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OnePlus 11 5G | 16 GB RAM + 256 GB | Verde eterno | Smartphone Android desbloqueado de fábrica de EE. UU. | Batería de 5000

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El OnePlus 11 5G es nuestro dispositivo más capaz hasta el momento. Un chipset Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 mejorado ofrece un rendimiento mejorado de juego, eficiencia energética y capacidades de procesamiento de imágenes, con hasta 16BG de RAM. El motor de salud de la batería mejora la salud y la longevidad, mientras que todavía ofrece velocidades de carga ultrarrápidas con SUPERVOOC de 80 W. El OnePlus 11 cuenta con un potente sistema de cámara triple con fotografía ambiental Hasselblad, capaz de producir retratos de grado profesional y reproducción de color líder en la industria. Con una impresionante pantalla de 6.7 pulgadas, el OnePlus 11 es una potencia de entretenimiento, con una experiencia de audio y visual de alta fidelidad. Tu deslizador de alerta favorito, un nuevo diseño audaz y un rendimiento deslumbrante: conoce el OnePlus 11 5G.

Más información del producto

OnePlus 11 Resumen

Cámara OnePlus 11

Pantalla OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 RAM

Additional information

Dimensiones del producto

6,42 x 2,92 x 0,33 pulgadas


16/256GB, 8/128GB




Negro (Titan Black), Verde eterno


Funda para teléfono + arenisca, Teléfono, Teléfono + Buds Pro 2


1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)


Android 13.0




GPS (L1+L5), GLONASS (G1), BDS (B1I+B1c+B2a), GALILEO (E1+E5a), QZSS (L1+L5)

Características especiales

HDR10+, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, LTPO 3.0 (frecuencia de actualización variable), 1 Hz siempre en pantalla, sistema de refrigeración Cryo-Velocity, carga SUPERVOOC de 80 W, UFS 4.0, LPDDR5X RAM

Entrada de interfaz humana

Micrófono, Dial, Reconocimiento de caligrafía (OCR), Pantalla táctil

Factor de forma


¿Qué hay en la caja?


País de origen



a la tienda de OnePlus

Comentarios (9)

  1. zanezonair

    800$ and beats the iPhone 14 pro max, s23 ultra, and the Pixel 7 pro in practically everything.Summary:16 gigs ram an apu that seldom heats up (snapdragon 8 gen 2)a great UI and os (oxygen os in my case as this listing is an international/us model) is 800$ and not overpriced.Not one to bother about camera quality as It doesn’t matter these days as everything can take decent to amazing screenshots as long as it’s 150$ and above.Pros:A phone that seldom heats up and can run anything at max without breaking a sweatA phone company that seems to care about their customers (thank God.)4 years of guaranteed os updates and 5-year sec updates at minimum.16 gig ram 256 storage with a very optimized and energy efficient APU (and current the most powerful phone apu as of May 8th 2023 (snapdragon 8 gen 2) for 800$(samsung asks for 1000$ for the same apu but slightly overlocked thus making more heat with 8 gig ram 128 storage. apple has a apu around the same power but only has 6 gigs of ram and asks 1400$. google asks for 700$ for 12 gig ram 256 storage and their apu that is about half as powerful as motorola their moto edge+ 2023 has 8 gigs of ram same price as this and has stock android.)Great os (oxygen os in this case as it is an international/us model)Game tools to increase quality/performance (samsung has it as well but oneplus’s version has more options.)A LTPO3 Fluid AMOLED display that can easily look more vibrant than a ips LCD if set on pro mode. (I use max cool color temp personally) No opinion:camera systems on everything over 150$ have good cameras these days.Cons:Glass back. Makes the phone hard to grip onto and caseless and it makes it slide everywhere till May 16-25th it’s the 6th rn as of this edit. Seriously just put a thin plastic optionally tearable covering in the back. The tpu screen protector that comes on the phone should honestly be put on the back instead for grip.The curved screen is bad as it’s almost impossible to get a screen protector on. and it also is easier to break from a fall. Can’t have battery saver on when updating When in landscape and inside a game the notifications don’t appear as normal and are a small one-line only. And I want the game tools they have so I have to deal with this, unfortunately.Personal cons:On-screen fingerprint sensor, used to the more accurate side-mounted ones. Plus sometimes screen protectors have annoying holes in them for the sensor.6.7 inches instead of 6.8 why you might ask? Well. The past 2 phones I had, a s22 I returned. (Samsung screwed me and didn’t want me as a customer.) And a moto edge 5g UW 2021 were both 6.8 and they could have made the battery in the OnePlus 11 5100 milliamp instead of the 5000 if they did make the phone 6.8 inches. But that’s just me. Final notes: If your gonna get a flagship Android phone that you want to last at least 2 or more years then get this if you want an OEM Android.As the pros far outweigh the cons. If you want stock Android go for a pixel or the 800$ moto edge+ 2023 or unlock the boot loader on this thing but I don’t recommend that.

  2. Radashack

    What Else Can Be Said?I don’t know why people or other reviewers are so technically specific about this phone as compared to other phones of its type, but I decided to go ahead and get one. I am an owner of the Samsung S23 Ultra, which is a decidedly wonderful phone, but what I really love about this phone is the little things that Samsung does not do! To be honest I have had OnePlus phones in the past and I was thoroughly satisfied with them. I bought the Samsung S23 Ultra because I got a great deal on the storage upgrade, like the same price for the 512 GB as for the 256 GB, in which trade in from my old S22 I ended up paying only a few hundred dollars.With this phone (OnePlus 11) s’s et up was incredibly easy and quick and I have over 120 apps on my phone! It just went so quickly that I had to keep checking to be sure it was actually working. The call quality is unbelievably good. Even when connecting it to my Wi-Fi, it went so quickly that it was scary!Now as for the camera quality. Like most people, I do not buy a smartphone just to take pictures and videos and I am certainly not Frederico Fellini. The picture quality is excellent even in close-ups and in darker situations. I think a lot of people even professional reviewers when it comes to cell phones have gotten just so picky and nitpicky that they miss the major points of whether or not it is just a device, because there’s always a «but»!People are sticking to the point that this phone only has an IP64 rating versus an IP67 or 68 rating. This phone does well in splash situations or rain, versus being able to submerge the phone like most people decide to stick a $1000 cell phone underwater to take pictures of fish anyway! It’s a bogus point! Besides there are cases you can buy, waterproof cases, that can handle this if you do decide to go deep sea diving with your phone or are worried about it getting wet and falling out of your pocket in a pool or in the ocean. It’s just a nonstarter for an issue.People also complained that it doesn’t do wireless charging. With the charger, it comes with this thing and the ability to go from 0 to 100 in literally a matter of minutes who gives a damn about a wireless charger when you can easily put this charger/adapter in your pocket and use it anywhere there is electricity! Again another bogus point!For the price, simply put, this is an outstanding phone and it is clear I should have gotten this one instead of the S23 Ultra because from my viewpoint they are both equally as good.I’m loving it!

  3. Andres C.

    Phone of the year!!What an amazing smartphone. Hands down better than the ultras and pros on the market. Biggest selling point: full charge in 20-25 min. SD 8 gen 2 processor is blazing fast. The camera housing looks great and takes great photos. It probably won’t beat pixel or s23 lineup but it takes great pics for its price and everything else it offers. The battery at 5000 mah lasts all day and if you forget to charge it overnight, it can charge while you get ready. 5-10 min and you’re getting enough for the day Samsung, Google, and Apple can’t say that. I had a P7 and even though I liked the software and haptics, the slow charging was a deal breaker for me. OxygenOS is pretty great. Has loads of customization and OnePlus doesn’t use as much bloatware as Samsung so it’s probably the best android skin out there. It has great customization options and has nifty features like a screen off button (not double tap but in the drop-down menu), 3 finger screenshot, scrolling screenshot if you want the whole page, quick launch storage and calculator, etc.The phone is definitely my favorite OnePlus phone so far. That alert slider is handy too although I usually have it on vibrate so I don’t use it often! Oh, and face and fingerprint unlock are so fast and accurate, even with a screen protector on. Dual speakers so it gets loud. The volume rocker and power button are on different sides so it’s easy to differentiate the buttons unlike Samsung or Google. I included a few photos so you can see what it looks like. The case is Suknap and is the best case I’ve tried. Lastly, 80w charger in the box. Talk about the value king of 2023. OnePlus, keep it up!I love the OnePlus 11, definitely my daily driver.

  4. Doug rules

    Ok, but downgrades from features from the 9 proAs a phone it works well. It is missing many 5G NR bands that were previously included in the OnePlus 9 pro. It also lacks the 4k 120hz HDR video recording capability the OnePlus 9 pro has. For those two reasons I did end up returning it. The main bands I was concerned about are NR258, NR260, and NR261. Those three bands have serious speed in them. The main three carriers in the US and their mvnos utilize those bands for signal in their networks. Because of this, this phone will not give you the best possible signal. I know TMobile is pushing the Samsung Galaxy S series as the S23 series are the only phones guaranteed to work with their 4 channel carrier aggregation at this moment… Just things to consider as you’re shopping around…

  5. Keith Roberts

    Great phoneLove my phone one plus keeps getting better and better. Would love to have wireless charging but the 85 watt included brick is fantastic fully charged in 30 minutes. Great value would definitely buy this one again and would recommend the phone to my friends and family.

  6. LJC

    So far so good….Only had it for a week now, but like it a lot. Easy set up, transferred my info easily from my other phone, seems pretty standard android interface, pretty nice sharp screen and smooth scrolling.Charges fast and lasts all day. Haven’t shot much yet, will update on camera soon.Speakers are loud and clear.Wish it had a headphone jack and memory slot, but hardely any phones do anymore. Bring them both back, and I’d be a super happy camper!

  7. Betsy

    Love this phone except…This is a reallygreat phone. The battery charges so fast and lasts soooo long and it doesn’t over heat. Not for what I use it for, at least. The picture is great and so is the resolution. But I can not find a tempered glass screen protector for it. The edges are curved so it’s really hard to find something that works. That’s my only regret. I would be upset if I dropped this phone and broke the screen. I have tried a lot of different screen protectors out there and nothing has worked with this phone as of April 2023. If anyone comes across anything they like, please let me know.

  8. Antonio Buitrago

    Awesome phone!Been using my Openplus 6 for several years now. Drowned it in Hawaii and now got the Openplus 11. Its amazing!

  9. Me2e

    Good enoughI like this gadget. But after iphone little difficult and anusual. Very nice photo can do. As for me not very sensitive and smart sensory. Made many mistakes at messenger.

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