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Apple iPhone SE, 256GB, Black – Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

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Apple iPhone SE, 256GB, Black – Fully Unlocked (Renewed Premium)

Additional information

Weight 15,5 lbs
Product Dimensions ‏

0.28 x 2.28 x 4.84 inches


128GB, 256GB, 64GB

Item Weight

15.5 ounces

Product grade

Renewed, Renewed Premium



Service Provider

AT&T, GSM Carriers, Sprint, T-Mobile, Unlocked, Verizon

Item model number ‏



Black, Red, White


iOS 13



Connectivity technologies


Other display features


Form Factor


Battery Power Rating


Whats in the box

Generic charging cable that is certified Mfi (Made for iPhone), generic wall plug that is UL certified for performance and safety, SIM tray removal tool

Date First Available ‏

December 24, 2020



Comentarios (10)

  1. NS

    Double Check That it Works!Edited:I contacted the seller (Hybrid IT) and they were extremely responsive. I confirmed that the phone did not work on arrival and started the refund process. It took about a week after I shipped it for them to get it and the refund to be issued. I purchased another phone from the same exact seller and this one had 100% battery life and worked perfectly. Make sure you READ the email that the seller sends you because mine had return information on it. In order to get a guaranteed 100% refund, I needed to contact them within 48 hours of delivery to let them know the phone was DOA. So check your phone ASAP. It took setting up my phone fully to find the problems.Kudos to Hybrid IT for being easy to work with. I am glad I did not purchase from the first seller that Amazon suggested, because it was a few dollars less but didn’t have the free Prime shipping/return. It had free shipping but the seller had terrible reviews. Hybrid IT had great reviews and was a great seller to work with. Do your due diligence and check out the seller information!———————————————-Like many other reviewers, one of the phones I purchased did not work. I am currently in the return process. I bought mine through Amazon’s prime link, and it has free returns. The company I am working with is Hybrid IT. Depending on how the return process goes, I may increase my rating for the phone. My phone was not fully unlocked and the power button did not work consistently. I am willing to give it another shot because it is a phone for a youth, so hopefully the return process is easy.

  2. YShop

    As advertisedThis was my 1st time ordering renewed tech from Amazon & was the 2nd «Amazon Renewed» iPhone I received.I purchased the iPhone SE 128GB 2nd Gen for $287.The condition of the phone was really ideal, no obvious scratches to the red paint except for a tiny scratch on the paint edge of the back camera lens. The glass was perfect, the battery fully charged to 100%, and if anything was replaced on the body, it is unnoticeable. Basically it looks & feels brand new.It came loaded with OS 16 and prepped to update to the latest.I felt the price was a little high for 2nd gen BUT the 128GB is amazing. I have everything and more on it & there is still space!What gave me confidence to buy was the 1 yr Amazon service & warranty.The power adapter & cord are not apple brand, and there is no-mechanism to know if they are apple certified. They do charge the phone, but the phone gets a little hot.The double/triple tap & shake features don’t appear to work consistently but they are new features to me so I don’t know if it is a hardware, software or user issue.It came nicely packed, with instructions even I could follow & a warranty/ service information card.I would recommend the Premium Renewed from this vendor.

  3. MS

    Seems like a solid device.I got this for mom to replace iPhone 6s. It came and seems to have no issues. I got it unlocked. I did have some problems with Visible showing that it was not compatible with their network once I got it hit did not think that was true. It took several chats but I was able to get it activated. It came with a third party charger and lightning cable. I have no complaints so far. Phone was not damaged and looked pretty well kept.

  4. Noah Everett Braley

    A little worse for wear than expectedThere are far more scratches and a lot more dirt and gunk in the speaker grills and on the phone in general around the screen in the earpiece. It seems like they didn’t even clean the device. However, there are no major scratches on the screen so I can deal with the rest and just clean the phone up a bit. In all reality for what I paid. I can’t complain too much and I appreciate the super fast shipping. Great seller.

  5. TJ_KennerLA

    Excellent PurchaseI bought a refurbished unlocked black iPhone SE 2nd gen (SE 2020) 64GB iOS16 about a month ago (late March 2023) for about $143.00 plus tax. It was promised to be refurbished, fully functional, and in excellent condition. Backed by the 90-day Amazon Renewed Guarantee. The phone was quickly delivered, and looked brand new and unused. The only way I could tell that it was not a brand new unused phone was that it was not in an original box. I really find it hard to believe the phone was used at all. Amazon also guaranteed that the phone will have a battery that exceeds 80% capacity relative to new. The phone indicates that its battery has 81% capacity, so the advertising is true. I was a little hesitant about buying a refurbished product, but for the price and the fact that it has an eSIM card, I took the plunge. There is not a single thing wrong with the phone. It works perfectly, and with my use load, I go two to three days between charging. Admittedly, my use is relatively light, I’m not constantly scrolling facebook and the like the way some people do, but I do like to facetime. Plus, I discovered the $15.00/month Mint Mobile phone service (linked with T-Mobile) and it gives me everything I need. It is a really good service. So, I’m really satisfied with the purchase. 5 stars for everything because the phone exceeded expectations, and better than described by Amazon.

  6. Erica

    Wowza!!I purchased this renewed iPhone SE 2020 for my husband cause his iPhone he had broke. I was sooo nervous about ordering anything renewed but I’m so glad I did! & I’m glad I did my homework, and I took my time on finding the best company that had great reviews. Mobile supply y’all guys are amazing! They sent me a iPhone with great battery life! 97% it’s like practically brand new! The speakers we were skeptical about cause they look like they been messed with but we tested every thing out camera, flash light, speakers, battery, charging port literally everything you could think of we tested and made sure it was working. I’m so thankful y’all guys sent a decent phone to us. I didn’t wanna have to send it back and we aren’t! The back is a little scuffed up but it’s a used phone so those little scuffs didn’t bother my husband he uses a case anyways. He was just happy like me to know everything works on it and the battery life and speakers and everything else on it is good! I definitely will purchase again renewed but it would have to be from the seller Mobile Supply! Thanks again!

  7. MatthewX

    Perfect phone for someone like me.I previously purchased from Amazon Renewed an iPhone 5s, and was satisfied with it considering the price was barely over one hundred dollars. That phone, however, was originally released in 2013, and at 8 years old it was getting hard to justify its continued use.So when the new iPhone SE (2020) was released I was really tempted to get it, but the pandemic had basically stopped any purchasing of anything for me at the time. Now in September of 2021, with the battery in my old phone failing, it was time to do something.I decided to check out what Amazon might have in their «renewed» products and was surprised to find that they now have «Renewed Premium», which offers a year’s satisfaction guarantee. That meant, in my mind, I could send this thing back if it wasn’t good or turned out to be a lemon, so I sprung for it.First of all, this one came in a nice box, oversized, and obviously sturdy enough to protect everything inside. It comes with an information packet describing what «premium» means, along with a quick start guide. The inclusion of a standard wall charger was nice, but I have a number of chargers already, not to mention my iPad Pro charger. I’ll get back to that in a minute.Another thing that was nice to have included was a tool for removing the SIM card tray. Nice, but it turns out that with the new iPhone SE you can use eSIM! More on that as well in a minute.Now first of all… This phone looks gorgeous. The red color and the black front make for an awesome combination. All surfaces are smooth as if it was a brand new phone. Turning it on shows the screen is working perfectly, with even back lighting all across to each corner.The first thing I checked was the «battery health». Amazon promises that with their renewed premium phones the battery would at least be at ninety percent of capacity, so I immediately checked.Ninety-eight percent! Eight percent better than what they promised. Not bad at all!So it turns out that this phone supports fast charging. So that means my phone gets charged on the desk where my iPad Pro sits, because the charger for that is a high capacity charger. The iPhone SE charges up easily in a little over an hour, which means no need to plug it in over night. In fact, I plug it in before bed, but it’s plugged into an outlet controlled by Alexa and that wont come on till in the morning. The phone charges up to capacity before I go to work!Now for setting up the service, the iPhone SE (2020) supports eSIM, which means getting set up with Mint Mobile (or any service that supports eSIM) was as easy as… Well, I went to Mint Mobile’s website, checked my location, checked phone compatibility, chose my service plan, then chose eSIM at check out. A few minutes later a QR code appeared on the screen of my computer that I scanned with the iPhone SE, and a few seconds later I had 4G/LTE and everything ready to go.eSIM is the way to go. It is, just trust me on that.After about a week of using the phone, on some days like I normally do and on other day literally trying to cause it run dry of battery or trying to get it to malfunction, this little phone is holding up way better than I could have anticipated. I believe I can safely say my iPhone 5s can be retired for good.By the way. Get a cover. This phone has a glass back, which means it can be charged wirelessly, but it also means you can break it easily. I got a simple transparent back cover with a raised bezel around the edges. It cost about 9 dollars, came in the same day as the phone.I would recommend this phone and the Amazon Renewed Premium program. Yes the cost of the phone was more than it would have been with renewed only, but being able to return the phone for up to a year is worth it.

  8. Andrew McKenzie

    Great BuyNeeded a new phone, but didn’t want to shell out $800-$1k for a brand new one. Got this because I was wanting to keep in the iPhone game but keep it small and easy. Great phone! Came in great shape, no issues/cracks/scratches, and has 95% battery life (which is far more than I expected). Very great buy for the price!

  9. Lisa Pierce

    Great refurbished product!! Works perfectly for what I got it for.I purchased this phone for my daughter to have to use the functionality of the Apple apps to use like an iPad with just internet and no provider service. It works great. The picture and sound quality are superb. The sound quality is actually better than my current iPhone. It is serving it’s purpose. She hasn’t asked for my phone since she received this one.

  10. Morgan R.

    Great Little PhoneProbably the best value Apple buy of 2023. You can get the full-blown iOS experience for less than $200, and it’ll be a much better experience than what a budget Android phone can provide.Note: My battery health was at 76% when I received it, which is less than advertised, so that was misleading. But the seller was very quick to heed my request for a partial refund, and they gladly paid me back the cost of a battery replacement. Excellent customer service!

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