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Everlast New Pro Style Elite – Guantes de entrenamiento, 16 onza

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El guante de entrenamiento Everlast Elite Pro cuenta con un escudo y tecnología siempre genial y es perfecto para el trabajo de bolsas, el trabajo de manoplas, las clases de fitness y los combates. Azul 16 oz

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‎1,2 Kilogramos

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‎2,2 Libras

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‎Elite Pro Style




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‎Unisex adulto

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‎Everlast Dropship

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‎Guantes de boxeo


‎16 onza




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Comentarios (10)

  1. Eloy

    I wanted to start working out at the gym using the heavy punching bag. I bought these gloves. These gloves are really nice. Lightweight and comfortable. I’ve never boxed before. No issues thus far. I’ve used these gloves three times this week for (3) and (4) three minute rounds of boxing. I should mention that I do use a quick hand wrap under these gloves. I want to make sure I keep my hands protected as I make my living using my hands.

  2. Colette

    Works great

  3. Corey Hunt

    Great quality boxing gloves, cool design, Doesn’t fit as snug as I’d prefer but It works with tape.

  4. Riverside

    The Everlast elite pro style boxing glove has a lot of potential of being a decent glove but what lacks is the measurement that wrap around your forearm. These glove are a decent training bag glove and I would highly recommend a second pair of gloves for sparing. The Everlast elite pro are designed for a small body frame. The padding that wraps around your forearm are a nice concept for blocking punches but not realistic in a real boxing match. For a larger body frame, I would continue my search for a more fitting glove. I’m giving these glove a decent review because they are actually decent gloves for training, the only bad part of these glove are wrapping the velcrow around your forearm, especially if you have a built forearm.

  5. Dev Girl

    I bought one of the cheaper Everlasts (around $24) and 2 stitches broke within the first week!I bought this Elite version for $10 more and we haven’t had any issues w/ it yet – we spartwice a week with this and no signs of wear & tear yet.I bought 16oz and its a bit loose for a 6′ 1″ 240 lb guy – but a 5′ 11″ 170 lb guy has a nice, snug fit.The bottom line: You can’t go by height/weight for glove sizes. Literally, buy your first pair from Modell’s orDick’s Sporting.

  6. Gatorman

    After three tries I finally found a pair of gloves that fit my huge hands. Not sure on the quality yet as I have not hit the bag, but this pair does seem a little under padded when compared to the other ones I have tried so I’m definitely going to use some hand wraps. But for the value, if I have to purchase another pair in a year I wouldn’t be too upset

  7. Jayme Concepcion

    Bought these gloves after borrowing a pair of Everlast gloves for a day and I liked those gloves(Protex 3), however the cheaper Everlast gloves don’t just skimp on materials but are also constructed differently the thumb on this glove is too straight and the glove forces your wrist to bend which led to an explosion of pain in my thumb and wrist when I hit the bag never had a problem like that before this glove; it changes the angle enough where your thumb and index finger make contact which doesn’t happen with other gloves. Very disappointed because it is a beautiful glove and the idea of the «wrist shield» sounds great but the wrist shield actually caused me to hurt my wrist.

  8. KC Hamilton

    Great product, but can see the durability want last, if used every day. The straps that keeps the gloves secure, are starting to come apart.

  9. Don

    My first pair the outside split on my left hand pinkie side after about 5 uses, the second pair the inside lining on my right hand ripped after about 10 uses

  10. J.G

    Awesome pair of gloves. After just one use felt that they were broken in. Price is also great compared to buying local or at the gym. Train at a boxing gym and these are perfect for the workouts.

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