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Nintendo Switch™ with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con™

$ 383,99

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Additional games and/or systems may be required for multiplayer mode. Games and systems sold separately. Nintendo Switch Lite plays all games that support handheld mode.

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Weight 3 lbs


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Octubre 14, 2022

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8,27 x 3,98 x 10,2 pulgadas; 3 Libras

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Comentarios (10)

  1. Jerry

    Very well designed console but age has shownThe switch is a very well designed console that remains versatile and great for portability. However, the hardware, high reoccurring costs for getting games, and exclusivity to Nintendo store causes it to not be perfect, especially when the price remains close to original.This console does a lot of things right. The controllers are easy to use and come with accessories for different handheld modes. Battery life on both the switch and the joycons are pretty good. Touch screen is very responsive and rarely causes mistakes. Easy to use out of the box and setup is painless. Has the ability to backup save data to the cloud and restore on another switch if needed. And of course, putting it on the big screen makes things that much better.Below are some of the major problems that I believe will impact purchasing decision.Cost is the most important to me. When you are spending around $300 for a console, you shouldn’t be expected to pay extreme prices for the games. However, Nintendo continues to sell to you that way. While many games get discounted during sales, there are still a lot of popular games that will sell for $60. Games that are available on PC that are on the Nintendo store also seem to sell higher there. The entry cost may be $300, but the expect to rack up a couple more hundred if you want the latest games. Don’t forget, you also need to pay for the Nintendo online membership to get full functionality on a lot of these games.Hardware is another big issue. Hardware is very lacking at this point. First time launching into the Nintendo store, I’m already experiencing lag that really shouldn’t happen. For most games, things run fine. But newer games have already had users reporting poor user experience. The hardware is in dire need of an update to be able to support new games. If considering OLED version, I would not buy unless you really value the larger screen and like playing on the go. Switch still only supports 1080p when docked. And for those of you who like using bluetooth speakers, know that once you hookup a bluetooth speaker, you are limited to pairing 2 controllers.Nintendo environment reminds me a bit of Apple. Nintendo likes to make their things exclusive to them. This means that only the switch can use the Nintendo store for games and it’s also the only place. If the game you want to play is not on the Nintendo store, then you’re out of luck. There are other competitors out there that allow you to put any software on their handheld consoles, which allow for a plethora of different options. However, with Nintendo, you are stuck in their environment.Overall, still a fun console with some of the best Nintendo games. However, unless you already have a number of games you like, it’s not worth spending the money on an outdated console for 1 or 2 games.

  2. Socal52

    I’m enjoying this more than expected…Bought this for my grandkids for when they come over to visit Pop Pop and Gah Gah. I set it up before they got here and found myself playing with it more than I expected. Extremely easy to set up for TV…practically does it by itself. Very pleased with my purchase…

  3. Michael Munguia

    Perfectas condicionesEs la primera vez q escribo una reseña el producto cumple con la descripción totalmente nuevo y con todos sus accesorios , caja en perfecto estado ( me refiero sin golpes ni nada de eso ) recomiendo comprar el producto al inicio tenía mis dudas pero sin embargo una excelente compra

  4. Alexis Davila

    Looks great my kids will love itLooks great my kids will love it

  5. Frank Walker

    My grandbaby loved it.!My grandbaby loved it.!

  6. Arthur Woodard

    Have Wi-FiAmazing

  7. Mathieu Williams

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS CONSOLE!!!I am not one to usually leave reviews on anything, but I just couldn’t pass up letting people know how awesome this console is. I have always loved Nintendo since I was a child. I had a 3DS & a Wii that I played religiously. I quit playing video games as I got into my late teen years, but my friend recently got a Switch & it encouraged me to dive back in. Let me start off by saying within 10 minutes of the Switch arriving, I already had it set up with my account connected and hooked up to my TV. So the setup process is a breeze. I put in the first game I bought for it, Mario Kart 8, it downloaded very quickly and it was like reliving my childhood all over again. Graphics are amazing and everything loads smoothly. The dock that comes with the Switch to connect it to your TV doubles as a charger for the device itself and the controllers. I bought an extra controller for it and all I had to do to connect it was use a USB cable hooked to the dock and plug the controller in. One of the biggest perks of this device is how you can alternate from handheld play to screen play. At home and wanna play games on your TV? Switch — Going on a flight and wanna have something to keep yourself entertained? Switch — All in all, a solid, quality device for a fair price. You won’t regret, nor can you go wrong with purchasing a Switch!!!

  8. Cej

    From NES to amazingHaven’t bought a Nintendo console ever. My first was an NES when I was 6. Bought this is for my child (and me, lol) and we love it. Family friendly franchise games compared to the others. Watch that screen time and set boundaries early. We opted to not allow online chat to help keep it more inclusive to our family. Peeps are crazy these days and who knows what they say.

  9. Ddbca

    Good but one thing.When I first got my package I was very excited. I soon started to set it and and got ready for gaming only to find out that the right controller is messed up in a way. Some times it has a has a mind of its own. I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it. I’m just saying to be careful.

  10. Manuel Lozada


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