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DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC) – Dron de cámara ligero y plegable con video de 4K/60fps, foto de 48MP, tiempo de vuelo de 34 minutos,

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El DJI Mini 3 Pro de tamaño pequeño y megapapapacible es tan potente como portátil. Con un peso inferior a 8.78 oz y con características de seguridad mejoradas, no solo es respetuoso con la regulación, también es el más seguro de su serie. Con un sensor de 1/1.3 pulgadas y características de nivel superior, redefine lo que significa volar Mini.


1. Peso estándar de avión (incluyendo batería de vuelo inteligente DJI Mini 3 Pro, hélices y una tarjeta microSD). El peso real del producto puede variar debido a las diferencias en los materiales del lote y factores externos. No se requiere registro en algunos países y regiones. Comprueba las reglas y regulaciones locales antes de usar.
2. APAS 4.0 no está disponible mientras graba video 4K/48fps, 4K/50fps, 4K/60fps, 2.7K/48fps, 2.7K/50fps, 2.7K/60fps y 1080p/120fps.
3. El video HDR no admite grabación de video a más de 30 fps.
4. FocusTrack no está disponible mientras graba 4K/48fps, 4K/50fps, 4K/60fps, 2.7K/48fps, 2.7K/50fps, 2.7K/60fps, 1080p/48fps, 1080p/50fps, 1080p/60fps y 1080p/120fps. video.
5. Medido a una velocidad constante de 21.6 kph en condiciones sin viento.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué accesorios DJI Mini 2 se pueden utilizar con DJI Mini 3 Pro?
DJI Mini 3 Pro es compatible con el cargador USB DJI de 18 W y DJI RC-N1 y sus accesorios relacionados (cable RC DJI RC-N1, capota de monitor de control remoto DJI RC-N1, soporte de tableta de control remoto DJI RC-N1 y barras de control DJI RC-N1). Otros accesorios DJI Mini 2 no son compatibles con DJI Mini 3 Pro.

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DJI Mini 3 Pro | Fly Mini, Create Big

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DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Camera Drone

mini 3 pro

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DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 3 Pro (DJI RC), DJI Mini 3 Pro (sin RC)

Nombre del modelo




Tecnología de conectividad


Componentes incluidos

‎DJI RC x 1,DJI Mini 3 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery x 1,Spare Propellers (Pair) x 1,Gimbal Protector x 1,Type-C to Type-C PD Cable x 1,Screwdriver x 1,Screws x 6

Peso del artículo

‎249 Gramos

Tipo de control

‎Mando a distancia

Tipo de medios

‎Micro SD

¿Incluye baterías?


¿Incluye control remoto?


Dimensiones del producto

‎9,65"L x 6,73"W x 2,44"H pulgadas



País de origen



‎1 Polímero de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)


‎28 Voltios




a la tienda de DJI

Comentarios (10)

  1. Frosty

    Great drone!This is my first drone, and I love it. Setup was pretty straightforward, just make sure you find and remove all the packaging, like behind the gimbal, before you turn it on. I would definitely recommend the FlyMore kit and propeller guards for when you’re learning or flying near hazards. Note that if you get the FlyMore Kit Plus the batteries are larger, so you’ll get longer duration but your drone will be over the 250g limit and you’ll need to register it. Propeller guards will also put it over that limit. Not sure how likely the cops are going to show up with a scale to weigh your drone, but just FYI.Pros:* Easy to fly! This was my first drone and I’ve only flown others for a few minutes, and I was feeling confident with the controls in a few minutes.* Really quick, like a lot zippier than I was expected it to be, even with blade guards attached which slow it down.* Range seems good so far – I’ve been a little hesitant to fly it too far away but have not experienced any issues at the distances I traveled* Great video and photo quality, and easy to understand gimbal controls. Decent zoom.* Under 250g so you don’t need to register it in most countries* Very tiny when folded makes it easy to transport even in a smaller bag* Has lights to make it easier to see at night* DJI coverage is reasonably priced and includes fly-away coverage. It prompts you if you want it right as you boot up the drone the first time. Feels worth the price for peace of mind.Cons:* Startup is a bit slow, it can get hung up on «takeoff not permitted» for quite a while before you can take off.* Doesn’t reconnect to WIFI automatically so I have to always manually turn it on* I live on the edge of a flight path for a municipal airport, so I have to reapply to fly my drone in the area every 3 days through FlySafe. Since it’s a low level of restriction it just gets auto approved, so it’s more a hassle than anything, but it would be nice if it lasted a month or even a week.* It would be nice if you could fly with the gimbal protector on. Seems like when I’m flying it, that’s when the gimbal would need the most protection.

  2. Clint

    Very impressed!I only have about a month of experience with drones. I first bought a cheap $300 drone off Amazon and quickly realized I wanted to upgrade to a drone with much more range and capability. I researched for a few days and decided to purchase the mini 3 Pro. I was a little concerned about how many reviews I read about the Drone having range issues but it seems like that’s only for the CE models and possibly when the Drone first came out which they fixed with firmware updates. I live in Pennsylvania with many Hills all around and I get over 2 mi in most directions from my home which I think is incredible. The drone is extremely small and lightweight. It would be perfect for ultralight backpackers that are into photography. It has incredible battery life and I am extremely impressed with the cameras image quality and functions. I don’t know enough about drones to list any cons but the one thing I feel could make this drone better would be 360° sensors. This drone doesn’t have side sensors or any sensors on top so keep that in mind. I’m not really flying in between and through things yet so it’s really not even an issue for me yet. If you are flying cheaper drones and are looking to upgrade this thing is going to blow you away. It’s totally worth the money, I’m actually kind of surprised it’s as cheap as it is because I would have expected a drone like this to cost at least double. If you are on the fence about upgrading just do it, you will not regret it!

  3. jason

    Gimbal stuck.This drone is amazing. It’s quick,fast, films absolutely gorgeous as well as pictures. I live on a hill looking down on pasture and flew 3 miles out and it returned with no problems. Great drone. Recommend it to experience drone fliers and they loved it. The 360° sensors keep drone from running into anything by stopping or going around it. Using RTH has showed up when I lost it in the air Highly recommend for individual fliers. On sport mode sensors are cut off so be careful as it will run into stuff. I love this drone and So far the best drone I have purchased and have purchased a lot. Also recommend the accessories for drone. I can’t wait for this return to be completed so I can get same one or an upgrade. It is small yet with sensors that keep it in place in 30 mph winds. Highly recommended. On sport itll hit approximately 36 to 43 mph. POV is awesome using the RC.

  4. Joe T.

    Couple thoughts for reconnaissance use…I’m not a photographer. I literally couldn’t care less what lenses or image adjustments there are. I bought this as an observation tool at the recommendation of a police sargeant I know. Couple key facts that any user should know:#1 obstacle avoidance does not work at night or even in low light. No exceptions. If you’re flying at night you are on your own.#2 the vertical flight control is opposite than that of an aircraft or simulator. Pushing the joysticks forward makes the drone go up. Pulling it towards you makes the drone go down. This is not adjustable or alterable and there’s literally petitions to get this changed with a firmware update. Anyone accustomed to standard flight controls should note the learning curve. The nerds at DJI got this one wrong.#3 virtually no night vision capability in no-light situations, very decent night vision in low-light situations. The camera is exceptional, is just really really great. With almost any ambient artificial light you can see well at night due to the clarity of the image. However, with only moon or stars you’re flying virtually blind. From an observation standpoint this is probably only good in urban environments.#4 wow this thing is quiet. At 70ft above an objective your average person would have no idea it’s there. You do the math.#5 strobe lights turn off when filming. The drone has green strobes on the front propeller arms that flash during flight. These automatically turn off when you start recording video. If you’re having trouble seeing your drone stop recording. If you want your drone invisible at night hit record.#6 payload is about 100-120 grams depending on how it’s oriented and fastened. Thats equivalent to about five CR123 batteries, two 12ga rounds, or one Modlite IR Flashlight with the battery in.#7 You cannot use active-tracking on a moving target. Anything you’re trying to track must start stationary then start moving. That said the controls of this drone are insanely smooth and with 10 minutes of practice you can probably learn a better center-orientation than active track would provide.#8 Range is impeccable. So far I’ve gone to three miles from a relatively elevated position in urban environments with substantial outside radio traffic and interference, no issues. Strongly suggest setting the «lost connection» parameters to have the drone return-to-home.#9 It flies indoors just fine. Was surprised that even in a fully enclosed steel structure the drone was quite stable and easy to control. Only limited time doing this and always within 20ft-30ft of the drone.#10 *CAUTION Objects in camera are closer than they appear*. The camera is actually so wide and so clear that at only a few feet away from an object it feels like you’re 10-15ft away… Hard to describe but it’s a good thing, just be aware of your drone’s immediate surroundings.Will update with trials in snow and light rain.Overall: For the use I bought it for, for the capability, and considering the price, I’d give this drone a solid B+ or A-. It’s a great tool worth the cost that gives the user a ton of options for clear, discreet and reliable observation. Carry on.

  5. Jeff G

    Perfect tool for our sitesWe purchased this drone to get visual inspections on top of our water tanks without the risk involved with someone climbing up the tank. So far it has worked perfectly. It’s very easy to fly and allows all of our operators to use it. The pictures are extremely clear and allow us to see the details of tank hatches, locks, etc. The only thing I wish is it would zoom in a little more than it does. I really shouldn’t complain at all because the amount of technology and quality you get at this price is unreal!

  6. RL440

    Amazing!This drone is so good! First flight I went 900 meters out onto the lake with 0 connection issues. I took off from a busy pier and the drone was so quiet most people didn’t notice me. It was barely windy but I was still surprised with its ability to accurately hold a hover. With all the built in features (both for safety and cinematics) and after owning a cheap drone for $100, $909 for this drone feels like a steal! I can’t say enough good stuff! Well worth the money.

  7. Baron von Smoogle

    My first «Real Drone».This is my first drone that was not a «toy». It has been very easy to fly and operate. The still image and video quality are excellent. The controller with the built in screen is a plus since I don’t have to use my phone as a screen. The obstacle avoidance works great and my first attempts at having it track me while I walk or run around have proven successful. I have yet to fly it long enough to exhaust a battery so the flight time is pretty nice in my book. I will test it more fully in September when I take it on a cross country trip. If it works then like it does now, the range and endurance will be quite satisfying.

  8. B. B.

    The DJI Mini 3 Pro is just the drone for meAs someone who kept crashing my Mimi 2’s, given that my disabilities prevented the best coordination. I need something with obstacle avoidance. This drone seems to meet that need very well. I’ll know more after flying it more.Delivery was fast and other than a significant amount of time charging the battery it was very easy and quick in getting it in the air. The built in screen helped with the quick set-up.

  9. Fletch

    This little flying crab is awesome!We have had a return of winter and lots of fronts and high winds.- yet this little drone is stable as a rock. At the legal limit (400ft) the camera doesn’t move at all unless you tell it to do so. The Gps is very good and does not drift at all!. My previous drone was a blade with a go pro and even though it was much larger, flying it in high winds would overpower it and that is how I lost the first one. The company replaced it and it almost happened again and that’s when I put it on the shelf. The mini 3 pro is night and day better than that drone and stays where you put it. The camera is also way better than my go pro and that is saying a lot. DJI must have put a lot of R&D into this one and it shows.  The mini pro 3 is also much quieter than the Blade so you won’t bother people on the ground. They also offer 2 different fly more packages and I went with the one with the larger batteries. If you do buy the one with the larger batteries, you are supposed to register with the FAA. It was not a big deal ..but that is up to you. I also went ahead and bought DJI’s extended warranty/insurance because things happen and this little drone is not cheap. So glad I bought this little flying crab!!!

  10. John S. Abel, Jr.

    ValueThis drone exceeding my expectations. For the price and quality you simply can’t beat it. Easy to operate and have been really impressed with the quality of the pictures and videos. You will not regret purchasing this drone. Love it!

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