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Apple – iPhone 11, versión de EE.UU., 64GB, negro – desbloqueado (renovado)

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La cantidad justa de todo. Un nuevo sistema de doble lente trasera captura más de lo que ves y de lo que te encanta. El chip más rápido jamás utilizado en un smartphone y la duración de la batería para todo el día te permiten hacer más y cargar menos. Y tiene la calidad de video más alta en un smartphone para que tus recuerdos se vean mejor que nunca.

Información importante

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Additional information

Dimensiones del producto

7 x 5 x 4 pulgadas


128 GB, 256GB, 64 GB



Product grade


Service Provider

AT&T, Desbloqueado, T-Mobile, Transportistas GSM, Verizon


1 Iones de litio (Tipo de pila necesaria)


Amarillo, Blanco, forro polar verde con licencia oficial de star wars silent one crew., Púrpura/Ombre Force., Rojo, ‎Negro



Características especiales


Entrada de interfaz humana

Pantalla Táctil

Factor de forma


¿Qué hay en la caja?

Adapter, USB Cable



Ram Memory Installed Size

4 GB


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Comentarios (10)

  1. 2BusyFishing

    The Apple iPhone 11 64GB in Black, available in a renewed condition, is a smart and cost-effective choice for those seeking a high-quality smartphone without the brand-new price tag. As someone who values both functionality and savings, this renewed iPhone 11 has proven to be a reliable and worthy investment.The iPhone 11 is known for its impressive performance, and the 64GB storage capacity provides ample space to store photos, videos, apps, and more, catering to the needs of most users.The renewed condition of the iPhone 11 ensures that it undergoes thorough inspection and testing to meet Apple’s standards. This adds a layer of reassurance that the device is fully functional and free from any major defects.The unlocked status of the iPhone 11 is another advantage, as it allows the freedom to choose and switch between different carriers, providing flexibility and convenience for users.The iPhone 11’s sleek black design exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a timeless and stylish choice that appeals to a wide range of users.The device’s camera capabilities are particularly noteworthy, capturing stunning photos and videos with its dual-lens system, ensuring every moment is beautifully preserved.Additionally, the iPhone 11’s powerful A13 Bionic chip delivers smooth and fast performance, handling multitasking and demanding apps with ease.One aspect to consider is that, being a renewed device, there may be slight signs of wear or cosmetic imperfections. However, these are generally minimal and do not affect the overall functionality or user experience.In conclusion, the Apple iPhone 11 64GB Unlocked in Black, available in a renewed condition, is an excellent choice for those looking to own a top-tier smartphone without paying full price. With its impressive performance, high-quality camera, and unlocked status, this renewed iPhone 11 provides exceptional value and reliability. Whether you’re upgrading from an older model or seeking a dependable smartphone on a budget, this iPhone 11 is a compelling option that strikes a balance between functionality, affordability, and style.

  2. Kidus Tsige

    The iPhone 11, US Version, 256GB, Black, Unlocked (Renewed) is like a superhero phone for regular folks like us. Here’s why it’s awesome:Looks Brand New: This phone might be «Renewed,» but it’s as fresh as a daisy. No scratches, no dents, nada.Loads of Space: Imagine having a backpack that fits everything – well, this iPhone can hold tons of apps, pics, and videos.Fancy Camera: The camera is like having magic eyes. It makes your pics super clear, even at night. No more blurry stuff.Lasts and Lasts: You know that friend who always has energy? This phone is like that. It stays awake all day, no charging tantrums.Zooms Like a Rocket: It’s faster than a cheetah on roller skates. Apps open in a snap, no waiting around.No Network Knots: It’s like a free bird. You can use it with any phone company you want, no bossy restrictions.Easy Peasy Setup: Setting it up is as simple as making a sandwich. Even your grandma could do it.Looks Cool: It’s like the James Bond of phones. All black and sleek. You’ll impress people just by holding it.Super Bargain: You’re getting a Lamborghini for the price of a bicycle. High-end stuff without a scary price tag.Trusty Sidekick: Apple is like Batman – always there to save the day with updates and help. This phone’s got your back.So, if you want a phone that’s like a superhero best friend, get this iPhone 11. It’s easy, powerful, and won’t empty your wallet. Seriously, it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Shopper1

    It was important to me to buy a refurbished phone, as I care about the environmental impact of replacing electronics. I’ve had a mixed experience with the Amazon program. This phone arrived looking and functioning as if brand new, but the charger cord was clearly a cheap off-brand, and the wall adaptor was damaged so that the USB could not plug in. We have plenty of chargers at home, but this does not inspire confidence in the quality of the product itself. Because they come with limited warranties, I worry about purchasing from a company that clearly does such limited quality control. Do better, Amazon, if you want to make a real impact on sustainability, insist that the companies you work with provide quality products and experiences.

  4. Hailee McCray

    Just upgraded my XR to an 11 because my current phone was falling apart lol. I’m the type of person to keep my cell phone for as long as humanly possible, so whenever I end up purchasing a new phone, it’s usually an older model. The phone itself works amazingly, and I’m not having any problems with it so far thank God! However, be warned— I just opened/set up my phone today, and the the battery health is at 76%. The product description clearly states that the phone will be sold to the customer with a MINIMUM of 80% battery health, which sucks because although my iPhone XR was (quite literally) falling apart, the battery health was still at 82% after 3 years of owning it. I will update this review if I end up having issues with the battery, and if all else fails, will send the phone back for a replacement within the 90-day time period if the battery health shows itself to be a dilemma towards me.Overall, I’m happy with my purchase at the present!

  5. Kim Bee

    I am new to buying refurbished phones and usually buy brand new from my carrier. However, I needed to get an extra phone and eventually would give it to a family member to help transition a few things. It seemed to be great out of the box, looked great and charged and worked but the camera was horrible. I had thought it was because it was an iPhone 11, but my friend’s camera wasn’t as blurry or pixelated as mine.The battery seemed to be in good health, but every now and then it wouldn’t charge and said, «Will continue charging after the phone stops overheating.» I know they sent an extra chord and block, but being I only use apple chargers, I didn’t even open them and they remained in the box.There were times in the last month of owning the phone that an error of: «unknown parts,» would SOMETIMES come up and when I looked it up it means that either the battery or the camera was replaced. I wonder if in this case, both of them were being they both gave me problems.Long story long, I am thankful I tried amazon renewed and I am glad they gave a 90 day policy because most of the problems occurred last day 60. This is an extra phone, so it didn’t get used much and while it LOOKED TO BE EXCELLENT and I’m sure had new parts placed in it, they weren’t as good as apple’s in my opinion and this had to be returned.The return was easy and I did everything as Chubbitech said to do and returned with UPS and tracking information showing it was returned. However, when I checked today, it is still showing I haven’t started the process.This company got good reviews and I hope they honor that. I have pictures to post of the errors and perhaps just got a dud. I rest assured that this company will refund me promptly and give it until next week. These types of problems with the phone would be too much for me to then give my mom who wouldn’t know what to do with all of the errors.I hope this review helps somebody. I will change my review once I hear back from Chubbietech but for now this is where I am. Thanks.

  6. Kadisha

    Overall, for a second hand it’s in good condition, came lightly scratched and dirty in the crevices and charging port but it charges until 100. I transitioned from a Samsung so the battery power is less compared compared to that, but my friends all say iPhone are like that. but it’s a good phone, works well, it’s worth the money.

  7. tammy123

    currently using it as my main phone was a little but dirty when i got it as well as it had some apps for testing the internal parts of the phone whoever it was who was dealing with this phone probably forgot to delete them… had to change the battery and notice in settings that my phone is being supervised but by who tho… i don’t know if i should be worried bought this phone a while ago had no issues so far…

  8. Joel Quezada

    El producto vino en una excelente condición, sin rasguños ni daños visibles. La batería vino en 84%.Su operación es acta y todo funciona a la perfección.La caja de envío es bastante sencilla y el cargador es genérico de poca calidad.Lo recomiendo complemente.

  9. quiethart63

    I have had iPhones before so I’m not a newbie but when you plug in charger to charge up phone-absolutely nothing happens, nada zip, zilch. The charging cable and wall plug does not work with phone at all. Fortunately, I had 1 cord that does work that I bought from at Big Lots. The phone works great. I thought it was holding a charge but now I’m sure it was because I didn’t see it ever charging when it was on the charging cord so I think I’ll keep phone. But it’s a shame, but I will probably trash the charging cable. I really need a cable that does it’s job. I wonder was the charger tested before shipping?

  10. Deondre Deterville

    Phone works well by that I mean it has no discreet issues. Battery health came on 96 and overall I’m satisfied. One downside is the screen is actually raised and isn’t flush with the frame of the phone but that’s fine I’m able to fix it

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