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Fitbit Charge 5 – Rastreador avanzado de salud y fitness con GPS integrado, herramientas de gestión del estrés, seguimiento

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Fitbit Charge 5 + Premium conecta los puntos entre tu actividad, sueño y estrés para que puedas tomar las mejores decisiones para tu cuerpo, mente y salud. Todo comienza con tu membresía Premium de 6 meses y Daily Readiness, una puntuación basada en la actividad, el sueño y la variabilidad de la frecuencia cardíaca (HRV) que te ayuda a optimizar tu rutina de entrenamiento. Y siempre tendrás motivación para alcanzar nuevos objetivos con cientos de entrenamientos guiados, una galería de sesiones refrescantes de atención plena además de las características de fitness que conoces y amas como Active Zone Minutes y GPS integrado. Fitbit es parte de la familia Google. Requiere el uso de la aplicación Fitbit con dispositivos iPhone o Android compatibles. Se requerirá una cuenta de Google.

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Fitbit Charge 5

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Fitbit Charge 5

Fitbit Charge 5 Features

Fitbit Charge 5

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5 watts

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Las declaraciones relacionadas con suplementos dietéticos no han sido evaluadas por la FDA y no pretenden diagnosticar, tratar, curar o prevenir ninguna enfermedad o condición de salud.

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Weight 1 lbs

Acero Azul/Platino, Grafito/Negro, Lunar Blanco/Soft Gold

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‎ 1,45 x 0,9 x 0,44 pulgadas; 1,02 Onzas


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‎ Fitbit Inc



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Comentarios (10)

  1. Ashes

    Good for most common uses but GPS connection is lacking.Edit: I ended up sending the device back because the GPS is so unreliable. Maybe there’s another FItBit model with better GPS connectivity, but this particular one isn’t going to work for me.This is an ever-evolving review which I am updating as I’ve had more time to learn and use this device. Here are my initial thoughts after about two weeks of use. And please keep in mind that I’m finally upgrading from my 1st Gen FitBit Surge, and the primary purpose for me having an exercise tracker is for running.Aesthetic: 5/5It has a nice low-profile design. I got the off-white gray-ish color because it’s a little more feminine looking in my opinion.Weight/Size: 5/5Very lightweight. Of course the slim profile makes it fairly easy to wear long sleeves or a coat. I don’t need a huge screen, so this model works well for me size-wise.Battery Life: 5/5I read where another user vouched for the week-long battery life, and while I haven’t really put that to the test yet, I found that after at least 5 days of not being on the charging device, it was still going strong. Granted, I only wear it when exercising, or sometimes when I go out.Watchband: 5/5I like that they include both the small and large watchbands in the box. That’s one less accessory you’d have to purchase separate. If you’re used to wearing an Apple Watch or something with a silicone band, then you’ll be fine with this one. I can’t stand having ANYTHING on my wrists, even nice jewelry, so it’s definitely not something I wear unless I’m using the device for a specific purpose.Display: 5/5Nice display. Not much else to say about that.Functionality: Hard to say at this point how I would rate the overall functionality since many of the features are completely extraneous to me. I’m a runner, so I really just bought this for tracking my distance and occasionally checking in to see what kind of times I’m running. Here is my breakdown on functionality:>> Touch Screen: 3/5Not extremely impressed with the touch screen but it could be that I just haven’t had time to calibrate my brain to it. It’s a little finicky for me, and I thought that would improve when I took the screen cover off (BTW the screen cover was an item I purchased separately), but that has not really been the case. This is especially irritating when I’m running and need to be able to easily start and stop the clock.>>GPS: 3/5I have noticed that my FitBit Surge was telling me that the loop that I run around my neighborhood is right at 2 miles. However, the Charge 5 is telling me that my loop is actually closer to 2.25 miles. I’m inclined to believe the results of the more recent model since the technology has had like eight years to advance between the two devices. I did notice that it had trouble connecting to GPS one day, but it was also overcast. While doing an internet search about FitBit products and GPS connectivity issues, people are saying their FitBits have trouble connecting in certain environmental conditions (overcast skies being one of them). If you live in the middle of a big city with lots of tall buildings, you should expect to have connectivity issues as well. We live out in the suburbs of Huntsville, AL so we don’t have that issue. Today was not overcast at all, and I started running. GPS was working fine but I had to hit Pause to correct a wardrobe malfunction. Took about 20 seconds, and in that time, I lost GPS connection. Not sure if it thought I was finished, or if it just likes to stay in motion, but when I looked back at my screen, it said GPS connection was lost. So I would have had to start a whole new GPS connection, which is just a giant pain the @$$ when you’re already mid-run. I’m really really trying to give this thing an honest shot before scrapping it, but so far I’m not thoroughly impressed. If anyone has any helpful tips for me, please feel free to reply directly to my review.>>Run Feature: My only real issue so far with this device’s Run feature is that the touch screen is difficult to use sometimes, especially when running. Let’s be honest, when I’m done with my run, I want to just be able to hit Stop and see my stats. Instead, I have to tap the screen and swish and swipe a few times until I get a screen with a Pause button. I really do miss having the external buttons for Start/Stop/Pause/Finish. That was a nice feature to have because I could get more accurate stats with zero frustration.>>Heart Tracker: I have yet to find a fitness tracker that can actually detect my subhuman heartbeat. It’s like I put the device on, even if I have it on tight, and it thinks I’m dead. Granted, my resting heart rate is in the 30s, so when it gets UP to 40, it alerts me that my heart rate is too low. I don’t necessarily fault the device for that, though. I think maybe the technology just isn’t quite there yet for heart rates below 40 or 50. But I will say that it does show me my average heart rate of about 157 bpm when I finish a run, and I believe that number is legitimate.I will update my review as I’ve had more time to use this device. Giving it some more time before I decide to scrap it and upgrade. I’d love it if someone could tell me how to actually Stop the clock at the end of a run.

  2. coco69

    Loved, but……I really liked this Fitbit charge 5. It did everything I needed it to do. Tracked my sleep, my walking/exercise, scan for ECG and EDG, even let me read partial messages…. However… The band is not big enough for larger wrists and it is very bulky. I tried buying a skinnier wrist band made of leather which is another story…. But long story short I switched back to the band that came with it because I did not want to lose the Fitbit. Lo and behold I am currently on a Girls Trip out of the country with the band that came with the Fitbit and it came off and I lost it! I made sure it was tight as I could stand which was on the third hole from the end. It was secure or so I thought, but I looked down and it was gone. Fitbit needs to make the bands longer for bigger wrists and maybe have some type of clasp instead of the hole that you put the other side into. Alas… Even though I lost it and only had it for less than a month; I bought another one. Even with the protection plan, it does not cover the loss. Only damage. Fingers crossed it won’t happen again or I suppose I will go to Apple watch or Samsung. The watch also synced with the diet app Noom which was very nice as well. I would sync every morning when I got up and the Noom and the Fitbit synced really well together.

  3. Angela C.

    Game changer for my fitnessI recently learnt that I was border line pre diabetics. I bought this watch to help me reach my cardio goals, and I can tell and it has made a huge difference in my motivational level. Knowing that I am in «fat burning», «cardio» or «peak» is very encouraging. I used to burn myself down and then just give up, but thiswatch is teaching me that I dont need to go to extremes to get benefits. Also I realized I was not sleeping well, which correlated with the days I was more tired, so I made changes to rest better (sounds obvious, but I didnt notice it until I saw the daily results). This is definitely improving my quality of life.

  4. Kelly M

    Pleasantly Surprised After This Stopped WorkingI purchased my Fitbit Charge 5 in September 2022. I loved it immediately. I started with the Charge 4 and simply wore it out. Imagine my disappointment when, just two days ago, my just nine month old Charge 5 completely stopped working! It would not hold a charge. It would not connect. Nothing! I worked through all the troubleshooting ideas and even Googled how to solve issues with the Charge 5 and it simply died. I thought for sure I was done in. To my great and very pleasant surprise, I contacted Fitbit Support through the My Orders page on Amazon and not only was my Fitbit still under the manufacturers warranty, I immediately received a replacement offer email and ordered my replacement… all of this happened in less than 30 minutes. I love my Fitbit. I love Amazon. I love Fitbit Support. I HATE being without my Fitbit and I am very happy they were so incredibly professional and wonderful to remedy the problem. Well done Amazon. Well done Fitbit!

  5. Dan Baxter

    Grumpy Coach and Salesman included with every purchase!Had to replace a FitBit Charge 3 (FB3) and FitBit Charge 5 (FB5) was $80 cheaper, so went with that figuring that improvements would be the majority of what I experienced. . . . surprise!!GOOD: – the time needed to update and sync between FB5 and app is almost instantaneous when the app is opened and is a great change – no more, «hold, this is taking longer than expected» and sometimes having to restart the process on the FB3 – sleep tracking is much more consistent and in-depth with scores immediately available; it’s even smart enough to know when you have taken a nap – the addition of an EKG like monitor is a nice function although I’m not sure how accurate it isNOT SO GOOD: it feels like there’s super annoying and judgmental life coach and salesman packed in there – Alarm function: the FB3 snooze feature was simple: swipe to snooze and catch a few more minutes; with FB5: the «tap» feature to view the screen to access snooze or turn off features appears to be programmed to require a much stronger «tap» (aka «you asked me to wake you up – I’m going to make you work for it!»). Once you get to snooze and choose it, the alarm/vibrate function continues on for another 2-3 seconds prompting a gut check/stress moment of «uh-oh, did I not touch the right button or did I actually set the snooze?» (thanks for the use of stress and concern to help «make sure» that I get up at the time I asked for, Coach!») and the «sweet spot» and strength of tap required to access the snooze/shut off feature after consecutive choices to snooze become more finite and you might feel like you have to punch it to be able to turn the alarm off select «turn off alarm» and, of course, the alarm instantly stops («Good job being responsible and getting up like we agreed! You won’t have to work to rest a little longer!») – Being uber connected has it’s ups and downs – including security and privacy concerns. The Salesman in my FB5 somehow seems to have randomly programmed the system to buzz my wrist and make me look at a reminder on my screen that I should enter my credit card information so that I can use my FB5 at swipe or tap and pay retailers; I chose not to give you that information when I set the app and device up, I don’t need to be hounded about more ways to move money out of my wallet! – Be sure the charger is fully attached! The FB3 had a charging cord with a plastic «dock» that you knew it was locked in and working because of the click and the change on screen to show that it was charging. The FB5 has a magnet based charging interface about the size of the back of the FB5 and there is a right way (look to align the gold dots on the FB5 with the interface) and lots of opportunity to not get it right. The magnet isn’t designed to «lock» the FB5 in place for charging. Charging happens via the back of the FB, which is surrounded by wristband – depending on style creating a risk of setting it down to charge and having the wristband press against the cord and dislodge the charger. – FB5 uses battery power more quickly than the FB3. I could easily go about a week between FB3 charges. The FB5 has a max of 4-5 days and takes much longer to recharge – to the tune of hours vs. 45 minutes to an hour starting from about 20% remaining charge. – «water lock» sounds like a good feature to have. If you’re thinking it’s an extra layer of protection for your FB, it isn’t! Water lock is simply designed to change the sensitivity of the FB face and reduce it so that as you take a shower, the water beads don’t inadvertently «tap» the screen and access the FB interactivity and do something you don’t want. Oh the irony of the sensitivity to water and the strength required to wake up!! – Introducing the FitBit Commander Fashionista! Color choices for the FB5 wristband: whatever the source store decides! I had no other apparent choice than the «Lunar White» which was enough for a couple people to ask, «What are you wearing?» Score one for the Salesman in there! Another $13.99 spent to move away from forced color «choices». Unlike the FB3, there does appear to be many more materials, styles, and color choices for other wristbands if you don’t get what you like.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Easy to read!I have had a few other models of the FItbit over the last 12 yrs. This model Charge5 is the best one that I have owned. IT is very easy to read the face and very user friendly. The size of the face is just a little wider than the Inspire2. I have a small wrist and this watch fits comfortably on my wrist. My last one, Inspire2 was difficult to read outside. I also purchased a different band which will breath and is secure and very comfortable.

  7. Melinda J. Irwin

    Extremely Disappointed SP02 feature only at night.I ordered this Fitbit for the SP02 feature and it is very unclear in description this feature is only available while sleeping. I will be returning it.

  8. Andrew Cox

    Best Fitbit Charge yetI’ve had all the models of the Charge and this is the best one yet. Works really well and is in colour too.The new type of band takes a bit of getting used to as it’s a bit tricky to put on. but other than that so far I can’t fault it.

  9. Ebha

    Works very wellWorks very well to track steps, calories, distance and work outs. Data is accurate and battery life is excellent. I wear it 24 hours and the sleep data has been very helpful. I also use the smart wake feature so an alarm doesn’t wake my partner since I get up a couple hours before him. The smart wake sends vibrations which buzz the arm. It works surprisingly well. Even though there is a water lock to allow user to wear in shower or swimming, I have not tried it yet, but plan to. The sensors on the sides are easy to use for the EDA scan and heart rhythm scan. I would prefer to have the apps in a different order but that is just a personal thing. The only other issue I have had is the phone app occasionally acts up and won’t allow me to sync data. It self resolves but can be annoying. I chalk it up to consequence of having so much tech these days. I am glad I chose the 5 over the 4 version for the built in GPS & water lock capabilities. I also recommend getting the fitbit premium account if you are serious about getting your health better. It has additional insights and data analyses that you won’t have access to without it. Overall extremely happy with the Fitbit 5 and I do recommend it.

  10. Jeannie L

    Thinner and more optionsI like that this Fitbit is thinner, the gold is nice and gives it a Lux look with the aftermarket band I bought for it. It has more options for display and a few more health metrics to track. I’m disappointed that it does require a different charger and I will have to purchase new accessories

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