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FORM Gafas de natación inteligentes con membresía GRATIS de 1 año, rastreador de fitness con una pantalla transparente que

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FORM Smart Swim Goggles

Swim With FORM

Never count a lap again. With FORM, you can make every swim count with real-time metrics displayed right in your goggles. See your distance, time, pace, and more as you swim—no watch or pace clock required. Review your swim stats in the app and celebrate your progress.

Pair your goggles in the app to activate your free 1-year membership and start swimming.

What’s Inside

  • FORM Smart Swim Goggles
  • Protective Goggles Case
  • 7 Interchangeable Nose Bridges (XS-XL)
  • Magnetic Charging Cable
  • Heart Rate Mounting Clip (heart rate sensor not included)
  • FREE 1-Year Membership with Access to In-Goggle Workouts and Training Plans

real-time metrics in goggles lense and swim app

FORM Smart Swim Goggles with real-time metrics

FORM Swim app

1. Choose Your Workout or Plan

Select a workout or training plan based on your goals⁠—whether you want to swim faster, improve your technique, or prepare for a triathlon. Sync it to your goggles, leave your phone in your bag, then dive in.

2. Lap-By-Lap Motivation

Your goggles will tell you exactly what to do, when to do it, and the effort level to swim⁠—just like a real coach. Letting you focus on your swim and have more fun.

3. Track Your Progress

After your swim, head to the app and see a detailed analysis of your stats. You’ll have access to your pace, stroke count, and much more. Check out where you can make improvements and celebrate your progress over time.

2 swimmers wearing FORM smart swim goggles in the pool

Swimmer walking along the pool side with FORM smart swim goggles

Swimmer wearing FORM smart swim goggles in the open water

Made for Swimmers at Every Level

FORM brings fun and motivation to every swim session, no matter what level you’re at—from beginners to seasoned triathletes. Customize and choose the metrics you want to see while you swim, turn, and rest. Connect with other swimmers like you and be motivated by the pros in the FORM app.

Set Your Pool Length

Our goggles can be used in pool lengths of 15m and up. Guided workouts created specifically for 25m/yd and 50m pools.

Swim Open Water

In open water mode, connect your goggles to a compatible Garmin or Apple Watch* to see distance and pace metrics. Track your open water swims and analyze your stats out of the water.

FORM Swim membership


Reach your goals and swim with motivating in-goggle workout instructions and progress updates.

  • 1,000+ coach-designed workouts
  • 30+ swim training plans
  • Custom workout builder
  • Continuous feature updates


You will always have access to base features if you choose to cancel your membership after 1 year.

  • In-goggle real-time metrics
  • Activity tracking (pool / open water / swim spa)
  • Detailed post-swim analysis (in app)
  • Smartwatch compatible for open water GPS tracking (Apple & Garmin)
  • Community features to connect & share swims

swim with real-time metrics

  1. Swimming with heart rate lets you calibrate your effort to make the most of every workout. Sensor mounting clip is included in your purchase. Compatible models include Polar Verity Sense, OH1/OH1 + heart rate sensor. Heart rate sensor sold separately.
  2. Partner swim spa models include: Jacuzzi Swim Spas (PowerActive, PowerPro), Hydropool Swim Spas (Sport, AquaTrainer, Executive), ThermoSpas Swim Spas (Platinum, Diamond), and Swimlife Swim Spas (Fit, Expert).
  3. Real-time stroke rate is only available when swimming freestyle. Average stroke rate from your last length is available for all strokes.

*Apple: Apple Watch Series 7, Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 3

Garmin: Garmin fēnix 5 Plus, Garmin fēnix 5S Plus, Garmin fēnix 5X Plus, Garmin fēnix 6 Pro, Garmin fēnix 6S Pro, Garmin fēnix 6X Pro, Garmin fēnix 6 Sapphire, Garmin fēnix 6S Sapphire, Garmin fēnix 6X Sapphire, Garmin fēnix 7, Garmin fēnix 7S, Garmin fēnix 7X, Garmin Forerunner 255 Music, Garmin Forerunner 255S Music, Garmin Forerunner 745, Garmin Forerunner 945 , Garmin Forerunner 955, Garmin MARQ Collection, Garmin MK2, Garmin epix 2, Garmin quatix 7

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9,17 x 5,67 x 3,27 pulgadas




1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)

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‎ Unisex adulto


FORM Athletica Inc.

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a la tienda de FORM

Comentarios (10)

  1. Max Freeman

    These are amazing!I absolutely love swimming laps with these. I just started swimming recently but am up to (apparently) swimming a mile ever day, 7x a week.But I had no idea how far I was swimming. I tried to keep track in my head but that didn’t work. I wanted something accurate and completely hands off – I saw other folks messing with their watch every lap and didn’t want that.Being able to see every second how far you have gone and how much time has passed is just awesome, all hands free.Now that I have more information, I am starting to make goals around all kinds of things, lap time being a new one for me. Got the heart rate tracker they suggest that sits at your temple.Pros:- accurately detects lap swimming, knows when you turn, tells you how far you’ve gone, how long you swim, how long you rest, and you dont have to do anything but get in and swim.- makes you feel like a freaking badass. It is seriously a data nerd’s dream. I find myself excited to put them on and get to business.- very comfortable- the heart rate thing they suggest clips to the strap and boom, now you can see bpm too. Separate purchase.Cons:- while very accurate, it is not 100% accurate. It will typically miss 1 turn per swim (1.3% for me), resulting in swim metrics 25 yards fewer than it should be. It isn’t a big deal, but it is annoying that it is so accurate except for one turn per day lol.- the app is visually overkill if all you want is lap metrics. They have all this other stuff like suggested training, swim patterns, etc. It is possible I will use that eventully, but I feel it should get less visual space in the app than the metrics. Makes it feel busy.- compared to other googles, you might feel like you have tunnel vision or horse blinders on with these. I got used to it immediately and actually found it helped me focus, but I could see how people might not like this.- priceyVerdict:If you can afford it, and data is important for your training or motivation, you will LOVE them. I find being able to literally always know where I am and how fast in going and fire much is left hugely motivating during the swim when it’s actually important.

  2. LizardLvr

    I started out looking for a watch and ended up buying these.I did not even know smart googles existed! I bought them unsure of how it would end but I’ll tell you upfront, I absolutely love them.First, there was an issue with the app. Fortunately, I forgot to return them and the first thing on Monday, the company contacted me and fixed the issue. They definitely exceeded my expectations!!One the first use, I was very concerned that having the display directly in my eye was going to give me motion sickness. I am also blind in my left eye, and after reading reviews, I was left feeling that I would have an issue seeing where I was swimming because the display would have to be in front of my good eye. So many concerns but I gave them a try anyway.I have absolutely no issue seeing in front of me, the blue line beneath me, or the person in either lane next to me. Well, actually, I see as much of the person as I want to see. Can I observe their posture, kick, or form? Nope and I don’t want to. I can see them come and go and that’s enough for me. Again, I’m blind in one eye and I see everything I saw prior to wearing these googles with no issues at all. The display is placed directly in the middle of the google but after a swim or two it becomes normal. When I want to look at it, I do but when I don’t I just look through it at the pool. It is not distracting or intrusive.I swim with a waterproof MP3 player and it clips onto the google strap and I tuck the headphone wires under the straps. The goggles don’t move or leak during my entire one-hour freestyle swim. They stay right where I put them and they are very comfortable! Not even kidding, after getting the proper strap tightness the first time, I have not tightened them again. I put them on, pull them a few times, and pop them over my eyes. No leaks ever.When the googles arrived, I put them on and decided the medium curved nose piece was for me. Per the instructions, I took all the pieces to the pool for my first swim but I didn’t need them. The nose piece fits perfectly and continues to be trouble-free.It is so amazing to swim and not have to keep checking the clock! Yes. It’s the simple things. It’s even better to know the distance, and other metrics that I choose using the app.When I turn the goggles on, it takes several seconds to sync with the app, I select the type of swim, and I press start when I’m ready to begin. I only need to touch the googles again when I’m done with my workout. There are only 2 buttons to press and it only takes a few times of using the goggles to get the hang of it. Very minimal learning curve so you’re swimming, not messing with tools on the side of the pool. The smartness of these goggles is awesome. I usually swim all freestyle but decided to do some drills. When I finished and looked at the stats, I was shocked to see that the system was quite accurate at distinguishing drills v. freestyle without me doing anything to set it up. Accuracy was a little off but it was nice to not have to figure it out on my own or, more likely, just not track those lengths.After your swim, you Save and Quit. Then you can turn them off. When you’re dry and ready, turn them on, and sync with the app to view your stats. Lots of data to spend time with.Although you can export the data it would be really great if an app update added the ability to compare data so that I can quickly see my performance over time. This would be super helpful!!!

  3. Keith Trapp

    Great gift for lap swimmersGot these as a Xmas gift for my wife. She was not super excited about them at first but she gave them a try and now she never goes without them. She tells me they are very accurate and she loves how they track all of her workouts and sync the data to her iPhone. She did comment that the peripheral vision is somewhat diminished but she doesn’t thinks that’s a huge issue.

  4. P. White

    These are a game changer for all swimmersI was hopeful yet skeptical of how much these would help my swimming. Having some data displayed to me as I swim seemed neat. I originally bought these for my 12 year old son who swims with a local club team. But before he was going to get his hands on them Dad needed to try them first. I will be honest I haven’t been in the pool swimming any kind of laps for almost 20 years. The fit was good they didn’t leak, though when swimming you do feel the side with the display being tugged by water. Just need to tighten up the straps to ensure they stay put. The display was easy to read.Using these while you swim is like watching TV while you do cardio. You forget about the actual pain. The data makes you want to keep swimming. Then being able to review you data after you swim is awesome. I couldn’t believe how accurately the data was. It told me all my stats, plus what stroke I was swimming, and what kind of sets I was doing, all without me programming any kind of workouts in it. 1000 yards later I was sold. I let my son try them the next day. The goggles made him want to keep swimming. They made him want to push himself more than if he was swimming alone.Negatives: If you want to program your workouts into the goggles, you have to buy a membership. That to me sucks. I wouldn’t mind paying for access to other swimmers workouts, but to have to pay just to program my own is kind of a bummer. They do have a 30 day trial, with a $25 for a year membership after that, which I feel is very reasonable.Overall if you swim laps, or have a child in swimming, these are a game changer. I liked them so much I ordered a second pair just for myself to help motivate me in the pool.

  5. MSI

    not as impressed as i hoped forthe idea is neat and the electronics are great but the goggles (aside from the electronics) kinda suck, they dont seal well, the anti fog is not good, they are not comfortable and they scratch super easy, my $20.00 TYRs are better in every aspect again aside from the electronics. while, apple watch doesn’t capture as many metrics, and you cant see your heart rate while moving (why i got these) but i’ll still be going back to that. having to stop every 150 yards to de-fog and adjust. or even having to stop right after diving in because the seal is poor is too much to make up for the electronics.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Works as advertised.Everything electronics related works great for me. The software is simple/intuitive, and has false alarm logic imbedded into the if you are resting at the wall, moving around, it could trigger the device into thinking that you’ve started another lap. The built in software prevents short erratic movement from triggering a start by requiring 4 seconds of constant motion to trigger the ‘start of a swim’. At which point the in screen time turns on with 4 seconds having already elapsed. A bar appears whenever it detects movement, and fills up if your movement continues for 4 continuous seconds.This is a near perfect device. But there’s one issue that I haven’t seen mentioned by other reviewers. While the electronics are great, the actual lens has a very narrow field of view. This was likely a necessity for the focal length of the projected screen.If you are competitive like me, and like to pace off of or swim faster than your buddy in the next lane, these googles may not be for you. The narrow field of view makes its very difficult to see people in adjacent lanes. Make binoculars with your hands (thumbs touching curled fingers), and push them against your eyes.. That’s about the field of view you have with these.Now to be fair, the main benefit of these goggles is that you can pace yourself continuously via a clock. But as any competitive swimmer would know, exerting more energy is made easier when you can see the position of a rival in the next lane.As such, I wouldn’t wear these in a race of any sort. But they’re great for swimming solo.

  7. peter hervish

    Replaced GOGGLES I had an issue with perfect support thank you Fiona!I received a replacement pair of goggles for the returned pair I had an issue with on November 24th. I had returned my previous pair due to an issue 2 weeks ago. No questions just a genuine interest from FORM via Fiona in what happened and FORM will do the forensics. I hope the issue was not due to myself. Anyway, last night, Nov 26th, I synched them with the updated APP and set out to do a 1500 Meter pool swim. I was so taken back by what these amazing goggles display and keep me informed that I went on to a 2+k. I had to force myself to stop since pool is open and it was chilly. I cannot ever remember not swimming since my memory goes back to 3 years old or thereabouts 1950ish. These goggles are amazing and if you have any reservation about using them take it from a 75 year swimmer that these are amazing. Game changers.Thank you Fiona and the FORM team!OLD NOTE: FORM actioned » The charging system is faulty and when swimming the letter/numbers go on and off randomly. The charge cycle is faulty and the charge light no longer shows anything is going on. I think the battery is dead and will not charge. These were great while they lasted a couple of weeks but now they are just a pair of eye goggles. Very expensive eye goggles.»

  8. Peter

    Real time data for swimming makes a huge differenceThese perform exactly as advertised. They are comfortable to wear and easy to set up. The app is also exceptional. The data is laid out perfectly and the charts are great. After just a week it has made a huge difference to my swimming. I used to count laps in my head and take a look at the wall clock every 5 laps. This is just so much better. I can see my time for every length and focus on how I am swimming. Unlike other devices I have had, the length count has been correct for every swim. I also bought the Polar optical heart rate monitor and I recommend that for anyone buying these goggles.I like the multitude of options for the swim screen, turn screen and rest screen. However, I wonder if it is possible for the maker to include two metrics on the bottom row in the swim screen. Currently I have the length count there but I think there is space for the heart rate as well.Wearing these goggles does not feel any different to a regular pair but I notice that when I swim there is turbulent water running over the left lens (only the left one) which makes for a slightly blurred vision of the bottom of the pool. This doesn’t happen on other goggles I wear. Of course I don’t actually need to see the bottom of the pool, but the blur is a little bit annoying. I will probably just get used to it.It is a great product, very well designed and well manufactured. The app is brilliantly thought out. Thanks Form!

  9. L. Dumlao

    These are amazing. but. …I think these are a game-changer for my swim workouts. I’ve been using them for a couple weeks now. I’d have been happy just with the ability to have my distance right in front of me (no more trying to count laps – yay!). However, the ability to see my splits with each turn means that I actually know how fast I’m swimming, and I can either push myself harder or ease off, depending on what I’m doing.The controls are SUPER easy to use and I love the data-rich tables that the Form ap shows.One downside is that the lenses seem to be SUPER delicate. I went to wipe off the inside with my suit (as I do with regular Goggles) and scratched them up – and this was the NON-HUD eyecup.UPDATE: I’ve had these for nearly three years now and no issues. HOWEVER, as I mentioned before, the coating on the inside and outside is very delicate. Because it was so worn, I used a plexiglass polish to try and clean them up. It cleaned it TOO WELL because it completely wiped the coating off, turning them into clear goggles. The problem is that even with the brightest setting, the display doesn’t show up on a sunny day.STILL AN AWESOME SET OF GOGGLES.

  10. Gregg

    Just wear sensor over non-dominate eyeI am left eye dominant, and so for my first few swims I thought it would make sense to wear the display over my left eye… However, I kept having all sorts of problems judging walls and strokes, and overall my vision just felt really poor and messy. For a brief time I thought it was a bust…… BUT it turns out my dominant left eye was just too hyper-focused on the HUD (makes total sense now). It finally hit me to switch the display to my right eye, and the problem was solved immediately! Now I can swim normally, and I can “ignore/see-through” the HUD if I want to, only focusing on at it when needed. This is one of those devices that once you get used to it, you will NOT swim without! Amazing technology and it really does makes swimming way more fun and training way more efficient. For what it’s worth I’m a former competitive swimmer (over a decade) and am quite picky on visibility and socket seal. After you push off the wall hard one time you will get used to the “drag” that others have noted – but it’s not a big deal and goes unnoticed after that. I’ve also been flat out (with fins on), going super aggressive into flip turns and push offs with no leaks – the seal is solid.

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