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HEANTLE – Cerradura inteligente para puerta de entrada sin llave, cerradura de puerta de huellas dactilares con palanca,

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cerradura de puerta

Smart Lock

Cerraduras de puerta de entrada sin llave

Cerradura de puerta de entrada sin llave

Cerradura de puerta de huellas dactilares

Smart Door Lock

Cerraduras de puerta con teclados

Cerradura inteligente con control de voz

Puedes controlar por voz tu puerta con Alexa. Solo tienes que añadir una puerta de enlace Wi-Fi HEANTLE (se vende por separado) para bloquear/desbloquear y monitorear de forma remota

Compartir Acceso Temporal

HEANTLE Smart Lock te permite otorgar acceso a invitados de Airbnb, paseadores de perros o personas de servicio a través de un código o un Ekey para fechas u horas específicas.

Sin agujeros adicionales y fácil de instalar

Reemplaza el bloqueo de cerrojo existente por ti mismo en 20 minutos, no requiere habilidades, sin cableado duro.

La cerradura de manija de puerta HEANTLE es compatible con puertas de madera estándar de Estados Unidos.

Cerraduras de puerta

Cerraduras inteligentes para puerta delantera

cerradura de puerta de dormitorio

Protección para todo tipo de clima

Con una clasificación IP63 resistente a la intemperie, Smart Lock está listo para proteger hogares en cualquier lugar. Es capaz de soportar temperaturas que van desde -22.0 °F/-22 °F a 158.0 °F/158 °F y lluvia.

Tipo C para energía de respaldo

Alimentado por cuatro pilas AA con hasta más de 6 meses de duración de la batería mediante el uso regular. Notificación de batería baja a través de Nextlock. Utiliza un banco de energía para activar tu Smart Lock incluso cuando las baterías se agoten.

Aplicación para Smartphone

Dentro del rango Bluetooth, simplemente abre la aplicación del teléfono inteligente y toca la pantalla para desbloquear.

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plateado, ‎Negro

Características especiales

‎Desbloqueo de llave, Desbloqueo de huellas dactilares, Desbloqueo de código de acceso, Desbloqueo del llavero IC, Desbloqueo de aplicaciones

Tipo de cierre

‎Panel, Biométrico




‎Manija de puerta negra

Número de piezas


Tipo de acabado


Componentes incluidos

‎User Manual, Mounting Plate, Exterior Assembly, Latch, Interior Lock

Tipo de controlador

‎Amazon Alexa



Peso del artículo

‎3,53 Libras

Método de control

‎App, Voz, Tocar



Dimensiones del producto

‎2,83 x 1,18 x 5,86 pulgadas




‎Office, House, Airbnb, Home, Hotel

¿Se incluyen las baterías?


¿Se necesitan baterías?


Descripción de garantía

‎2 Year Quality Warranty




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Comentarios (10)

  1. G. M.

    ‘m really happy with the HEANTLE Smart LockI’ve been using the HEANTLE Smart Lock for about a month now, and I’m really impressed with it. It’s a great way to add a layer of security to my home without sacrificing convenience.I like that the lock has a variety of ways to unlock it. I can use my fingerprint, a code, or a physical key. This is great for me, because I can use whatever method is most convenient at the time.The lock is also very easy to install. The instructions were clear and easy to follow, and I had it installed in less than an hour.Overall, I’m really happy with the HEANTLE Smart Lock. It’s a great way to add a layer of security to my home without sacrificing convenience.Here are some of the pros and cons of the HEANTLE Smart Lock:Pros:Easy to installVariety of unlocking methodsSecureConvenientAffordableCons:The fingerprint sensor can be slow sometimesThe lock can be a bit noisy when locking and unlockingOverall, the HEANTLE Smart Lock is a great option for anyone who wants to add a layer of security to their home without sacrificing convenience. It is easy to install, has a variety of unlocking methods, and is affordable.

  2. Denise M.

    I’m buying 5 more of these!I’ve had this for about a month now. It’s for an apartment that we are the landlords for (living above). Our renter moved out and our daughter was moving in for the summer. I had a couple months free so I put it on AirBnB.This was the perfect solution for that. I could put a time based code in for the guest – and THEY provided their own PIN number. It was off the charts simplest process to install and simpler to instigate. I did not buy the gateway as I am on premise. If you plan to be away and need to update codes, the gateway would be needed. But I am super happy with this. And planning to buy one for each of the apartments. NO MORE making keys. badaboom. Technology that works FOR you.

  3. gary k.

    The secret to entering passcodes correctly.The look and feel of the lock are top notch, even better than I had hoped for. My only issue with the physical part of the lock is the battery cover. It’s plastic with a plastic V-shaped latch that makes it the cheapest looking part of the lock. The one advantage of that design is that no tools are needed to change the batteries. But since the batteries are said to last a year, I don’t think that’s as important as the flimsy plastic latch. Better to use a screw or two to secure the cover plate.Installation instructions were good, and it was in place and secure in about 15 minutes.Using the app to set up passcodes, I hit a snag when I tried to add codes. There are a couple of screens that could use some tweaking. After selecting, ‘add passcodes’ the next screen has only one button, which reads ‘generate code’.After selecting that, the next screen defaults to a mode where the system creates a 9-digit computer generated code, which is not what I want.It took some experimentation with every selection at the top of the window to find the desired setting. By choosing the ‘custom’ option, fields are added to allow addition of a name and 4-8 digit code. That should be the default setting.After setting up a few passcodes, I went to the lock and tried entering them, but nothing happened. No unlocking. No response of any kind. I called the tech support number and left a voicemail. Within an hour I got an email and a phone call with the solution. After entering a passcode, the # sign must be pressed to initiate unlocking. Because I was used to using a Schlage combo lock, which only accepts 4-digit codes, I was used to having the unlocking activate immediately after putting in the fourth digit. So pressing the # sign is necessary to activate this lock. That should be stated in both the app and the printed installation manual.Now that i know the secret of how to use passcodes, I’m more than pleased with the new lock. It looks good, works well, and with the app, I no lomger have to go out in the cold to add new users and codes.

  4. S. P. Irving

    Game changer!We ordered this lock after returning another brand that was code only. I talked my husband into getting this one with the print reader against his will. 😉 He. loves. it!He said it was easier to install than the first one and was easy to program. We had it up and running in no time. We’ve had it for about a month or two now and have no issues. Our cars are keyless entry so it has been a pain to have to dig out my keys from the bottom of my purse to get in the house. Not a problem anymore at all. So happy with this purchase!

  5. Alan

    Instructions do not match the device, period.I designed and built my 4,000 square foot house and installed 2 other brand keypad entry lock systems. I can read and follow instructions; however, the images in the brochure and those relating to handle positioning on the video on the scan code provided did not match the actual lock set I received. Only by trial and error did I manage to figure out the way in which the inner handle could be properly positioned. Perhaps the piece was updated since the brochure was printed, this would be understandable. But I went to the web site to watch as a piece was assembled that did not match the piece that I had. No excuse if the part was updated without updating the web tutorial. I have yet to program codes or other features and I will update if problems are encountered. I purchased based upon the other pretty great reviews and I am hoping my experience is a one off of perhaps a rouge part. Of additional note, the electronic cable between the inner and outer pieces is way too long and I suspect it will wear over time so I will always keep one of the keys hidden in my car. I would suggest anyone purchasing this to do the same. Having a hard key option is appreciated.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Problems with lock but EXCELLENT customer serviceWe purchased this lock for our business. We have never been able to get it to work properly. Installation seemed easy and programming was a breeze. BUT.. the lock stays on constantly so we have to disengage with every entry. We go in and out this door constantly. We also discovered that if you push the door handle up, the lock disengages, does not register that it opened on the app thus rendering the lock useless. Worst part is that the technical support is in China. I called the number provided, received one call back late in the evening after I was already home for the day and have been trying to trouble shoot via text or email as they will not call me back due to time difference between the US and China. I send a question, they respond back within a day or two, I try their “fix”… it doesn’t work… I message back… wait a day or two for a response……UGH!!!! This could have been resolved with a phone call!!!! I will be returning the lock. I am amending this review so that I can share my experience with the costumer service for this item. They have been absolutely wonderful!!!! We were unable to troubleshoot the problems, unfortunately, but they have gone way above and beyond to try and help us. They have assisted me with returning the item directly to them so that they can analyze the device to find the problem. So disappointed that the lock did not work, but I am incredibly impressed with the company and their commitment to customer satisfaction!!! I have no doubt that they will get the glitch worked out so future purchasers will not experience the same problems. Hats off to these folks!!!!!

  7. Gloria S.

    It took a while to get used toAt first, my family was not happy about the lock because it was always giving an «operation failed» message. Then they found that they need to follow their codes with a number sign. This works well. I like that I have so many options to unlock and lock my door. When it is raining, I use the app on my phone to unlock it from the driveway. The Passage mode feature is great! I can set it to be unlocked for a period of time and then it locks automatically after that set time.

  8. Stephen L.

    Well made and easy to install. single FOB works great for two units.With two Kaba locks I wasn’t sure what to expect given the price differential but this product looks to be sturdy and has held up well so far in a vacation rental. Looks great and the FOBs are so easy to use we decided to let guest just use the keypad the first time then the FOB thereafter. Phone app is intuitive and easy to manage locks using the WIFI interface.

  9. review4u

    No instructions, must watch videoThe instructions weren’t clear in the box. You really do need to watch the video from the QR code. The first one we received had a broken piece but they replaced it overnight and it worked fine. The lock is a little sensitive, our fingers have to be just right on the handle but I’d rather it be too sensitive than just let anyone in!

  10. Terrilyn Briscoe

    Smart Lock ReviewEasy to install. I like the fact that you have different options to unlock the door without using the key. I use the thumb print the most. I would definitely recommend this product.

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