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DNA MOTORING TOOLS-00270 150 PSI – Inflador de neumáticos portátil inalámbrico para inflar neumáticos de automóvil, camión

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Portable Air Pump

  • 4 pressure measurement units – PSI, KPA, BAR, KG/CM one-touch switch
  • This car tire inflator also provides with 4 additional nozzles for various applications.
  • This air compressor is convenient to use and space-saving and can be put in the car and used anytime.
  • It can be used for cars, bicycles, motorcycles, electric cars, swimming rings, rubber boats, balls and other inflatables.

Portable Air Pump

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‎8,94 x 6,42 x 3,62 pulgadas

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Comentarios (10)

  1. Maurice Alleyne

    Love this pump, second one I got in 6 months. Somebody like my first and never returned. Light is great, so light weight and easy to use

  2. Cheryl

    Have used this product several time. Only downside is it takes several minutes to inflat a tire.

  3. James

    Brand new out of box and it was not working at all, charged for hours, then press the power button several time and doing nothing.By the design it looks great, for the functional was a piece brick.

  4. Aaron

    This is a solid air inflator. You set the PSI and it will stop when it reaches that point. It could be a little faster but it works as described to my standards for the task.

  5. J-Zilla

    I have one other portable tire inflator also from a generic brand that is smaller in size, more quiet, more lightweight and it still outperforms this one by a bit. Comparing them with a fully flat tire with a 3 min timer, this inflator did 11PSI while the smaller one did 13.5PSI. So this inflator is basically slightly below average in performance for it size.The inflator still works fine and it did fill the same tire from flat to 20 PSI in 5min 30sec, I mention this reading because the manual recommends the inflator to rest after every 5min of use. But because of its larger and heavier design I wouldn’t recommend it for a cyclist or motorcycle rider since I know for a fact that there are more portable versions available.The metal body is pretty nice because it should dissipate heat better like a heatsink but the metal is also a bit weak where it scratches and knicks pretty easily when set on the ground while on and it vibrates. The screen is easy to see and understand but for some reason the car option keeps switching to BAR after being set to read PSI after scrolling trough the functions.The battery indicator is also not very useful because it doesn’t really give consistent readings. After fully charging the battery level showed 2/3 battery bars, I know it was fully charged because I used a USB power meter to check. While inflating the battery meter will jump from 1-3 bars randomly and sometimes stay at full bars.The stem that connects to the inflator also has a smaller diameter thread connector instead of using the more common valve connector size, this will just make it more annoying to replace/ upgrade it.Overall the pump seems to work well enough, if it had been my first portable pump I would have been very happy with it, but because I have something to compare it to, I can say that it’s just an average pump. Besides the inconsistent battery level there is not much the pump does particularly bad, I’ll update if someone changes.

  6. Thadius Williams

    It didn’t work

  7. Elliot Z.

    It works great — just put in the desired pressure and press start. The screen is bright with big numbers so easy to read. Yes, it’s a little slow, but what do you expect from a pump as small as this one is? Also has a flashlight and can charge a USB device in a pinch. Comes with lots of accessories and a nice sack to put it in. My only complaint is I would like a longer hose and a quick release lever rather than screw-on/screw-off.

  8. smiley

    This is a pretty standard battery powered inflator, The manual is full of broken English and the flashlight is not very bright, pictured is the light on and it’s maybe 20 feet of brightness… but it’s inexpensive compared to the other options that are basically the same unit so this unit is probably one of the best values for a cordless inflator.As far as accuracy I hooked up a volleyball and told it to inflate to 4.5 psi and it was measured after at 4.6 PSI. I then deflated my SUV tire to 20 psi and set it to 36 psi. It took about a dozen minutes to get the pressure up but the 36 PSI was spot on, and to be fair it was a 33 inch truck tire so that is a lot of air.For some reason mine on automotive mode was set to bar, to change to psi you hold down the 4 squares “company” button when it is on to change units. The performance you get for the price here is pretty impressive, and in case you are going on a trip it’s probably worth the piece of mind to be able to inflate a tire if needed since not a lot of cars have spares anymore. Just be sure to also pack a better flashlight in case one is needed.The inflator function has also come in handy for beach balls and air mattresses when company is staying the night. It fills the high volume low pressure stuff pretty quick, so for in house use it’s genuinely good. comes with a good charging cable for the 12v car input and USBc for charging which is a nice touch.

  9. Cici

    Because the instructions aren’t the clearest, I am not sure if there is any problem with my tire inflator or if perhaps I just don’t have the hang of it yet. With the first tire I checked and added air to, there was some sort of issue where the tire continued to lose instead of gain air. I tightened everything and decided to try the cigarette lighter adapter to see if that worked any better. That time it did add air to the tire. After the first tire, I tried using the battery power again, and it worked normally. Also it displayed my progress in psi instead of bars, which was nice although I don’t know why it changed. The inflator does have a very short hose, and it bounces a lot as it works. If you try to stand it up, it will fall over. If you set it on the ground, it will scratch the case.Having the option to use it either as battery powered or plugged in is a plus for me. If that is important to you too, it might be worthwhile. If you want a small, rechargeable, easy-to-use inflator and don’t care about being able to plug it in also, there are other inflators that might suit you better.

  10. YuyaAyanami

    The charging of the device (the pump), takes too long. I can’t find a max input wattage nor does it seem like charging via usb or car port make any difference of charging time.

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