen: 10/10 for gaming, what I would expect for a laptop at this price point and it delivers. No need for an external monitor, I’m able to play Counter Strike 2 on this laptop alone without issue. 165-185FPS at 2K but can probably improve a lot dropping to 1080p. There’s obviously delay but visually unnoticeable. I played DOOM(2016) on Ultra at 2K resolution with steady 185FPS.Optimus: Laptop has advanced Optimus. You can also bypass Optimus altogether and have the laptop run solely on the 4060 GPU bypassing the IGPU. Very nice laptop.

  2. James F Rose

    My 8-year old Acer Aspire Win10 laptop is still working, but is not capable of running Win11, and since support for Win10 ends next year, time to think of getting a new generation laptop. This new Acer Nitro 17 is a beast, and at a great Black Friday price. With the 17-in. display, RTX 4060 GPU , Ryzen 7 7840HS CPU, and 1TB SSD HD, this would be a really decent gaming laptop. I don’t game, but this thing will be capable of equally-demanding video editing/transcoding or 3D modeling/engineering/design apps. This laptop also comes in a variation using an Intel i7 CPU for about the same price, which made for a tough choice since both models of CPU are similar in performance. I ultimately went with this AMD processor because of slightly faster RAM speed and slightly lower power consumption, so hopefully it will run a little cooler as well. (But frankly, either CPU would be good). This laptop boots up quick and runs like a champ, with a clear, sharp, and bright BIG-screen display (which also means a full size keyboard underneath). I’m thrilled with its performance; every app I’ve previously used is much faster on this machine. The jury is still out on Win11, but I guess that’s something I’ll get used to. The only upgrade I’m considering is doubling the RAM from 16 to 32 GB, and possibly a 2TB SSD if I ever get close to filling up the 1TB model already installed. This is a GREAT large-screen laptop at a good price, especially if you can catch it on a price dip like Black Friday. I’m a big fan of Acer, and this laptop is highly recommended!EDIT:After 2 months, decided to double the RAM to 32GB after noticing Windows 11 utilized over 25% of total RAM capacity even when running at idle, not leaving much excess for really intensive apps or heavy multi-tasking. OEM RAM was (2x8GB) DDR5 5600CL46 by Hynix, a well-regarded brand…. YES, 5600MHz memory speed as opposed to the slower 4800MHz speed shown in the listing specs, which is a nice bonus. Several good brands to choose from for the RAM upgrade (Corsair, Crucial, Hynix, Patriot, Gskill, etc.), but one stood out. Kingston Fury Impact 5600CL40 SODIMM’s not only run at 5600MHz speed, but also have better latency (CL40, as opposed to CL46 for the other brands). Price was reasonable as well (in fact, cheaper than most of the others; and co-incidentally, using chips made by OEM manufacturer Hynix), so I definitely recommend Kingston Fury Impact RAM as an excellent upgrade for this AMD-based Nitro 17 laptop. CPU-Z utility shows the new RAM working fine at 5600 MHz speed and CL40 latency rating. (see attached photos for before-and-after CPU-Z displays of RAM memory, 32GB new vs. 16GB old). Now when laptop is running at idle, Windows 11 only uses about 12% of RAM, leaving much more for app-related purposes, so everything should run more smoothly and quickly, even when multi-tasking. This motherboard is capable of handling up to 64GB of total RAM, but from what I’ve read that much is overkill – an unnecessary expense and excessive RAM that will never get fully utilized. 32GB of RAM seems to be the sweet spot for maximum efficiency in this system. Makes this fantastic laptop even better than before!

  3. Andy F.

    The Nitro A17, with the Ryzen 7840 and the RTX 4060, is a great laptop, with tons of ports 3x USB A two of which are gen 3, 2x USB C gen 4 on the back, HDMI, and a micro SD card slot. It plays any game I can find at full no problem. It has loud fans when gaming and in turbo as you should expect. Though in quiet mode it is very quiet. You can use the HDMI to play shows and you will not hear it. The battery life varies widely depending on usage. I get between 3 and 5 hours. Though if I was using heavy gaming I would expect only 2 hours. My only complaints so far after a few weeks of use is the seeming lack of USB C charging. The documents say one of the c ports is power in though the cable I hooked up seems not to work. And it is a USB C charger for a laptop. Second is the keyboard and touch pad,the touch pad is big and as such is easily hit while typing. Causing issues and the placement of the keys on the right side of the keyboard is not for me. I hit the wrong key so many times I bought a wireless keyboard mouse combo. All in all I for the cost I could not have gotten a better deal on it. And it provides me all the power I can use and more.

  4. Diego Delgado Valderrabano

    Precio por el productoLa computadora está muy completa para el costo y es muy eficiente, corre los juegos muy bien y buena velocidad

  5. Oliver Isac Ruiz Hernandez

    Alto rendimientoYa sea para realizar tareas en hojas de cálculo, edición de textos o simulaciones y cálculos numericos de alto rendimiento, su funcionamiento es veloz y eficiente.

  6. Horacio C.

    Complio con mis espectativasA unos días que me llegó, mi hijo y yo estamos satisfechos con la compra ya que cumplió con lo que se esperaba, para sus tareas, juegos y soporta bien al conectarle y procesar con un programa su guitarra electrica. MUY BUENA COMPRA.

  7. Aldo Torres

    Muy buenaLa compré para la universidad ya que no tendré mi equipo de sobre mesa a la mano, hasta el momento ha ido demasiado bien, aunque la he estado usando un poco más para tareas y investigaciones en su parte gamer es muy buena he probado unos cuantos juegos como Fortnite, Warzone y GTA V en lo que he podido en jugar con gráficos altos es un muy buen sustituto para mi equipo de sobre mesa además de su almacenamiento de 1tb, además me gustó lo del teclado retroiluminado ya que puedes configurarlo a tu gusto ya que tiene cuatro secciones para configurar y también puedes controlar los modos del ventilador o regular manualmente la velocidad de estos. El único inconveniente que tengo es que la batería solo dura entre 2 horas o 2 horas y media y corriendo juegos un poco menos es mejor jugar conectado a la luz ya que da un mayor rendimiento y en cuanto a su tamaño si es algo grande, no es muy portátil que digamos pero para mí no hubo problema ya que cuento con una mochila que queda acorde a su tamaño.

  8. Misael

    Bueno, pero con limitacionesVentajas:Gran desempeño en videojuegos: He probado en varios videojuegos pondré de ejemplo el Alan Wake II lo probe en las configuraciones recomendadas por Nvidia prácticamente todo en alto con DLSS activado sin Ray tracing debido a que al activarlo la pantalla del juego se movía sin control como si el personaje estuviera intoxicado, pero aparte de eso el juego corría a unos 60 FPS.Desempeño general fantástico: Lo he ocupado para ofimática principalmente y no he tenido problemas.El teclado es maravilloso se siente tan cómodo para escribir, pero es la versión en inglés.La selección de puestos incluidos es muy buena y no tiene nada que enviarles a otros equipos.Las bocinas hacen un buen trabajo.La pantalla se ve bien.El software integrado es correcto, te deja controlar algunos parámetros como el color del teclado y los modos de energía.Desventajas:Al bajar a menos del 40% de batería, aunque este conectada, no te dejara ocupar todo el potencial de la computadora hasta que suba por arriba de este porcentaje.Algunas veces la computadora se congelará por ninguna razón aparente y reaccionará sin que hagas nada, una vez hasta la tuve que apagar porque no quería construcción se siente sólida, pero a la vez burda, la pantalla se siente con un pequeño borde que da la sensación de que si lo fuerzas arrancaras un pedazo de plástico.El ruido que hace en sus modos más capaces es horrible, después de una hora es muy molesto, se siente como un castigo a pagar para que no se sobrecaliente tu equipo, bajas temperaturas a cambio de tu cordura.Al abrir STEAM se «tarda» bastante y se siente extraño, es similar a la sensación que sentía cuando ponía un juego en la Play 1 y no sabía si el juego funcionaria o no.A veces cuando cambias de modo de aprovechamiento de la laptop con el botón dedicado la computadora no sabe qué hacer y se congela un poco, pero eventualmente vuelve a la normalidad.Justo en este día me sucedió que al iniciar la computadora por unos 5 minutos no me dejo modificar el brillo de la pantalla, no sé si sea un problema recurrente.Conclusión:Es un buen equipo, pero tiene algunos errores de software que espero que con el tiempo se corrijan, para nada es algo que los deba detener al considerar el equipo como una buena opción entre un mundo de posibilidades.

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