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Google Pixel 7a – Teléfono celular Android desbloqueado – Smartphone con lente gran angular y batería de 24 horas – 128 GB –

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Conoce Pixel 7a, diseñado por Google. Está alimentado por el chip Google Tensor G2, por lo que es súper rápido y seguro, y está diseñado para una protección adicional en línea con VPN de Google One. [1,11] La cámara Pixel toma fotos y videos increíbles, e incluso te ayuda a dar vida a imágenes antiguas con sus características avanzadas. Y la batería dura todo el día. [2] Todo por menos de lo que piensas.

Más información del producto

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7a Sea

Introducing Pixel 7a.

Google Tensor G2 – along with 8 GB of RAM – makes it fast and efficient, with improved audio calls and great battery life. Its features are rated highest in security.[1] And the Pixel Camera takes amazing photos and videos. All for less than you think.

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Which Pixel is right for you?

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7

Pixel 7

Pixel 7 Pro

Pixel 7 Pro


6.1″ FHD+[14] – up to 90Hz[15]


6.3″ FHD+[14] – up to 90Hz[15]


6.7″ QHD+ LTPO[14] – up to 120Hz[15]


64 MP wide – 13 MP ultrawide[16] -13 MP front camera


50 MP wide – 12 MP ultrawide[16] – 10.8 MP front camera


48 MP telephoto – 50 MP wide – 12 MP ultrawide[16] – 10.8 MP front camera

Camera features

Super Res Zoom[15] up to 8x – Real Tone

Camera features

Super Res Zoom[15] up to 8x – Real Tone

Camera features

Macro Focus – Super Res Zoom[15] up to 30x – Real Tone

Battery and charging

24-hour battery[18] – Wireless charging[19]

24-hour battery[18] – Wireless charging[19]

24-hour battery[18] – Wireless charging[19]


Google Tensor G2 processor


Google Tensor G2 processor


Google Tensor G2 processor


Información importante

Diagonal visible en pantalla

7″ / 16 cm

Additional information

Dimensiones del producto

6 x 2,8 x 0,4 pulgadas


Carbón vegetal, Mar, Nieve




Pixel 7a, Pixel 7a + Tarjeta de Regalo Amazon de $50


1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)



País de origen



a la tienda de Google

Comentarios (10)

  1. Boltingslash

    A worth upgrade to my Google pixel 4a (No 5G variant)This has to be my worthwhile upgrade in a while from my google pixel 4A to the 7A!Face ID: What I like about this phone that I didn’t have with my Google pixel 4A was the face ID which I was able to unlock my phone when I don’t need fingerprint scanner to unlock it.Fingerprint ID: The fingerprint scanner can be meh at sometimes, for better accuracy of the scan of the fingerprint is to do it two times with the same finger.Performance: Moving to the Google pixel 7A I noticed my performance compared to the Google pixel 4A that my games were faster compared to the 4A.Transferring: I didn’t have a problem with transferring my things as I only needed a USB type-c cable to the both ends of my two phones.Afterthought, this phone is great for an upgrade. If you’re new to the pixel market of phones, this will have to be worthwhile, upgrade or buy! As I’m enjoying using this phone, you might like it or not. But with the extended warranty a prefer you get it from the Google store. :)————Pro:- A face ID scanner but inferior to the previous models.- Screen little bigger than my Google pixel 4A (no 5g variant)- a little improvements of the camera but not much then my previous Google pixel phone.- the performance is improved a little compared to my previous phone listed in the title.Cons:- The fingerprint scanner, isn’t an improvement but it still works. You have to like do the fingerprint on the same hand a couple of times. Two better accurate the finger. I still prefer it to be to the back of the phone.- I tried the wireless charging with both of my wireless chargers from my Samsung wireless charger and a other charger and charges very slow, but I didn’t test it on a type c version of the wireless charger I’ll let somebody else be a tester of that. 😉

  2. Debbie Reid

    Great phone. Beware if you’re with Straight TalkI’ve only had this phone a few days. it was easy to transfer all files from my old phone. So far I really like the phone. It takes nice pictures and seems a lot faster and smoother than my old phone.When I tried to activate the phone I was told by Straight Talk the eSim wouldn’t work so I ordered a new sim card from Straight Talk. A few days later after receiving the new sim card I was now told that this phone was not compatible with their network and I would have to buy a compatible phone. I did some research and found that others who had bought the Pixel 7 and 7 pro had issues with Straight Talk as well. Some found work arounds and said that these phones will in fact work with Straight Talk. However,I’ve had customer service issues with Straight Talk before and just decided I wasn’t going to spend time arguing with multiple customer service reps any longer. I downloaded the Visible app and changed my service to them with no issues using the eSim. They are on the same Verizon network and the plan I got was cheaper. So far everything is working fine and I am happy.

  3. JMLobert

    Nice phone, but inferior to prior models in many waysI was really looking forward to using this phone. It’s new, it’s shiny, it’s fast, I liked the new features for the cameras (long exposure for effect), the night sight is improved and quite impressive, but that’s where it ends. Here are the problems that I found:* The battery doesn’t charge well. If I plug my Pixel 4a into a high current charger, I can recharge it from 20 to 100% in half an hour. The Pixel 7a charges up about 20% in the same time. In fairness, the battery drains much slower, but that charging behavior is disturbing. This was plugged in, I don’t even want to see wireless charging, which is reported to be even worse.* The fingerprint recognition truly sucks compared to my Pixel 4a. It worked for a couple days, then simply stopped recognizing either one of two fingerprints. I also really dislike that it is in the front. They had the most brilliant implementation on the back, I don’t understand why they gave that up.* The face recognition really sucks in low light, it is MUCH inferior to the Pixel 4, which could unlock in complete darkness, because of its IR sensor. The 7a doesn’t have that. I ended up having to unlock with PIN the entire evening last night, because neither biometric solution worked.* I truly dislike the size and weight. Unfortunately, phones seem to be getting bigger with every iteration. The 7a is half an inch longer than my 4a, wider and a tad thicker, and almost 2 ounces heavier. I have fairly large hands, I don’t know how people with small hands handle these monsters.* I was surprised that a phone that is 3 generations newer isn’t all that much faster. I was expecting a screamer with the Tensor 2 processor, but my 4a can hold up just fine with that. Perhaps this is where we are at a plateau of performance, where more is not really needed. I don’t do heavy photo editing, I have my computer for that, not quite sure what people need more processing power for. Despite the 90 Hz screen refresh, scrolling doesn’t feel much faster.All in all, this was a very disappointing «upgrade». I returned the phone and will continue using my Pixel 4a until they come out with something that has working biometrics at a small size.

  4. DrHTPC

    Great mid-range phone!I have made it a habit to purchase every other Pixel «A» series phones, and each and every time I get great quality. Most people do not need a flagship phone, and this is one of the best phones out there. $499 + and Amazon gift card for $50? I’m there! Fast, very easy to set up from my old Pixel phone. From beginning to end, and installing a new E-Sim from Mint Mobile took about 90 minutes. Most of that time, I was reading a book. The process set my phone up exactly as my old phone was set up. All of the icons exactly where they were, the wallpaper exactly the same, settings the same. Bigger camera sensor and Google’s famous computational photography means unparalleled photos. I only have two complaints about this phone: like all other phones, they are abandoning the earphone plug. Sad. If you’re looking for great audio quality, Bluetooth isn’t there yet. The second thing that I will miss is the fingerprint reader on the back. That was incredibly convenient. But now at least there is face unlock, and so far it seems to be working great! Not to mention it is stock Android – something that you don’t get anywhere else! No unnecessary BS from a phone manufacturer like Samsung. Do not hesitate to purchase this phone- it is fantastic!

  5. ken

    Best Android phone on the marketI bought this for my spouse. She is more comfortable with this size phone than the larger models. The display, the camera, the audio are all good! At first she did not like the finger print reader, and then I told her to wipe her finger on her nose, coating it with facial oils – and then use the finger print reader. She laughed but says it fixed all her problems with the finger print reader, which now works for her everytime. 😎 Honestly, there is no better phone I could have bought her!

  6. Smithy

    So good!The worst thing about this phone is all my other tech now seems so slow! Super impressed with this phone. Battery life is impressive 9hrs of use and still on 60%

  7. Adam J

    Not a finished product.EDIT: (2 to 3 stars) Perhaps these new phones take some time to dial themselves in. I’m seeing some improvements with the ‘Mobile Network’ battery usage.These are my issues with the phone. It also has plenty of benefits and nice features.- Massive* battery drain. *Obviously, this is relative to average use. I don’t play games or watch videos regularly on my phone. 50% battery at the end of the day is my baseline.- Somewhat Buggy User Interface- Annoying preferences that are mandatory and cannot change (Google has been gradually designing phones that give users less and less options)Disappointed. Debating returning and going back to one of the Samsung Galaxy series.

  8. Keegan

    Good CameraI’ve always wanted a Pixel and I finally got one. So happy with this phone!

  9. Alberto Leon

    It’s actually Pretty GoodIt’s actually pretty good. It’s firm and heave but in a good way. Feel thin and it’s fast. But best of all, they finally fixed the selfie camera from the Pixel 7. The cameras look sharp and clean.

  10. Denis

    Annoying interface changesJust when you get used to navigation on your previous device that change everything so they can feel special and you can feel enraged. Im pretty sure I have 80 apps open right now with no way I know of to close them. Also the swipe keyboard seems worse.

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