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Kindle (Versión de 2022). El Kindle más ligero y compacto, ahora con una pantalla de 6” 300 ppi de alta resolución y el

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Detalles Técnicos




Pantalla Amazon de 6” con luz integrada, 300 ppi, tecnología de fuente optimizada, escala de grises de 16 niveles.


6,2” x 4,3” x 0,32” (157,8 x 108,6 x 8,0 mm). El tamaño representa las medidas totales del dispositivo.


5,56 oz (158 g). El tamaño y peso reales pueden variar según la configuración y el proceso de fabricación.

Requisitos del sistema

Ninguno, completamente inalámbrico y no se necesita de un ordenador para descargar contenido.

Almacenamiento en el dispositivo

16 GB, guarda miles de libros.

Almacenamiento en la nube

Almacenamiento en la nube gratuito para todo el contenido de Amazon.

Duración de la batería

Una única carga dura hasta seis (6) semanas, con base en una lectura de media hora al día con el wireless apagado y la luz en 13. La duración de la batería puede variar dependiendo del uso. El streaming de audiolibros audibles usando Bluetooth reducirá la duración de la batería.

Tiempo de carga

Carga completa en aproximadamente 4 horas desde un ordenador usando un cable USB, carga completa en aproximadamente 2 horas usando un cargador USB de 9 W.

Conectividad wifi

Compatible con redes 2,4 GHz y 5,0 GHz, compatible con seguridad WEP, WPA y WPA2 usando autenticación de contraseña o Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). No admite la conexión a redes wifi ad-hoc (o peer-to-peer).

Características de accesibilidad

El lector de pantalla VoiceView disponible con audio Bluetooth ofrece comentarios hablados, permitiéndote navegar en tu dispositivo y leer libros con text-to-speech (disponible solo en Inglés). Kindle incluye también la posibilidad de invertir blanco y negro, regular el tamaño de la fuente, la distancia entre líneas y los márgenes. Obtén más información sobre accesibilidad en Kindle.

Formatos de contenido compatibles

Kindle Format 8 (AZW3), Kindle (AZW), TXT, PDF, MOBI no protegido, PRC nativamente; HTML DOC, DOCX, JPEG, GIF, PNG, PMP por conversión; formato Audible audio (AAX). Obtén más información sobre los tipos de archivo compatibles para los documentos personales.


Obtén más información sobre los dispositivos Kindle en la Guía de inicio rápido y la Guía de usuario de Kindle.

Garantía y servicio

Garantía limitada de 1 año y servicio incluidos. Garantía extendida opcional de 1, 2 o 3 años disponible para clientes en EE. UU., se vende por separado. El uso de Kindle está sujeto a Condiciones de uso de Amazon y los términos encontrados aquí.

El paquete incluye

Kindle, cable de carga USB-C y guía de inicio rápido.


Kindle (11.a generación), Lanzamiento 2022.

Actualizaciones de seguridad del software

Este dispositivo recibe actualizaciones garantizadas de seguridad del software hasta al menos cuatro años después de que el dispositivo estuvo a la venta por última vez como un artículo nuevo en nuestras páginas web. Más información sobre estas actualizaciones de seguridad del software. Si ya tienes una tablet Fire, visita Administrar tu contenido y dispositivos, para consultar la información específica para tu dispositivo.

Additional information



Tipo de oferta

Lockscreen Ad-Supported, Without Lockscreen Ads


Black, Denim


Without Kindle Unlimited

Comentarios (3)

  1. Sparky

    I’ve been buying Kindles every since the second model came out way back in 2009 or so. The Kindle is a marvelous invention that got me reading again and reading 3-4 times as much as I ever did with paper books. I have no romantic notions about paper and glue anymore.I’d go as far as saying the Kindle is arguably the most underrated invention of the early 21st century. But you’re here for the review, so…As for why I like THIS Kindle so much. Well, I love the fact that all of the most important features have finally trickled down to the base model. I could afford to buy any Kindle I want of course, and I usually buy one of the middle or higher end Kindles. This one was actually replacing an older Paperwhite.The fact that all the best features are present on the base model now makes me feel better about Kindles and Amazon in general honestly. My first Kindle was $399, so I love the fact that this one is so affordable and within reach of a lot more people now.This Kindle also gets the fastest SoC (microprocessor) that the newest Kindles have. That means it’s as fast, or faster than any of the Kindle models.It’s finally got a generous amount of memory for anyone with anything but the biggest book collection. I’ll never fill it up I’m sure.It’s even got the higher dpi (resolution) Paperwhite screen now, so you’re no longer penalized with pixelated fonts or less contrast for buying the entry level model and I LOVE that.One of my favorite feature though is that it’s super small and light, which I really love. It’s the smallest, lightest, most pocketable Kindle there’s ever been. That’s a nice feature that makes you more likely to take it with you everywhere.The only things you’re really giving up versus a Paperwhite that I know of are the extra LEDs (I don’t miss them a bit, backlighting is more than enough) and the warmer color backlighting option (nice to have, but I can definitely live without it).This model also has a bit less battery life than the Paperwhite (maybe 15-20% less?) But it’s still a Kindle, which means it will last longer than any other device you own. I doubt the battery life will be a complaint from many.The final feature it’s missing is actually a PLUS to me. It’s the fact that the screen is recessed. I actually prefer that (I can’t be the only one). I like being able to tell by touch precisely where the screen begins. It makes it easier to avoid touching the screen accidentally and I just think it looks better to be honest.The only feature I WISH it had is PAGE TURN BUTTONS. I have no idea WHY Amazon has limited them to only the Oasis models. Other eInk book manufacturers like Kobo managed to find a way to include page turn buttons on nearly every model. Come on, Amazon.I had been planning on buying an Oasis for several years, specifically to get the page turn buttons. But I simply got tired of WAITING for Amazon to make an Oasis with USB-C charging already and update the hardware to match the newer models.I finally gave up on waiting for a USB-C Oasis after I read rave reviews of the new base model and Prime Day rolled around with a price drop on it.I’m super satisfied with it though. Lack of buttons aside, I think it’s my favorite Kindle yet due to the exceptional value, ultra-pocketable size and feature set.This model has everything I think most people really need and want in a Kindle at a very fair price (especially when you buy it during Prime Days like I did!).I also really appreciate the opportunity to buy a Kindle in a color other than black or white for a change. The Denim Blue is cool and different and that’s a feature you cannot get in ANY other Kindle model. Amazon should consider making a few more color choices here and there. I guarantee it would juice up sales.If they just added some sturdy page turn buttons to this, a physical switch to disable the touch screen, the “warm” backlighting option and gave it a bigger battery that’s designed to be easily replaced, it would be the PERFECT Kindle for me.That and I wish Amazon would give us greater control over our Home Screen. I just want a simple list of folders or my collections. I don’t want to see “suggestions” or any eye candy marketing fluff. Minor complaint though.All-in-all I think when you take price into consideration, this is the BEST KINDLE Amazon has ever made, hands down.

  2. Ivy Reisner

    If you’re considering this, and reading this review, you’re probably considering your first foray into Kindle reading. Good choice. A few things to note about this.The ads are not pop ups. I know some dead tree fans would have you believe, right in the middle of a tense scene, an ad will interrupt the page. That’s not how this works. What happens is, when you put the device in sleep mode, rather than say the cover or the portrait of a famous author, you see an ad. If you use the physical cover to turn on and off the device, you won’t see much if any of the ads. And yes, you can dog ear a page.I have no idea why memes keep popping up to say you can’t. Actually, the things you can do with a print book that you can’t with a Kindle book are: Donate them to the library if the library starts taking books again, give used copies to a friend, sell used copies, have a bookmark accidentally fall out, and use them for, well, kindling. Kindle can do everything else. Things you can do on a Kindle and not a print book are: read in the dark, search for text, carry dozens of books in your pocket, create notes of virtually unlimited size (you run out of room in the margin of a print book), pick up a new book nearly anywhere, anytime, and instantly convert your entire library to large print.Most library systems can send any borrowed e-book directly to your Kindle. And your place and notes are stored in case you borrow the book again or buy a copy. You don’t get that with print.Amazon recently improved their send to Kindle features with a drag and drop web page that makes moving your own documents to the device extremely simple.This comes with a USB-C cable, but not a charger (aka wall wort) so if you don’t have one lying around (I think the expectation is most of us do) you will need to pick one up.16 gig might not sound like a lot, but most books fall under 2K. I’ve seen public libraries (I’m looking at you, Florida) with fewer books than this can hold. Audible eats the memory a bit more, but I find this to be more than enough.You don’t get cellular connectivity with this, but that’s only with the premium Oasis line now. Scribe even missed out on that. I find it convenient, but I understand wifi is ubiquitous enough these days it’s not a big deal for most users. I have an annoying habit of finishing a book on the crosstown bus, then needing the next in the series. Yes, the cell phone tether works. No, that’s not as convenient as built-in cellular.It has fewer LEDs than most, but that’s not a big deal. Four lets you read in the dark. The scribe has 35. Guys, it’s an e-reader, not a disco, no one needs that many separate lights on that small a device. The absence of a warm light and auto adjusting lights are a bigger issue here. The warm light makes a big difference when you’re reading before bed.It doesn’t have the waterproofing, which I thought was a bigger deal when that first came out, but in all the time since I’ve yet to (knock wood) get a Kindle wet. It’s a nice to have, not a have to have.The size can throw people at first. The screen approximates two things – an index card turned portrait and a mass market paperback page. The occasional “ghosting” mirrors the see-through element of the cheaper mass market paperbacks, except on the device it refreshes quickly, and the ghosting goes away.There were some studies done that suggest memory is improved from reading from print rather than e-book. I want to point out a few issues and cite my own experience. First, all the studies I could find cite pop ups and other distractions as the primary issue. That is, the test is on a general-purpose tablet, not a single purpose e-reader. When they either do a study on an actual e-reader or compare with pop ups on the tablet vs someone coming over just as often and tossing brochures on their print book I’ll believe it. Unless all factors are equal, the study is inherently flawed. To my experience, my ability to absorb and either use the information (if it’s non-fiction) or retain it over time (if it’s fiction) is nearly identical in both, with the slight advantage of the e-book being able to search back in the text for prior information. It drives me nuts when a quote resurfaces in a print book, and I can’t find the prior mention again. Or when I need to find a code snippet in a shelf full of computer books rather than just search on device and have it in seconds.So, if you’re comfortable with the mass market paperback format, the size, the quality, then this is a huge step up. If you want to lay your hands on information quickly, then this is a huge step up.If you want portability, then this is a huge step up. I just had to help an elderly woman move into assisted living and the loss of space cost her nearly all of her much-loved library. I find it comforting that nearly all of mine fits in my purse. No more culling the library for space, then finding you need to buy a new copy. If you delete an e-book from your Kindle, you can download it again for free. I remember, in the dark days before the Kindle was invented, being stuck on a flight from Arizona to New York with nothing to read but the most misogynistic, worst written mystery novel I’d ever encountered. If I had a Kindle, I’d have had at least a dozen better choices at hand, not to mention rereads.The downside here is twofold. First, Dune and The Great Gatsby look the same size on the reader, so it’s hard to eyeball that one is a super-fast read and the other a meaty novel. It’s also a little too easy to build up a massive TBR pile, given it takes no physical space, the device memory is ample, and Amazon keeps offering free books to Prime members every month, sometimes more than one, and a crazy number of deeply discounted books Prime or not.If you are concerned about the environment, then this is a matter of economics of scale. On the last study I checked, the magic number was 20. At 20 books the manufacture and transport impact of the e-reader ties the impact of manufacturing and transporting print books. At 21 and beyond, the e-reader has almost no further impact as compared to the printing and transporting of physical books. E-readers have boasted substantial improvements in reducing their carbon footprint since that study, but I can find no more recent information. Even at 20, the worst number, it’s clear that e-readers are a pure win for the environment.It’s a great device. If you want to go with this one as the entry level, you won’t be disappointed.

  3. Thomas Allen

    The 2022 release of the Amazon Kindle has truly impressed me with its compact and lightweight design, making it the ultimate e-reader for one-handed reading enthusiasts like myself.First and foremost, the Kindle’s slim and portable form factor is a game-changer. It’s incredibly comfortable to hold in one hand for extended periods, which is essential for those marathon reading sessions. The reduced weight adds to the overall comfort, allowing me to immerse myself in my favorite books without any discomfort or strain.The improved display quality on this model is also worth mentioning. The text is crisp, clear, and easy on the eyes, even in bright sunlight. The adjustable front light is a fantastic feature, ensuring that I can read in any lighting condition without causing eye strain.One standout feature for me is the extensive library and accessibility that Amazon provides. With access to a vast selection of e-books, audiobooks, and magazines, I always have a world of reading options at my fingertips. The integration of Kindle Unlimited and Audible makes it even more versatile for bookworms like me.Battery life on the Kindle is impressive, lasting for weeks on a single charge. This is a huge plus for travelers or anyone who doesn’t want to worry about constantly recharging their device.The 2022 release of the Amazon Kindle is a fantastic e-reader that’s been designed with readers in mind. Its compact and lightweight design, exceptional display quality, and extensive library access make it a must-have for avid book lovers. Whether you’re reading at home or on the go, this Kindle delivers an outstanding reading experience that’s hard to beat. Highly recommended!

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