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Nerf N-Strike Elite disruptor pistola de 6 dardos pistola Nerf Blaster 90 pies de disparo.Paquete doble.

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Nerf N-Strike Elite Disruptor 6 Dardos Rapid Fire Nerf Gun Blaster dispara 90 pies Paquete individual

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9 x 6 x 3 pulgadas



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Abril 16, 2017




a la tienda de NERF

Comentarios (9)

  1. Pablo Luque Muñoz

    BienFue un regalo y está conseguida

  2. Kathryn

    FUNthe packaging was ripped when i received it but it was going to be ripped open anyways! so fun for everyone

  3. Dominique Mendez

    A lot of power behind this toyI bought this for a six year old. He loved it. However this is definitely an outdoor toy. The power behind this toy is intense. If you get hit with this within a short distance it will hurt.

  4. H.Rose

    6yr old and upWorks great for 6 year olds and up. My 5 yr old nephew had a hard time priming it on his own but was perfect for his 7 yr old brother & 16yr old cousin.

  5. Pleased in Mo.

    Great gift for boys!Ordered as Christmas gifts! Was on their list. Arrived quickly. Great $ comparison too.

  6. Areana S

    Great product just be wise about safetyThese work very well and unless one loads them incorrectly, they don’t jam. I would caution about the power though. I bought them for my 6 yr old grandson so he and his dad could play and those darts hurt. I got hit in the lip and my grandson got hit in the cheek and we both got welts. It was our own stupidity as it should never be aimed towards the face. So if you buy these for children (heck even for an adult) warn them to wear eye protection and aim for center mass only. All in all though they are extremely fun to play with and well made.

  7. Kelly Van Damme

    So much funHad so much fun! Christmas nerf war with our adult kids. Amazing. We are already planning for next year.These were spot on for the price. We did experience some miss firing. Darts were easy to load.

  8. Kevin Findley

    On-time and in great shape!Exactly as pictured and definitely what a kid wants for his birthday. Thanks!

  9. Robert L Oldham

    Hard to pull pump backGot these for our twin 6 year old grandkids. Neither our grandson or granddaughter could pull the pump back to be able to fire them. Well made and fun but not usable. We ordered a pair of motorized ones so they won’t have that problem.

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