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Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB): con una pantalla de 6.8”, carga inalámbrica y luz frontal autoajustable – Sin

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Detalles Técnicos

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition


La tecnología de la pantalla Paperwhite de 6.8” de Amazon tiene luz integrada, 300 ppp, tecnología de tipografía optimizada y escala de grises de 16 niveles.


4.9 pulgadas x 6.9 pulgadas x 0.3 pulgadas (124.6 x 174.2 x 8.1 mm)


7.3 oz (208 g). El tamaño y peso reales pueden variar según la configuración y el proceso de fabricación.

Requisitos del sistema

Ninguno; es totalmente inalámbrico y no requiere de una computadora para descargar contenido.

Almacenamiento en el dispositivo

32 GB; guarda miles de libros.

Almacenamiento en la nube

Almacenamiento gratuito en la nube para todo el contenido de Amazon.

Duración de la batería

Una sola carga dura hasta diez (10) semanas si se usa para leer media hora diaria con la red inalámbrica apagada y la configuración de luz en 13. La duración de la batería depende del uso; el streaming de audiolibros Audible vía Bluetooth reduce su duración.

Tiempo de carga

Se carga por completo en 5 horas aproximadamente en una computadora mediante cable USB; se carga por completo en menos de 2.5 horas con un adaptador de corriente USB de 9 W; se carga por completo en menos de 3.5 horas y media con cualquier cargador inalámbrico Qi de 10 W compatible (se vende por separado). Revisa si tu cargador inalámbrico es compatible con la Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition.

Conectividad wifi

Es compatible con redes 2.4 y 5.0 GHz con seguridad WEP, WPA y WPA2 usando autenticación con contraseña o configuración protegida mediante wifi (WPS). No es compatible con conexiones wifi ad hoc (o red de pares).

Características de accesibilidad

El lector de pantalla VoiceView, disponible vía audio Bluetooth, ofrece respuestas habladas que te permiten navegar en tu dispositivo y leer libros con texto a voz (disponible solo en inglés). La Kindle Paperwhite también incluye la función de invertir el blanco y negro, ajustar el tamaño y la apariencia de la letra, el espacio entre líneas y los márgenes. Mas información acerca de la accesibilidad en Kindle.

Formatos de contenido compatibles

Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI sin protección, PRC nativo; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP a través de conversión; formato de audio Audible (AAX).


Más información acerca de los dispositivos Kindle con nuestra guía de inicio rápido y el manual de usuario Kindle.

Garantía y servicio

Garantía limitada de 1 año y servicio incluidos. Garantía extendida opcional de 1, 2 o 3 años disponible para clientes en EE. UU., se vende por separado. El uso de Kindle está sujeto a Condiciones de uso de Amazon y los términos encontrados aquí.

El paquete incluye

Kindle Paperwhite, cable de carga USB-C y guía de inicio rápido.

Resistente al agua

Resistente al agua (IPX8), probado para soportar inmersiones de 2 metros en agua dulce durante 60 minutos. Más información acerca de la Kindle Paperwhite resistente al agua.

Colores disponibles

Negro, Mezclilla, Verde Ágave


Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (11.a generación), versión 2021.

Actualizaciones de seguridad del software

Este dispositivo recibe actualizaciones garantizadas de seguridad del software hasta al menos cuatro años después de que el dispositivo estuvo a la venta por última vez como un artículo nuevo en nuestras páginas web. Más información sobre estas actualizaciones de seguridad del software. Si ya tienes una tablet Fire, visita Administrar tu contenido y dispositivos, para consultar la información específica para tu dispositivo.

Additional information




Agave Green, Black, Denim


With 3 Months Free Kindle Unlimited, Without Kindle Unlimited

Comentarios (10)

  1. Crank

    A step up from the 8GB version if you must use your Kindle for audio.This is a copy of my main review in the 8GB device category appended with differences for this 32GB version. 4 stars unless you don’t need the space, and then it becomes redundant and too expensive.The 32GB version is in my opinion a bit overboard for most people, but if you have money to spend, it is probably the version you should get, especially if you enjoy audio books. The extra memory to me amounts to useless space, but I personally do not use audiobooks or books with larger file sizes.I have a fairly large library, and that still was working out alright on my 7th gen with 4GB or less. For certain users, this will be the proper device to get. For others, they should look at the 8GB model, or perhaps using your phone for audio. I highly recommend the «essentials» bundles to save money.A normal user could have 2000-3000 normal books on their device with the 8GB. Seeing as a ton of my books are Delphi collections, this amounts to even more books relative to the average sizing around 2-4MB or so. Fact is, most people simply don’t need this space, and it is useless for most by the time they upgrade due to batteries becoming less efficient. Audiobooks tend to take a lot more space, and it might be for this user that the 32GB is most appropriate.You can hold 20-40 audiobooks on an 8GB device, so for people that must have audiobooks on a Kindle, as opposed to their smartphone with better speakers and more memory, then maybe this is for you. But I would prefer audio on a device of my choosing that had better options for sound.The wireless charging is basically not a deal changer for me. I highly recommend having wireless off on the Kindle to save battery. Charging it works much the same as any device, but cords work fine for me as well, especially with the updated USB-C design. The auto-light is awkward mostly, and I have never used it on any device with one. For the extra money, I only find this device useful for people that absolutely need audio for their Paperwhite device.In full I simply will not use the extra space, and the other features are useless. Others may find them more appropriate. I don’t see the point in paying Amazon more money. The lifeline of this device depends on the battery, and by the time I need 32GB, if that ever happens, I will be getting a new device. Not bad, but too expensive, as I mostly use physical books anyway.Overall Review for the Paperwhite 2021 (Four Stars):Summary:+ Best screen of any Paperwhite or Kindle released to date+ Best response time of any Paperwhite or Kindle+ UI improvements+ Weight and feel are exceptional- Screen has uneven area with color temp on high brightness- Expensive- Previous Kindles still do things in much the same wayComing from the 7th gen Kindle, this is a gigantic improvement on all fronts. The Paperwhite 2021 also handily beats the pulp out of the Paperwhite 2018 version due to its new LED array, and for my money it’s a better choice than the Oasis 3 as well due to ergonomics. Add in some extra screen real estate compared to previous Paperwhites, a much nicer bezel, a few more options for the UI, and what we have is an extremely polished device for reading digital books. It’s never going to make me switch totally from physical, but I will definitely be using this to read a lot more than my previous Kindle.The screen here is nearly perfect, and it will be the main factor attracting those coming from the previous 2018 model. If things were cheaper, this would be an essential upgrade for most people. I would not do without it if given the choice. Feel free to browse all the negative reviews from 2018. They were all right. But now it seems Amazon has finally finished their beta device. The screen itself is more matte than shiny, easy to wipe off, clear but not distracting, and fully able to replicate a physical book with its expanded dimensions. The Oasis 3 for instance irritates me with its form factor. The Paperwhite 2018 has an ugly bezel as well. This is exactly what I wanted out of an E-Reader.The Paperwhite 2021 is lit by 17 LEDs compared to 5 LEDs in the 2018 model, which leads to vastly superior balance. There are 24 gradations for both brightness and warmth, from off to mango warm, and they make a tangible and visible difference in proper aesthetics related to actual physical books. The color options are great, but after some use there still seems to be a portion equating to about the bottom half of the screen on mine that is a very slightly greener hue as opposed to a warmer hue on top. Very hard to pick up for some people, but it’s worth noting for users that want to use this on high brightness. I usually only use around 6-12 brightness to get proper coloring, and it’s not really noticeable in lit rooms with these settings. I usually use the lovely dark mode at night, so in the end I’ll say this issue really doesn’t affect me much.Make no mistake, though, the 2018 Paperwhite had an awful screen, with a horrendous LED array, and this one is a massive upgrade. This 2021 version still has a fully stable lighting array that doesn’t evoke a poor production run or haste in design, yet it’s not perfect either. Blacks could definitely be deeper with an OLED screen or something of the sort. Dark Mode still looks good, but on higher brightness it appears a little too grey. Overall, I am satisfied at the advances that have been made, and my usual settings all look fantastic and so much better than anything before.6.8 inches of screen along with 300 PPI is definitely enough to satisfy most demands for resolution, and the extra space may be convincing for one to switch from physical books. The bezel itself also looks properly designed finally. That alone is also another huge deal. The sides are thin, the screen is the main attraction, and there is no awkwardness in reading versus a real book. All additions that make this is a positive buy over the other Kindles.There is an extremely tiny trail of adhesive in one corner and edge at the very bottom right near the backing material and black area of the bezel. Pretty minor all told. Most won’t even notice things like this, and most Kindles will probably have such a minor flaw. Compared to the 2018 version, this thing seems like an actual professional product.The UI responsiveness was another issue in previous models, and I am happy to report this one is very fast. Massively faster than my 7th gen, and a decent improvement over the older model. The Paperwhite 2018 uses a Freescale/NXP i.MX6 SoloLite 1 GHz processor. Not terrible, but also not quite enough to match the newer NXP i.MX7D 1 GHz chip used in the Oasis 3 and this model. Again, a more refined version at every level compared to the older Paperwhite.For memory and storage, I can’t see many people needing more than 8GB. I did fine on my last Kindle with much less. Unless you plan on starting a small library, 8GB of memory is a perfect fit for anyone’s lifetime.As for the user interface, major changes have resulted in a much better flow in overall design for most Kindles from 2015 onward. The swipe down mechanic is leagues better than anything they’ve had before. The library UI that you tap in the upper left is again fast and finally consistent. These UI details are easy to spot in the included pictures with various lighting values. But they are available to most users outside of this product.Response and animation are a cut above their predecessors, and that should not be understated. I finally feel the Kindle is quick enough for my needs with digital reading. My 7th gen was abysmal. The 2018 version was slightly problematic. The newer page turn animation, however, was not to my liking, and I ended up sticking with the normal style. As a plus, the web browser is snappy and usable for those that need to quickly look something up on a search engine. Exiting in and out of menus is a breeze, and opening or downloading books was efficient. I still wish there was a download all option, so I will be downloading from the website instead.And speaking of default, the designers have made sure that this Kindle is ready to use without even touching a setting. They clearly invested a lot in understanding how people want their Kindle to look. I found almost all default options to be optimal. I added one step to boldness in fonts, and have toyed with the variable warmth quite a bit. Bookerly is a great font for reading, but there are obviously other options if you prefer. These things are basically as good as they need to be on this digital reader. More improvements with font selection could be possible, but are entirely superfluous to the current experience.Updating the firmware was painless for me past having to click no thanks for all the subscriptions Amazon wants to get you hooked on. No thanks. No issues with connections or anything of the sort. Charging works perfectly via USB-C, a far better connector than the micro version. Adding and subtracting to the library was fast and convenient.Aesthetics and materials are premium for the most part. Other than the aforementioned pinprick trail of adhesive, there were no outright imperfections that I can see. I don’t really like the Oasis 3, but it’s definitely similar to that version, with a better form factor.The leather case included with this bundle is what it is: completely overpriced but nearly mandatory for the perfect feel and weight. I can’t stand the feel of the device without the included case. I highly recommend the bundle. The aesthetics look nice, and overall it’s mostly the same as my last one. A bit easier to get in and out compared to 7th gen.At the heart of it all, this is still just another updated version of the Paperwhite. But it could be mandatory because it polishes the lighting and page turning to a degree that makes the old devices feel awkward. I don’t see myself getting another one for a decade. And that leaves two questions remaining: How is the battery life, and is this worth the upgrade if you own the 2018 version…Battery life seems improved. I wouldn’t call it all that great on full brightness, but it’s definitely an upgrade from anything before. Battery life is critical, I have run into few issues with my normal settings. Right now, I can see that it drains decently fast on max brightness, but it also has an array of 17 LEDs lighting it. On lower brightness, it appears to be very conservative with battery life, much the same as last time but probably better. It’s tough to say when you are comparing older batteries to newer ones. This will be an ongoing process to be updated in the review every now and then. On the lowest brightness it is off of course, for those that prefer the older Kindle experience and extended usage without a charge. This produces a charge that lasts a very long time.For me I see no reason to keep Wi-Fi on, and the complaints about that particular setting, coming from 2018, seem slightly obtuse. Shut it off when your library is downloaded. Problem solved. With full brightness, you aren’t going to get a ton of life, but I also recommend against full brightness as it doesn’t really resemble paper at that point. On medium settings, which I prefer, battery life seems completely acceptable and better than before.If you are currently using a device below the Paperwhite 2018, then definitely you could think about an upgrade if you are in the market for a new E-Reader. I cannot overstate how much better this is than my 7th gen. I rarely even used that model, and I will definitely be clocking in some time with this one due to the screen and response time. It’s a huge motivating factor to actually take out my Kindle now. Previous versions do not match up, and this is the first time I can say I am impressed by a Kindle.Coming from 2018, I would say this is a fairly huge upgrade, and most will want to eventually make the change. The screen is too versatile to pass up, and the faster response time basically nails the previous version in its coffin. I don’t think an immediate upgrade is necessary, but most will want this as their baseline going forward. The 2018 version has too many issues, and this fixes most of them.Economically, this might not be an option for many. To somewhat help out, you definitely will want to get this in the bundle with the leather case, which I included a picture of at the bottom. It’s a nice case, way too expensive by itself, and kind of mandatory in my experience. The bundle also includes a trade-in option. Definitely DO NOT buy the case separately. No need to give Amazon any more of your money than necessary.Outside of that you can be sure I will remain critical of this device. If anything goes wrong, becomes damaged or defective, I will immediately add that info to my review. No shilling is allowed here. Freezes have gone completely away as of the recent firmware update in those on the fence, it is best to wait a few months to see how things turn out. For now, I enjoy the device and have only a few issues. Going forward I hope to actually use a Kindle consistently for the first time. If I rated the Paperwhite 2018 one star, then this one is around four stars. A worthy upgrade for anybody in the market. Will it replace my physical collection? Never. Paper lives on forever.»A beggar’s book outworths a noble’s blood.»

  2. Handyman

    A New Kindle paper white: the like and dislikeI have this latest 11th Paper white Kindle two weeks now. I spend quite some time to figure out how it works and explored deep enough to grasp its functions.Overall, I am very happy with the New Kindle Paper white with the books that I have already. I haven’t try the library books connection, hope I have updates later.Good impressions:1. Paperwhite is easy to set up, configure with Amazon account. UI is straight forward.2. Paperwhite e-ink is fantastic, very clear, responsive, almost no flicking in page turns. Touch screen is very responsive. The finger gestures are easy to operate this button less device.3. The LED back lid and warmth setting are good in the completely dark room. However, I still feel more comfortable reading in the ambient light because this makes kindle more like a paper book.4. 7 inch size is much better as compare to 6 inch. This is best size that fits your palm.5. WIFI is easy to connect and turn off (airplane mode). You must turn it on in order to connect to Amazon to download books.6. Battery life is good even if I forgot to turn the WIFI off.7. English dictionary is very convenient to use and you have multiple dictionary to choose from.8. Some people complain about jumping pages while reading a book. I don’t see this is an issue. Actually, you swipe from bottom up; you can see a smaller preview like page screen which allows your preview pages back and forth. Also you can jump to any sections your want without leaving the current page.Things I don’t like and wish Amazon to improve in the future release.1. Amazon claims this version paper white is ad-free. This is not TRUE. There are two sections in the Home page, «Discover books», «Recommended for you» that occupied two third of the screen, squeezed my own book list in to a single line display. Those are ads!!! I don’t like someone push things to me that I have no interest at all. The worst thing is that you cannot hide nor delete those sections. I wish Amazon should allow user to hide those sections if they don’t need them so as to show all their own books. If later on someone needs to see discover books, it can always unhide it.2. There is no device level font size setting. You have to go each book to set the fonts there. Some PDF format books can not adjust fonts. Don’t know why.3. Amazon claim the 11th paper white can read EPUB format directly. I tried with my own EPUB books copied from PC to Kindle via USB file transfer. Amazon won’t recognize them. I have to use Send To Kindle App to upload my EPUB files to Kindle, then the books are recognized (at this point, I don’t know the EPUB on my Kindle is still EPUB?) . I have a Sony PRS-T1 e-Reader which is 10 years old. I can directly copy EPUB files to it and read them.4. You cannot create your own folder and to be recognized by Kindle. You have to create them inside kindle. Basically, you cannot manage your folder/files by connecting the Kindle as USB storage directly as normal disk operation. Seems to me, you have to use «Send to Kindle» app or through your Amazon Account or the Kindle itself.5. The Web Browser is good. Setting is very easy; only two choices allow scripts and show images. However, the display of the page cannot adjust its display and font size to fit the 7 inch screen automatically like web browser on any phone does. This makes reading a webpage very difficult if not impossible on such a small screen.

  3. Ditsy Mitzi

    If You Are Having Trouble Deciding Between Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition or Kindle OasisI am one of those customers that prefer holding a book in my hand than reading from my Kindle or phone. For me there is nothing like physically turning the pages of a book or the feeling of going to Barnes & Noble and leaving with a few books. However, I found out that I like reading at night with the lights out so this is where a Kindle comes in handy. I also like that whenever I travel, I don’t have to lug around a few books, just my entire library in my itty bitty Kindle.My first Kindle was the one with a keyboard and I loved that Kindle, I don’t see why they stopped making this Kindle. My latest Kindle was a refurbished Paperwhite not sure what year but I had it for over 5 years and I felt like I wanted to upgrade. Notice I said «I wanted» to upgrade not «needed to». My refurbished Paperwhite still works great minus the wear and tear but I wanted to build up my library so that meant getting a newer Kindle with larger memory.My choices boiled down to Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition 2023 or the Kindle Oasis 2019. I was really torn because they both are similar in that they are smaller sized (I like the fact that I can throw my Paperwhite into my purse) and have the warm adjusting feature for night time reading. The biggest difference between both of these is that the Oasis has more LED lights, is slightly larger, has an aluminum back with a bump and has physical buttons for turning the page. Oh yeah and it is more expensive. The price difference isn’t that big but I feel like you get more bang for your money with Paperwhite Signature because it has more memory 32 GB vs 8 GB and it appears that the battery life for Signature is higher than the Oasis (according to all the reviews that I read). Still I was kind of leaning towards trying out the Oasis because I really wanted the page turn buttons but then decided against this. One reason was that the back of the Oasis has a «bump» so a person can hold it with one hand but I don’t even hold a book with one hand. When I am reading a paperback I use both hands. The fact that the back was «uneven» would bother me. LOL. The other reason I decided not to go with the Oasis is because there hasn’t been an update since 2019 and I feel like this might be an indication that maybe they will do away with it like they did with the Kindle Voyager.If you are like me and thinking of upgrading but are having a hard time then I would go thru reviews of both products and make an informed decision. I particularly like reading the negative reviews vs positive reviews because they tend to be more honest and to the point.I purchased the Agave Green Kindle and am loving it. They also have the cutest covers in Amazon that are reasonably priced. The cover automatically wakens the Kindle when I open it and yes I hold the cover with one hand and Kindle with the other hand so it feels like I am reading a paperback. I’m sure that this Kindle will last a long time so it is worth every penny I spent.

  4. WayneChicago

    Signature vs Paperwhite: Observations from Owning BothI own the 11th Gen (newest model 2022) standard Kindle Paperwhite and the Signature Paperwhite. I love them both. If dough is not the issue, I would buy the Signature model for fifty bucks more. Here’s some of my particular findings in use.Cases: Note that I do not like the Amazon cases because I don’t like folding over cover type cases; I prefer cases that simply help with holding the device. I purchased the “MoKo Case for 6.8″ Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation-2021) and Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Ultra Clear Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Bumper Back Cover Shell, Clear” from Amazon and it fits the Kindle ideally, and most importantly this case DOES go on the proprietary charging stand made by Anker and the charge does go through the case (that is, I do not need to remove the case to charge the Kindle in that charging stand).Battery: Amazon states that the Kindle 11th gen will hold a charge for 10 weeks, when used at limited brightness for 90 minutes a day (and a lot of other stipulations, like WiFi and Bluetooth off, etc). In reality, many may turn up the brightness, read more than 90 minutes, and Airplane mode on, or use other features that drain the battery faster (See audiobooks below). I have found that my battery drains faster than 10 weeks, but I am using the device with Airplane mode off, Wifi on, Bluetooth On. I do not like turning off wifi in particular because it MUST Be on to sync books between devices, and since I have two Kindle 11th gens, plus a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and I read 5 books at a time simultaneously, I have no desire to turn wi-fi off. Thus, having Qi charging is helpful…not mandatory but helpful. Another BIG reason for the Qi charging is Audible audiobooks. I do listen to them through the Kindle itself, and the battery drains fairly quickly when listening to audiobooks.Memory Storage: The Kindle has 8 GB storage, but only 5.8 GB after their software OS. The Signature Kindle has 32 GB storage, but only 28 GB after their software OS (there is slightly different software between the two models as the Signature supports more menu and charging features). So if you love downloaded “off-line” reading, and in particular if you enjoy having audiobooks in your downloaded library (they take much more storage than an e-book), the 32 GB is reassuring.Auto-light adjust: I can’t even detect that it’s doing anything, but if one rides a train daily to work and it passes through dark tunnels, this feature may be of benefit to you.Advertising free: Many forget the $20 value of the ad-free that is part of the Kindle Signature. Even those that wouldn’t pony up for it on their own may enjoy it here as “icing on the cake” for the price difference. I like seeing my own book cover on the sleep screen, and that is not possible with the “with ads” version. I thought I enjoyed the ads for editors choice books and book sales and stuff, but I much prefer the ad-free model. And, little discussed fact, the ad-free version has one less swipe to get to your Library or current book every single time you turn on the Kindle. True!Dedicated Signature Charger Stand: I bought the Qi charging stand and like it greatly. It does work with my “MoKo Case for 6.8″ Kindle Paperwhite (11th Generation-2021) and the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition, Ultra Clear Soft Flexible Transparent TPU Skin Bumper Back Cover Shell, Clear”., and charges through the case and the case fits the stand (but not quite as bump-proof as the Kindle without the case). I like that the stand sits quietly on my desk as I am working, or on my coffee table while I’m watching sports do I can read during commercials. I do not need to keep the AC cord attached to the stand at all times; sometimes I use the charger stand as simply a free-standing stand for either of my Kindles. I like that it can hold my Kindle 11th generation normal edition without Qi charging and I can read on it as an easel stand. I feel the utility as an easel stand is underrated. Qi chargers in general are not free, and neither are easel stands, so coupling those two together, you get the price of this Anker model. I find no issues with the size of the “wall wart” or the plug in the back of the stand. Some people complain with the charging stand that the white light indicator does not turn to another color, such as green, to indicate full charge. A “work around” for this is to place the charging Kindle on the stand upside down; now the LED light at the bottom of the Kindle device itself, which does change color when fully charged, is face upward and easily seen. Frankly, there is no issue with simply assuming the Signature PW is charged after an hour or two. I like this stand much more than I thought I would.I’ve owned every Kindle since the first one! I use library Libby, and am an Audible and Kindle Unlimited subscribers. I guess you could say I’m a “power user”. I definitely prefer the Signature version, but both are good readers. If I could change one thing about these Kindles, it would be to add a physical button like the Oasis. I realize that sounds outdated, but to reach and switch with the other hand, or reach thumb across screen to scrub, every page turn is a chore that is solved with an under-thumb button like Oasis. Additionally, the e-ink is good, but after two decades, one would think the text versus background contrast would be better…that is, darker text, whiter background. Instead, it remains darkest gray text in lightest gray background, not ideal. Happy reading!

  5. Stephanie D.

    Great for Avid ReadersI deliberated about buying a Kindle for about a year, being unsure whether I could transition to digital formats over paper. After test-running reading books on my phone and iPad for several months, I decided to go for it — and am so glad I did! The battery life is so impressive (I’ve only had to charge it once in the past three months, and I read almost daily), the “texture” of the screen is easy on my eyes, and the size is perfect (a little bit wider than a small paperback book, but thin and lightweight like a tablet).The purchasing/procuring if books is a little clumsy for me, and I have yet to try buying a non-Kindle format and emailing to my Kindle (but this was a huge draw for me since I wanted to be able to purchase books outside of Kindle/Amazon). The screen transitions are slow when navigating through the various libraries or searches, so just recognize that this is an e-reader and not an iPad or traditional tablet for games or general internet usage. I also got the Kindle Unlimited subscription, which has a wide variety of books available to check out and I’ve enjoyed the few I’ve found and read so far.Overall: if you know you’d do well with a digital reader and want to be able to pack several books without the weight, I would recommend purchasing a Kindle.

  6. Valentina

    Life-changing for reader’s blockThis Kindle has definitely marked a before and after in my life as a reader.Before buying it, I struggled a lot trying to stay focused, I would drop books after 10 pages (or 20 when it was a good day). I had been hearing reviews about Kindles and how they were a game changer when it came to reading, and I honestly thought people were exaggerating, but they weren’t wrong.After being on the fence for a few months (I kept thinking «What if I buy this and it ends up collecting dust in a drawer and I never read again?»), I decided to make the purchase, and my reading habits have never been better.The screen beats anything you’ve used to read electronically before. You can adjust the brightness, the warmth, the font size, the font type, the margins, highlight paragraphs, look for words or translate as you’re reading. You can change everything to make your reading experience better. And the screen itself feels way more comfortable too.Now, the battery life is out of this world. If I’m on a streak reading every day (around 4 hours per day with mid brightness) the battery can last from 3 to 4 weeks. If I’m reading 3 days per week for about 2 or 3 hours the battery can last almost 2 months, it’s insane.So if you’re trying to improve your reading habits or just want to switch to reading some books electronically, definitely buy this Kindle. I also recommend the Kindle Unlimited subscription in case you happen to read a lot too or if you’re interested in the catalog.

  7. aardvark

    Pretty close to the ideal e-reader.Good size to hold for long reading sessions. Clear bright screen.Reasonably quick using web, and non-reading processes.Accessing books, easy and simple.Awesome when in read mode, speedy page turns, nice.BT syncing, and playing audio books, works great.Amazing battery life via BT or in read mode.Upgrade in memory, for me is great, I have a boatload of audio books and ebooks. (I travel a lot and spend too much time at Dr appointments). So having a big selection of choices when I do not have access to Internet.My biggest complaint is you are firmly entrenched in the Amazon world. Adding non Kindle/Audible is a chore (and if I read an recent article correctly, they are going to make it harder or impossible to side load items).Until they come out with a reasonably priced color version of this awesome device, this is my go to device.I use my cel phone as iPad Mini to read color magazines, comics, graphic novels and such. But due to small size (cel phone) and weight iPad, they are not ideal for long term reading.Super happy with this and expect it to last for years if listening and reading.A definite gotta buy.

  8. Carol Buchanan

    This Kindle Paperwhite is my Dream KindleI’ve had 4 Kindles, each one more powerful with more storage and a more sensitive screen than its predecessor. This one is the best of the bunch, for a reasonable price (including trading in my 3rd Kindle). I’m a constant, not to say voracious, reader. I read everything, from nonfiction history to novels, books about the craft of story — well, you name it, except for hard science and politics. But for years, ever since I got my first Kindle in 2009, I’ve been frustrated by the difficulty of reading one huge book, or collection of books, loaded with «A HRef» commands that make it possible to jump from one book to another. Or should have made it possible.I’m talking about the King James Bible. I’ve loaded it onto every Kindle I’ve ever owned. Always, I had to give up because I couldn’t jump from Deuteronomy to Luke without overloading the device’s capabilities.Until now. I’ve tested it, and I can read something in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians that reminds me of something a prophet wrote in the Old Testament and go hunting for that reference, then return to Paul’s letter and continue reading where I left off.If you have something as big as the Bible that you haven’t been able to load onto your previous Kindle, or something similar, you might consider this new Kindle Paperwhite.On another note, my eyesight isn’t as good as it used to be, but I can adjust the background and play with the sizes of type until I have the device as near perfect as I need.I have no fault to find with this Kindle. If I ever do, I imagine the generation yet to come will take care of it, but it’ll be a long time before I let my Kindle Paperwhite out of my reach.

  9. Roland P.

    Best quality kindle for the budget friendlyI recently purchased the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB) and have been blown away by its features and capabilities. As an avid reader, I have used various e-readers in the past, but none have compared to the Paperwhite Signature Edition.The 32 GB storage capacity is more than enough for all of my favorite books, magazines, and comics. The high-resolution display with adjustable lighting makes reading in any lighting situation comfortable and easy on the eyes. The battery life is remarkable, lasting for weeks on a single charge.One of my favorite features of the Paperwhite Signature Edition is the waterproof design. I can now read worry-free at the beach or by the pool without any fear of damaging my device.The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Amazon’s Kindle store make it effortless to purchase and download new books. Plus, the ability to highlight and take notes on my reading material has been a game-changer.Overall, I highly recommend the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (32 GB) to any book lover looking for a reliable, high-quality e-reader. It has exceeded my expectations in every way and I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.

  10. IrishBruce

    Paperwhite Signature Edition is a great upgrade!This is my fourth Kindle. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the battery life. It is a significant improvement from my older models. I do enjoy the larger screen as well. The readability of the screen is much improved and I do find that the interface is much more intuitive as well. I can find the features much easier to jump to chapters or pages, or return to my current location in the book. The only downside for me is the location of the power button on the bottom of the device. I find that I inadvertently bump the button while I’m holding the device or while resting on a pillow, etc. I’m going to have to buy a cover to minimize the issue.

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