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PlayStation PS5 Console – God of War Ragnarök Bundle

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De Santa Monica Studio llega la secuela del aclamado God of War (2018). Únete a Kratos y Atreus en un viaje mítico para obtener respuestas antes de que llegue Ragnarök. Juntos, padre e hijo deben poner todo en la línea mientras viajan a cada uno de los Nueve Reinos. A lo largo de impresionantes paisajes mitológicos, se enfrentarán a enemigos temibles, desde dioses nórdicos hasta bestias salvajes, mientras se preparan para el enfrentamiento de sus vidas. Armado con sus confiables armas de guerra – incluyendo el hacha Leviatán y las cuchillas del caos – las habilidades mortales de Kratos serán probadas como nunca antes mientras lucha por proteger a su familia. Una gran cantidad de nuevas habilidades para él y Atreus también esperan, dejando espacio para un combate fluido, expresivo y personalizable en este cuento épico e inquebrantable. Mientras tanto, las fuerzas asgardianas se montan… Siente tu viaje a través de los reinos nórdicos, hecho posible por la retroalimentación háptica inmersiva y la funcionalidad de disparo adaptable. Disfruta de los hermosos mundos por los que viajas, cobran vida por una impresionante dirección artística y arrestando la atención al detalle.

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God of War PS5 Bundle
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Noviembre 9, 2022

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18 x 6 x 17.9 pulgadas; 13.2 Libras

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Sony Interactive Entertainment

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Comentarios (3)

  1. Al A.

    A major step up from a PS4 PRO (and previously, PS3)……faster and better graphics….Short review!I’m not going to review the Amazon selection or delivery process. I’m just going to briefly review about why I upgraded to a PS5!First the negative……. my PRO was compact and reasonably designed in a flat symmetrical style…… The PS5 throws out the space saving rule book in favor of waves and advanced looking style and it’ll not fit where your PS4 PRO was if it was in a tight space.Be aware that although the PS4 and PS4 PRO had 4K HDMI output for games, those PS4 models were limited to playing only 1080 Blu-Ray or regular definition DVDs. The PS4 will not play 4K Blu-Ray disks. Why Sony left that feature out, who knows! The good news is the PS5 DVD deck plays 4K movies to their full resolution. (as well of course as Blu-Ray 1080 and lower resolution/standard def DVDs). Now I only need my PS5 in the living room to cover it all rather then the 4K blu-ray player I had to use along with my PS4 PRO.I own several PS4 games and have yet to purchase any PS5 games.Let me say that my PS4 games play better on the PS5 then they did on the PS4 PRO. Graphics are superior, speed to access any menu or just in game play is much faster and these PS4 games take on a new and improved view on screen on my 65″ 4K hdtv!I can only imagine how great games specifically designed for the PS5 will be to view and play.My initial perspective on the PS5 compared to my PS4 PRO is that although the body design for the PS5 sacrifices space and fit for cosmetics…… the PS5 blows away my PS4 PRO (my PS4 PRO is using an upgraded 2 TB SSD for more capacity and much faster access/read speed than a spinning hard drive)…..Speaking of SSDs and upgrades; the PS4 used the common SATA 2.5″ internal SSD for upgrading capacity and speed. (But) The PS5 has a soldered in ~860GB internal SSD which can not be removed. Sony added one slot for expanding the hard drive capacity using rather a plug-in PCIe M.2 NVMe SSD over a conventional SATA connected hard drive. Thus, the PS5 allows you to not replace the original hard drive, but, to add an additional on-board SSD instead.Typically, the soldered-in or card type SSDs are a bit faster then using a SATA based protocol connection and given the PS5 requires a very fast solid state hard drive, they designed it so you install an additional PCIe type SSD over replacing just the single hard drive as it was done in the PS4.Be advised that (some) PS5 games take 2-3X more capacity then a PS4 game did. Perhaps why Sony designed the PS5 to add more capacity by using a second expansion slot rather then like the PS4 just having only one slot to use for the total capacity.Google PS5 SSD upgrades and there’s much info out there regarding how many games you want to be able to store on the console and how large an upgrade you need to do accordingly!Everything on the PS5 is faster……..everything……menu, access, games …graphics are better in detail, clarity…….I could go on.The other thing the PS5 asks you to do when you first set it up is a complete setup for display for best gamma, brightness, contrast, color, etc……it takes you through a complete and easy set up to -maximize- the quality for display on your HDTV. It made a huge difference on my Samsung 65 inch 4K TV.5 Stars all around! Read the pro AND owner/user reviews on this new PS console. Yes, it is worth upgrading.The ps5 is a totally new and better gaming console. It’s the first to be backward compatible with PS4 games, …something my PS4 PRO would not allow for my PS3 games. So if you have a PS4 game collection, don’t get rid of them!If you own a PS3, PS4 or PS4 PRO, yes, it is a worthwhile upgrade and substantial evolution for the PS Game Console series. You will not be sorry for upgrading and a big upgrade it will be!

  2. mdb

    PS5 is good, the video game had bugs but thry were fixed!I bought several games for the new PS5 and they work fine. At first, I thought Ragnarok GOW might be the best game I ever played, but bugs and glitches began to occur with increasing frequency. The severe cases involved main story ( so you cannot avoid the issue) villains that continuously and immediately respawn after I (my main character) have defeated them. For example, on one occasion I defeated two easy attackers and a 3rd very difficult one only to turn around and the very same 3 attackers jumped me again…and again…etc. I did escape and just avoided that confrontation, only to later encounter the «Flame Phantom» ( difficult to beat ) and, once again, I moved my character a few feet and out he jumped again! In tracking one of the dragons, I beat 2 trolls (protecting the path to the dragon showdown) possessed by 2 pixie-type villains (Nokkens) and, as I left the arena, I could hear a Nokken resume his chant and atroll growling again–I returned to fight again, only the pixie was frozen in place and invulnerable and the troll proceeded to bash my brains out at leisure…so, I cannot beat the troll(s) and cannot fight the dragon.In ALL these cases, I tried reloading checkpoints, restarting the console, reloading earlier saves, to no avail. Today, I tried pursuing the adventure with one of the other main characters (Atreus) but he got stuck with Thor in a dead-end ice tunnel that is supposed to open up when you point a mask object at it, but does not open up…meanwhile, villains continuously jump out of the ground and walls and proceed to bash my brains out.I prefer games that give me a fighting chance not get my brains bashed out.I am attempting a new download (which takes hours) and will try again. It’s too bad…turned out to be so disappointing. If the new download changes things, I will update this post.UPDATE2 days after I wrote the above, an update downloaded to my game when I opened it. I am v happy to say that the update resolved ALL the issues I had, so I changed my rating from 2 to 5…definitely the best game I have ever played!N

  3. Mark Sims

    Christmas presentsI had purchased 3 of these one for each son and paid anywhere from 499.99 to 1240.00 and my middle son wanted one for his room so he purchased 1 also. Out of the 3 purchased from Amazon only one has had a problem. In the end it had to be returned to Sony and we received a new one. Something with the power had nothing at all happen and it had just been sitting hardly used at all. But as a last resort I have purchased asurion warranties as last resort. Went through outside supplier and Amazon and it was past warranty time so contacted Sony and it was still under the warranty for them. I have always purchased this warranty because I have it on my cellphones and have had to use it. Everyone was professional and responded in a timely manner. So far happy customer and hope to remain that way.

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