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SAMSUNG Galaxy Buds 2 Pro Auriculares Bluetooth inalámbricos con cancelación de ruido, sonido de alta fidelidad, audio 360,

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Galaxy Buds2 Pro se adapta perfectamente a tu mundo. Sintoniza lo que más importa con la cancelación activa de ruido inteligente. * Rodéate de los sonidos que te gustan con audio mejorado de 360 grados. ** Galaxy Buds2 Pro se ajusta de forma más segura y cómoda que nunca. La tecnología de voz HD separa tu voz del ruido circundante. Atrapa cada palabra sin sacar tus auriculares con tecnología que detecta automáticamente voces y se ajusta para que puedas escucharlos mejor. *** Galaxy Buds2 Pro resistente al agua IPX7 mantiene el ritmo incluso con un poco de lluvia. **** Desde tu teléfono hasta tu tableta, reloj o PC, nunca te pierdas una llamada con Galaxy Buds2 Pro. ***** Las características que incluyen cancelación activa inteligente de ruido y sonido ambiental requieren una conexión Bluetooth a un dispositivo compatible. **Requiere un teléfono inteligente Galaxy con Android 8.0 y una interfaz de usuario 4.1 o posterior con 1.5 GB de RAM o superior. ***Requiere un teléfono inteligente Galaxy con Android 8.0 posterior y 1.5 GB de RAM o superior. La función solo se puede habilitar y controlar a través de la aplicación Galaxy Wearable en Android, disponible en Google Play Store. ****Calificado a IPX7 para sumergirse en hasta 3 pies de agua dulce durante hasta 30 minutos basado en la norma internacional ISO 60529. No se recomienda usar en la playa o en la piscina. Si los auriculares están dañados, no se garantiza que sean resistentes al agua. Si los auriculares o tus manos están mojados, deben secarse bien antes de manejar. La funda de carga no es resistente al agua. *****Easy Pair solo es compatible con dispositivos móviles que ejecutan One UI 1.0 o posterior y PC de la serie Galaxy Book lanzados 2020 o posterior. Auto Switch solo es compatible con dispositivos móviles (smartphones y tabletas) que ejecutan One UI 3.1 o posterior y relojes que son Galaxy Watch4 Series o posterior. Los dispositivos deben estar conectados a la misma cuenta Samsung y tener Bluetooth y Wi-Fi activados. Los auriculares deben emparejarse tanto con tu teléfono como tableta al menos una vez. ******Característica compatible con PC de la serie Galaxy Book lanzado 2020 o posterior y modelos de TV lanzados 2022 o posterior.

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Buds2 Pro

Buds2 Pro

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Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro

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  1. Jared Armbruster

    Review after 4 months. Great Earbuds, but not perfect.First for some background, I have owned at least three different pairs of True Wireless Earbuds with ANC: the Galaxy Buds Pro, Sony WF-1000XM4 Earbuds, and Galaxy Buds Pro 2. I’ve yet to try any of Jabra’s offering and haven’t touched Apple Airpods as they have known issues on Android. That said, paired with a newer Samsung phone, the Galaxy Buds 2 Pro are great. The design and build quality is better than the Galaxy Buds Pro in almost every way. The soft touch finish instead of that annoying glossy design means you’re less likely to drop them accidentally while removing them from the case. The case is also conveniently wireless charging or USB Type C Fast Charging. The only thing I don’t like about the case is that’s it’s still a somewhat loose fit for the earbuds, and they need inserted at an angle(by design, but kind of annoying) when putting them back. The fit for me isn’t perfect, but I actually find them more comfortable than both the Galaxy Buds Pro and Sony XM4 Earbuds. I hated the glossy finish on the original Galaxy Buds Pro, and the XM4 Earbuds while solid were too large for many users, myself included. These are lighter and more comfortable than either of those two, but it requires messing with it a bit to really get a good seal. If you don’t have a Samsung phone, you need to download the Galaxy Wearable App, which allows you to update the firmware(particularly important), adjust EQ, change noise cancelling settings, etc. You can stick with the default EQ, which is overall very balanced, choose another EQ preset, or set your own. They still have Game Mode which I absolutely love, as it keeps input lag to an absolute minimum while playing games like COD Mobile. The ANC is really good, but quite as good as the XM4 Earbuds (TBH it might be a while before anything beats those in ANC). Still very natural sounding Ambient Sound Mode, but then the noise cancelling doesn’t nearly block out the entire room like Sony. Sound again is overall very balanced on the default EQ, and I’m quite happy with it. The XM4 Earbuds sounded slightly better, but many users may barely be able to tell the difference if at all, and LDAC never performs as well in terms of latency. I’ve stuck with the Galaxy Buds Pro 2 due to the better fit over the original Galaxy Buds Pro and Sony XM4 Earbuds, with the fit and seal in particular being my only real gripe. The Game Mode is something more earbuds need to offer at this price point, and it’s especially weird for the same company that makes the PlayStation not to have a game mode. On sale the XM4 Earbuds are $10 more than the Galaxy Buds Pro 2, and still lack game mode of any kind. I would still strongly recommend these over the XM4 Earbuds due to the better materials, smaller size, and general comfort. I would especially recommend these if you already have a Samsung phone or tablet, as they pair incredibly well it.

  2. AmazReviewer111

    Blown away by the sound quality !!Just got these today, along with the Sony Linkbuds S. My very first bluetooth earbuds. I’ve mostly used Bose Quiet comfort headphones for the past decade, which I’ve been thrilled with, they’ve revolutionized my life. But as I frequently need to take reading glasses on and off, headphones can be inconvenient, and so I wanted an earbuds option.I haven’t tested all the features yet, but I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the sound quality of these — so rich and full. More than enough bass– in fact I needed to cut it back a bit in the EQ settings (I use the ‘clear’ mode). Very close to headphone quality, how do they do it??So comfortable to wear too, I can imagine having them in all day. My only complaint is that the «Wearable app» you need to get all the features demands a LOT of permissions on your android device, way more than seems necessary and that bothers me. I’ll put up with it for now.I initially had some trouble pairing it to multiple devices, but after some fiddling I can switch pretty seamlessly between my galaxy phone, tablet, and Dell computer. Not sure I could write a ‘how to’ on it, as I seem to have stumbled on ‘success’ by accident, and the ‘youtube’ videos on this subject were NOT helpful.Comparing to the Linkbuds S: the sound quality on these is substantially better than the Linkbuds. The linkbuds go more deeply into the ear and feel more ‘snug’, so I might use those outdoors vs these indoors. I like the fact that via the wearable app, I can set these earbuds to control volume via ‘tap and hold’. The Linkbuds don’t seem to have this feature, you need to adjust the physical controls on your device to control volume. That’s a little ding for the Linkbuds and a huge plus for these, as I like convenient volume adjustment of music above all else.I don’t make/receive many phone calls, I mostly listen to music. So can’t comment on those features. But if you mostly listen to music as I do, it’s hard for me to imagine complaints. Noise cancellation is not as good compared to Bose quiet comfort — but these are earbuds afterall, and so my expectations for noise cancellation are low, and as I mostly stay home have not had a chance to really test it. But it does do SOMETHING. I think if I were in a high noise environment I’d be inclined to use the headphones.But based on sound quality and comfort alone, I highly recommend! If I were to keep only ONE of the earbud options I’d go with this one.

  3. Adam M.

    Best headphones I’ve owned yet.These are the best headphones I’ve owned to date. Previous headphones include, Sennheiser HD 650, HD 58x, HifiMan 4xx (all powered by a schitt stack or ifi hip dac 2), Sony Wh-1000xm3, and Sony Wf-1000xm4 and these Galaxy Buds 2 Pro beat them all out with the type of music I listen to which includes mostly EDM style music. Obviously for a pure analytical style of music like classical, the HD 650 rain Supreme in their price range.What I love most about these is the accurate bass response, it’s really top notch compared to the headphones stated above. I’m no audiophile expert so I won’t speak on the mid or treble response but to me it all sounds great, I’m mostly a bass head and these are just so thumpy and accurate and not at all muddy. Their 1 tweeter and 1 driver design really makes a difference in quality vs all the other in ears that just have one driver.Rtings has a great score breakdown on these headphones that you should take a look at if your interested in that sort of thing.As for noise canceling, I think these work great for that but the sonys do a better job if you get a correct seal. The ambient noise is alot better in these than the sonys. These also let out a bit of noise if you really crank them to the point my wife can hear them from about 10 ft away.I will say I use these with an S22 ultra so I get the Samsung Seamless Codec and I often listen to these with tidal for the higher quality. Not sure how much of a difference that makes. And I use these with the bass boost EQ. I’d pick that or use dynamic if you feel like you need more Treble with the bass.All in all I’m extremely happy with these, I even bought my wife a pair. Looking forward to the Galaxy Buds 3 Pro.

  4. Crank

    About perfect for wireless headphones.For what they are, I think the device is well-engineered. The Pro 2s are high-quality earbuds. You really kind of need the Samsung app for the equalizer and the various settings you get with touch and sound, so make sure to get it. Without the app, I wouldn’t really think they are the best choice. But most people will be using these with Galaxy phones. Equalizers per music player, such as VLC, are much better so be sure to use that if you have it to get the best sound.These buds are lighter compared to the previous Pro model. A huge plus. They fit perfectly in my ear almost, and they don’t really seem like they will fall out even when running or working harder than normal. I will have to test them for longer lengths of time. So far so good.The packaging and contents are very simple: you get three sets of tips, though, the middle ones are default and worked great, with one smaller cord to charge the magnetic box for storage. It’s a grippier, matte texture for the box too. Mine came in a simple plastic bag from Amazon.It is highly recommended you download the Wear app from Samsung. Once you have that they are very easy to set up, and you can constantly monitor whatever you need to with ease. Warranty and registration were a bit harder than I would have liked, but it’s doable, not that the warranty is very long on these. You only get a year, and everybody should realize these cannot take many falls. They are very sensitive, so make sure they fit your ears!The features on these are pretty killer all told. I usually turn noise-cancellation off, as it uses too much battery, and I don’t really want or need that kind of thing. Ambient sensors when talking are awesome, and the normal isolation is a good space between something like Etymotic in-ear headphones and Sennheiser open-backs. You can fiddle with settings to get your preferences for how you touch and manipulate the device. I found my preferences were quite easy to set up, and the whole thing took about ten minutes.I had no issues with sensitivity on the touch panel area of the earbuds. Works great for me. I do wish these came with a better equalizer, but the Clear setting is probably the most balanced. These are way too bassy out of the gate, and the response is definitely not flat. The Clear setting reduces the bass a bit for a more neutral and even setting with a touch of added treble. I just wish they would let us direct our own EQ options though. Seems like it would be a pretty easy addition to the software. Volume wasn’t overpowering at max, but I think it did the job. Again, this is nothing like an amped pair of open-back headphones, so don’t expect concert-level sound.AKG has engineered these fairly well in the product space. I’d put them up there with some decent midrange in-ear headphones like the Etymotic ER3XR. There is no way these will compete with any decent open-backs like a Sennheiser HD600 when amped, but I didn’t expect that. For what they are, they do the job well, look and feel nice, and the new matte texture is vastly superior and more premium than the first Pro by a mile.All told, if you want to go the wireless earbud route, these are a top option with very few competitors when you take in the whole experience. They won’t replace my normal wired headphones at all, but they might be a godsend at work when I just need to chill out and listen to some tunes without the bother of lugging my phone around and wires getting in the way.I don’t recommend using these things for hours at a time. There is a serious lack of scientific knowledge on the amount of low-dose radiation over long periods of time. RF, EMR, et cetera. A lot of newer, independent science is starting to find anomalies with oxidation with lower doses and non-ionizing radiation in general. SAR data so far still uses fairly old standards, and though these are a little less powerful in specific absorption rate than a high-end phone, most wear them for WAY longer than that while directly in your ear.If you do need some quality in-ear wireless buds, these are definitely an option to consider. Their SAR data was slightly below the Airpod levels at least. All in all you can’t do much better for your wireless audio needs.

  5. Greg

    What I expectedGood sound (not a sound-a-phile), good noticeable bass, noise cancelling is good for earbuds I’d say. I don’t hear anything around me (with noise cancelling) when I have music playing. Otherwise, I would say it greatly dampens other noises (even cancels some) with noise cancelling on and nothing playing. But that is noise cancelling technology in general. It never cancels everything. I don’t think I’ve ever had to blast it to test how loud it gets. Noise cancelling kind of controls that very well, as for me, there is no need to go louder. I typically don’t use it without noise cancelling or ambient.Battery lasts 2.5-3.5 hours (guesstimate) with noise cancelling/ambient noise on. (not including the charging case) Ambient noise is a pretty cool feature and effective. People say sound quality on the phone is very good and you can be heard very well (office/home though). They stay in your ears pretty well but not like OMG THEY DON’T COME OUT. So, I’d give it a 7-8 out of 10 for that.Not perfect but they are earbuds and based on reviews and product descriptions, what you are getting is pretty accurate. The QCs and XMs are better but should be, as they go over your ear.

  6. Jerry Giecko

    The BestLet me start by saying I have had many pair of buds, looking for that best one. Well, I’ve found them. These buds fit well in the ear. Have shaken my head to try to dislodge them to no avail. I was pleasantly surprised at the sound. Bass comes thru these loud a clear. Most buds sound tinny. These do not. Great full sound and the sound 360 feature can be amazing if listening to something recorded in that way. The only draw back is the volume both plus and minus. They say its on the front edge of the buds, right ear +, left ear -, and yes that works if you can find it. I found it’s easier to tap the ear itself. Them being programmable to features on separate ears allows you to stack them with features important to you, which is all well and good. But the best feature is the again the sound. These will not disappoint. I would buy them again.

  7. Mr. Stateham

    Best Samsungs Yet, but not PerfectI upgraded to these after owning the Galaxy Buds Live, which is a very different design. I’m not an audiophile, but I am fairly experienced with mid-tier sound equipment, speakers, and headphones. I built my own 11.1 surround sound movie room using a higher end Yamaha receiver and have used Klipsch, Polk Audio, Paradigm, BIC America, Sony, Yamaha, Pioneer, Bose (don’t judge me, they work well in some applications), JL Audio, JBL, Mirage, and other brands of speakers through the years in home and car audio setups. For headphones, I’ve mainly used wired as early wireless models sounded hollow and tinny in comparison. I’ve used lower end AKG and Sony buds, as well as mid-tier Sennheisers. I’ve also used higher end Sony over-ear headphones as well as the highly rated (but lesser known) Status Audio CB-1 studio monitor headphones.I waited a while to buy into the wireless headphone market and finally took the plunge with the Buds Live as they offered something my wired headphones didn’t—ambient sound. Usually this is an unwanted distraction and noise isolation is preferred, but sometimes I want to be aware of what’s going on around me and be able to engage in a conversation even if I have my buds in. Apple did this well with their pass-through technology, but I’m not about to switch over to an entirely new product line and closed ecosystem just for headphones, so I waited. The Buds Live managed this trick with a low-tech solution by not sealing in the ear canal, so I gave them a try. Sound quality was decent—on par with my lower end AKG wired buds, but not as good as my mid-tier (~$100) Sennheiser buds. They also were finnicky with their connection and cut out a lot if my phone was in my pocket, especially if I bent over or squatted.BUDS 2 PRO:I upgraded to these as they also had a pass-through feature which seemed to work fairly well and did so automatically when you started talking. I figured this would be just as good and offer better sound and isolation when desired. Overall I think this feature works pretty good and is a nice compromise for me. In terms of sound quality, the Buds 2 Pro are definitely a step up from the Buds Live and probably on par with my wired mid-tier Sennheisers. I can’t complain about the sound quality at all.As with the Buds Live though, the Buds 2 Pro require a bit of fidgeting to get them seated in the ear properly. Traditional ear buds, and even Apple’s Airpods require little thought or adjustment beyond getting the right sized rubber or foam tips for a good seal. Samsung seems to go for more experimental designs which require learning and getting used to. After a few days use, they still aren’t «natural» to put in or locked into muscle memory—I have to fuss with them a bit to get a good seal. Once in though, I haven’t had any problems.Overall, I recommend these buds. They still aren’t perfect as the fit isn’t intuitive, battery life a little meager, and the noise cancellation is about 85-90%, not 100, but overall, solid headphones. Could you get way better sounding wired headphones for tons less money? Yes, for about $50 you can pick up a pair of Status CB-1’s and hear every fine detail in high fidelity. But in the wireless in-ear category, prioritizing convenience and mobility over everything else, these perform admirably. I’ve heard Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless 3 buds *might* edge these out in terms of sound quality, but they look a lot more bulky (stick out more from the ear and therefore may be less stable) and don’t have the automatic ambient sound pass-through feature. They also are a touch more money. On the upside though, they appear to be a more traditional bud design, so might be more straightforward to put in, but Airpods are probably still the easiest to put in and take out.But I plan on using the Buds 2 Pro for years before feeling the need to upgrade again. I’m satisfied with the purchase, though still wincing at the cost-to-performance ratio compared to wired options. Can’t knock a product for performing in the top tier of its specific market though, so I’ll give it 5 stars as a true wireless earbud, but would give it 4 in sound quality against cheaper wired in-ear and over-ear options.

  8. Norma

    I bought NEW and got USEDI opened the Amazon box to find that the Samsung buds box was already opened and stuff pulled out. I made sure I bought new, but they get here today and I find out they are USED. They are clean and no signs of wear, I don’t mind keeping them, but I would’ve rather had ones not opened already . TO ANYONE THAT BYS A USED PAIR OR GETS A PAIR ACCIDENTALLY. TURN OFF THE LOCATION AND FACTORY RESET THE THE BUDS!!!! If the previous person still has them connected they can use «find my buds» and see exactly where they are!!!One another note, they are nice quality and a good fit, I like the feel of them. The sound quality is out of this world and no crackle or feedback they are nice if you are in a loud environment the noise cancelling blocks out the right amount of background noise.Overall I like them and I’ll be keeping them.I’m only giving 4 stars due to them being used when I bought new, the price went up and now it’s be useless to trade out for new.But these are definitely 5 star quality Samsung buds pro 2

  9. KG

    Great overall soundI bought this mainly because I have a Samsung phone. I lost my other earbuds which were AirPods but because I don’t have an iPhone I didn’t have the compatible find me app. The Samsung buds are fairly comfortable. I feel any earbuds you buy will be slightly uncomfortable. Didn’t get 5 stars because the noise cancellation isn’t the best it could be but I am ok with it. Also when it’s windy you can hear the wind. The overall sound to me is great.

  10. Daniel

    Well designedIve had both XM4s (headphones and earbuds) and the galaxy buds pro.These beat XM4 earbuds in term of noise cancelling because those rely on a seal and these don’t. 200% better noise cancelling than previous buds pros. Noise cancelling is impressive for their size. obviously xm4 headphones had undefeatable noise cancelling (minus xm5). Im not gonna argue the xm4 earbuds thing, all ima say is every person i know hates the tight torturous fit on the xm4 earbuds that the noisecancelling experience has the toll of pain for prolongedThe reason why i did not return these as they perfromed was their comfort and usability. I’m an audiphile, and the sound quality with Tidal is an 8.5/10 compared to 9.9/10 xm4s and 7/10 for previous pros. Went to the gym with these and they are practically not there. I game with these on transparent mode and its like my friend is in the room). These are just so practical, its a good reason to buy them to be ready for anything. I can shower and walk in the rain with these, where i cant with my xm4s. The xm4 earbuds were so garbage (bulky, heavy, terrble design, terrible ear tips) i had to return them.Sound quality is good. Not excellent. althought they are 24 bit, their range is not as high as LDAC. I think they have the same components as previous pros, smaller woofers and stuff, sound a bit better, better chip. Sound quality is definitely good enough for me as an adiophile although its a downgrade from xm4s.These are way better than the XM4 earbuds, period. Idk what it is with all the hype with the xm4 earbuds but those are so uncomfortable and the eartips break sooo easily. These headphones are deffenitly worth 180 for daily use. Super happy with purchase. ive been using for about a week in athlete and studious setting and no relative complaints. I have these on 50% of the day and they sit comfortably. I was so used to the previous generations attrocious fit, i was shoving these in deep at first. I got used to the fact u can just place these in like airpods, and they hook very well. There are no volume issues as i have read, people just dont clean their ears and wax jams in the canal. You have to blow VERY hard to fix this.I recommend to every profession.

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