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K18 Mascarilla capilar sin enjuague para limpiar y reparar (0.5 onzas líquidas), tratamiento de velocidad de 4 minutos y

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‎ B09R92VR8K

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  1. Susie Q

    I use and love Olaplex. Then, I discovered K18. After using K18 shampoo and leave-in treatment for a month, my hair has stopped breaking or falling out. Even my daughter mentioned it. I still use Olaplex at least once a month (especially when coloring hair), and I use K18 shampoo and leave-in treatment at least 3 times a week. Love all of these products, especially since I hilight my hair ever 6 – 8 weeks.


    Used this product mainly for my very frizzy and highly damaged hair. It is one of the best products I have used that I really see good results. It leaves your hair manageable and soft, but you must follow the instructions. Use it only on dry and shampooed hair. Do not use hair conditioner or rinse only shampoo and let hair air dry. Then apply K18 and style. I am satisfied with this product.

  3. APF

    Me gusta mucho el efecto en el cabello, conforme se utiliza varias ocasiones el efecto es mejor,El cabello queda sin frizz, las puntas mejoran mucho la apariencia.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This product save my hair, after a chemical damage (bleached) my hair recovered immediately. I used at least once a month

  5. Altica

    Great for restoring curl without a lot of mousse or goopy products.

  6. alfrieda rastatter

    Repaired my brittle hair with 1 use. Awesome product tho wish was so expensive. Not complaints… You get what you pay for

  7. Wafa

    Didn’t see any change in my daughters hair doesn’t work.

  8. Doreen garza

    Bad!! Main ingredient is alcohol denatured! How can this be moisturizing? No, I’ve done so much research and denatured alcohol is a disinfectant. But used on a regular basis whether it’s hair or skin will dry your hair and scalp. I wouldn’t pay 1 cent for any of these products.

  9. Laura Covert

    I purchased this item, used exactly as directed and let me tell you there is no miracle waiting for you. Before using this I was always getting compliments on my hair, with one coworker always telling me I should be in shampoo commercials. But we women always want it to be just a little better don’t we? This will not get you there. It left my hair dryer and more damaged than it had ever been. My hair felt bad for lack of a better word, no softness to the touch what so ever. A warning for blonds – this made my normally platinum blond yellow, it’s been over 3 months since I stopped using k18 and my hair is still yellow. Also it’s supposed to be unscented but I can definitely smell chemicals, so much so any shampoo I tried with k18 the scent of the shampoo was erased. My suggestion if you are willing to put out the money is Oribe power drops. It costs less than k18, smells better and it delivers on it’s promises unlike this. I found it after using the k18 and after only a couple of uses my hair is getting back on track.

  10. Barbara F.

    I have used the K-18 for more than a year and has repaired my fragile fine hair amazingly!!Also you only need a pea size amount with each use.

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