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DJI RS 3 Mini, cardán sin espejo de 3 ejes estabilizador ligero para Canon/Sony/Panasonic/Nikon/Fujifilm, carga útil probada

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DJI RS 3 Mini es un estabilizador de mano pequeño y ligero con una potente capacidad de carga útil. Soporta combinaciones de cámaras y lentes sin espejo convencionales y hereda el excelente rendimiento de estabilización de la serie RS 3. Con DJI RS 3 Mini, puedes liberar tu potencial de disparo y lograr una creación profesional sin esfuerzo.
Empareja DJI RS 3 Mini con DJI Mic para un audio de alta calidad que coincida con tus imágenes cinematográficas. DJI Mic es un sistema de micrófono inalámbrico ligero y potente que ofrece una calidad de sonido excepcional a distancias de hasta 820.2 ft.

1. DJI RS 3 Mini pesa 28.04 oz (1.75 libras) en modo vertical y 29.98 oz (1.8 libras) cuando se dispara con el brazo horizontal. Ambos pesos incluyen la placa de liberación rápida y excluyen el agarre extendido/trípode.
2. Consulta la lista de compatibilidad de la cámara para obtener información detallada sobre los modelos de cámara compatibles.
Preguntas frecuentes
¿Cuáles son las diferencias entre DJI RS 3 Mini y DJI RS 3? ¿Cuál se adapta a mis necesidades?
DJI RS 3 Mini es más ligero y más pequeño que DJI RS 3. Pesa solo 28.04 oz (1.75 libras) en modo vertical y soporta un rango de carga útil de 0.9-4.4 lbs (0.8-4.4 libras), por lo que es fácil de colocar en una mochila y llevar para fotografía de viaje.
DJI RS 3 pesa 2.9 lbs (2.8 libras) y soporta una capacidad de carga de 6.6 lbs (6.6 libras). Se puede conectar fácilmente a una cámara y lente sin espejo de marco completo convencional y soporta la instalación de accesorios como el motor de enfoque DJI RS (2022) y el transmisor de imagen DJI Ronin, por lo que es una opción ideal para vloggers y creadores solos.

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DJI RS 3 Mini | Lightweight and Intuitive, Professional Stabilization

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DJI RS 3 Mini, DJI RS 3 Mini + DJI Mic (1 TX + 1 RX), DJI RS 3 Mini + DJI Mic (2 TX + 1 RX + funda de carga), DJI RSC 2




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  1. JP Lawrence

    I just received this, so my review is mostly first impressions. I’m also a more casual user than a professional videographer.I will be traveling a bit, and I wanted to get stabilized footage of areas I’ll be going to, so when DJI released this, it was super intriguing. I have the original Ronin, which I like, but was considerably more bulky. It was nice when I got it for use with a DSLR, but I have since upgraded to a R5. This was advertised to work with a R5 and 24-70mm f/2.8. Despite that, all of the initial reviews seem to be with Sony cameras, which doesn’t tell me much about its compatibility with my R5.One of the things I really like about this is the capability to lock the pan/tilt/roll axes, which means you can balance each individually. I didn’t have this in the original Ronin, so this makes life so much easier. That being said, the R5 is bulkier than the Sony cameras, and I have to push the roll axis, in particular, to its limit in order to balance it. But according to the app, it’s balanced. It generally works with the screen flipped out, but I don’t think it’s as happy about that. I will probably have to remove the viewfinder eye cup because it can catch on the RS3 Mini when I invert the gimbal. I will be getting a RODE VideoMic NTG which I would like to mount on the camera. I think it should work fine, but it’ll probably limit some of the movement I can do.I tried connecting via bluetooth to this, and while after a little bit a wait, it connected to the camera. I like this particular feature because it gets rid of wires. However, I was not able to get it to record or adjust focus by pressing the record button or dial on the RS3 Mini. Maybe that’s an R5 issue? Fixed with a firmware update? The included USB-C to USB-C cable allows for control of the camera. It’s not super obtrusive, so if that’s the option I have to live with, I’m okay with that.I really like how light this is. It will be great for travel. It would be nice to have the battery grip removable so that you can really compact this down, but I imagine that would add weight.I haven’t tried it in its native vertical shooting. Not sure how much I will do with that, to be honest, but I suppose it’s a nice option to have should I want to use it.Those are my first impressions. It’s a nice little gimbal for a reasonable price. I think it’ll serve well in a travel situation to get stabilized video. Maybe there will be some changes for the RS4 Mini, but for now, I’m happy with this.

  2. Jake

    From day one the front dial on my gimbal never worked. I kind of just assumed there was some compatibility issue with the Fuji XT-4 which come to find out, there isn’t and everyone else’s works just fine. Upon further investigation into the front dial I realized not even the pan, tilt, or roll functions work on top of all the camera control things such as ISO, etc. and the focus motor can’t be controlled either. The front dial is completely dead. It does absolutely nothing. Everything else on the gimbal works perfectly fine and I would like to give it a good review but after dealing with their despicable low life customer service people, I can’t give this anything better than 1 star. I spent the better part of 2 hours filming a long and detailed video for them showing the issues, all my settings, how the cables were connected, the whole 9 yards. I gave them screen recordings of my phone to show all the settings etc within the app. Apparently they didn’t watch it or were busy texting while doing so because now after giving me the run around multiple times and asking for things I already clearly provided, they’re trying to avoid honoring their warranty. They are treating me like I am stupid. I am simply using their cables and have everything hooked up the way it’s instructed to be and the same way literally every other video of someone with this gimbal has theirs hooked up. It’s gotten to the point where I have threatened them with legal action if they do not honor their warranty in a timely manner and have a shipping label provided for the return and have a working gimbal back to me within 7 business days. I tried to be extremely polite and nice to them during the first set of emails, during the video and all the way up until today when I saw the final enraging email asking me to labor another hour or more for them. By time this is over they’re going to owe me what the gimbal is worth times a thousand at the very least on top of being legitimately billed at whatever rate I see fit for the time they’ve cost me. I am very hesitant to ever purchase another DJI product again after this nonsense. I bought a 739 dollar item from them and they owe me a working one, simple as that. Because I’m so disgusted by the DJI name at this point, I’m tempted to return my likely terrible quality drone I just bought. I’ve spent close to 2 grand with this company and they act like I’m somehow a pain for them when they haven’t even provided a working item.UPDATE – after some questionable customer service initially they did a great job making the situation right. they provided me a shipping label to send it back in and were very prompt about taking care of it resulting in a full replacement of the other since the whole control panel was deemed defective. The replacement seems to be working great and everything functions perfectly. they also gave me a code to get a free micro sd card on their site which i got and they also put another one in the return package with the new gimbal so ultimately they gave me 60 dollars of micro sd cards and replaced the gimbal under warranty and had it back to me in just over a week which was great. the 60 dollars of micro sd cards was a nice touch to remedy the situation but is still far short of what my time is worth for the hassle. regardless, i’m happy to have a working gimbal for the first time since purchasing it and upped it to 4 stars. the one star reduction is for the original customer service issue and the raven eye being not all that great. it has a delay and doesn’t really run that smooth. the camera doesn’t follow very smoothly regardless of settings. you can adjust it to be better no doubt but it still leaves a lot to be desired. for what it is though and comparing the cost to say a high quality product like the jibone and the 3 axis gimbal head that runs legit pro level, it’s decent since that set up is about 3 grand vs the roughly 800 with taxes for the ronin set up. all in all i do recommend the gimbal. it has a ton of useful features and for regular gimbal work it runs super smooth and gives you incredible looking footage so for the most part it’s a great product.

  3. Brian

    Okie dokie, this thing is a beast. I used it with my canon 90D and 70-105 lens. The camera and lens combo is heavy, and attached to this gymbal the whole set up is very heavy, but the gymbal itself isn’t that heavy at all- but you know you are holding something extremly well made.I now have guns like «the Rock» after carrying this around for a day with my camera and lens attached, but with a smaller camera/lens combo you would have a hard time even noticing the weight of it.The gymbal is very stable and very easy to use. The whole balancing act is somewhat tough when following the directions given, but I found several youtube videos that demonstrate how to balance everything. After watching those, the instructions made better sense. Once balanced, this is sooooo smooth.The app is very handy, but DJI wants WAY too much info and the user agreements pretty much say DJI has access to your whole life and that of your offspring and distance releatives as well. Read the agreements very carefully before committing to using the app.However, I decided to use the app and the features available do give you quite a bit of extra controls to use.The tripod/handle is such a good design. I set my camera/gymbal up on a gym floor for an indoor drumline event and was able to control the gymbal from the stands to track the movement of the group- so awesome and sooooo stable. On the app they give you the ability to move the camera with a virtual joystick, which is a really great design but you have to be in close proximity to see the camera screen unless you spend extra for their attachment that allows you to view on another device.Battery life: excellent. I shot all day and didn’t have to charge the battery. I had to on my camera, but not on the gymbal.Build quality: This thing is built like a tank, but isn’t overly heavy. It comes with a base plate that attaches to the camera and mine came with a taller base plate along with a lens support which is pretty handy. It also came with thumb screws that have a little handle so you don’t need a screwdriver to tighten the baseplates. When you pick it up, you know you are holding something that is extremly well made.The screen on the handle is very handy, but using the menu system took just a bit of practice to get use to.The packaging: it is packaged pretty well, but when you unfold the gymbal it it is rather tight and at first I wasn’t sure I unfolded it correctly. After watching a few vids on the gymbal, one said it was suppose to be hard to unfold so after that I was fine. Just kind of unnerving trying to unfold such an expensive gymbal for the first time.The directions- just eh. I found better info on youtube to set it up.The handle has a joy stick so you can easily control the camera. Only real issue I had with it was that Canon has a flip out screen that you can adjust up and down, only when using the gymbal I found that I couldn’t fold the screen out and adjust it so it had to fit stationary on the back of the camera which made for a few issues when shooting outside because of lighting and glare on the screen.Overall, this is an excellent gymbal and every shot was smooth as can be.Only thing I wish it had was a carying case.I highly recommend it, even if you have a heaver camera and lens combo.

  4. Slartibart Jones

    This is a great gimbal that is very smart and has great connectivity with many cameras. That was the deciding factor when I was looking at this gimbal vs. a Zhiyun Crane M3, this one can connect to a Sony ZV-E10 via bluetooth whereas the Zhiyun cannot.Does not fold down easily without losing the carefully configured balance you’ve worked to get with your camera, but can kind of «half fold down» to be stowed away, albeit taking up more space.I wish you didn’t have to register online and give your email and location in order to «Activate» it via mobile app, but there’s no getting around that. DJI makes great products but I guess they want to data mine their customers as well.Other than that, amazing gimble, rock solid stability, smooth action, and very customizable. Highly recommended!

  5. Carlos

    At this price point I couldn’t be happier. I do wish it broke down a little more compact but that’s the only con.

  6. Demetrius Farrell

    The product is solid, built well and made with quality. The software and Bluetooth connectivity is confusing to understand and download. ENSURE YOUR CAMERA CAN BE USED WITH THIS DEVICE….

  7. Matthew Lobe

    Really really tough to properly balance at first. Took me a few sit-down sessions to finally get it perfectly balanced with my Sony a7iii/Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 DG DN Art lens. Once balanced tho, it’s a fantastic gimbal and has many cool features im still learning. Because I like to use a variety of diff lenses for shoots l, Its extremely time consuming but to rebalance every single time, but hey, that’s show business, baby.

  8. OM500

    althought it saids it could handle wasnt able to balance the a74 and tamron 35-150 pretty experienced balacing gimbals, and i have max out all axis. lens is too front heavy for the motor. unless i use some counter weight, but that would likely to put this over the 2lb limit. as the the camera and lens already weight in at close to 1.9lb.

  9. Darvin Mejía II

    Es un increible estabilizador apesar de su pequeño tamaño es increible en su capacidad, he montado una Sony A7iv con cage, con un Tamron 24-75mm y lo soporto y estabilizó perfectamente sin pegar en ningun motor

  10. Amazon Customer

    Everything is good.

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