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Moto G Power | 2022 | Batería de 3 días | Desbloqueado | Hecho para EE.UU. por Motorola | 4/128 GB | Cámara de 50 MP | Azul

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Moto G Power 2022: hasta tres días de duración de la batería1. Cámara de 50 MP. Captura más sin parar para recargar.

Más información del producto

moto g power, att, sin contrato, post pagado, prepago

Batería de hasta 3 días. Infinitas posibilidades.

octa-core performace

duración de la batería

Cámara de 50 mps de captura dual

Rendimiento octa-core

Obtenga un aumento en velocidad y eficiencia de un procesador octa-core con tecnología HyperEngine. El procesador MediaTek G37 Helio de 2.3 GHz ofrece a tu teléfono un impulso en todos los ámbitos, desde frecuencias de actualización más rápidas hasta conexiones de red más fiables.

Hasta 3 días de duración de la batería

Deja el cargador en casa. Con una batería masiva de 5000 mAh, puedes pasar hasta tres días con una sola carga. Escucha música durante 110 horas, ve videos durante 18 horas o manténgase al día con las redes sociales durante 17 horas.

Sistema de cámara de 50 MP + captura dual

Toma imágenes más nítidas y brillantes en entornos de poca luz gracias a la tecnología Quad Pixel. Captura increíbles detalles de primer plano con la cámara Macro Vision. Y convierte fotos cotidianas en retratos profesionales con el sensor de profundidad. Además, disfruta de nuevas funciones como Dual Capture, que te permite disparar con cámaras frontal y trasera al mismo tiempo.

Compatible con todas las principales compañías de Estados Unidos

Pantalla HD+ de 6.5"

moto g power 2022, sin contrato

desbloqueado para todos los principales transportistas

Frecuencia de actualización de 90 Hz con pantalla HD+ de 6.5″

Da vida a tus juegos, películas y chats de video en una pantalla ultrarrápida impresionante. La pantalla Max Vision HD+ de 6,5″ te ofrece la máxima visualización gracias a una relación de aspecto de 20:9. Es fluida y perfecta con una frecuencia de actualización de 90 Hz y un retraso mucho menor.

Repelente al agua

No dejes que derrames o salpicaduras se interpongan en el camino. Ya sea que vayas a correr o llame bajo la lluvia, un diseño repelente al agua mantiene tu teléfono protegido.

Desbloqueado para todos los principales transportistas

Smartphone Android de Google Compatible con todos los principales operadores de Estados Unidos, incluyendo Verizon, AT&T y T Mobile. También funciona con operadores prepagos, incluyendo Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Simple Mobile, Total Wireless, Tracfone, Net10, Mint, Tracfone, Google Fi y H2O.

Especificaciones del producto:

Sistema operativo Android 11
Arquitectura/procesador del sistema MediaTek Helio G37
Dimensiones: 6.584 x 3.013 x 0.369 in
Peso 7.16 oz
Mostrar Visión máxima de 6.5″
Batería 5000 mAh
Cámara trasera principal Sensor de 50 MP, 1,3 μm (Quad Pixel) f/1,8
Cámara frontal 8 MP (f/2.0, 1.12 um)
USB Puerto tipo C (USB 2.0)
Servicios de ubicación GPS, A-GPS, LTEPP, SUPL, GLONASS
Sensores Tipo de LED de notificación, lector de huellas dactilares, sensor de proximidad, acelerómetro, sensor de luz ambiental, giroscopio, brújula electrónica, barómetro, punto de acceso
Experience-My UX Personalizable: Estilos y papeles pintados gestos: Captura rápida, linterna rápida, captura de pantalla de tres dedos, Flip for DND, Pick up to Silence, Lift to unlock, Swipe to split Pantalla: Pantalla de mirada, pantalla atenta reproducción: Juegos, efecto audio, controles multimedia Novedades
Control por voz Asistente de Google
Colores Dark Grove, Ice Blue
Conector para auriculares Conector para auriculares de 0.138 in

Información importante

Diagonal visible en pantalla

7″ / 17 cm

Additional information

Dimensiones del producto

6,57 x 3,03 x 0,35 pulgadas


128 GB, 256GB, 32GB, 64GB




Azul (Ice), Azul / Patchwork, Dark Grove, gris (Moonlight Gray), plateado, ‎Gris


Funda G Power + LITE, G Power



País de origen



a la tienda de Motorola

Comentarios (10)

  1. Leonore Prohaska

    Adequate replacement for 2020 Moto G PowerMotorola stopped providing updates, including security updates, for my 2020 Moto G Power, so I felt obligated to replace it. This one, 128 GB in Ice Blue, actually cost less than what I paid for the 2020 model, which had less storage.Numerous junk apps like TikTok came pre-installed on this phone, but I was able to uninstall them and they seem to stay off (be sure to fully update phone *before* uninstalling/disabling, else they might return). I also disabled a lot of needless Google apps that can’t be removed. Now that the extensive clean-up has been done, I now have a decent phone much like the 2020 Power G I had before — simple and clean, works well with Visible (my cellular provider).Cons:1) The dumb two-line clock on the lock screen can be changed — on Android 12L. However, this phone only has Android 12, so we’re stuck with that gaudy 2-line lock screen clock. Fortunately we can choose a sensible clock for the home screen.2) The OS is a little slower to respond than my 2020 Power G, due to the slower chip (yes, incredibly, this phone has a slower chip than the 2020 model…maybe that is why this newer model was cheaper).3) Had to uninstall / disable a LOT of junk.Pros:1) Color (ice blue is a nice change from my old glossy black one)2) I’m getting security updates again…for awhile, until Motorola decides to stop providing them for this model too.3) Relatively inexpensive.4) Battery life is still good, like the prior model.5) A little thinner than the older model.

  2. Richard

    Still learning about the PhoneThe biggest challenge at first was fully understanding what an unlocked phone was. When I received the phone I was very surprised to find out that it came with no SIM card. I did try to get help from the company who sold the phone no response whatsoever. I ended up getting a TracFone SIM card kit. I got the Sim Card kit and just the .99 cent version.The .99 cent version was the one I installed and it worked!The setup of the phone itself was very simple and easy to do. For this you will need to have a good Wi-Fi connection. Along with the cards for air time, data and a service plan.I did not use the Face recognition or fingerprint feature nor do I intend to. I only gave them 1 star. As I mentioned in the headline Iam still learning about the phone. My previous one was a Samsung Galaxy a10e.The phone has plenty of storage around 128 gb.So enjoy your adventure with your phone.

  3. Bill Robling

    Heavier than I expectedWith a sturdy case, it’s heavier than I expected and almost too big for my hand. I was spoiled by the Moto G6, but it died. This was a good price.

  4. Angie 650

    New phone works beautifully!!! Stay away from Refurbished! Save time get new instead.Excellent phone, camera, beautiful pictures. Battery lasts forever. I just wish I didn’t waste my time trying a refurbished garbage that they “fixed up” That they didn’t even check the camera, who knows what else there was. But it new, really worth it. TY

  5. Debbie C.

    Great Phone With Great Battery LifeI don’t live on my phone but I HATE changing phones; my last phone was a Samsung S8 if that tells you anything. I hate paying for new phones but this phone is extremely reasonably priced. The best thing is that it doesn’t come full of a bunch of apps that you are not going to use, and the apps that are there and those you download are easily closed so nothing is running in the battery sucking up battery life and storage space! It is a bit time consuming to set up but at least you don’t have to sit in a store somewhere with someone. If you’ve backed up everything to the cloud and/or if you have a data transfer cable, that makes it easier especially for your pictures, contacts, etc.

  6. M. V., Albq., NM

    Long lasting batteryThe Moto G Power 2022 is my favorite phone. It’s not expensive and it’s a tough phone. I dropped my last one from the roof and it suffered minimal damage. The corner of the screen had a small chip and you couldn’t see it unless I told you where it was. I gave that phone to a friend and liked it so much that I bought another one. I purchased a Moto G Stylus 2020 phone before I bought this one but the speakers gave out and sounded terrible. That phone did not even come close to the Moto G Power and costed twice as much. What I really like about the Moto G Power is that the battery lasts twice as long as the Moto G Stylus which only lasted a half day. I watch a lot of videos about guitar luthier technics. This new phone allows me to watch videos almost all day without having to recharge. I have not found another phone that lasts as long as this one. And I have owned everything from Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus to iPhones to flip phones. The speakers are loud and clear on this phone and it’s small enough to fit in my back pocket. I would recommend this phone and I rarely ever say that about a product. Even my friend who I gave my other phone to loves it and uses it daily. I hope Motorola continues to manufacture this product because I do not see how the other companies haven’t picked up on this technology to make their batteries last longer. So if you want an inexpensive phone that is better quality than some of the other phone which cost twice more, but it while it’s still available. That’s my two cents.

  7. J

    Good phone for the money.Great phone for the price. Bought this after my Samsung J3 started not working correctly. Lots of memory and a nice camera. Like the fact it has a removable SD card and a good camera and the battery will last me for 3 or 4 days before I have to charge it. Only thing I don’t like about the phone is it’s to big.

  8. 4xParent

    6+ months later, no regretsBought to replace my Samsung Galaxy s10e that unexpectedly died last fall (answered a call, set it down, picked up ten minutes later phone was a useless brick that wouldn’t power on, charge, nothing; I tried EVERYTHING). So I bought this as a cheaper alternative replacement and was pleased indeed despite the learning curve of a new device.It’s got a great camera, and battery life has been excellent (provided I don’t use a ton of super sucker apps that are known to eat battery charge). It has an overcharge protection feature, too, to extend the overall battery life, which is nice although it does mean it won’t fast charge unless you manually override the setting if that’s important to you. It doesn’t have a built-in music player app (like Samsung music), either, so that bummed me out at first. Otherwise it’s comparable to a newer Samsung s21 in every way and I haven’t had a single issue or complaint.

  9. Gary

    Fast Delivery Rapid Recovery of Phone SystemVery Happy. Good Deal in Quality vs Price. NEW phone, upgraded product, beautiful color, and very pleased.

  10. Sid Curless

    Great low-end phone with a good cameraGreat little Moto phone, has an excellent camera, decent battery life

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