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DEWALT Ventilador máximo de 20 V, 4.5 horas de tiempo de funcionamiento, inalámbrico, portátil, ideal para lugares de

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Weight N/A



‎Ventilador del lugar de trabajo (NUEVO)



Fuente de alimentación

‎Con Alimentación de Batería

Dimensiones del producto

‎9,1"D x 9,1"W x 9,1"H pulgadas

Tipo de sala


Características especiales


Tipo de montaje

‎Montaje en pared

Tipo de controlador

‎Control de botones




‎5 vatios

Cantidad de hojas


Capacidad de flujo de aire

‎650 Pies cúbicos por minuto por vatio


‎20 Voltios

Tipo de interruptor


Peso del artículo

‎6 Libras

Componentes incluidos

‎Solo herramienta

Nombre del modelo




Número de pieza

‎- None –

País de origen



‎12x8x14 inches

Cantidad de piezas


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Comentarios (10)

  1. Klim Dokachin

    Okay…. so, firstly….. I bought one of these from Home Depot down the road from me. I was so impressed I ordered a second one from Amazon – So anyway… it arrived here Tuesday arvo. I unboxed it eagerly and plugged a battery into it. No air flow. Eh? I thought. I could hear the motor humming away quietly to itself. Then I looked inside the cage. Unfortunately….Broken impeller, not even affixed to the shaft. Oh great. So then, I organised it’s return to Amazon. Not wanting to wait I did not order a replacement. I took the return ticket, then in the heat of the late afternoon, got into the car. First stop Home Depot to buy another fan, then down to the UPS office to drop off the return item to Amazon. I know that as soon as they scan it my refund is processed. Then back home.Now….. Here’s the thing. Unbelievable tho it may seem but I promise you it is entirely true. Scouts honour.We get home. It is around ten to six by this time. I unpack the box and take out the fan. All looks good. I plug in a fully charged 7Ah battery and crank up the motor speed to it’s medium setting. Sat on a flat surface on the (L-shaped) sofa diagonally to my right. So now my wife has one in front of her on the coffee table and I have one pointed in my direction.I made note of the time and left it running….. and running…. and running 12hr – 24hrs- 36 hrs !! – I didn’t think it was ever going to stop. It finally did stop …. at 2:30pm today, Thursday arvo! That’s over 44hrs, (44.5hrs to be precise). How crazy is that? 44hrs on a single battery at around half speed. Incredible! I have marked the battery it was running on just in case there is something different about it over the others, and also made note of the time I inserted the new battery today. I have not adjusted the speed. We will see what happens.

  2. Kristen

    My husband is a heavy equipment mechanic and only buys DeWalt power tools. We purchased this fan to take with us on vacation as well as my husband to have a fan while working in the high heat and humidity of the deep south. We already had batteries and a charger for them, so only buying the fan was perfect for us. Of course we could always use more batteries, but it wasn’t a necessary expense at this time. This fan was perfect to have on the beach to keep our one year old and myself cool under the shade. It also worked great to keep the mosquitoes away. My husband has used it every day since we got it at work. He said it’s nice to have a little cooler air blowing on him when he’s upside down bending over a set of tracks to work on components of construction equipment. We are a black and yellow family, from the heavy equipment to the power tools we use. You can’t go wrong with DeWalt!

  3. JJ DeWalt

    This fan is not very large, but it is very powerful. My husband loves this, and is using it right now as he sands our floors. He is a carpenter and he works outside in extreme heat and in stuffy attics, and this fan is perfect. It has adjustable speed settings so you can set it to the perfect level for your needs. It is lightweight and easy to move around. The the fan can be tilted to the angle you need and stays there. Overall this was a great item to add to his DeWalt collection. We both highly recommend this item! I hope this helps anyone who is on the fence with this purchase!

  4. Larry Davis

    At first I was skeptical.. but I work a lot in the hot sun, in attics, and tight places where any air movement is welcome. After receiving this, I realized it is much better than expected. It has the perfect size rafter hooks that latches on the pretty much any object. I find it particularly handy when in a man lift in the beating sun. It is easy to relocate, point where you need it, etc. plus it runs several hours on high with a 5 amp hour battery. As for the power – it’s not bad. I can feel the air within a few feet of distance without issues. It’s quiet as well. Ordering a couple more of them now.

  5. Laura Lee

    I opened the box and plugged in a 20volt battery, it just about knocked me over , it was so powerful. I bought the fan for my outdoor markets. I live in Alaska and 72 is a hot day when your tent is on pavement. I also will use the lumber hangers to attach to a cord on back of my van seat. When I run in the store for a few minutes it will keep my dog happy with the windows down a few inches. I am very happy with how durable it is, just like all my Dewalt tools I own. Really good investment. I will be the envy of my fellow vendors Friday !

  6. Angel

    This is a terrific workhorse, portable fan! Love that it fits the same DeWalt batteries you can use across many of their products, and it blows a nice wallop of air. Noise level is probably a little higher than like a desk top fan, but since you’re probably using this outdoors it’s fine. I don’t have any issue with the noise level, and I only appreciate how cooling it is when I’m outside in scorching temps. Great for climbers to use while bouldering to keep the hands dry, and not overly heavy to transport.

  7. Sandi

    Gave this to my wife for Mother’s Day don’t laugh she uses this thing every day on the back porch when we go to the beach I’m getting jealous she uses it more than me thank god I have 8 batteries for my other Dealt tools but seriously it runs forever but it’s so quiet she forgets and leaves it on

  8. djustinfowler

    This fan is so great, the amount of air it pushes and is able to cool down is amazing. I love my DeWalt family and am excited to have added this one to the collection. Works great to help keep you cool while working outside or to help dry a wet floor. Such a awesome tool to have.

  9. Joseph Tan

    DEWALT 20V MAX FanNice, powerful, good packing and received in good condition, thank you!

  10. Jim Findlay

    Cool …. Quiet…. EffectiveIt’s a fan…and I’m a fan of this fan. I know this fan will fan me when and where I need fanning

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