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SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Flip 3,128GB, negro, desbloqueado de fábrica, nuevo

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Un smartphone de tamaño completo que se pliega para adaptarse a bolsillos de tamaño pequeño. El teléfono celular Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G te da la libertad de capturar desde cualquier ángulo.

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Android 11.0

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Con tapa.



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Batería STD., Batería STD, Cable de datos, Se adhiere, Cable de datos.




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    Horrible phone and Samsung won’t admit it.The first issue is the screen is separating at the fold of the phone and it gets extremely hot without even being used. I contacted Samsung support and the first thing a support staff member who was helping me told me to stop using the phone. So Samsung covers themselves by saying the warranty has expired. Regardless of the warranty the phone is flawed and dangerous, I’ve burnt my fingers several times picking it up. All of the Z Flip phones should be recalled. And when they came back to me saying I would have to pay for the repairs I was pretty upset. It’s a 2nd phone and hasn’t even been used a lot. So when I get it fixed is the screen going to separate again and can they fix the over heating problem. I’m going to have it fixed and if I have the same issues I will contact a class action attorney because I know other people are having the same problem. It’s a flawed design and I am surprised it has not caught fire because of how hot it gets. I would not recommend purchasing it especially for a child.

  2. Roxanne Lyford

    Bad Phone/ Bad Verizon Customer ServiceWARNING!!!!: *NIGHTMARE @verizon customer service story* Heads up to anyone that has unfortunately bought the #galaxyzflip3. DO NOT PURCHASE! I REPEAT DO NOT PURCHASE!!! Looks cool but it is not sustainable for the standard life of a phone. I stupidly switched from AT&T (which I have had for years prior) when I was suckered into trading my old galaxy 8 in for one of the galaxy flips 3s. For those not familiar, this particular model folds in on itself at the mid point of the screen which naturally creates a crease in on the built-in screen protector and screen. I figured eventually the phone would need at least a new screen protector replacement due to the expected natural wear of the preasure it endures from folding in on itself. «That’s fine I thought.» I specfically asked the verzion representative in-person about future screen protector/ screen replacements fees and was told that screen replacements would be about 27 bucks with insurance. «Cool I can do that…. » *time passes* It has been slightly over a year now since getting my galaxy flip 3 and sure enough my screen is getting visible surface level abrasions. Rapidly over the next few weeks the abrasions deepened and increased and began to become physical to touch. By this time the screen protector also started rising up creating air bubbles as well. «Well I thought…it is time to replace that screen protector for the price of 27 bucks.» I call the 611 Verizon number, and explain my situatuon. Representative ONE explained to me that the screen protector on my model CAN NOT be replaced due to this not being a service that is capable on my galaxy flip 3. Good news though… the representative said they can replace the phone for a refurbished one free of charge. Representative ONE said all I needed to do was backup my phone then wipe my phone first before he could complete the authorization to send out a replacement model. > I thought of course «Well this is odd and inconvenient because that would leave me without a working phone with all of my contacts and info until the new one came in.» I told him I’ll do this later that night once I got home and he gave me a time that he would call me back that night. Representative ONE didn’t call at the scheduled time which was not unexpected but whatever. I called 611 again and had to explain to represenstive TWO (in the series of representatives) my story of why I was needing to replace my phone for the same model. I was transferred to representative THREE (maybe claims department?) who also questioned me again and seemed really focused in on my word choice of saying «abrasion» to describe the lines. I got the impression this representative was looking for key words or proof foul play on my end that caused these abrasions. This representative confirmed my intial thoughts that I did not need to wipe my phone at this time and that I would do that when I would get in the replacement phone and before I mailed back in my old one. Representative 3 also announced that NO, MY SCREEN WAS NOT covered under the 27 dollar screen replacement fee AND I would have to pay instead $229 for a refurbished model of my phone. Boy this burned me up cause 1) I specifically asked about this model being covered under screen protector insurance a year prior and 2) I had previously been told by Representative ONE that it was NOT gonna cost me a thing for a replacement, which felt appropriate especially since it was not my fault that this model actually can not take advantage of being covered for screen protector insurance. That’s a manufacturers flaw so why as the customer should I take the financial hit for the inability to use the screen replacement service? Also I only bought the phone after having been given false information at the time of purchase that my phone would be covered by this 27 dollar replacement plan. Representative 3 then transfered me to Asurion 1 (aka the insurance company Verizon uses.) This guy understood my frustrations regarding my model phone and mentioned that I was not the first calling him dealing with the same kind of issues surrounding my galaxy 3 flip . He gave me information and suggested potential wording to use to plea my case to Verizon possibly in-person. He emphaized making sure to state my screen issue being a manufacturer’s error as well as highlighting the false information I was given about being able to replace my screen protector through the utilization of their screen insurance protection. A month goes by before I decided to go in-person to Verizon this past Saturday. (I made sure to put the money aside to pay the $229 replacement fee cause I doubted Verizon was going to settle for what I think is a fair solution which was providing me a refurbished phone BUT different standered galaxy whatever model so that I didn’t run into the same screen issues again down the line.) I also figured Verizon would not go for this line of thought because after scanning the internet…I was not alone in my screen dilemma that other customers faced with their galaxy 3g flips as well. I doubt Verizon planned to take the hit for all us suckers who bought their «neat idea» but «poorly executed/not sustainable» model of a phone. Anyway the Verizon in store representative FOUR connects me to Asurion representative 2 and I dish out the $229 dollars over the phone (while wishing longingly that I hadn’t left my ex AT&T). I was told an Asurion representative can drop it off later that day at 5PM. «Cool.» The Asurion 3 representative shows up at the designated time to my house but can not figure out how to get my new phone reconnected to service in her alloted 26 minutes before having to bounce to the next customer. «Okay that’s fine.» I went to Verizon again physically but they were closing in 15 minutes even though their store hours online said they should be open for another hour. Verizon representative FIVE attempts to connect me but can’t. «Well let’s just continue this saga of first world phone purgatory hell I think.» I go home, call 611, and am informed that no phone representatives were available due to the time of day which was of course frustrating but understandable. I try using the automated system to connect my phone and after a few attempts I give up and call it a night. I call 611 the following day around midday and get in touch with Representative SIX. After some digging she tells me there is a hold on my account due to suspected fraud which occurred after too many failed attempts to establish connection to the network. She puts me on hold, speaks with the fraud department, supposedly removes a portion of whatever fraud’s hold that was placed on my account but informs me that I also need to be transfered to someone from the financial department to finish the process of removing the hold completely. Of course since it’s Sunday there is no one from financial available. This is also understandable but frustrating. Soooo… Representative SIX instead made plans to call me Monday afternoon to be able to transfer me to financial. Monday comes around…Representative SIX calls, and starts the transfer process for me to speak to financial. I’m on hold for a good 10 minutes before I hear Representative SEVEN answer with a brief message saying they are from the financial department. I then attempt to speak with them but no longer hear Representative SEVEN and instead hear what sounds like a TV in the background with a news channel on. I call out for several minutes before giving up and dialing 611 again. Representative EIGHT, who was sweet but unfortunately had to hear my exasperated retail of my Verizon fiasco along with my regrets for having left AT&T. I expressed my woes of wishing I was financially secure enough give up on this hot mess lack of service and go crawling back to my previous network that also had better cell coverage period. After an hour and 15 minutes of troubleshooting with Representative EIGHT he tries to softly deliver the news that he suspects that the fraud department still has another step they needed to perform to completely remove whatever remaining hold on my account. By this time I did not have anymore time to devote to this phone conversation and declined being transfered AGAIN. I have the direct number for the fraud department that I plan to call tomorrow…. I mean yea the pandemic led to shortages in every company and I am sure they had to hire whoever to fill postions…but is this the new standard of doing business/ customer service Verizon? Wish me luck tomorrow! Honestly at this point I feel Verizon should personally pay for my desire to switch back to AT&T….

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