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Apple iPad Pro 2022 de 11 pulgadas (Wi-Fi, 128 GB) – Gris espacial (4ª generación)

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Apple iPad Pro

Technical Details

2022 Apple iPad Pro de 11 pulgadas (cuarta generación)


Pantalla Liquid Retina XDR de 11 pulgadas con tecnología ProMotion y True Tone


128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB or 2TB


Chip M2 de Apple, CPU de 8 núcleos con 4 núcleos de rendimiento y 4 de eficiencia, GPU de 10 núcleos, Neural Engine de 16 núcleos, 100 GB/s de ancho de banda de memoria, 8 GB de RAM en modelos con 128 GB, 256 GB o 512 GB de almacenamiento, 16 GB de RAM en modelos con 1 TB o 2 TB de almacenamiento

Cámara y vídeo

Sistema de cámaras Pro: gran angular de 12MP y ultra gran angular de 10MP. HDR inteligente 4 y vídeo 4K a 24 cps, 25 cps, 30 cps o 60 cps

Cámara frontal

Cámara frontal TrueDepth de 12MP con Modo Retrato, Iluminación de Retratos y HDR Inteligente 4

Batería y alimentación

Batería de polímero de litio recargable integrada de 28.65 Wh, Todos los modelos: Hasta 10 horas para navegar por Internet a través de Wi-Fi o ver videos, carga mediante el puerto USB-C con una computadora o un adapatador de corriente, Modelos Wi-Fi + Cellular: Hasta 9 horas para navegar por Internet usando una red de datos celulares, Carga mediante el puerto USB-C de una computadora o con un adaptador de corriente



En la caja

iPad Pro, Cable de carga USB-C (1m), Adaptador de corriente USB-C de 20 W


247.6 mm


178.5 mm


5.9 mm


Modelos Wi-Fi: 466 gramos ; Modelos Wi-Fi + Cellular: 468 gramos

Apple Pencil

Compatible con el Apple Pencil (segunda generación) Puntero flotante para el Apple Pencil

Additional information


a la tienda de Apple


128 GB, 1T, 256 GB, 2T, 512 GB


Gris espacial, plateado


WiFi, WiFi + Celular

Comentarios (10)

  1. Honest Reviewer

    Loving it! Got as a replacement for my 2017 iPad ProEnormous fan of the iPad line… period. My last iPad was the 2017 iPad Pro 10.5”, which I loved and ultimately it replaced my laptop for 99% of ‘all things computer-related”. I had it for 5.5 years and it stills works pretty good although the screen quality (bad pixels) had deteriorated a tiny bit and the battery life had deteriorated significantly. I debated whether to have the battery replaced ($149), buy a 2022 model iPad (low end) or go ahead and splurge on the 2022 iPad Pro. Wasn’t an easy choice given the price differential. After looking at it, it was clear that it didn’t make sense to replace the battery as I could get a new (low-end) iPad for about the same price – tech stats-wise, the new low-end iPad wasn’t much different from the 2017 Pro. Ultimately, the fact that it wasn’t much different actually lead me to go ahead and splurge on the Pro with much better tech stats. My thinking was that 1) I am hoping that it will last me at least 5 years like the last one; 2) it is much more likely (given the M2) to remain in the update path as well as to potentially get new features that only the M2 (and possibly M1) models will be able to handle. Bottom line: while much more expensive, I felt that the longevity of the device was ultimately more important especially since it is my primary “computer” (in fact I can’t recall when I last used my laptop – been at least 6-8 months). As for the iPad Pro 2022 (11”) device goes, I am very pleased – while the screen resolution of the 2017 Pro was excellent, the 2022 version is noticeably better, and given that I do a lot of photography/phote editing, this is critical. Speed-wise, it is also noticeably faster, especially loading of pages, opening/closing apps, and scrolling (refresh rate, yeah!). Battery life is much better but I don’t think I am a good judge of that given the degradation my old iPad had. But now I can easily go pretty much all day on the battery. My only ‘complaint’ (and, to be fair, this is something that others will definitely disagree with!) is that the front camera has been moved – no (looking at the device in the landscape position), the camera is in the middle of the left side edge rather than along the top edge. Personally I don’t like the new placement because of two reasons: 1) from a selfie standpoint, you have to remember to look to the left, which makes it harder to also look at the screen to see the image to be captured – just awkward!; and 2) I typically use the iPad with a keyboard case with the device sitting on my lap (usually on a pillow or some other such surface), and I often have my left hand along the side to provide some stability to the device and as a result I end up blocking the camera – no big deal EXCEPT that this iPad has face recognition and I am *constantly* blocking the camera preventing apps from opening or preventing face recognition logins… I am hoping that I quickly get used to it and learn not to cover up the camera by accident, but right now it is ANNOYING. As for face recognition – I LOVE it… not sure if it is the facial recognition itself, or the upgraded specs on my iPad, but it works SO much quicker than the touchpad on my old iPad (when I don’t blocked the camera!). So… for me this iPad is great and I love it! Probably an overkill for others and you would probably be better off going with the Air, or even the regular iPad to save money – especially if you are one of those people that tend to replace the device every couple of years… but if you want something that should be able to last you 5+ years, then this is a definite option. Hope this is helpful info to you!

  2. Rhonda

    Great for BookkeepersI have a bookkeeping business and this has helped immensely. Each customer has a folder in Goodnotes. Goodbye paper notebooks that are all over my office. It fits in my purse neatly. I scan all my documents into there. No more lose paper all over the place.

  3. Lana Scott

    Good Tablet for gamingI upgraded from a s6 lite and I have to say, im very impressed. The 120hz fresh-rate felt so cool and it was so much bigger compared to the s6 lite. It also runs games really well!

  4. ClickCOSMO

    Apple is Apple…I really wanted to give 4-5 stars on this but we pay a lot of money to get quality and all that comes along with Apple, unfortunately many times its almost there… I am using this as a Looper with my Quad Cortex pedal, works pretty good but i’ve been through hell and back with this… Sometimes it just can give enough power to the usb devices and this is kind of annoying. To be fair its great for multi-tasking, using a looper, along with 3-4 midi instruments, 2 or 3 usb devices but then there were the times that some weird sounds were happening, thought it was my sound card, but its some limitations with the audio system, it just decides to cause issues for no reason, maybe cause you are using a 3rd party usb-hub, but its not like apple has one with 3 usb ports so you are left without an option. I tried sooooo many different brand names even the expensive ones disappointed, ended up with a cheaper one that has been working pretty good for a while now. I am just always scared that the system will start acting up again… Had to completely reset it two times already. Oh well…its lighter and cheaper than a mac so I gotta stuck with it…

  5. Elizabeth Anderson

    It helps me manage my day-to-day activities.It is a very helpful daily tool in my job.

  6. Clayton Buddin

    Great product, great service…!!!Just getting into the iPad today, but I’m very familiar with Apple products, Their Awesome…!!!Thank You…❤️

  7. John Alejandro

    Quality productsQuality products.

  8. Dana

    Nifty productIf you want a full-sized iPad this is the one to buy. I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about it and it will be a long time before I feel the need to replace it with an upgrade.

  9. Thanks

    Packaging in poor conditionA little damaged the packaging but the equipment is in perfect condition.

  10. Kindle Customer TD

    “I can’t believe that it was left in my MAILBOX ”Left in my mailbox. Major ice / snow storms! I have never had amazon leave something that expensive and sensitive in my mailbox?.. they always bring it to my door !!!Can’t say anything bad about the I pad yet since I left it until this afternoon to make sure it was warm enough to use it !I’m only setting it up now. So it’s working … which I’m grateful for !But I’m still afraid of what might happen. I have no idea how long it was out there .ALSO IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE DELIVERED IN 2days ?? Never happened. Ordered on the 12th and finally arrived on 27th !!

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