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Instant Pot Pro Crisp – Freidora de aire 11 en 1 y olla a presión eléctrica con tapas multicocina que fríen al aire,

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Cocina y crujiente como un profesional con la olla a presión Instant Pot Pro Crisp™ + freidora de aire, la maravilla de una olla que lo hace todo con 2 tapas innovadoras. Sustituye a 11 aparatos de cocina: olla a presión, olla de cocción lenta, vaporera, sartén para saltear, calentador de alimentos, sous vide, freidora de aire, tostador, mini horno, asador y deshidratador. Con mejoras de nivel profesional a la olla interior y las tapas incluyendo protección avanzada contra el calor, disfruta de una cocción rápida y cómoda con solo un interruptor de la tapa. La Instant Pot Pro Crisp ofrece la calidad, comodidad y versatilidad que esperas de Instant – descubre lo increíble. Rango de freír de aire personalizable de 70 grados Fahrenheit (69.8 °F) a 450 grados Fahrenheit (449.6 °F).

Más información del producto

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Tenerlo a tu manera

Opciones de cocción versátiles que te permiten cocinar a presión, freír, deshidratar y más.

Nueva olla interior

La olla interior es compatible con todas las placas de cocina, y es apta para horno hasta 450 °F. Asas de silicona de fácil agarre para agitar, levantar y transportar sin esfuerzo, y una parte inferior plana para incluso abrasar y saltear.

Más sabor, menos grasa

La tecnología EvenCrisp garantiza comidas tiernas y jugosas con un acabado dorado y nítido con un mínimo de aceite necesario.

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freidora de aire

Diseño innovador.

La nueva tapa de cocción a presión ha añadido protección contra el calor, se ajusta automáticamente para sellar para cocinar a presión y tiene una tapa de liberación de vapor que difunde el vapor para suavizar la liberación de presión.

Más de 10 características de seguridad integradas

Características de seguridad probadas como protección contra sobrecalentamiento, bloqueo de tapa de seguridad y botón de liberación rápida proporcionan tranquilidad.

Ahorre tiempo

Se cocina hasta un 70% más rápido que otros estilos de cocción y libera la presión un 50% más rápido con la tecnología QuickCool.

Freidora de aire Instantáneo, olla de cocción lenta, vapor, arroz, sous vide, calentador de alimentos, tostador, engorde

Freidora de aire

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs

Instant Pot


6QT, 8QT


8 Cuartos


Crisp (Stainless Steel), Duo Plus, Fresco


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Tapa exterior


Acero inoxidable

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Dimensiones del producto

12,57"D x 15,35"W x 14,78"H pulgadas

Características especiales



1500 vatios


120 Voltios

Peso del artículo

26,2 Libras

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Tipo de controlador

Control de aplicaciones

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Instant Pot



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a la tienda de Instant Pot

Comentarios (10)

  1. Bunny Buddy

    Worth the upgrade from a 6qt DuoThis was purchased as an upgrade from the 6qt Duo model. TOTALLY worth it and I’ve only used a single mode on each lid (Pressure Cook and Air Fry) so far. I didn’t use other modes on the 6qt either including the pre-programmed settings. This is pretty much apples to apples comparison. Overall a complete win and would recommend it to others.Benefits:1. Handles on the inner pot. This keeps the pot from spinning during saute mode and makes it easier and safer to remove the pot when it’s full of food. I can do this even after a wrist injury.2. Flat bottom on the pot. Makes any added oils spread evenly instead of running to the edge and enables #3 below.3. Pot is stove-top safe. Even more versatility! I tried this today and the handles did get a bit too warm to touch from the gas heat flowing up the sides of the pot, but it enabled me to quickly control the temperature and still pressure cook the results in the same pot.4. Air Fryer : I’ve not had an air fryer before and this definitely works well. The AirFry lid is simple to put on and take off, and doesn’t require it’s own cord. Results have been excellent for the chicken nuggets, fries and frozen battered fish I’ve tried. All in less time than the standard oven method5. Replaced a 6qt slow cooker. I’m betting on this one a bit. My slow cooker use in the past years has primarily been to keep chili warm. Most recently, I used the 6qt duo since it travels more safely to the party/pot luck location with the pressure lid locked on. Now the Air Fry lid is stored where the slow cooker resided. And yes, the Duo also could do this, but I’d not done it based on the slow cooker function testing/reviews as not getting hot enough. The Pro test/reviews were better for slow cooking function.6. It’s a 2qt larger capacity while not that much bigger of a footprint. Yes it’s bigger, but it’s not as much larger than the 6 qt than I thought it may be. The Saute surface is larger by 2 chicken thighs from 4 to 6 (crowded).7. Pressure lid doesn’t build up water spots. The Duo lid has areas on top where the metal is exposed. That started getting calcium deposits around the edge starting after the 2nd washing and air drying. The 8qt pro is completely covered in plastic with a removable door over a cooling area. It’s not built up the water deposits after ~20 uses even in there because it’s curved.8. The base lid lip is easier to clean: The area where the lid seals onto the base is wider on the Pro version making it easier to get a cloth and finger in there to clean the splatters from sauteing.9. The drip catcher is easier to remove. The clear plastic cup under to back ledge that catches fluids from the lip is a drawer on the Pro. This is much easier to remove and insert than the squeeze and clip version on the Duo.10. Auto Sealing/pressure switch: The lid automatically seals when it’s turned so you don’t end up wondering why the pressure hasn’t built up after you forgot to turn the weight from the vent position.11. Steam Diffusion and easy venting: The switch to vent is away from the steam so no risk of burns, but also doesn’t complicate cleaning. And the the steam diffuser cap (which is called whisper quiet) contains any spitting of starches while is removable for cleaning.12. The AirFry lid storage tray attaches and also works as a trivet while using it.13. There are lines on the front of the Pro and pressure lid indicating the starting position for attaching it. No more fumbling to get the lid lined up.14. Improved cord management: The cord isn’t removable. This makes the connection to the base more streamlined allowing it to get closer to a wall. To compensate, there is a slot to hold the wrapped cord when it’s not plugged in. It’s also not at risk of getting lost.Suggested improvements:1. The inside surface of the stainless pressure pot isn’t as polished as the 6qt duo pot so it’s a bit tougher to get fully clean. We use it to make rice and also saute chicken without oil as a step in broth making (then deglaze). Both of these stick to the pot a bit and require scrubbing. The new pot is less polished so it needs a cleanser step nearly every time to get all the bits off even after soaking. The 6qt pot didn’t need this and the only thing that we can perceive as different is the pot internal texture.2. The air fry pot also doesn’t get fully clean with hand scrubbing. Seems to always take more than one hand wash cycle. It may be the texture or color or both, but inevitably, the thing still looks greasy after it’s dried. We’ve not put it in the dishwasher which might do better.3. The bottom ring for the air fry multipot arrived with a tab broke off so it doesn’t stay attached to the pot. Customer service has responded in a timely manner (not yet finished the resolution). I mention it because it may be a weakness in the design.4. The air fry lid and storage tray is always a challenge to line up for joining. If there’s an indication like the pressure lid to base, I’ve not found it.5. No pot lid accessory available for the 8qt pot which is sad since the pot can be used on the stovetop. This would make the item even more versatile. I never wanted one for the Duo.

  2. Hope

    So happyFirst, this is not my first instant pot or my first air fryer. This is the best! I bought the 8 why size and really love the larger version! I also truly appreciate the air fryer lid and dehydrator racks! The air fryer is far and away a better air fryer than my air fryer that does only that. Air fried foods in the instant pot come out done and still soft versus my other device that often turns out goods that are too hard to eat. The dehydrator rack has 3 tiers and it so great to dry fruits to make snacks for the week. I love this device in its quality and the multiple functionality that makes it a great value for the money, a space saver in the kitchen, and a time saver in that, one device can rapidly move from one function to the next!

  3. stephe

    I like that I can find videos on how to use on youtube.I went with this item because there are a lot of fans that share what they cook in this or a similar model on youtube which is nice. I am disappointed that for the price it didn’t come with a cookbook or a saute lid even though it has that function. I understand it not coming with some of the other accessories. I feel like it is a great appliance to purchase and will greatly reduce meal prep time for many dishes, but am not convinced it is the safest appliance. If you use the air fryer it is kind of hard to reach in the pot to pull it out. Which isn’t a big deal if you have those weird silicone grips only I was using regular pot holders because that is what I had. For the most part I love it and think everyone should have one or something similar, but definitely do your research, because their is some comparable items out there that may be less complicated and maybe even easier to use.

  4. Andy

    Love this pressure cooker.I bought this after looking at a dozen brands and numerous models with a number of them being a lot more expensive but I purchased this being a little skeptical that it would have enough room for large roasts as our previous cooker had an oval shaped pot that seemed huge but had a teflon coated pot.This one is GREAT, had plenty of room for large meals and the pot is stainless, and the pressure relief valve is so much better than what we previously had as well that would spit and splatter scalding water everywhere.The cooking options are clearly labeled and it’s easy to put your food in, set it, and go. Clean up is easy with the stainless pot.I would definitely buy it again and recommend it to others.

  5. gvk ubs

    Convenient and High Quality Product but…It was easy to use and time saving. I used mainly pressure cook option to cook food. The time can be customised easily starting from one minute to more for pressure cooking. However, I had to return the product due to difference in Electrical voltage power output.In US and Canada, the volt output is 120v and where I was using it the volt output is 240v. I was able to use it only once and after that due to volt output difference, it malfunctioned. Therefore, I returned back the product.Currently, I am using another multi-pressure cooker but the options are not that customisable. Instant Pot was perfect but had to replace.

  6. Barb D.

    Guard for steam release is good.My new Instant Pot 6 qt is great. The guard on top to prevent steam burns and position of steam release button are excellent features and good safety measures. The indicator in words states the stage food was cooking in the total process. I love this feature. I like the gray top and more modern design. This is my 4th purchase of an Instant Pot (6 qt and 8 qt) I have for myself and my daughter ( 6qt and 3 qt) as I cook for family and friends, freeze the meals and love the quick, easy clean-up. Buy one and enjoy quick, flavorful meals everyone loves.

  7. KatMama

    Versatility in exchange for tiny inconvenienceFirst, it’s important to note I am a long time crockpot user and was hesitant to spend the money on an instant pot that I felt I would not get much use out of. As a stay at home mom, I love the convenience of “dump and go” crockpot meals or a simple one-pot meal I can throw together in my Dutch oven. Many of the instant pot recipes I found on Pinterest were no where near instant after prep, pressurizing, and de-pressurizing time were included.But when we made the decision to start homeschooling, I decided to take the plunge; this model just so happened to come up for sale on Prime Days, so we grabbed one up. Since then, it is safe to say I am an Instant Pot convert! Specifically, these are the things I love:Sauté function – this feature easily removes much of the clean-up involved with other instant pots by converting many meals to one-pot. I love having less dishes! It gets hot enough to cook the things I need it to cook in a timely fashion AND helps speed the process of the heating & pressurizing step that adds inconvenient time to my prep.Versatility – with the instant pot and air fryer, we received a “multi-use metal rack” that has saved the day with Sunday pot roasts and on Thanksgiving! It easily works as a trivet, which adds to the number of delicious meals this thing can cook for you! We have made everything from soup to Thanksgiving Turkey to plain old white rice. Everything has turned out delicious. (Our Turkey was cooked in 30 minutes!)Safety features – I appreciate the convenience and added security of the rotate-to-lock lid, as well as the way it is designed. While the air fryer lid comes with a special platform to keep the lid on when not in use and when hot, the traditional lid was built with pegs to insert into the “handles” of the pot. It’s more convenient than any other old-school lid or pot I’ve used AND it keeps my kids safe from the extremely hot object.Things that kept me from giving 5 stars:Seal ring – the seal will hold the scent of most everything you cook, which turns into more of an odor after a week. That being said, there are relatively simple fixes to this, and I understand that the design/material may have made it impossible to avoid. If you don’t mind taking the time after washing the seal to scrub with a baking soda paste or soak in vinegar, then the odor is not a problem. It is, however, inconvenient to have to do this, as you wash, soak or scrub, and wash again.Cooking guide – as with any new product, there is some trial and error to be expected. I do, however, feel their helpful cooking guide could be updated to reflect the tried-and-true results of users everywhere. We have found that our best bet for getting the best results the first time is going to places like Pinterest, where users have taken the time to test and remake different foods enough times to know what worked for them. It’s usually not far off from the guide, but I do think the consistency of Pinterest versus “professionals” is worth a new update to the guide.“Instant” – let’s be real, no meal is instant except perhaps MREs. If that’s what you’re expecting from this device, I think you’ll be waiting a while. But “much much faster than any other cooking utensil” just doesn’t have the same ring to it, now does it? That said, a turkey that would normally take all day to cook took just over an hour altogether (this includes our prep, pressurizing/warming the instant pot, cook time – which was 30 minutes – and the natural release) and it was cooked perfectly. Our soups usually take about 30 minutes altogether (again, including all the above steps) versus more than an hour on the stovetop.Storage – the size we got and the air fryer lid take up SO MUCH SPACE. It’s not much less than the space it would have taken up with two separate devices, but with the sale price we decided to take the plunge. I get it, it’s not really anything that can be avoided, but perhaps some simple design changes would allow for more efficient storage? Who knows. Unfortunately, with our limited storage space in our house as a whole, this is too much of an inconvenience not to note.Keeping in mind that I purchased this on sale, I have felt that it was worth it. We use it often and it saves quite a bit of time from meal-planning to meal-prepping across the board. We knew we needed the bigger size for a family of four, and the air fryer feature just happened to come with. If I were buying full price, I’d just go with the stand-alone instant pot. We don’t use the air fryer often, but that’s just our family. That may change down the road, but for now, the additional space it takes up is more inconvenience than benefit.

  8. Dennis W

    Versatile CookerI am an experienced pressure cooker user, so the Instant Pot posed less of a learning curve for me than for some.I have used the slow cooker, pressure cooker, sous vide and air fryer functions so far. Great performance in every mode. My family and I love the yogurt I make in the sous vide mode.The air fryer does a very good job for fries and onion rings. I will soon be trying to fry some chicken, which I was not willing to try with our toaster oven air fryer. The Instant Pot has a smaller fryer capacity than one might expect from an 8 quart device.The pressure cooker offers true ease of use as compared to my stove top pressure cooker. Good capacity, easy to make plenty of whatever for a crowd. The electronics make the device “set-it-and-forget-it” for most jobs (although I would never leave house with a pressure cooker in operation).Many people are concerned about the possibility of being injured by a pressure cooker and/or winding up with soup on the ceiling. Such events are virtually impossible with modern pressure cookers, including the Instant Pot. There is a lock system on the Instant Pot that will not allow the pot to be opened while under pressure. Pressure can be rapidly released through a valve provided for that purpose, if the user desires. Even so, the lock remains in place until the pressure is vented. Over pressurization is prevented by the electronics. Follow the instructions in the manual, and you’llbe fine.The slow cooker function also worked well, as did the sous vide function. One thing to bear in mind for these functions is that the pressure valve should be open since pressure is not required. That’s why there is a small hole in the glass lid of your old school crock pot.I have not used the device got dehydration. It appears, however, at least without some kind of hack I haven’t figured out, to have a very small capacity. This machine would not be a good choice for that function in my opinion. Check out some YouTube vids and you will see my point illustrated.Those are the pros. The one big con is the size of this device.It is well constructed, so it is heavy. Might be tough for a small person to lift. Also, has a big footprint. It has two lids (pressure/slow cook and air fryer), both of which are the same diameter as the device. These means you need more than 24 inches of counter space (12 inches deep) to store the device and fryer lid. It’s about a foot to 14 inches tall with the pressure lid. The fryer lid, when in use, makes the thing over two feet tall.Had occasion to call customer service with a couple of questions. Excellent service. Found out you can use the fryer basket as a steamer, if you want.Overall, I am very satisfied with this purchase and the value offered.

  9. Theresa B

    Great value for the priceHave another brand of pressure cooker, so was unsure about ordering this. The crisper feature makes it well worth the money! Very easy to operate and clean.

  10. Tiny Titan

    Mom loves itMy mother requested this for her birthday. She says the meals have been delicious with perfectly cooked, tender meats. Worth the price.

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