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Nintendo Switch – OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition

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Embárcate en una aventura épica a través de la tierra y los cielos de Hyrule con el sistema Nintendo Switch™ – Modelo OLED – The Legend of Zelda™: Tears of the Kingdom Edition. El Nintendo Switch – Modelo OLED – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition cuenta con un diseño inspirado en el juego Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, incluyendo el conocido Hylian Crest de la serie Legend of Zelda en la parte delantera del muelle (juego no incluido).

• Muelle blanco brillante con ilustraciones de Hylian: En la superficie del muelle blanco brillante, los símbolos que aparecen en el juego Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom se muestran en oro junto con el Hylian Crest
• Hardware con diseños del juego: Un patrón misterioso que aparece en todo Hyrule decora la parte posterior del sistema
• Controladores Joy-Con: los controladores Joy-Con incluidos presentan los clásicos colores verde y dorado de la serie Legend of Zelda junto con símbolos y patrones del nuevo juego.
• Pantalla OLED de 7 pulgadas: disfrute de colores vivos y contraste nítido con una pantalla que hace que los colores destaquen
• Soporte ajustable amplio: ángulo libre del sistema s ancho, soporte ajustable para una visualización cómoda en modo de mesa
• Puerto LAN con cable: utilice el puerto LAN del docks cuando juegue en modo TV para una conexión a Internet por cable (cable LAN se vende por separado)
• Almacenamiento interno de 64 GB: guarde juegos en su sistema con 64 GB de almacenamiento interno, una parte de los cuales está reservada para su uso por el sistema
• Audio mejorado: disfrute de un sonido mejorado de los altavoces integrados del sistema cuando se reproduce en los modos de mano y mesa
• Compatibilidad: Soporta todos los controladores Joy-Con y software Nintendo Switch

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Azul neón y rojo., Blanco, Legend of Zelda, Neon Blue and neon Red, Neon Red & Neon Blue, Splatoon, The Legend of Zelda: Edición Lágrimas del Reino

Fecha de lanzamiento

Abril 28, 2023


Consola, w/ 1TB Memory Card, w/ 256GB Memory Card, w/ 512GB Memory Card

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3,94 x 10,24 x 8,25 pulgadas; 2,24 Onzas

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Comentarios (10)

  1. Ace Prestige

    SWITCH? ZELDA? YES PLEASE!So I have to say.. I was holding off on buying an OLED for some time, as I already had a Switch Lite and a Switch. (Both special editions themselves) But this one just caught my eye, and I knew that I HAD to make it mine. Should you upgrade to an OLED? Well, if you have a Switch Lite.. then most certainly. If you have a Switch… maybe not as necessary. However, the screen upgrade and the improved stand are quite nice to have. So it is just a matter of how bad you really want it and if you can afford it. I thought that this would be a very limited special edition. But it seems like there may be a decent stock of them like there was with the Animal Crossing Switch. So I would not be in a huge hurry… BUT, if you want it, I would not delay too long either.

  2. Ryan

    HappyRecently my Gen 1 switch broke so I’d thought I try my hand on one of these new oldeds. Getting a LOZ themed one is a plus.Visuals are fantastic and graphic are even better. Plus it holds more memory than g1 versions is also great.And if I didn’t already own myself a pro controller I’d get myself the one that themed with this oled.That being said there is only 2 issue I see at this moment. And that is the lag and heat build up.If only for a few moments when using it, it may slow down/freeze but only if you press/move to many icons and buttons at once.As to the heating issue. It is much worse the g1. So if yall are charging it, pull it out once it’s done to avoid any potential damage. And if you got it docked to play on the big screen keep in mind how long you play due to the heat output. Also recommend you leave it powered off/un docked when not in use or charging for the same reasons.Other than that it’s leaps and bounds better the the first Gen of switchs

  3. Matt

    A lot of fun and very versatile play«Santa» got this for my son this year and it ended up reignited the gamer in me. I absolutely love how versatile this system is. You can play handheld with controllers attached to the screen, with the controllers separate from the screen and attached to a handheld game controller adapter, or you can dock the screen and play on your TV. It makes it a great activity for my son on long car rides. The screen is bright and colorful. I definitely recommend getting a glass screen protector and carrying case for it, though. The screen is a bit heavy and wouldn’t be very hard for a kid to drop this, even while they’re playing it. The graphics aren’t quite as good on the screen as they are on the TV but that’s sort of expected. On the TV, the graphics are excellent depending on the game. Mariokart in particular looks awesome.ERGONOMICS: As versatile as the controllers make this system, the Switch controllers do not lend themselves very well to larger hands. I guess this system is geared more toward kids in that regard. The buttons and joysticks are small and not very ergonomic for adult sized hands. Using the controller adapter isn’t bad but using the individual controllers to allow multiplayer is cumbersome. The controllers are just too small. I was able to play only a couple races in Mariokart before my hands began to hurt from trying to hold the controller. I ended up buying an off-brand wireless controller for multiplayer situations, which I even find more comfortable than the adapter so I also recommend buying a second one if you plan on using the system. While playing with the controllers attached to the side of the screen is a bit more comfortable, the screen is a bit heavy as I said before, and holding it up for ten minutes of play got difficult even for me, so I imagine it would be even heaver for a kid to hold.Overall I really like the system for its versatility. With two ways to play on the go and a more stationary option for at home play, it doesn’t limit you to one style of playing. You can figure out which style is more comfortable for you depending on your situation.

  4. Dusty Dino

    Unimpressive Hardware, Overpriced, But Very FunAs a kid I owned a Nintendo, an original Gameboy, and a Super Nintendo. I’ve been aware of the Nintendo consoles since then, but haven’t put any time or money into the platform since my Super Nintendo days. Instead Sony has been getting my time and money. Using the PS5 as my benchmark, initially I was very disappointed in the Switch. However, after purchasing the top Nintendo exclusive games and putting considerable time into it, I’ve come around and I’m definitely happy I purchased the Switch OLED. What I failed to understand when I purchased the Switch is that Nintendo is not competing directly against Sony and Microsoft. Nintendo has essentially become the «Disney» of gaming. In that I mean that Nintendo has their characters and storylines that we’ve all grown up with. Now we want our kids to share in that experience, which doesn’t really require an 8k capable GPU. Instead, being a clever company, Nintendo has targeted kids with a comparatively less expensive console, sporting handheld capability, tons of swag, and easy to configure parental controls. For adults that want to play after the kids have gone to sleep, the platform supports some more mature titles, and a regular controller experience.I really like the classic games like Zelda, Mario, & Metroid. The gameplay is improved and the stories are familiar. Nintendo’s Pro Controller is fantastic (it’s also a must for adults). I like being able to take the console on trips, and dock it at my TV at home. I also really appreciate the use of micro SD storage. Downloaded games seem to average around 5.5 GB in size, so adding a 256 GB micro SD to your built in 64 GB of storage should allow plenty of space for most people. I like the game sales in the eShop, as that’s the time to buy. And while I don’t recommend it, the ability to purchase cartridges is a bit nostalgic for me.I really dislike the terrible, dated hardware choices that Nintendo made. The OLED screen may be an improvement over the original Switch, but it’s still not great at only 720p resolution. The wired network adapter in the dock is slightly faster than the wireless adapter in the console, but both are terribly slow and it takes a long time to download games. The Nintendo network speeds are also laughably slow, and I wonder if they are trying to preserve the nostalgia of the load screen. Keep in mind that unless you want to get up to change your game, or potentially have your kid lose a game, you’ll want to download your games from the eShop. So you’re really forced to deal with the slow network experience everytime you want something new. It’s still worth the suffering up front for the long-term convenience of having it downloaded. Another confusing hardware choice is the Joy-Con controller. These things are overpriced trash. I can see where Nintendo was going, but they have some major shortcomings. To charge the Joy-Con’s they need to be connected to the console, or you have to purchase the charging grip (~$35). Nintendo included a grip, but not one with charging capabilities, which means you’ll have to switch to handheld mode to keep playing, or stop playing while they charge. Instead of buying a charging grip, I recommend the Pro Controller, which has a USB-C port on the front for charging while playing. It’s better than the Joy-Con in every way, and cheaper. Which brings me to my biggest complaint, the price. Just like Disney, Nintendo is fully aware of the grip they have on your kids, and thus they charge accordingly. There is no part of this console that makes it worth the price. You either want to play (or your kids to play) Zelda, Mario, Metroid, etc. or you don’t. If you do, then you will pay. Need an extra power adapter so you don’t have to disconnect it from the dock everytime…overpriced. Need replacement Joy-Con’s because the included ones started to drift…overpriced. Any game at regular price…overpriced. Why would I pay Nintendo more for a game that’s going to look and play better on my PS5 for less money?I think you get my point. The Switch is not for everyone. If you have kids, or you love the Nintendo original titles, there’s likely a Switch in your future. If you’re buying it for you (an adult), get the Pro Controller and don’t look back. If you have another «serious» console, don’t buy any non-exclusive titles for the Switch. They’re usually cheaper and better on literally any other console.

  5. Cata is Nonexistent

    Joycon ProblemThe OLED switch was perfect! I loved it but about a week or two after purchasing it, the right joycon started disconnecting randomly. I’d be in a middle of playing a game and then all of sudden the buttons and movement swaps to the left side of the controller and I get the «please reconnect your controller. » I told others about this and most if not all OLED switches don’t have problems like this so I had to return it and hope that the next one I get doesn’t have problems.

  6. Joseph D.

    It’s beautiful! Not many issues, many positives!The colors are great, the relocation of the sd card to be sideways under the prop stand is much better, and the rear dock piece detatching is strange, but you don’t really remove it that often so it’s fine.I’m not sure why but this model’s controllers seem to feel lighter than the first switch, but they do.

  7. Tommy D

    Upgraded Nintendo gaming. Arrived early!This special edition Nintendo Switch is great. It has special detailing from the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game. The graphics on the new OLED are a great upgrade from the original Switch.As a bonus, mine arrived two days early.

  8. Monrowe Tevis

    Does not disappointOf all the special edition Switch consoles this one looks the best all around. It’s been so fun playing the new game on it, I take it everywhere I go! The colors and design on the console and dock itself are very neat well made

  9. Steven F

    Beautiful design. Love it.The ToTK design is really beautiful. I think the dock design is my favorite, and the joycons are not bad. Really nice. The OLED screen is incredible vivid and clear.The joycons have a gold design, while the dock is white with some gold patterns on it. If you put it in a certain light, there’s an off-white design that becomes visible that really seals the feeling of the quality that went into making this.Really awesome.

  10. Muyi

    Beautiful.Delivered on time. No damage to packaging or product. The switch itself is beautiful, well designed and well made. It was perfect to celebrate the release of ToTK. No issues working. No joycon drift. All parts work perfectly. I am very happy with this switch edition.

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