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Google Pixel 6a – Teléfono Android 5G – Teléfono inteligente desbloqueado con cámara de 12 megapíxeles y batería de 24

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Carbón vegetal, Salvia, Tiza




Solo Pixel 6a


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Comentarios (10)

  1. Randy Schreiber

    Killer price for great phoneFound the refurbed 6a for $211! Looks like it has not been used. The battery was at 0% charge upon receiving it, so thought the battery life might not be good, but it is just fine. Upgraded to the 6a from my old 3a. Both have been great phones. No complaints with phone or vendor.

  2. Lisa M

    Great qualityThe Google pixel 6a is an amazing phone with crisp screen quality and great cameras. The microphone is good and the phone runs apps fast.

  3. Steven Huntsinger

    Great cameraI really like the camera, takes Amazing pictures! Overall, it’s a quality phone. I’m happy with the purchase.

  4. Fred Keivanfar

    functionalityThis phone came as a pre-owned but certified by Amazon to be in working condition. The phone does not always work as expected. Sometimes the apps close unexpectedly. Sometimes using the finger print causes the phone to stall. It has certain defects in its operating system.

  5. Lindsey Nussbaum

    Finish Setup to UnlockI bought two of these. They both came factory reset, so you will have to do the initial setup of course like any new phone. When you first turn it on, it will indicate that it is locked by Verizon (at least they both did for me, I should have taken a screen shot but wasn’t thinking). This had me worried, but if you continue all the way through the initial setup, you will get a message at the end that informs you that the phone is now unlocked. So the key is to finish the setup process, only then will it let you know that it is in fact unlocked.Once I got the phone all setup, I tested it out by putting in three different SIM cards, each from a different carrier. Two worked right away, and the third I had to custom set the APN settings to make it work. So if your SIM card isn’t working right away, double check what APN settings you need, each cellular carrier is different. In the end, all three SIM cards were working, so indeed, these phones are unlocked.Unfortunately, the USB-C power cords that came with the phones did not work, which isn’t a huge deal, but a slight inconvenience because I wanted dedicated charging cords for them. They were 3ft long each and seem cheaply made. I’ll just go buy new ones that are longer in length and more robust. Both power adapters are working fine though.

  6. Bryan

    Fast, sleek, light, great camera. Superb value! Flagship at low price!Bought as refurbished-excellent condition for $216 when brand new was selling for $299. The phone came in brand new condition! Very impressed!I love everything about the phone except the battery, which is only good. It lasts the whole day but some days I get close to running out of power. If the battery life were about 20% better I’d say the phone is perfect. Maybe a brand new phone would have a better battery? Reviewers have noticed the Pixel 6a don’t have fantastic battery life too so i don’t think it’s due to my phone being refurbished.Phone is very fast, good display. While only 60hz it’s very nice and a high quality screen. Most apps load in less than two seconds. Haven’t played any games yet but suspect those would perform well too. I have found the in screen fingerprint reader to work very well. Not sure why others have an issue with it being flakey.I’d consider my iPhone 9/10. I’d give the Pixel 6a 8/10. That’s very good, considering the iPhone 14 is a lot more expensive. The Pixel is a great phone value. Flagship features for an affordable price. If you want a great phone that is not going to cost a lot, the Pixel is a great choice.

  7. pancakes21

    Best phone I ever ownedEverything on this phone works beautifully. The camera is superb. Camera app opens and focuses instantly and always takes really good quality photos in any lighting. You won’t miss good photos because the camera is very fast.Everything on the phone opens up quickly and it fits nicely in my hand. Battery life is also very good once I disabled the screen knock / tilt-to-wake features (which basically keep the screen / accelerometer sensors running at all times). Also I strongly recommend turning off the adaptive battery setting because it is very glitchy. Half the time it doesn’t charge the phone at all and I start my day with an empty battery. Just turn that off in the settings and then the phone will charge just fine.

  8. The Real Russ

    Heavy, clunky hand computer.This thing is way too heavy. And it’s not even the biggest pixel. Surely that’s due to the big battery – which has both an upside and a downside. Of course the upside is that this phone does get great battery life. But it’s just too impractical to carry around this heavyweight thing in my hand or in my pocket. It will fall out of your hands multiple times so make sure you have a great grippy case otherwise your pixel 6a WILL break.Also the fingerprint reader is slow and very problematic. I stopped using it because it just simply didn’t work any faster than putting in a code or pattern. Not only that but it flashes a bright light at your face in the middle of the night. Very annoying.I’ve also been having several little issues with apps malfuntioning. The software is difficult to understand coming from Samsung even though they both use Android, I can’t figure out simple things like how to close out open apps.Photos are good. That’s a plus. The renewed condition was excellent as far as wear and battery.I know this is a «budget» phone but it’s also a flagship, and for the price, you can pay $50-80 more and get a renewed Samsung S22 which is a higher quality phone, with comparable camera and lighter weight, though less battery life.

  9. Josh

    Pixel 6aApart from afew almost invisible scratches on the back of the phone the device is super new looking. I love it

  10. bruce leary

    I had a 16 GB phone before this…There is a world of difference between the cheap 16 GB Samsung phone that I had and the Pixel 6a. This phone is clear and works in areas I could get no reception. The camera takes detailed photos in any conditions. I can use apps without running out of storage, And the internet is fast. It has a learning curve I’m still learning. There are some features I actually preferred on the Samsung. But overall, this is a first-tier phone that works for both my outdoors lifestyle and when I’m at home relaxing.

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