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Instant Pot Duo Plus 6 Qt 9 in 1 Olla de presión multiuso programable, olla de cocción lenta, arrocera, yogurtera,

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Instant Pot Duo Plus is the next evolution in the Duo Series, the No.1 best-selling cooker in the Instant Pot family. The Duo Plus 9-in-1 Programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology incorporates all of the great features that made the Duo the No.1 best-seller. It has new and improved programs and features to continually support one’s fast-paced, health-conscious and lifestyle. The Duo Plus includes 3 new programs, cake, egg, and sterilize. The cake program has been designed to pressure cook soft and moist cakes; Whereas, the egg program has been created to prepare perfect eggs in just a few minutes. With the Sterilize program one can pasteurize milk, and sterilize baby bottles, jars, and utensils; as well as, perform certain types of canning much more conveniently than ever before The Duo Plus is designed with a large blue LCD display with a new user interface to adjust the cooking settings, pressure levels, keep-warm on/off at any time during the cooking process. There are 4 new icons to easily view the status of the cooker, heat, pressure cook, keep warm and sound. The ‘Heat’ indicates heating or cooking in progress, ‘Pressure cook’ indicates the pressure cook program is selected, ‘Keep warm’ indicates if it is on/off, and ‘Sound’ indicates if the sound is on/off when cooking starts or is completed. Note: This product is 110v and for use in North America, if you live in Europe or other 220-240v territories this product will not operate.

Troubleshoot: (1) Difficulty with closing the lid – * Sealing ring not installed properly * Float valve in the popped-up position (2) Difficulty with opening the lid – * Pressure exists inside the cooker * Float valve stuck at the popped-up position (3) Rice is half cooked or too hard – * Too little water * Lid opened too early. Other troubleshoot solutions are available on the user manual Pg – 24-26. What’s in the box: 1. Condensation collector(in place on back of cooker) 2. Steam rack 3. Stainless steel inner pot 4. Sealing ring( already in position lid) 5. Additional sealing ring.

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Instant Pot Duo Plus Multi Cooker

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Duo Plus

Instant Pot Recipe App

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs

Instant Pot


1 Cuarto de galón, 6.5QT, 6QT, 8QT


6 Cuartos


Duo Plus, Lo último, Pro, Pro Plus


Acero 18-8

Tipo de cierre

Outer Lid, Inner Lid


Stainless Steel/Black

Tipo de acabado

Chrome, Matte

Dimensiones del producto

12,2"D x 13,4"W x 12,5"H pulgadas

Características especiales

Programable, Dishwasher Safe


1000 vatios


110 Voltios

Peso del artículo

12,35 Libras

Método de control


Tipo de controlador


Modo de operación



Instant Pot



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a la tienda de Instant Pot

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  1. SuzanKen

    Why I bought the Instant Pot IP-DUO Plus60 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6 QtInstant Pot IP-DUO Plus60 9-in-1 Multi-Functional Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt – I’ve wanted a PC for a long time and have done a lot of research. I was originally leaning towards the PPCXL because that’s what my cousin has, but I did some more research and ended with this one, waiting until the Duo Plus came out. So, since I’m the 4th reviewer, here’s some of the thought process I went through in deciding to get the DUO Plus and also some thoughts on the IP vs the PPCXL and also other considerations on accessories, size, etc. So far, I’ve only had it a few days, but overall satisfied and plenty of online support for recipes and helping you decide the post PC for your needs.**Why I went with the Instant Pot (IP) duo60 Plus -Three new preset buttons – cake, egg, sterilize. It also had the yogurt function which other IP do, but not some of the other makes.Large LCD Screen with Digital DisplayMute button for those beeps in the night when cooking yogurt etc.Plus / Minus button for both time and pressureKeep Warm Selector can be selected to on or off at anytime.Delay start of 24 hours and keep warm for 10 hours.Lid rest (right or left side)**Why I went with IP vs PPCXL -Food Grade 304 (15/8) stainless steel pot vs stainless steel with teflon coating. I felt I could scrub and treat the pot however I wanted and not worry about scratching and what utensils to not use. Yes, you can buy a replacement inner pot for a Teflon pot, but after I spend $100+ I really don’t think I should have to buy a replacement inner pot. Some of the FB group users are fine with the Teflon pot, but there are also a lot of complaints, so it might be in the handling, but every Teflon pan I ever had eventually got tossed out because of the coating coming off.IP came with some of the accessories you pay for on the PPCXL. It had the trivet with handles, condensation collector, Rice Paddle & spoon and a couple intro guides/cookbooks.Free shipping for IP. PPCXL site wanted $29.99Buttons weren’t quite clear on PPCXL site so it made me think they were hiding lack of selection on preset buttons. Also, confusing on what you were buying – regular PPC or PPCXL. A lot of their verbiage refers to PPCXL, but not necessarily when you go select your items for your shopping cart.Yogurt Button – The IP has this and the PPCXL doesn’t. The IP allows you to bring the milk to 185 in the IP, cool to 120 (I will be using the quick cool method in the sink) and then put in yogurt mode for incubation (8-12 hours). The PPCXL doesn’t have this and you wrap it and put it in the oven.Warranty on IP is 1 year and I went with the Square Trade Warranty for 4 years for an additional $14.37. No deductible, no hidden fees, no shipping, transferable. PPC has 60 day money back/replacement. After that up to one year you have to pay $24.99 for shipping. Their extended warranty if $15 for 3 years.Slow Cooker Mode had a low, medium and high heat button.IP has a + and – sign to increase or decrease the time. Others you have to select a preset and keep pressing to increase, you can’t decrease time.Overall ratings – IP 4.7 and PPCXL 4.1. I read through a lot of comments by verified buyers and the PPC owners seemed a lot more upset with customer service. I looked through a lot of Reviewers who do this for a living or at least blog and they leaned towards the IP.I messaged with the PPCXL people online and you can tell they’ve been coached for answers knowing what their down faults are and not really answering the question or referencing what you know is a negative.There are more IPs on the market and most recipes are geared towards it from a «preset button» perspective.IP has a left and right handle that will hold your lid tilted.I belong to a Pressure Cooker group – there are a lot of complaints about other manufacturer’s instructions, quick start guide, etc. Lots of issues with lids locking, not pressurizing etc and I really don’t see this for the Instant Pot family of PCs.**Sizing -I measured my crock pot which was 6 quart, so that’s what I ordered. It’s an OK size for 2 people, but since you can only fill it 2/3 full when cooking under pressure you should take that into consideration. I figure on a roast, I will do the meat first, then veggies. The 6 quart will hold four pint canning jars for sterilization.**Accessories -What else to buy? I got the OXO Good Grips steamer with extendable handle and a pack of 3-IP Rings color coded (dark for savory meats, orange for desserts and I will use the clear for yogurt). I had read they were dishwasher safe, but not 100% as they might keep flavors.On my next order I’m looking at 2 cookbooks (IP Electric Pressure Cooker Cookbook for $9 and IP Obsession for $12). There are plenty of Facebook Group pages you can join for recipes too and online reviewers. Just type in what you are making followed by «in a pressure cooker» or «in an IP». I’m also buying IP Silicone Mitts for easy removal of a hot pot since I will be making yogurt ($10).The only negative of the Instant Pot is you can’t get a 10 quart and if I had a REALLY big family that would be the only reason, but basedon the above, I would probably just buy a 2nd Instant Pot.I hope this is helpful. I did a lot of research and felt the need to share it. I will update this as I use it and get additional questions.8/9/2017 update – I’ve been using my IP for a few months now. I use my steamer basket and trivet a lot. I make a «bowl» out of heavy duty foil and put on the trivet when making a whole chicken and it makes trivet clean-up easier. I bought an IP plain glass lid for slow cooker & yogurt mode. I don’t use my extra rings cause I use my plain lid for yogurt, so no use to swap rings. I didn’t get the silicone mitts. I realized I didn’t need them. My inner pot doesn’t get that hot on yogurt mode. I like the 2 cookbooks. I use Bar Keeper Friend to clean the pot. Still really happy with my IP-DUO Plus 60. I’m part of a FB PC group and I don’t see complaints on the IP. Very happy with my purchase.12/29/2017 update – So on Black Friday I bought the 3 qt Instant Pot because I felt like I need to have twins. It’s a great size and great forsides and especially my 2 quart of yogurt I make at least weekly, so it doesn’t tie up my 6 qt IP. We winter in FL and I was able to «sneak» the6 qt into the truck and now I have the 3 qt here too. I made an entire Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas (Irma got in our way last month repairing) in the 2 pots. In future years, I’ll prob just bring the 3 qt cause it fits better in my cabinets in the mobile home.

  2. Inky

    The flaw: That condensation cup…I’m always amazed that some of the most useful, well-designed products have some basic part that’s poorly designed & tends to ruin everything.In the case of this device, it’s that little plastic cup that’s supposed to catch drips & condensate from around the rim.Amazingly, they went to all the trouble of cutting an injection-molding die for this part, & utterly failed to make it stay on. The thing always falls off, whatever moisture it collects inevitable spills all over the counter.Seriously. Can’t these skilled designers have done better here? The geometry of the way it’s supposed to engage is utterly misconceived. There’s no way this would ever work. Yet they’ve gone ahead & manufactured jillions of these things, complete with the awesome deep-drawn stainless inner pot & all the electronics, and yet… they seem to have intentionally designed this one little weak link to fail.What surprises me is that thy KNOW it’s a weak link, they know it will be annoying & dysfunctional, & yet they seem to not want to invest just a wee bit of new tooling into making a part that works.I’m literally about to cut a piece of Velcro to hold this silly plastic nonsense in place.Come on people! Just look at it, right out of the box, each & every condensation cup is literally designed to not stay put, & whatever short life the tiny amount of locking engagement provided, will wear out.How about this: Fix this part. Give it a metal rim, or better yet stamp it out of stainless, & make a real spring-loaded catch, or better yet a latch, to hold this silly thing on!Hey, you could just use a magnet, or even a snap. Anything would be better than this!Honestly, that little plastic cup is the ruination of this entire experience. It makes one dread using the Instant Pot, or going anywhere near that cup, for if it manages to stay on for an entire cooking cycle, & fills with water, just looking at it sideways will cause it to fall off & spill stinky water all over the place.5 stars for the Instant Pot, negative 10 stars for that silly condensation cup!

  3. A. Goldberg

    It’s true. It makes a lot of things quick and easy. And a lot of foods quickly and easily.Update 3.5 years in: still love it, use it all the time, no problems.For a long time, I wasn’t a believer. I mean, I’m all for electronic gadgets in the kitchen. If I want to cook something for hours until its delicious and tender, I’ve got a traditional slow cooker. If I want to feel fancy when I’m preparing perfectly-cooked meats, I’ve got my Anova sous vide, and a wireless meat thermometer for the grill. But friends and family were always like, «Oh but you gotta get an Instant Pot!» But no, I didn’t _have_ to get an Instant Pot.Eventually, though, there was a sale, and I bought one. Now, I didn’t really have any meaningful concept of the differences between the sizes and models. This 8 quart Duo Plus came up as a daily deal thing, and I bought it. It was a good price. And you know, it can make like 2 gallons of yogurt or porridge or something, so…great…whatever.I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t count on the sheer size of the thing. At the time, it was just my wife and I and our two-year-old daughter. When I unboxed this 8-quart monstrosity, I experienced a moment of trepidation, a fear of ridicule from my wife, who would point out that we don’t need a really really ridiculously huge pressure cooker for just us. But I moved on from that anxiety, and I set about putting this thing to work.The first time each of us used it, we felt what I’m sure every other pressure cooker rookie feels at first—the crippling fear that you’re about to die in a horrific high-pressure home explosion, and that your family will always be embarrassed to explain that they were related to one of _those_ statistics. But, as I’m sure most pressure cooker owners do, we survived.And it didn’t take long before we realized (my wife especially, since she does a lot of the cooking) how fantastic this giant culinary autoclave really is. Cook an entire dinner of roast chicken with red beans & rice in one go? Done. Steam a whole mess ‘o veggies when some friends show up with their gaggle of kids for dinner? Easy. Meatballs. Tamales. Artichokes. Corn on the cob. All quickly and (perhaps most significantly) very simple. And there’s just a single pot to scrub at the end! Then just throw it back in the pantry until next time.Last night I think I reached my true peak of giant Instant Pot appreciation. I cooked two racks of BBQ pork back ribs. I thought about just taking the meat to my dad’s house and letting him do them in the smoker. But that would have taken like 10 hours! I could have tried the sous vide, but that would required me to cut up the ribs into ziploc-sized portions, to come up with a way to cook that much meat together in a bigger cooler than I usually use, and to then clean up the mess and cook for at least a few hours to get a good texture. And who has that kind of time when there’s football to be watched and naps to be taken? Want to know how long I spent preparing this meal in the Instant Pot? We wanted to eat at 6pm. I boldly began my process at 5:00.- Five minutes unwrapping and rubbing the meat and stuffing it all into my countertop sauna. I’ll leave the visualization to you.- Twenty minutes as the Instant Pot got up to cooking pressure.- 25 minutes cooking + 2 minutes decompressing (and filling the house with delicious porky aroma)- Five minutes painting on some sauce and letting everything sizzle on the grill.Seriously. Delicious, perfectly cooked barbecue ribs—enough to feed at least eight people—ready in about an hour.So yeah. I’m a fan. And even though it’s comically large when we’re just cooking for ourselves, I’m glad I got the 8 qt monster after all. I haven’t even explored all of the fancy other options and space-age things it can do. But I will. If only because I can. Thanks, Instant Pot!

  4. Mother_of_Dag

    I loved it until this happenedI had cooked in this once before and it was a great experience.However… my second time cooking in it wasn’t such a great experience. I was cooking a simple chicken and potatoes recipe, closed the lid and started pressure cooking.All seemed well at first, until I noticed that the Preheat was going on for a lot longer than usual… I gave it some more time and eventually it kicked over to cooking mode. (meaning this thing is fully pressurized and cooking my chicken and potatoes with pressure!)As it was in cook mode I decided to take my dog out for a quick bathroom break. I came back to hear my Instapot Duo Ultimate Lid chiming like mad. I walk over and see that during the pressure cooking process it had hit a C7 error.Queue the panic.To me this seems like a time bomb in my kitchen. Thankfully I had managed to get the pot to stop cooking, but that left major ??? about the pressure inside. One cannot simply open the pot, so what about the food? There is no MANUAL release button in situations like these. Suddenly I realized this pot wasn’t everything that it was cracked up to be. Really needs a manual release button.I panicked… and spent a whole hour waiting in queue to chat with a representative over the weekend because their call center I guess is closed on the weekends. It took 40 minutes going back and forth with this guy to settle my concerns about the pot.In the end, the answer for these situations (which you cannot find in any manual anywhere) is to let your Instapot Duo Crisp Ultimate Lid to just cool completely because this dissipates the pressure and makes it safe to open the pot.The major downside of all of this. My food had all gone bad in the process.I’m still willing to give this another shot, C7 after all means that it ran out of liquid to pressurize… but what I dont understand is why it had released so much steam during the preheat process. Perhaps I got a faulty model, who knows… I hope they can fix this problem for me.

  5. [name not found]

    Versatile unit has pros and cons but greatAs other reviews have mentioned, its large. But don’t let that get in the way of its functionality. For the price it delivers a lot of different options. It does take up some space, but if you have the counter it can replace a number of different appliances.So far I have mostly used the air fryer and the dehydrator options. It only comes with a single tray so I had to purchase an additional multi-tray option for efficiency. Using the standard single tray to dehydrate takes forever (3 to 4 hours) for such a small yield of jerky or fruit. But the results were fantastic. The air fryer is excellent too. It can quickly crisp about anything. It simplifies the need for an oven broiler or toaster oven and is quicker too. I expect it will replace my oven and mini oven for most dishes. I have baked a steak and while it wont replace a grill, it was delicious.Pros: Lots of options, replaces a lot of single appliances, cooking versatility, cost efficient, perfect for side dishes and whole meals, easy to clean,Cons: Large unit, Noisy fan, single tray provided but doesn’t come with any additional accessories, a multipurpose tray needs to be standard.Overall I got the unit because I don’t have much kitchen space so I needed something I could use for almost everything. So if you are looking for an appliance that can free up your counters, this is it. I just put it in a cupboard when I am done.

  6. Dave

    Great multi-cooker; no spin, fast pre-heat, and plenty of room in the 8qt version!This thing is awesome. The flat bottom design is great, and my favorite feature is that it actually locks the pot in place so it doesn’t spin around when you stir things. Unbelievable that that isn’t standard multi-cooker design. It has a plethora of great cooking features and it heats and cooks quickly, especially for its size. Most importantly, it actually is big enough to make a meal for a family of 4-6 or to meal prep. Our old 6 qt pressure cooker was always running out of room and we could never make as much food at one time as we wanted. That said, it is BIG. so make sure you have space for it. We just cleared off the space on top our fridge and it lives there now. There is NO bluetooth or wifi functionality in the 8 qt version – in typical Amazon fashion the descriptions are somewhat confusing and the different models of products are thrown together and treated as one thing. While it would be nice to monitor a slow cook from your phone or adjust the temperature on a pressure cook remotely, it’s by no means a deal breaker. The times when you’d actually want to do that (for us anyway) are very rare; most of the time we use this we’re actively doing other things in the kitchen to get our meal ready. The only thing I was a bit disappointed in is the steam rack; all it does is elevate your food like a half inch above the bottom of the pan. Pretty lackluster. If you’re going to be doing a lot of steaming I’d recommend a third party rack or basket. Overall though we love it!

  7. James M.

    Amazingly simple! Simply Amazing!Bought my Instant Pot Duo Crisp Ultimate here in «Used – Good Condition» fulfilled by Amazon.The thing arrived in perfect shape with all original literature. After doing a quick pressure test with 2 cups of water (just to make sure it seals), I was ready for my first cook. I had to go for the picture on the box: A whole chicken with veggies!I’ve never used a pressure cooker in my life and it was SO EASY. Seasoned the chicken, tossed in the veggies and 2 cups of water. Pressure cooked for 20 minutes. Then air fried for 20 more minutes to get the skin nice and crisp. The attached picture speaks for itself. Plus – tasty chicken broth as a wonderful by-product for another recipe in the future!Second dish I cooked was much simpler: plain jasmine rice. I rinsed the rice then added it to the pot with water at a 1:1 ratio, then set the pressure cooker for 3 minutes with 10 minutes of natural steam release. It came out perfect.The third dish I cooked was homemade split pea soup. Chopped ham steak, sliced sausage, chicken broth (used the stock from the whole chicken I had previously cooked), a slice of bacon, veggies/garlic, and a pound of split peas. My wife was so impressed she is now convinced this this appliance is magic.All of these things were so easy to do with this awesome appliance. Literally the press of a button or two and the turn of a knob to set the time.I am by no means an expert in the kitchen. Fortunately, Instant Pot is such a household name these days that you can find recipes for all sorts of dishes all over the internet, in magazines, and even in books. Cooking a meal has become fast, simple, and delicious around our household! And I feel so proud of the meals I’ve been able to easily make with this thing.I can’t wait to make my own yogurt, homemade jerky, and take a stab at sous vide. I still love our 40 year old Crock-Pot… But I wonder if the slow cooker setting will produce results so good that I end up putting the old hand-me-down in storage! This may legitimately be the ultimate appliance for saving counter space.*Update* I have made my own jerky from round roast using an inexpensive dehydrator rack I found on Amazon. At 140 degrees for 5hrs, it turned out so perfect.I also have made homemade yogurt with it. Some complain that this model does not allow you to bypass the pasteurize cycle of the process, but in my opinion that’s a good thing because it will kill any contamination in the pot before the fermentation begins. Greek yogurt is almost completely fool proof with this thing! We are now saving a TON of money on yogurt in our house and our homemade yogurt tastes much better than the expensive name brand yogurt at the supermarket!Instant Pot… Where have you been all my life?!?

  8. sgopal2

    Better Features than Older Models – But Several Important DifferencesThis is my second instant pot. My IP Ultra model recently died so I had to upgrade. Here are several important differences from previous models:1) The inner pot has two hand holders – this is great because the previous models would swirl around when stirring. This new version prevents that from happening.2) The cord is not removable – not a huge deal, but wondering why they would make this change. The cord is located in the back left corner. So plugging into an outlet on the back right made for a strange bend in the cord. Wondering why they can’t simply place the cord in the back middle. Not a deal breaker for me, but you should be aware of it.3) Steam valve: this works a bit differently than other models. No way to manually vent or release steam. It has to be done through the control panel. It is possible to change the setting mid-stream, but there is a delay of a few seconds once you input on the control panel.4) Older IP accessories may not work – I used to do Pot-in-Pot cooking with a 2 level PIP on top of a trivet. This worked fine in my Instant Pot Ultra. But the first time I tried it in my IP Pro Plus, the pin got stuck, and the lid locked closed. I couldn’t open it because the pin needed room to clear. I managed to figure a way out to open it by turning the pot upside down. But this new IP seems to have a slightly lower clearance. So you’ll have to use a shorter trivet, or a shorter PIP. Otherwise your lid may get stuck in locked mode.The bluetooth/wireless feature seems nice, but I tend to use the pot while I’m at home anyway. So I’m not sure how helpful it will be over time. But you do have the ability to turn on the IP while you’re away from home. It involves downloading an app and connecting your IP to the wifi. The phone app gives notifications when the pre-heating is done, so thats a nice feature.The other main reason I bought this was because of the pressure canning. You can fit up to 4 quart size mason jars to can food. This is really nice. Because of its higher temperature/pressure abilities, this IP can theoretically cook food faster vs older models. I haven’t tried it out yet.They also have a feature called «Nutriboost». This is simply a feature where the IP lets out steam periodically. Food in the inner pot then gets agitated. If this is done periodically throughout, then the food gets stirred. Its good for things like risotto and dhals where you want a smooth consistency. Its a nice feature but the name is a little misleading — nothing about this boosts nutrition. It is simply a fancy way to stir your food while pressure cooking.

  9. Someguy15

    Great pressure cooker. Abysmal slow cooker.I bought this to use as a rice maker and pressure cooker – it’s great for both. Rice comes out better than it did from my last rice maker (recipes say 1:1, I use 10-20% less water). Steam function works well, too. Get the glass lid and silicone basket if you plan on steaming with it.But as a slow cooker, it’s outright terrible. Doesn’t even heat up all the way – just ruins food. Don’t get it if you plan on doing those 8 hour meals and you don’t have space for a crockpot. Would absolutely recommend otherwise and I’m giving it four stars based on what it’s meant to be.

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