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Google Nest x Yale Lock – Bloqueo inteligente a prueba de manipulaciones para entrada sin llave – Cerradura de cerrojo del

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La cerradura Nest x Yale es una cerradura inteligente segura y a prueba de manipulaciones para tu puerta principal. Tiene un teclado para la entrada sin llave, por lo que puedes bloquear y desbloquear la puerta desde cualquier lugar con la aplicación Nest. Además, dale a las personas en las que confías un código de acceso y recibe alertas cuando vengan y vayan. [1] Las notificaciones móviles y el control remoto requieren Internet y Wi-Fi funcionales. Las notificaciones se proporcionan para mayor comodidad y no deben reemplazar el cuidado ordinario al bloquear tu puerta. [2] Algunas funciones, incluyendo alertas móviles, control remoto y horarios personalizados, requieren la aplicación Nest, Internet y Wi-Fi funcionales, y Nest Connect o Nest Guard. Las notificaciones se proporcionan para mayor comodidad y no deben reemplazar el cuidado ordinario al bloquear tu puerta.

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Características especiales

‎Cerradura inteligente

Tipo de cierre





‎Gamuza negra

Componentes incluidos

‎Nest x Yale Lock, Nest Connect, accesorios de montaje, 4 pilas AA, guía de instalación (idioma español no garantizado)

Tipo de controlador

‎Asistente de Google



Método de control




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Dimensiones del producto

‎4,59 x 2,59 x 0,8 pulgadas


4 AA necesaria(s), incluida(s)

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Descripción de garantía

‎Fabricante de 2 años




a la tienda de Google

Comentarios (10)

  1. Shelley

    It works great!I like this lock, easy to use, and easy to set up. The install went smooth.One thing I don’t like is if you have to do a factory reset, you have to remove the cover, remove the batteries, remove the part that holds the batteries to access the reset button. Keep those instructions handy, because when or if you need a reset, it is not intuitive.

  2. shelby ringler

    Great smart home additionWe love this lock! It was very easy to install and works great. I love the ability to control (lock/unlock) our door from anywhere. I also have notifications on to know when my door opens and closes, which is a nice feature. It works inside the Nest app with all our other Nest products. Highly recommend!

  3. Olsonmetz7

    Perfect for our airbnbWorks great. We program it from Mexico to our home in the US.

  4. Ashni Deschenes

    Mostly goodEasy to install, with very helpful instructions. I like the black design. My only issue is it’s hard to get the number to show, often takes a few taps on the screen. Once they appear, very easy to tap code.

  5. Danny C.

    Clean look big upgradeI used to have the Yale august version and I enjoy this google nest version better. It looks slightly cleaner with the font of the numbers also I like how the noise isn’t so loud when you are typing in your passcode. I have it connected with google home so all my gadgets are all in one place now. Worth the money

  6. Micker

    Too bad it won’t connect to Wi-Fi.The large price tag is for the Wi-Fi use which I could never get to work. I returned it and replaced it with a non Wi-Fi lock.

  7. PACK

    Integrates well with our other Google/nest productsWe wanted a keyless entry and I was excited to find this one that integrates with our Google Home. We use the nest doorbell, but also have Nest outdoor cameras and the Google Hub. It’s been very easy for us to use including our kids who are 9 & 12. We’ve had no issues, everything works smoothly and I can lock from my app if someone forgets.

  8. Mónica

    Easy to installQuick and easy to install and set up. You have to make sure it perfectly fits or won’t lock

  9. Ashley Aleman

    WonderfulExcellent piece and the fact that gives me piece of mind knowing that nobody can get in without a code yay will highly recommend this product.

  10. sk

    Wasted a few hours of my life, don’t buy thisI previously bought a Hornbill lock but after it was getting codes wrong from multiple people decided to try this lock. Absolute crap.First install took me like 1.5 hours, not because of installation but the setup with the Nest Connect. First that wouldn’t connect to my wifi, tried various troubleshooting options and eventually somehow it worked. I’m very techy and if I’m having this much trouble I can only imagine others. I saw posts on Reddit and Google forums complaining about ability to connect to Nest devices and finish setup with code T0009.Lock worked for a few days, I got codes added and then it got disconnected from the Nest again, so nothing remote would work. Went through all provided troubleshooting setups, took lock apart and factory reset. I even saw people saying you needed wifi without security so I tried that as well. After an over hour I gave up. What a piece of crap, really sad coming from Google as well. Absolute waste of my time.I returned it and got a Wyze Lock Bolt for 1/4 of the price and I would highly recommend it over this lock. I installed and set it all up in 10 minutes, how it should be.

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