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LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Collector Cleopatra Fashion Doll, edición limitada de 11.5 pulgadas, muñeca coleccionista premium con

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Hazlo sin miedo. Hazlo a la moda. Hazlo feroz. Presentamos la primera edición limitada O.M.G. Fierce Cleopatra – Muñeca coleccionista de LOL Surprise. Esta edición de coleccionista del O.M.G. La línea de muñecas de moda feroz incluye moda de lujo y accesorios deslumbrantes. El exquisito tocado, armadura corporal, puños de brazo y aretes resaltan el estilo real y elegante de Cleopatra. Revela un nuevo aspecto quitando la capa y la falda y mostrando sus magníficos tacones inspirados en el estilo atrevido de la reina original. LOL Surprise O.M.G. Las muñecas feroces son totalmente posables y destacan a nuestros personajes LOL más preciados con una altura de 11.5 pies en tamaño. Disfruta de una nueva experiencia de desembalaje donde las bisagras de embalaje se abren para revelar la hermosa muñeca Cleopatra Collector y un hermoso fondo para mostrar esta muñeca de edición limitada. La mayoría de las reinas se convierten en leyendas años después de su tiempo, pero Cleopatra fue una leyenda durante su reinado. Ella era un icono del liderazgo y el estilo, conocida por hacer siempre una declaración y ser intrépida frente a desafíos. Esta reina dorada nos inspira con su brillo, belleza e increíble capacidad para sorprender al mundo. Más de dos mil años después, seguimos celebrando a Cleopatra como un símbolo de lo que realmente significa ser feroz.

De MGA Entertainment, creadores de LOL Surprise™ OMG muñecas y mascotas coleccionables de moda Rainbow High™, muñecas de sirena Mermaze Mermaidz™ con cambio de color, MGAE Miniverse™, Na Na Surprise, muñecas de moda Bratz®, muñecas de princesa y unicornio de MGA con purpurina Babyz™, Lalaloop sy™, Baby Born® Surprise – Muñecas de bebé y coleccionables, juguetes para niños Little Tikes® y muchas otras marcas favoritas.

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¡LOL Surprise! Muñeca Cleopatra coleccionista prémium OMG Fierce

Hazlo intrépido. Hazlo a la moda. Hazlo feroz. Presentamos la primera muñeca Cleopatra coleccionista prémium OMG Fierce de edición limitada de LOL Surprise


Desempaca impresionantes modas y accesorios

Desempaca impresionantes modas y accesorios con la muñeca de moda LOL Surprise OMG Fierce Cleopatra que incluye modas de lujo y accesorios deslumbrantes como una capa exterior dorada, un tocado, aretes y tacones sensacionales que resaltan su estilo real.

LOL Surprise OMG Fierce - Muñeca de colección prémium de Cleopatra de edición limitada

Estilo real y elegante

El exquisito tocado, armadura corporal, puños de brazos y aretes resaltan el estilo real y elegante de Cleopatra. Revela un nuevo aspecto quitando la capa y la falda, mostrando sus magníficos tacones inspirados en el estilo atrevido de la reina original.

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5,38 x 13,13 x 15,38 pulgadas

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Octubre 6, 2022


MGA Entertainment


a la tienda de L.O.L. Surprise!

Comentarios (8)

  1. Leya Fyre

    Beautiful, but with a couple flawsThis review is from an adult doll collector. I love the Lol Omg line, and think this one is gorgeous, but, there are a few things that make me feel it’s not quite worth the price tag.- The doll is detailed and stunning, but in all honesty, I feel that you get the same quality and detail with the OMG Remix Super Surprise doll set, which gives you 4 dolls for the same price point. That leaves this doll feeling of the same quality, but at 4 times the price. I feel as though $50 would have been much more reasonable for what it is.- Pros- – the outfit is beautiful, with real chains on her arm cuffs. The golden «cape» also has embroidery. There’s multiple layers to her outfit which add to the appeal. – her makeup is really pretty, and themed well for the look – she has collector doll appeal, and stands out from many of the regular omg lol dollsCons: – getting her out of the box is no fun task. There’s soooo many plastic pieces holding her in that you’ll need scissors for. It felt as though she was intended to stay in the box. The Golden cape may also receive damage if you’re not careful. – the golden cape has no instructions on where it goes and will not fit over her head. I ended up putting it around her waist.- the gold of the cape is made of a strange material that can «scratch» the gold coloring off if you’re not careful- the packaging ended up being so disappointing. For the high price, you’d expect something to at least use on display. The whole ‘background’ behind the doll is thin cardboard that has tons of slits for the plastic and tape. There’s really no way to leave it undamaged. It doesn’t come with any other display stand (aside from the usual plastic standing base) as other collector versions have in the past that are priced much lower.- no surprises. You usually get the fun of opening at least one little baggy with an Lol Omg Doll, but not with this one.Overall, I still love the doll, I just hope they put more effort in on any future dolls at this price point. Or.. lower the cost to be more reasonable for what you get.

  2. Andy

    GreatGreat gift for any kid. So well done. I even naught one for myself. The details and everything, wow Greta job MGA

  3. Alisha Eggers

    Cleopatra OMG/LOL dollThis was a huge hit for my g’daughters 5th bday!

  4. L. Boone

    PrettyI have purchased the LOL Collectors dolls for my daughter each year since they released Crystal Star. I’m glad I waited until this doll was on sale getting her for $45. She does have so defects but I plan on letting my daughter play with her and not keeping as a collectors item if I was I’d request a replacement.

  5. Corazon Armenta

    Wonderful dollI love this doll for my collection

  6. Nikolai

    very good quality, I recommendvery good quality, I recommend

  7. Kat Hamilton

    CleopatraThis doll is so beautiful!

  8. Amy Malimichi

    Frankie Can Kind of FitI have to agree with the other reviews: The price isn’t worth it and she is beautiful, detailed and you will love her if you’re an OMG Fierce collector.The price point should be between $60-80, not $100. I’m sure she’ll be on sale for about $80, get her then if you need her. I got her because I love the Fierce doll’s clothing since they fit many other fashion dolls (I put the Glo-up Girls in their outfits), so I don’t have a collector’s eye. As such, I tried to get photos of the things that might matter, like the hair and fabric straight out of the box.The box is collector level, I think. Very pretty and clearly meant to be kept as a display if you are so inclined. Mine came without damage and so far I haven’t noticed any factory flaws with the doll. I also think her eyeliner could have been more dramatic. She just looks like an OMG in Cleopatra garb rather than the ruler herself. A little boring in my opinion.Overall definitely a collector doll that has great quality. I also love how Frankie Stein looks as Cleopatra.

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