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Google Nest Doorbell – (cableado, 2ª generación) – Cámara de seguridad de video – Ceniza

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El timbre Nest Doorbell de 2ª generación siempre está encendido, por lo que puedes saber lo que está sucediendo en tu puerta principal las 24 horas del día. [2] Recibe alertas inteligentes sobre personas, paquetes y animales, además de 3 horas de historial de videos de eventos, no requiere suscripción. [1] Añade hasta 10 días de grabación continua con Nest Aware Plus. Y configura y administra tu timbre de video fácilmente con la aplicación Google Home. El timbre Nest requiere una cuenta de Google gratuita y no es compatible con la aplicación Nest o el sitio LEGAL [1] Algunas funciones, incluyendo notificaciones móviles, control remoto, transmisión de video y grabación de video, requieren Internet y Wi-Fi funcionales. [2] La grabación de video continua requiere una suscripción a Nest Aware Plus. Las suscripciones a Nest Aware y Nest Aware Plus se venden por separado. [3] Las alertas faciales familiares no están disponibles en cámaras utilizadas en Illinois. [4] Requiere un transformador de timbre y timbre de 16-24VAC, 10-40VA nominal (ambos se venden por separado). [5] Basado en el peso del producto. No incluye accesorios en la caja (conector de alambre y herramientas de instalación). [6] Requiere un dispositivo inteligente compatible. [7] Para obtener más información, visita [8] No es compatible con la aplicación Nest.

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Google Doorbell

Google Doorbell

Don’t miss what matters to you.

The Nest Doorbell can tell the difference between a person, package, animal, and vehicle. So you’ll get intelligent alerts in the Google Home app about the things that are important to you – no subscription required.[1]

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Always-on power, no charging required.

The 2nd-gen wired Nest Doorbell is always on, so you can know what’s happening at your front door around the clock.[1] Get peace of mind knowing you can check in 24/7 without having to recharge batteries.[1] And add up to 10 days of continuous recording with a Nest Aware Plus subscription.[1,2]

Find the right Nest Doorbell for your home.

Google Doorbell battery

Nest Doorbell (wired 2nd gen)

google doorbell wired

Nest Doorbell (battery)

Hello doorbell

Nest Doorbell (Nest Hello)

Included intelligent alerts[1]

Motion, people, packages, animals, and vehicles

Included intelligent alerts[1]

Motion, people, packages, animals, and vehicles

Included intelligent alerts[1]

Motion and people

Free 3-hour event history

Video clips plus 2-second previews

Free 3-hour event history

Video clips

Free 3-hour event history

Still images

Continuous video recording[2]

With a Nest Aware Plus subscription

Continuous video recording[2]

Not available

Continuous video recording[2]

With a Nest Aware Plus subscription

Required app (free)

Google Home app

Required app (free)

Google Home app

Required app (free)

Nest app

Power source

Wired only

Power source

Battery with option to wire

Power source

Wired only


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1,1 x 1,65 x 5,16 pulgadas


Batería para timbre (ceniza) + cámara interior con cable (nieve), Batería para timbre (nieve) + cámara interior con cable (nieve), Fresno, Ivy, Lino, Nieve




Batería de timbre + cámara interior con cable, Timbre Nest – Batería, Timbre Nest – Con cable


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a la tienda de Google

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    Running Into IssuesThis review is for the Google Nest Doorbell Wired 2nd Gen in Linen color. I did a lot of review reading, both individual and professional reviews. I wasn’t able to find a perfect solution for what I wanted. I really wanted something that had home server storage capability (not cloud storage) and had a good Android app. It seemed like there were some options available, but from what I could read they either had security flaws, were challenging to setup, or did not have a good app. What brought me to Nest was a decent security rating, they did not seem to be openly sharing video information, had one of the better cosmetic looks (I didn’t want something ugly next to my front door), a good app, and great pricing plans.My install was not bad. I have a voltmeter and was able to confirm that I had enough volts and amps. So, I removed the old wired doorbell/intercom box, tested the volt/amps with my multimeter, attached the included capacitor to the doorbell chime, drilled holes for the Nest bracket, installed the bracket, trimmed the existing wires to size, and connected the Nest Doorbell. The proper lights showed up indicating the Nest Doorbell was receiving proper power. It did a software update and started working right afterwards. The setup was super easy and straightforward with the instructions and Google Home app. The video and audio looked and sounded good. The doorbell chime would not ring though. I could hear the motor buzz, but there just wasn’t enough for both the Nest Doorbell and the chime to operate. I will need to find the transformer and upgrade it.The video and audio worked great for about a week. I have not tried the paid service options yet, so I am able to view live video, audio, intercom, and see motion events of prior three hours. I’m about a month in now, and for the past three weeks I get constant messages of camera not available, not able to see live feed, choppy intercom (my voice keeps cutting out), and far too often event videos keep saying not available yet. I have not been able to find the location of the current transformer, so I will need to upgrade it before I can determine if the issue is with the transformer, Nest Doorbell, or the cloud service.I am also running into issues with the alerts. You can create a zone on the app. You open the app to display alert area. It will show you the complete live camera view. You can then draw a six-point box of the portion of the view that you want the camera to alert you to motion for. You also have boxes you can check for alerts for anything, packages, animals, and people. I have it set for just packages and people. At first I didn’t have a zone set up, so I was getting alerts anytime anyone walked down the sidewalk or a car was in the street. I created a zone to go to the end of the driveway before the sidewalk, but the shadows of the people on the sidewalk would trigger an alert. I decreased the zone size to get away from the shadows, but it still triggers alerts. I have shuck it down quite a bit. Now someone has to be halfway up my driveway before it triggers and alert. This was the largest I could make the zone without getting unnecessary alerts, so I’m not happy that the zone box is not accurate.Overall, I am not sure what my opinion is of this Google Nest Doorbell Wired 2nd Gen. There is a very good chance that some of my issues are being generated by the transformer. The doorbell chime not ringing is for sure because the transformer does not have enough watts. But according the indicator light on the Nest Doorbell, the doorbell is getting enough power. I am disappointing the the included capacitor for the doorbell chime is not doing its job to make the chime work. I am not happy about the constant messages of event videos not being ready yet. It reduces some of the security if you can’t look at an event for minutes or hours.On a side note (not that I have used the free trial or paid services yet), the two available pricing plans are the best that I have seen from all the providers. It was one of the biggest selling points for me in choosing Google Nest Doorbell. If replacing the transformer will fix the video feed problems (also hopefully the audio too) and doorbell chime, then my goal would be to get multiple Nest Cameras added to the system and go with the premium paid service option. But first I have to see if I can get this Nest Doorbell working properly.

  2. Steve L

    Great upgrade from the Nest HelloI have had a Nest Hello doorbell for a few years, but recently it developed the symptom that my indoor electronic chime would only sound two notes, no matter what I set the duration to in the Nest app. The camera itself was working well, though the field of view didn’t extend as far down as I would like. I also noticed that the plastic on the faceplate was blistering, so I decided to replace it with the Gen 2 Wired.The Gen 2 is a bit taller than the Hello (the battery version is even taller), which meant that the spacer I had 3D printed to bring it past the door molding needed to be redone. Luckily, the screw holes are the same distance apart. Installing was straightforward, and I used the included 20-degree wedge plus the printed spacer. Due to the way the Gen 2 mounts, I had to swap out the #10 long screws I had used for some thinner ones, as the screw heads blocked the camera from mounting properly. The Google Home app leads you through the install, but the URL shown for a web video leads to the old Nest Hello instructions!The chime adapter, while it looks like that of the Hello, is different and connects in parallel to the chime wires rather than in series.Once installed, I was delighted that the indoor chime worked properly again. I was also happy to see that the vertical field of view was considerably taller than that of the Hello, so that I could see almost all of my front steps without a wedge angling down. Image quality is better than the Hello, and at night the picture is still in color!Another advantage I had not anticipated is that I get notifications of people at the door almost instantaneously, whereas with the Nest Hello it was typically 20-30 seconds later. I attribute this to the local processing of images, rather than sending them to the cloud for recognition.Right now, my major gripe is that there is not a fully functional web interface, unlike the older camera. There is a beta interface, but it shows a live view only and tends to crash a lot. I hope this gets improved. The Google Home app isn’t bad, but I like to use a web browser on my PC. A minor gripe is that email notification is no longer available, just push notifications from the app.

  3. Robert

    Good battery life and recording quality, few quirks.Camera is easy to get set up, battery lasts 4-5 months between charges, recording quality is good day/night. Google Home software allows you to scrub through your timeline, easily highlights events, set zones, change video quality, chime sounds, etc, but never feels quite as intuitive as Ring’s software. Google’s Home software feels barebones, and the Nest cameras feel thrown into the software as an afterthought. Phone notifications are delayed a couple seconds compared to Ring. Most annoying is you cannot turn off the recording status light, so everyone that walks by instantly has their eyes drawn to the green ring that lights up on the camera. Overall the camera does what it should, but just doesn’t feel as well thought out as something like a Ring or even Wyze cam.

  4. Ian

    Gets the job doneWe recently bought our first home and looked at a lot of options before landing on this doorbell camera. The two downsides are the need for a subscription for some features, and the need to charge the battery, as one should expect. We get about a week of use between charges, more or less depending on how often we are checking it remotely. The winter weather seemed to take a toll on the battery life as well, not ideal having to fiddle with it in the cold between charges. Motion detection zones work well, we only get notifications for certain areas in front of our home and it’s good about not giving us false alerts.Overall installation was easy, and it’s not a huge pain to pop on and off it’s mount with the included tool. It does feel solidly in-place when attached to the mount, I’m not worried about somebody being able to pull it off. In retrospect I may have opted for the wired version, but had complications with that in our situation with a 100 year old home. If you get in the habit of charging it weekly and don’t mind doing so it’s been solid enough for our needs.

  5. Daniel

    It’s ok when ‘IT’ wants to be.OK idea, but they limited it too much for a system selling in 2023.You can’t recover the recordings after the 3 hour expiration of the recording, so let’s say you went to work for 8 hours and you come home to a broken window, the camera probably recorded it, but the footage expired after 3 hours and was deleted. You have to pay a monthly subscription for the longer expiration record feature.-The clarity is terrible unless the person is within 10 feet of the camera, anything past that is very low image quality. Don’t expect to be able to read print past 10 feet (license plates, name badges, etc.).-The plugged-in mode switches to battery randomly during the winter months here in Chicago and then dies if it gets too cold (x

  6. ITM

    Two steps forward and two steps back from Gen OneI bought this as an upgrade from by Gen One Nest wired video doorbell.The good- This Gen Two doorbell is much quicker. With Gen One, by the time you got a picture of who was at the door, it was almost too late. Now you get it nearly immediately- Picture is much sharper. I know that technically resolution has been reduced with Gen Two to 960p with HDR from the 1200P on the Gen One, but despite this, I think the Gen two images look better.- The field of video is taller than with Gen OneThe bad- The auto-detect that turns on night mode is fooled by bright lights from the neighbor’s house. Gen One was, in this regard, better- Gen Two only works with Google Home, not the Nest application. This is a problem because Google Aware on the web, which is what you have to use for a Mac/PC, won’t let you view or download recordings from cameras – you need to save/download/view recordings from your phone- Field of video is a little narrower than it was on Gen One.All-in-all, it isn’t bad, and I’d still recommend it (probably), but I regret having made the upgrade.

  7. Chris L

    Easy to use, Limited functionalityFirstly, it is one of the better looking doorbell cams of all the brands in my opinion, which is one of our reasons for buying. This specific gen build is clean, elegant and seemingly durable. The video quality is good for its limited resolution, and is plenty sharp for cell phone screen sized viewing. If you have it tied into larger displays, you may start to notice the resolution limitations. Don’t expect to read license plates, or nearby text.The 2nd reason for buying was the stated non-requirement for subscription to see short-term recorded clips. You will need the subscription for 24hr recording and access to view clips from their cloud. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, it does NOT allow for your own local recording. For my use case, it is not a big deal, but I do wish it had the option for local recording to onboard memory. Sadly, most companies are doing away with this capability purely out of greed to force users to pay them a perpetual fee. I refuse to pay service fees (i.e. rent) for the equipment that I purchase. So the 3hr clip recording is fine for now.So I will live with this limitation for now. I have a camera system around the house that is NOT google, and DOES allow local recording 24/7 so I am good. But all features that this product includes has been fantastic so far.I have a smart home system built upon the Google Home ecosystem, so this product integrated very well. Doorbell usage gets announce via the existing doorbell chime without issue, but more importantly it announces on all the google home mini speakers throughout the house, and even on-screen my home PC/Cellphone. This is important because I work from home usually, with headphones on, and in the past sometimes wouldn’t hear the doorbell. On top of which I often have my phone on silent to not distract me too much. But doorbell, sometimes can be important, so all these other notification methods are very welcome in my use case.Great product with your typical features blocked by subscription, but for what you pay upfront for, no sub needed!

  8. Amanda Elliott

    Great doorbell with very responsive app and motion alertsThis is definitely my favorite 24/7 recording doorbell. Is someone that is installed several different brands the nest always seems to go the easiest. I’ve upgraded from a nest hello to this after 4 years of owning the hello. The app instantaneously tells me when someone drops a package off or picks it up or even when there’s unfamiliar faces at my front door. The audio is definitely improved on this newer doorbell compared to the older hello. Overall very very pleased.

  9. Melissa Vrtis

    Great doorbell!Maybe it’s a dumb wish, but I do just wish the battery lasted a little longer, especially in colder temps. I understand that’s just part of battery life, but just a wish for the perfect world/design.Otherwise it works great, is easily compatible with the Google Home app and I’d certainly recommend it.

  10. Amazon Customer

    works greatI’ve had 4 different kinds of wireless doorbells and should have never bought the cheap ones , this Google Nest is by far the best I’ve ever had and its all tied into my smart Home , great features are setting you own zone detection area so now my front door flag doesn’t set off motion anyone which was the biggest problem with all other cheap ones I bought Thank you Google for a fine product ..

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