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Bitcoin – Moneda conmemorativa chapada en oro de 24 quilates BTC edición limitada coleccionable con funda protectora

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Descripción del producto

Bitcoin es un sistema de pago criptomoneda y en todo el mundo. Es la primera moneda digital descentralizada, ya que el sistema funciona sin un banco central o un administrador único. La red es peer-to-peer y las transacciones tienen lugar entre usuarios directamente, sin intermediario.

Información del producto:

Tamaño: 1.5 x 1.5 in.

Color: Oro.

Marca: Enegitech

Gran diseño:

Nuestros Bitcoins fueron diseñados por un experto profesional, y producidos en un ambiente muy limpio y amigable. Puedes mostrar tu Moneda Física Bitcoin con orgullo por aquellos no creyentes en tu análisis técnico de la influencia de Bitcoin.

Protección a largo plazo.

Nuestras monedas están protegidas por una funda protectora transparente, las mantienen selladas con nuestra carcasa de plástico duro cuando no se usan.

Acerca de Bitcoin:

Bitcoins se crean como una recompensa por un proceso conocido como minería. Se pueden canjear por otras monedas, productos y servicios. A partir de febrero de 2015, más de 100.000 comerciantes y proveedores aceptaron bitcoin como pago. La investigación realizada por la Universidad de Cambridge estima que en 2017 hubo 2,9 a 5,8 millones de usuarios únicos usando una cartera de criptomonedas, la mayoría de ellos usando bitcoin.

Additional information

Dimensiones del paquete ‏

2,83 x 2,6 x 0,35 pulgadas






a la tienda de Enegitech

Comentarios (9)

  1. Rev.dr.Jeff

    New NostalgiaNew Nostalgia.

  2. Malkovich

    Cool tokenIf you are into crypto at all this is a cool token to have

  3. Daniel

    GREAT SERVICE…. AWESOME QUALITY PRODUCTThese look amazing…. they make great gifts! Also just love to carry one around and on on display at my office…

  4. David P.

    Didn’t get bitThe coin has a nice finish, looks good, in a sturdy case. Great value.

  5. Paul D.

    Better than expected. Impressed with weight and design.Purchased this for my neice as gift presentation for actual Bitcoin for her graduation. 1. Weight is good. If you are concerned it will have weight like aluminum it does not. Feels substantial. Finish is uniform and color is gold/brass/shiny yellow. Engraving, or etched details, are clean. Design features and text are easily discerned. I don’t know if this coin’s design is adherent to an official Bitcoin design. It looks official and is highly adequate for gifts or presentations. My only criticism is that while there is some knurling around the perimeter edge of coin it does not seem as deep or textured as a US coin. But, there is some knurling and it definitely adds to the believability of the coin. The included case is as expected and a necessary accessory for safekeeping.

  6. Dale

    Very nicePleasantly surprised with the overall quality. No smudges, scratches or dings. The air tite protective cases were flawless as well.

  7. Nightsong

    Cool novelty, but quality is inconsistent.Purchased this for $8.50 two weeks ago. I was impressed with the size and thickness and think it was worth the price. Unfortunately the gold coating has already started to fade. I don’t mind as I mostly just wanted a heavy coin but I’m knocking off a star as it’s barely been two weeks.That said, the price dropped to $6.50 this week and picked up another for a friend. Turns out my second order was from a different vendor and the coin is completely different. Costing is more of an orange gold than a brass gold color. While the coating is holding up better the coin is significantly thinner and feels cheap. I’d rate that coin a 2/5 stars and will be returning it.TL;DR: fun novelties but it’s a dice roll whether you get a thick coin or a cheap thin one. I had luck ordering from the vendor Rafter Wear but again, the coating will run off. See images for more detail.

  8. Petals

    Gorgeous and Beautifully Made.These are beautiful. I ordered more. What I was disappointed in was Amazon not filling my orders correctly. I returned the 2nd and 3rd order and each time reordered the 24k plated coin that I had first ordered. I finally gave up on Amazon as nowhere did it state that my coins were PLATED in 24k gold, which is what I had on my first order and tried to reorder. Amazon, shame! Not that hard!!But they are beautiful. Just do not try to sell them as the real ‘crypto’! They are for fun only.

  9. Victor Vargas

    Me encantóMe gusta mucho su presentación, la calidad del detalle es muy bueno, y me gusta su cajita transparente para resguardar la moneda.

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