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Garmin 010-13118-00 HRM-Pro Plus, monitor de frecuencia cardíaca con correa de pecho premium, captura la dinámica de carrera,

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No te pierdas ni un ritmo con el monitor de frecuencia cardíaca con correa de pecho premium HRM-Pro™ Plus. Con transmisión dual, proporciona datos precisos de frecuencia cardíaca a dispositivos Garmin y equipos de fitness compatibles, la aplicación Tacx® Training y otras aplicaciones. También captura la dinámica de carrera, incluida la oscilación vertical, el tiempo de contacto con el suelo, la longitud de la zancada y más, para ayudarte a mejorar tu forma y permitir la potencia de funcionamiento en tu Garmin Watch compatible. Además, para carreras en interiores, HRM-Pro Plus envía ritmo y distancia. Una puerta de batería de un cuarto de vuelta sin herramientas facilita los cambios de batería y mejora la durabilidad.

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Monitor de frecuencia cardíaca, Monitor de frecuencia cardíaca + correa, Monitor de frecuencia cardíaca + sensor de velocidad 2





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8760 Horas

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1,18"l. x 0,47"an. x 23,62"al. pulgadas




1 CR2032 necesaria(s), incluida(s)

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Garmin HRM Pro Plus



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Comentarios (10)

  1. Landis

    TLDR; It seems that my Garmin HRM Pro Plus strap often loses conductivity with my skin and therefore loses track of my heart rate but keeps putting out a “random” heart rate signal to my watch anyway for up to 2.5 minutes “hoping” that it will reestablish connection and that I won’t notice. Because of this, I no longer trust the strap.So some background on me: I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and if my heart rate goes over 100 bpm for too long, I get tired very quickly. So I track my heart rate 24/7 and this helps me to not overdo it and avoid needing to stay in bed for several days to recover. My Garmin Instinct 2 watch is an invaluable tool for my health. But my pulse can get a little weak when standing or walking and the watch loses track of my heart rate. So when I’m up and about I wear a heart rate chest strap connected to my watch.I’ve used a Powr Labs Heart Rate chest strap for a year and decided to try Garmin’s strap to go along with my Garmin Instinct 2 watch. The Powr Labs Strap has worked flawlessly but I wanted the Garmin Strap since, along with heart rate, it also keeps track of my walking distance on my treadmill which I use several times a day for short walks. For some reason my Garmin Watch won’t track walking on the treadmill, only running, though it does make a weak attempt but only shows between 0 and at most a tenth of the actual distance I’ve walked (I’ve done tons of research trying to solve this issue. Others have had the same issue with Garmin watches and I can’t find a solution that works. Hopefully an update will fix it one day).So the year old Powr Labs strap works as expected. When I take off the Powr Labs Strap, within a couple seconds my watch goes from displaying my heart rate to just dashes, indicating that the strap is no longer in contact with my body and no longer tracking my heart rate. But, the Garmin strap when I take it off, keeps sending heart rate data to my watch for exactly 2.5 minutes before telling my watch it no longer is in contact with the body. If the strap is sitting on the table without moving, my watch will show a heart rate of 71 bpm for 2.5 minutes. If I take the Garmin strap off but keep it moving (without touch the electrodes), it’ll go to 71 bpm and then go up to 72, 73, 74, 75, 74, 75, 76, 77, 76,… 89, 87, 86, 89 etc, making it appear that it’s still working normally for 2.5 minutes. I thought it was a little odd but didn’t think much of it until trying to use the Garmin strap with an app on my phone that tracks heart rate variability second by second from my heart rate strap while I breath in time with the sound and visual cues on the app. The app is very sensitive to fluctuations in heart rate and expects to see constant changes in the heart rate or it will stop and say there is an error. Evidently if the strap sends it the same heart rate for several seconds it knows something is wrong and will say it’s lost connection. Using the app I frequently get reports that it has lost the connection to the Garmin strap even thought my watch appeared to still be getting data. In the Heart rate app this happens maybe every 3 to 5 minutes. I found that if I push the conductive contact point on the strap more firmly into my skin, the Garmin strap reconnects within seconds to the app. And again, the heart rate breathing app has never once reported having an issue with the Powr Labs strap. So I think the issue is that the Garmin chest strap loses my heart’s electrical signal. If this was my first chest strap, I might think that this is normal or maybe due to my odd heart issues but like I said, the Powr Labs has never had this issue and if it had, I would have seen the heart rate number on my watch disappear and show only dashes. These issues are sometimes within 15 minutes of putting the Garmin strap on and applying water to both my skin and the electrodes so I don’t think it’s caused by dry skin. And I tried wearing the Garmin tighter than the Powr Labs but that doesn’t seem to help. Any tighter and it would be uncomfortable.While typing this, I’m wearing the Garmin chest strap and the watch is lying on the table receiving the signal from the strap (in other words, definitely not getting the heart rate reading from my wrist). And I see the heart rate up at 106-112. So I check with my pulse oximeter and it says my heart rate is 83-86, where I would expect it while sitting. I’m not a runner moving around a lot, I’m just sitting or walking slowly and it appears that the strap can’t give me reliable information. And again, I would think it’s normal to have an inaccurate strap or that it’s just me but the Powr Labs strap over that last year has always been accurate out of the hundreds or maybe thousands of times I’ve checked my pulse oximeter at the same time I’m wearing it. I do get heart palpitations and have some minor heart electrical issues so maybe that is confusing the Garmin strap? Maybe I’ll buy some of that conductive electrode gel and see if that helps. And yes, I’m wearing it just as Garmin instructs.I just got up for a few minutes and sat back down again. My heart rate went to 108 which is normal for me but it usually comes back down quickly. After a minute of sitting, it’s still up at 108-113. I check with my oximeter and it says I’m at 83 bpm. I push the Garmin strap electrodes into my chest and it drops within 5 seconds from 113 bpm to the low 80’s.I like Garmin a lot but I’m a little annoyed with it right now. Maybe I just got a lemon. When I read the reviews on the Powr Labs strap it look like some people got lemons but I was lucky. Maybe I was just the unlucky one this time.But what bothers me is why would the Garmin strap keep sending out heart rate data for 2.5 minutes to my watch, even when the strap and watch are laying on the table and aren’t touching me? Are they trying to hide how often this strap loses the heart signal so they don’t get a bunch of people upset with the product? If it loses connection I might be willing to put up with that and try to figure something out but I want to know that it lost connection so that I can trouble shoot it.I don’t think I’ve ever left a 3 star review on Amazon before and I’m sad that this less than favorable review is for a company that I like so much. I understand when things don’t work perfectly but it bothers me when I feel like I’m being gas-lighted by my devices and in turn by the companies that make them.I’ll keep the strap. I don’t have the energy to go through returning/ exchanging it and trying to explain why I think it’s not working. I’ll try to figure out a way to make it work better, maybe with some electrode gel. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go back to my simple but trusty Powr Labs strap.Update:I did end up returning the strap. It just wasn’t reliable enough at tracking my heart rate. Wetting the electrode/skin area would help for maybe half an hour but then it would always start losing track of my heart rate and give me bpm numbers that I knew it was making up. Out of curiosity, I used my multi-meter to measure the resistance of the electrode on the strap that makes contact with your skin. It was about 970 ohms with my meter probes spaced one inch apart. I then checked the strap on my PowrLabs and it was about 90 ohms with the probes one inch apart! I don’t know whether Garmin meant to have resistance that high on the strap electrodes or if it’s a bad batch maybe, but I think the high resistance electrodes on the Garmin strap are why it has a hard time tracking the electrical signals from my heart. So I thought I’d just buy a replacement strap/electrode portion to attach the Garmin module to but it turns out the module/strap are all one part and if you need a new strap they want you throw the whole thing away and buy a new one, unlike all the other heart rate straps I’ve seen! So I considered trying to DIY modify the strap with another manufactures strap electrodes or maybe take a chance on getting a replacement Garmin strap that may or may not have the same issue. But, as much as I like Garmin and want to use their strap with all its features that work with my Garmin watch, it seemed like too much work, so in the end I returned it. Once the PowrLabs wears out on me, I’ll probably try a Polar since their straps have silicone dots where it meets your back so it doesn’t slide down. Actually, I think my PowrLabs module snaps onto the replacement Polar strap so maybe I’ll just get one of those. Hopefully Garmin sees this review and either fixes the issue with the electrodes or they improve their quality control.

  2. Mariano

    I recently purchased the Garmin HRM Pro Plus, and I must say, the build quality and functionality are top-notch. The heart rate monitoring is precise, and it syncs seamlessly with my other Garmin devices. The comfort level is pretty impressive too, as I barely notice it while exercising.However, as an avid cyclist, I found that this device doesn’t add significant value to my workout data. Most of the metrics it captures are already available through other devices and sensors that I use. For example, my cycle computer and power meter already provide ample information to analyze my performance in depth. The HRM Pro Plus didn’t contribute much more in that regard.If you’re into a variety of sports and fitness activities, this might be a great addition to your arsenal. But for cyclists already equipped with specialized sensors, the HRM Pro Plus might not be a necessary investment.Overall, it’s a quality product that I would highly recommend for general fitness tracking. But if you’re a cyclist looking for groundbreaking data insights, this might not be the product for you.

  3. Ryan Dubbs

    On long bike rides, I love data. I had the HRM Pro before this model and it worked 100% perfectly. I went to go for a ride one day and couldn’t find it. After an hour, I bought a new one. Enter this guy 🙂 It works just the same as the previous, just slightly bigger oddly enough.Of course right after ordering, I found my original. Its so good, I passed my old one down to my fiance (she preferred the smaller one) who was using a HRM Dual, (Also garmin) She then passed that down to my daughter who was using my old arm based HR scanning device.Garmin stuff rocks!!

  4. Matt K.

    I purchased this so I could have higher accuracy (and more responsive) heart rate readings than my watch gives me, and so that I could specifically run a lactate threshold test to better set up my heart rate zones. I pair this with a garmin forerunner 965 and so far it has worked seamlessly.Pretty simple unboxing, but not a lot of information is given. It does not just pair automatically, but has to be added to the watch. Its relatively simple, but there is a step required to do it. Then when worn and starting an activity, the watch automatically recognizes it and uses data from the strap over its own sensors.As far as I can tell, the heart rate readings I am getting from it are accurate and responsive, though in my case, I am not sure its a massive improvement over the optical heart rate sensor I am already using. Though I am sure its still an improvement.Running the lactate threshold test was handled by my watch, but it required an external heart monitor and again as far as I can tell it works well.The watch reports my heart rate changes quickly when I change pace and while I have yet to do any sprint intervals with it yet, I imagine it will fare much better than the watch, which could often miss the entire interval before my heart rate would respond on the watch.

  5. Youngrin L. Kim

    The accuracy and consistency of this device is amazing! I routinely run 10+ miles on the treadmill. At the end of my workouts, both the treadmill and my garmin hrm plus indoor readings agree to the precise tenth of a mile which is pretty amazing, even on an incline. The HR monitor never fails to consistently pick up my pulse, I am staring at it constantly when I am on my indoor bike. Beyond happy with the precision of this device.

  6. Tom T.

    Ceinture cardio multisports avec beaucoup d’informationsCette ceinture cardio est de la marque Garmin.C’est le dernier modèle sorti qui est compatible multisports (course à pieds – vélo – natation).Je n’ai eu pour le moment l’occasion de l’essayer que pour la course à pieds pour le moment.Dans les points positifs je dirais, qu’elle est facile à mettre en place, il suffit d’accrocher un petit crochet en plastique dans support en tissu élastique pour fermer la ceinture autour de vous. Quand on porte la ceinture le crochet se situe devant à droite et est donc facile d’accès pour mettre la ceinture ou l’enlever.Avant de porter la ceinture il est recommandé d’humidifier les capteurs cardio sur la ceinture.La ceinture démarre toute seule une fois portée et les équipements Garmin la détecte automatiquement, lors d’un départ pour une course ma montre Garmin détecte automatiquement la présence du capteur et démarre la course avec le capteur cardio de la ceinture, un très bon point.La ceinture ne bouge pas en course mais donne en effet de glissement, après quelques course on n’y prête moins attention, je pense qu’il faut s’habituer au port de la ceinture.La ceinture se règle facilement à la taille de l’utilisateur.C’est pour moi un bon produit qui sera plus précis que le capteur d’un montre sur un parcours qui pourra bouger plus facilement et être moins précis.Le deuxième défaut que j’ai pu remarquer et que l’élastique de la ceinture se boudine un peu, ce n’est pas gênant mais juste visuel.Le capteur cardio et la ceinture ne font qu’un, ce qui veut dire que lorsque l’élastique sera usé il faudra changer la ceinture complète, ce que j’apprécie un peu moins.Concernant la durée d’utilisation l’appareil est prévu pour fonctionner jusqu’à 12 mois avec sa pile qui peut se remplacer facilement.Il est recommandé de laver toutes les 7 utilisations la ceinture avec un lavage à la main de préférence à l’eau froide.

  7. Adam

    Präzise Pulsmessung und hilfreiche Laufanalyse mit dem HR BrustgurtIch habe mir den HR Brustgurt aus zwei spezifischen Gründen zugelegt: Zum einen war es mein Ziel, mit meiner Epix 2 Pro die Laktatschwelle beim Laufen zu bestimmen, und zum anderen suchte ich nach einer genauen Pulsbestimmung, insbesondere bei kühlen Temperaturen und während des Intervalltrainings. Der Brustgurt erfüllt beide Anforderungen hervorragend.Bei kühlen Temperaturen tendiert die Garmin Uhr dazu, den Puls nicht immer korrekt zu messen, hier bietet der Brustgurt eine sehr präzise Alternative. Die Genauigkeit des Brustgurtes ist besonders beim Intervalltraining sehr hilfreich und liefert verlässliche Daten, auf die ich mich verlassen kann.Zusätzlich bietet der Brustgurt die Möglichkeit, zu bestimmen, ob man ausgewogen bzw. balanciert läuft. Dieses Feature finde ich sehr nützlich, da es mir hilft, meine Lauftechnik besser zu verstehen und gegebenenfalls anzupassen.Ich nutze den Gurt daher selektiv bei bestimmten Trainingseinheiten, und die Investition hat sich definitiv gelohnt. Die Kombination aus präziser Pulsmessung und Laufanalyse macht den HR Brustgurt zu einem wertvollen Begleiter für mein Training. Die Handhabung ist einfach und die Kompatibilität mit meiner Epix 2 Pro ist nahtlos. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit meinem Kauf und kann den HR Brustgurt anderen Läufern, die ihre Leistung und Technik verbessern möchten, wärmstens empfehlen.

  8. Guillaume DELANGE

    Excellente précisionJe l’ai depuis début d’année maintenant, je la porte pour toute mes sorties running ou piscine (3/4 fois par semaine) et rien à redire, le capteur marche très bien, la syncrho est efficace, la pile est toujours bien chargéeLa sangle est très réglable et ne dérange pas du tout à porter, aucun soucis de peau ou autre à constater même après des sorties de 3hFonctionne bien avec Forerunner 955

  9. Cliente de Amazon

    Agrega mucha información!Es súper sencillo de emparejar con mi reloj garmin, en cuanto lo detecta te agrega mucha más estadísticas a tu entrenamiento. Hay que ajustarlo buen para que no se mueva durante el ejercicio, pero el manual trae todos estos detalles. 100% recomendado

  10. Osvaldo Revilla

    Producto de excelente calidadFunciona al 100 con sincronización y envío de señal perfecta

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