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Meta Quest 2 — Auricular avanzado de realidad virtual todo en uno — 128 GB Obtenga Meta Quest 2 con GOLF+ y Space Pirate

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*Meta Quest es para mayores de 13 años. Oferta válida del 5 de febrero de 2023 al 3 de junio de 2023 (11:59 PM PST). Oferta válida con la compra de un nuevo dispositivo Meta Quest 2 de 128 GB o 256 GB («Producto elegible»), hasta agotar existencias. Los dispositivos Meta Quest 2 de 64 GB y Meta Quest Pro no están incluidos. Se requiere registro de cuenta («Cuenta»). El titular de la cuenta debe tener 13 años o más. Artículos de oferta (contenido digital): Space Pirate Trainer DX y Golf+, ambos en la tienda Meta Quest. Contenido descargable adicional y otros contenidos y software, se venden por separado. Para recibir artículos de oferta, el producto elegible debe activarse primero entre el 5 de febrero de 2023, 12:01 AM PST al 17 de junio de 2023, 11:59 PM PST a través de una cuenta sin el derecho de Space Pirate Trainer DX y/o Golf+ anteriormente habilitado en dicha cuenta («Activación»). Después de la activación, recibirás un mensaje de notificación por correo electrónico, en tu aplicación móvil y en realidad virtual con un enlace para canjear los Artículos de Oferta desde la Tienda Meta Quest. No hay códigos de canje en relación con esta oferta. Los artículos de oferta deben canjearse dentro de los 14 días posteriores a la activación. Una vez canjeados, los artículos de oferta permanecen disponibles para descargar indefinidamente. Límite de uno (1) de cada artículo de oferta por producto elegible, independientemente del número de cuentas conectadas a dicho producto elegible. Los productos elegibles activados por primera vez a través de una cuenta con el derecho de Space Pirate Trainer DX y/o Golf+ habilitado anteriormente no son elegibles para recibir el artículo de oferta habilitado anteriormente. No es válido en pedidos o compras anteriores. La oferta no es transferible y no es válida para efectivo o equivalente en efectivo. La oferta puede cancelarse o modificarse en cualquier momento sin previo aviso.

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Weight 1 lbs



128GB, 256GB

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Agosto 23, 2021


Paquete activo, Paquete de iniciación, Paquete Pro, Paquete Streamer, Solo auriculares

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10,24 x 7,36 x 4,96 pulgadas; 1,83 Libras

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Meta Platform Technologies, LLC

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4 AA necesaria(s), incluida(s)


a la tienda de Meta Quest

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  1. Eugene W. Maloney

    A startling, occasionally disquieting virtual reality experience for allFirst, a little background. I’m 73 years old. Above average in the activity department, adept mentally, although I am literally the only person I know who can lose something when standing perfectly still. I have four grandchildren. I hold down a full-time job as a writer, and a once-a-year gig teaching Rio Grande Board Games at the annual World Boardgaming Championships (WBC).It was at the most recent WBC that I was introduced to MetaQuest 2 and in particular, its bundled game called Beat Saber. I’d tried much cheaper VR systems, the ones that hold your phone and you have to download apps to run on them. This was an entirely different ball game. This was, I should note, not a function of the WBC. It just so happened that one of the site administrators had brought the system along with him and one evening, invited me to give it a try.The first issue that one should note is that once you put the headset for this system on, you are pretty much detached from the reality around you. This is fine as long as it’s just you and the machine, but you can forget about being outside the machine and trying to instruct someone inside the machine about what’s going on. As it happened, the man who introduced me to the system basically set it up for me – put it on his own head, clicked the right buttons – and then transferred the headset to me. With a couple of hand prompts and a word or two, Beat Saber, the program that comes with the MetaQuest 2 when you buy it these days, came on line and there I stood, with two controllers, one in each hand, as my eyes beheld on the screen in front of me, a series of square blocks coming at me, each with an arrow, pointing either up, down, right or left. The controllers operate two light sabers, one in each hand, and the object of this game is to swat the approaching blocks in the direction indicated by the arrow on them. There are also occasional large obstacles coming at you, like skinny walls, which appear like three-dimensional line drawings as they approach. You can’t swat these aside and the idea is to avoid them. In most cases, this entails just stepping out of their way, either to the right or the left, but dependent on some choices you make in Beat Saber, some of these objects can be wide and impossible to avoid unless you duck as they approach. No way to jump over them.And there’s music. At first, you don’t pick up on the idea that your swatting activity with the light sabers can occasionally be rhythmic, linked to the beat of the music. . .Beat Saber. Get it? But you’ll pick up on that fairly quickly. If you don’t dance and would like to, this is a good program that will force-feed you the concept of moving your body in beat with the rhythm of a song. You don’t realize you’re dancing because as far as you’re concerned, you’re swatting colored boxes with virtual reality light sabers. A note of caution. People familiar with the system and how it works will delight in recording video of your attempts to play the game; unbeknowst to you, ‘cause you’re wrapped up in the headset and can’t see anything but what the machine is giving you to see. These people recording you will be LOL-ing themselves breathless, as you contort yourself in a relatively confined space, trying to dodge things and swat at the colored boxes.I made the mistake of failing to heed the warning that if I didn’t buy one of these systems soon, its price was going to go up. A lot. And it did. But I bought it anyway and am just beginning to tap into the available free apps and exploring the possibility of buying other ones.There’s a free Epic Roller Coaster app, which is fairly enjoyable, although oddly enough, both myself and my wife (now at home with our own MetaQuest 2) found ourselves getting a little queasy during the experience. Not sure what that’s about. She NEVER goes on real roller coasters and I do it all the time.Also found a walking-on-a-building-skeleton app that had me God knows how many stories high and though not generally afraid of heights (acrophobia), I wasn’t all that keen on walking on the available, skinny steel walkways to approach the edge. I’m in my living room, my mind knowing damn full well that I’m not only not as high as the program makes me think I am, but am, in fact, on solid ground. Yet, in an attempt to approach the edge and have a look OVER the edge, I am literally creeping forward, edging my foot out in front of me, making sure of my balance with each step. My mind absolutely refuses to grasp the concept that I am not in any danger.It should be noted that when you play in virtual reality, the mechanism has you define a space where you are going to be, literally drawing a perimeter line. It’s not because the machine is worried you might step off the big building you only think you’re on, but when you’re playing a game like Beat Saber, you want to make sure that your arm movements don’t knock over a lamp your Aunt Ethel gave you for Christmas last year, or in moving your legs around, you don’t accidentally kick the screen out of your new Smart TV.I haven’t been too excited by any of the first-person shooter kind of apps that are available. That kind of activity never lured me to the various systems that were already on the market. But I did notice and have been on the verge of pulling the trigger on some of the other activities, like table tennis, actual tennis and some other sports activities, like baseball. Am also interested in what is, at present, a small selection of board games, like Tsuro and chess (in a variety of different environments). They offer Catan (originally, Settlers of Catan) and though my interest in board games is strong, I never really liked Catan in real-time, so I’m not going to pick it up in VR.I recommend this system highly. The experience of good VR (and you can buy systems better than the basic one that I purchased) is mind-altering. It’s something to which your mind has never been previously exposed; an alternate reality with its own set of rules that takes some getting used to. It’s more expensive than pot, but unlike pot, it doesn’t just let your head create new connections and free it from everyday anxieties, it creates a reality within your brain that is intriguing to watch, hear and interact with.And as my age indicates, fun for all ages.Oh, and one other cautionary note for those of a certain advanced age. The first time I tried the system, at the WBC, my score at Beat Saber was abysmally low. So I tried again. And again. It wasn’t my hand movements with the controllers or the side-stepping away from approaching objects that got to me. It was the ducking at things that I had to let go over my head. I made the crouching moves necessary with reckless abandon. Once, again, and again. My upper thighs complained to me all of the next day. The good news is that it makes for good, healthy exercise.

  2. Nick

    Return for replacement (Updated)Update: Replacement device works much better. The replacement was in a different more updated packaging. It actually was called meta quest 2 on the packaging. The original I got was called oculus (by Facebook) I wonder if something changed between the two different productions that caused my issues? They were both made in 2022 but one in February the other in August. Anyway Amazon made it right as usual. I personally am still not super impressed with the unrefined nature of gameplay on meta platform but I think there is potential when the hardware improves. It’s a lot of computing power to ask out of a small box that sits on your face. So in summary if you really want to play vr games with mobility then meta is your best option. If you are looking for quality refined games and graphics then I would say PlayStation VR is superior. I am excited to see what the future of vr is going to bring. It’s only going to get better.Hopefully the replacement is better. This thing is a joke. Constantly freezing and closing apps. Put boundaries on lowest settings and you must still need an empty gymnasium to do anything without the guardian crap being triggered. I don’t have an empty gymnasium on hand so the device is useless. Hopefully this is a software issue or camera sensor problem and the replacement will be better. If not I will be returning both. This is the user interface quality you would expect if you spent 45 dollars on this at tj maxx but not for something that costs 400 bucks and is supposed to be a revolutionary vr device. Even if it was working as intended I am still not impressed with the choppy look of all the graphics in the apps. Reminds me of the flight simulator game from the late 90’s or something. That’s my opinion the device is for my son so if he thinks it’s cool then that’s good but I personally am disappointed with the graphics quality. The battery life is pretty bad from what I can tell. Have not been able to actually get into any games for more than a few minutes before screen goes black and takes me back to menu most times other times it just stays black and you have to reset it. It’s beyond frustrating and annoying. I feel like the vr tech is just not there yet maybe another 5 years and it will be appropriate to call it virtual reality rather than a game attached to your head.

  3. Caiden Finch

    Fits with glasses!This is my first vr headset, and I quite like it for the price!It fits my glasses well, and as someone who is nearsighted, I do in fact need them to see the screen clearly.The battery in the headset lasts 2 hours and takes about 2 hours to charge, so keep that in mind.I personally find it gets uncomfortable to wear after about 1 to 1.5 hours, since it’s so heavy on the face.I’d highly recommend getting a headset strap for comfort, but find one off-brand for a much better price. The in-game view gets blurry if the headset is not perfectly centered on your face, so get a head strap to keep it in place without constant adjustment from it sliding forward.I got one for $40 including a battery, and it works perfectly.The audio quality is good for it not being headphones; I find that it blocks outside noise surprisingly well just from the speakers being near my ears. That being said, I can still hear things around me, but they are not distracting enough to take me out of the immersion.My specific headset has a slight scratch on one of the lenses, leaving a blurry spot while gaming, but it is small enough to ignore.The controllers are comfortable to use, but the wrist straps are not. Not a huge issue, though.

  4. Sara C

    My Second Time Purchasing This! And not because of issues with the firstI actually wound up buying another one of these for my niece for her birthday. She was diagnosed with melanoma stage 3 last year and fought like a soldier over the last year. After finishing her chemo she was going to get a scan declaring her in remission. Sadly she didn’t get that good news as we hoped and now she has a harder battle to fight. The only thing she mentioned wanting was an oculus and her birthday was very close to her second diagnosis, so I asked my sister in law if my husband and I could get it for her. Well, she got to skip school the day it was out for delivery and now she is able to play it with family members and my son even when they aren’t in the same house. It was a great way to connect with each other and that was my goal; for her to have the game system she wanted and play with her cousins through the internet. I’m hoping this will be a continued favorite game in days where she may be feeling down or too tired to go out. Seeing her smile when she received it made it worth every penny, and I already knew it would be a great system since my sonHas had his for almost a year now with no issues!

  5. Blake

    Wireless feels wired latency wiseI finally broke my original Rift good enough that I replaced it with this. Original Rift was still kicking though! What a piece of engineering.Any how, this thing blows my old Rift away in every aspect and then some. The only think I might miss about the old rift was it was oled. That really makes a difference in dark scenes, though I really am willing to make that small compromise for pure, lag free wireless VR.I thought going wireless would require a lot of fine tuning and an expensive router to function even subpar, but boy was I wrong! It was plug and play… My 10 or so year old Asus 5ghz router lets me game at 120hz. It’s all a breeze and just feels like I am tethered! I’m pretty sure that having my vr setup in a 30×30 metal shop building with pretty much no interference and the router inside plays a big role though, so your mileage may vary.That being said, this was a MASSIVE upgrade for me. Not only did I cut the cord and can now play all of my pc vr titles without dragging around an annoying cable or worrying about how many times I spin, but now my play space is as big as I can clear a space for and the resolution is astounding!!! Oh, and 120hz is nice too, though I did end up dropping it down to 90hz because I wanted more eye candy.This doesn’t feel like a budget headset. Packaging was nice, just like my first rift. This is an unbelievable product for the money. Had enough charge out of the box for some fun and the controllers were preloaded with some nice aa’s. Really as if the designers just wanted to ensure everyone new to VR would almost assuredly be catapulted into an amazing experience…I have found the battery life to be about just right. 2.5-3 hours and I’m usually ready to take a break anyways, and the charge only takes about the same amount of time. May pick up a battery soon though just so I can really get engrossed during those long sessions and not worry.Love this product, great job Meta! really an amazing time to be alive!

  6. Devin George

    Could be better in some aspects with a few changes but still absolutely worth it!I have absolutely enjoyed the heck out of this headset. It’s fun and the fact that someone on my budget could afford it is really something. I wouldn’t have had a VR set if it weren’t for this being as affordable as it is. There are some shortcuts clearly taken to help keep it affordable but the actual VR hardware is amazing. Visuals are clear and immersive and it keeps up with my movements very well. If you don’t have the money for something like an Index or Vive but want VR this is a great choice. It’s also pretty sturdy. I’ve punched my table so hard my knuckles bled and the controller barely had a mark on it. You also can’t tell I’ve headbutted my desk multiple times trying to pick up guns and rotwiener cores lol.Lets get complaints out of the way first:• The original strap the headset came with is 100% the absolute worst part of the headset.Do yourself a favor and snag the Kiwi Design head strap while you’re here on Amazon. The original strap squeezed the heck out of my head and if I loosened it the headset could flop around a bit causing blurry graphics and just being uncomfortable for a different reason. Due to that constant squeeze it gave me some nasty headaches usually after 2-3 hours of gameplay but sometimes much sooner and they could last the rest of the day. While they’re nothing compared to a cluster headache for pain they were still what I’d consider bad.• Air link was awesome and worked great but was broken within a week of receiving the headset likely due to a patch (0.37 I think).I didn’t get to enjoy it and the only potential bit of troubleshooting I have left to try as far as I’ve found is a factory reset which I’m reluctant to do. I bought a 3rd party link cable which is working well enough for me but I’d really like to be able to take my gaming to my living room where I have much less risk of punching or breaking anything and have some room to physically move around.• I don’t really like having to be signed in with a Facebook account.I don’t think this is going to change anytime soon if ever though.I’ve played Hotdogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades (H3VR), Blade & Sorcery, Pavlov, and Legendary Tales with my headset. I’ve played around 76 hours since I got it and aside from the headaches problem (which I’ve solved recently) it’s been absolutely amazing and immersive. I’ve also used it to watch youtube, streaming shows, and movies. I absolutely love the thing for every use I’ve had for it so far. It’s an absolute blast to experience actually fighting an opponent yourself whether it be that sniper in his tower or a bunch of knights. Just through the games themselves there’s an amazing amount of stuff to experience but adding mods makes it even better. This headset can get your foot in the door to worlds you’ve always wanted to see in person at a pretty cheap price compared to it’s competitors. Past video game levels, fantasy settings, all sorts of places to see and things to do.An aspect you might have been thinking about is this is a great fitness tool even without dedicated fitness apps. Before you realize it you’ll be sweaty and tired from swinging your arms, moving around, and holding your arms in front of you for surprisingly long periods of time. Pretty much anything you do with your VR will involve some level of activity and the gaming will almost certainly help kick your butt into shape. You should still visit the gym and make sure you’re eating right though.I have only done gaming through PCVR and SteamVR. I have not tried any of the games for the headset on it’s own nor do I expect to anytime soon. If you’re looking for info on them then sorry but I can’t help you with that.There’s several improvements I’d love to see either through future patches or future products. Probably the easiest would be the ability to verify and repair to latest patch the headset software from settings (if it’s there I haven’t found it). That way if my air link problem is software based I could fix it easily without having to do something like factory resetting the thing. If not then that’s one more troubleshooting step I can cross off on my own fairly easily. In the next model or with an accessory if it’s possible one thing I’d like is a second dedicated charge port allowing the use of a link cable and a charger with more oomph than a PC’s USB 3 port would typically have for longer play times both at the same time. Another thing I’d like is a fabric cover. While the silicone cover is nice and stops the foam from irritating my face I’d love to have an official machine washable fabric facial interface cover that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

  7. Bobwobbin

    AMAZB@LL5The Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset is an exceptional piece of technology that is sure to take your VR experience to the next level. With its 256 GB storage capacity, you can store all your favorite games and apps without having to worry about running out of space.One of the standout features of the Meta Quest 2 is its high-resolution display, which boasts crystal clear graphics and a smooth refresh rate for an incredibly immersive experience. Additionally, the advanced optics and ergonomic design ensure that the headset is comfortable to wear for extended periods, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your virtual world.The Meta Quest 2 also has a wide range of built-in sensors that track your movements and allow for full 360-degree motion, making your virtual experience even more realistic and engaging. Plus, the intuitive touch controllers provide precise and responsive control for an even more immersive experience.Overall, the Meta Quest 2 Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset — 256 GB is an exceptional product that delivers an unparalleled VR experience. Whether you’re a seasoned VR enthusiast or just starting out, this headset is sure to impress with its advanced features and immersive capabilities. So, if you’re looking to take your virtual reality experience to the next level, get Meta Quest 2 and prepare to be blown away!

  8. Buddy

    Great VRBought two of these Meda Quest VR for my grandsons. They are really enjoying them. There is an app that allows others to actually watch the game being played. Awesome.Restricting the time to use the VR is the hard part, but would definitely recommend it.

  9. Brendan

    This thing is a blastTruly, this is some of the most fun ive had in a long time. I am a grown man and i feel like i have discovered a whole new universe…well i guess i have. I find myself just immersed in so many exciting scenarios. Also, who knew you could use this thing for productivity? Not me. But i do now! Oh, i am also a virtual dj now.

  10. -B

    Best value for VR (as of end of 2022 Q4)… if your OK with the potential for data misuse.My first VR headset was the Oculus Rift. The Meta Quest 2 is definitively an upgrade. The standalone VR is way better than I was expecting and in and of itself worth the price. However the Meta Link (wired) to a pc works however over is a tedious pain, hence minus one star.Steam VR over Meta Quest 2 Link PC hardward considerations:1. Computer should support usb 3.0 or greater… 2.0 works but not much of an upgrade over original Rift.2. USB Link speed determines max Steam VR resolution / refresh rate (My USB 2.0 link is 72Hz at full resolution, increasing refresh rate lowers resolution).3. Max power available over USB Link (just because it’s 3.0 doesn’t mean it will have enough power to play AND charge the Meta Quest 2 at the same time)4. a PCIe add in card with a direct connection to the power supply is recommended to charge AND play without slowly draining Meta Quest 2 battery.5. A «gotcha» for USB3x PCIe add in cards is the number of available PCI express lanes available for the card to operate at «full speed» (Note: a PCI express lane is not to be confused with a PCIe motherboard slot: PCI express lanes are internal connections supported by the motherboard chip-set, not the physical motherboard slots) (example my motherboard has two PCIe slots and 16 PCI express lanes. The video card takes so many lanes the add in card will only run at USB 2.0 speeds inspite of the fact it is a USB3.2 PCIe card! If I pull my video card it would probably work )6. Beefy videocards take a lot of PCIexpress lanes (~16)7. PCIe to USB3x cards operating at 10Gbs take another (4~)Steam VR over Meta Quest 2 Link PC software considerations:I have to launch Oculus software then Steam VR and then plug/unplug/re-plug the headset and sometimes reboot and relaunch everyting to get the order correct for the link to work. It’s almost as if Meta is intentionally being difficult…Personal data considerations:Then of course there is the fact that all of your choices, game play time, vr room choice, vr avatar choice, manerisims, reaction time, room layout, hand preference, height, voice, ect… are available to be recorded and cataloged in a database. It is not a stretch to imagine this data is put into a database and compared against target groups matching you for the purpose of influencing your purchasing choice and/or vote to the group willing to pay for the advertisment. It’s what the engineer in me would do if assigned the task… I assure you, you are not completely immune to sustained targeted influence. Even the order of the «feed» will influence your emotions and once your emotions are involved you are controllable.But yea, I bought one, it’s worth the money, just turn off most of the personal tracking features and hope they respect your/my wishes…»I, for one, welcome our supreme overlords.»

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