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SAMSUNG Monitor de juegos de 49 pulgadas, monitor curvado ultra-ancho, 240 Hz 1 ms, Quantum Mini LED, G-Sync, monitor de altura

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El nuevo monitor Samsung G95NA Mini LED de 49 pulgadas para juegos se ha actualizado desde el monitor de juegos Odyssey de 49 pulgadas y viene con una excelente frecuencia de actualización de 240 Hz, tiempo de respuesta rápido de 1 ms, tecnología Quantum Matrix, brillo máximo HDR 2000 y la primera pantalla 1000R curva del mundo. Está diseñado para mejorar tu mejor rendimiento de juego con gráficos ultra realistas, inmersión completa y placer visual. Su exquisita calidad de imagen con LED de tamaño más pequeño permite una expresión de iluminación más precisa con menos halo. HDR 2000 ofrece una mayor relación de contraste con luminosidad mejorada y nivel negro que permite una expresión enriquecida y más profundidad al mostrar pequeños detalles ocultos. HDR 2000 Plus DQHD ofrece negros más profundos, blancos más brillantes y colores más ricos para escenas de juego más vibrantes. La resolución QHD dual permite a los usuarios ver más contenido y ver imágenes con mayor detalle. La pantalla QHD dual de 49 pulgadas es equivalente a dos pantallas QHD de 27 pulgadas lado a lado, pero ahorra el espacio necesario para una configuración de múltiples monitores. El monitor de juego G95NA ofrece el paquete total para jugadores competitivos que necesitan un juego rápido y sin problemas con solo las mejores características ganadoras de su clase.

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Go Beyond with the Odyssey Neo G9

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At 49 inches wide, the Odyssey Neo G95NA fully wraps around your view and lets you lose yourself in whatever world you decide to call home.

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Quantum Matrix Technology

Enter a new era of immersion

An unrivaled visual experience. Revolutionary Quantum Matrix Technology with Quantum Mini LEDs creates controlled brightness and perfect contrast for refined definition. Local dimming zones were increased to 2,048 and combined with the highest 12-bit black levels to create unmatched picture quality.

Monitor, pc monitor, computer monitor, laptop monitor, monitor for laptop, UHD resolution

G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro Support

Dropping frames means dropping chances to top the leaderboards. With G-Sync and FreeSync Premium Pro support, the Odyssey Neo G95NA matches every frame from your graphics card, so you’re never caught short from moment to moment.

Monitor, pc monitor, computer monitor, laptop monitor, monitor for laptop, UHD resolution

Position Perfectly

Fully customize the positioning of your Odyssey monitor, with Swivel, Tilt, Pivot, and Height Adjustment, or mount it with industry standard VESA mounting capabilities. Multiple ports are easy to access and hook up to your favorite devices with no mess.

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32-inch, 34-inch Wide, 43-inch, 49-inch


Curved 165Hz, Curved 175Hz, Curved 240Hz, Flat 144Hz







Dimensiones del producto

‎16,5 x 45,3 x 21,1 pulgadas




‎240 Voltios





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a la tienda de SAMSUNG

Comentarios (10)

  1. Eternal

    Great 4K MonitorI usually wait about 30 days before writing a review but I know many people are looking at this monitor, the New Alienware OLED, Neo G8, and LGs New 32GQ950. So I figured I’d go ahead and give my 2 week review now and update later. (If I remember)First, make sure you have a high quality cables if your going to use this for PS5/XBOX. I recommend «Cable Matters Active 8K @60Hz Fiber Optic HDMI Cable» and for PC I recommend the one that came with it or « 5m VESA Certified DisplayPort 1.4 Cable» Both I bought on Amazon. Crappy cables can result in a bad experience (I learn that lesson long ago)TLDR: Great Monitor, Had to return first one because 4 dead pixels, second monitor zero issues. Don’t be afraid to return/exchange if panel issue due to Samsung hit or missing QA. Curve is not bad, if your use to an ultra wide. HDR looks great. Neo G7 is more realistic with 165hz 4k than Neo G8 240hz. LG 32GQ950 is flat but only has 32 local dimming zones and also IPS vs VA. (VA Panel better blacks)I’ve bounce back between the Neo G7 and Neo G8. The only difference a different screen finish and high refresh rate. I’ve read the Neo G8 screen finish makes black look deep while other reviews say colors look a bit washed, and the high 240 hz can cause scanline issues. (This is my first Samsung monitor so I had to read a lot about the previous models and this scanline issue) So with those two negatives, and knowing 4k gaming require alot of horsepower to drive, I landed on the Neo G7 because 4k 165hz was more realistic to hit with a RTX 3090, and the refresh being at 165hz will lower chance of having scanline issues. (Research showed that on other Samsung monitors lowering the refresh rate fixed the scanline issues)Received the monitor and perform the dead pixel test. Didn’t see any, great! Used the monitor for 2 hours, (Playing PS5 Returnal, Got a game backlog leave me alone!) then perform a pixel test again. Notice I had 4 dead pixels not stuck pixels, 2 in the top left and 2 in top right. (Dead = No light at all) Called Amazon and request a replacement because at the time the monitor was on sale for $1000. Second Monitor, same test, but this was the weekend so I used the monitor for 12+ hours, for PC, PS5 and Switch everyday. PC games, with medium/high setting, I’ll usually see 120-147 hz.I saw a review talking about HDMI 2.1 not being on this monitor. It is however Samsung named it HDMI 2.0(Up Arrow) in the menu. Recently the HDMI Standard cause a rift with the HDMI name scheme so 2.1 can be label 2.0. Just look for how much bandwidth the HDMI port can handle to confirm 4k 120hz.The Curve on this screen is not bad at all, it just comes a little bit more at you than an ultrawide.Scanline, No issues/seen any scanlines at 165 hz on PC.Windows HDR setting I place the SDR brightness at 40-45. It’s bright enough for me and I’m in a slightly bright room. If you using a HDMI cable for your PC versus a Display port, in the NVIDIA control panel you can enable 12 bit color. I really didn’t see too much difference but that’s me. I played Back 4 Blood on PC for the HDR experience and there were ALOT of details in the environment I did not notice until i got this monitor. Samsung say this monitor can hit 2000 nits, but that’s only in a special use case and Windows Display Setting shows the Monitor brightness is 1015 nits that is for my monitor, seen some review were theirs is 1050+ and that’s for the Neo G7 AND Neo G8.Going into my 3rd week with the monitor and no major issues at all. A few small issues i have with the monitor is the following:- The Menu buttons (yes buttons not joystick) are stiff. You need to push the buttons with a good amount of force and the monitor will shake.- Ultra wide and Low Input Mode require Adaptive Sync to be disable to use- This Monitor has a Auto Input Source option (Off by default) that’ll switch to a source that recently was turn on (Ex. PS5) which is great, but it does not switch BACK to PC input because it’s not creating a new handshake.Overall, this monitor is great and I do recommend it over the Neo G8 and the alienware. I know the alienware is OLED and will have better black level/colors, BUT i think it still too early for OLED for PC with all static icons. So burn in is still a risk factor. I don’t want to throw words like «Colors POP» or «SUPER BRIGHT». The specs on the monitor already point you in that direction. The monitor checks all my box for 4K monitor. (Min 32″, Proper HDR, 120hz Support for Console, 165hz for PC) I don’t think I can go back to 1440p IPS panel. The only thing that’s uncertain is the lifespan of the monitor, Samsung seems to have a rocky QA record on monitors, but I’m willing to give them a try. I also recommend holding off and buying this monitor when it’s back on sell for $1000.

  2. Fickle Tech Fanatic

    Very satisfied[addendum]Regarding HDR under windows 11. If you do not have W11-22H2, you will need to manually reactivate the HDR mode whenever you change screen resolution.If you have 22H2, manually resetting HDR won’t be necessary. W11-22H2 has full native support for HDR, but you still need to turn it on if you have an hdr display.This version of W11 corrects the reset glitch found in earlier versions.[update]I noticed a few people complaining about the lack of sound from the audio jack on this monitor. I also noticed complaints that this is supposedly not an HDR model.Fear not good villagers! There is a very simple solution….. Muahahaha!(Audio!)1: set the volume on the monitor to 100%.2: set the volume of the headset to 100%.3: run your media player and play a song.4: carefully lower the headset volume until you reach the sweet spot between just right and a hair too loud.5: adjust Windows volume to 50 or 55. This monitor has no microphone support! Please make sure you understand this!The Vibe – Viper Gaming headset works nicely with this monitor. The sound is better than expected for a roughly $15 headset. It’s also ultra light. Other than the volume toggle, the mentioned headset has no media controls.Additionally, the user manual clearly states that some USB and audio jack devices will not work properly if they are not within the power ratings range as listed in the manual. The manual also lists the power rating range for the compatible power cord and video cables. Please be sure you understand the requirements!Bluetooth toggles also do not work with this monitor.(HDR)Contrary to some complaints, this is an HDR monitor.However, there is an important step in the process of using the feature.Open the monitor settings menu. If HDR indicator is off, you need to go to Windows display settings and turn on the HDR toggle.The monitor display mode should now say either HDR dynamic or HDR standard.Be certain you are using a display port cable and the monitor is set for the right resolution. (this will vary depending on the cable you have.)The HDR feature will not activate without an HDR monitor. You also need Windows 10+ or equivalent OS to make use of HDR.Please note that if you change your screen resolution, then you will need to reactivate the HDR settings in Windows. This is a flaw in the Windows operating system, not the monitor!*********Flawless setup! None of the issues as reported by other customers.Software and drivers were 100% current at time of install.Please note that the monitor works best with the 8k display port cable from Capshi.This cable is sold here on Amazon.Additionally, if you have a narrow desk area or a keyboard platform like I do, you «WILL» need the listed/suggested monitor arm from ergotron. Please note that my arm setup is specific to my desk. (bent elbow configuration)Also, you will never be able to center the monitor 100% on the mounting bracket. This is a design flaw in the monitor swivel itself. The best you can get is a hair shy on one side or the other.This is a great high end purchase as long as you make absolutely certain that it’s the actual item you need.Do not buy it if you only care about a status symbol or bragging rights.This monitor is not a toy!

  3. ahenderson

    Great monitor, can’t compare to OLEDI gave the Neo G7 a week on my sim racing rig and then returned it for an LG OLED C2 and couldn’t be happier. I’ve had my LG OLED C1 for over a year and cannot go back to a non-Oled screen. I remember reading reviews on Reddit “warning” once you go oled, it will ruin all future non-Oled monitors. Overall the NG7 picture quality is great and I liked the curve for sim racing, however it just cannot compete with Oled.

  4. Mike M

    Fantastic monitor, but fussyPaired with my new rtx 4080, I’ve had some mind blowing visuals thrown at me. I can’t praise the picture quality of this monitor enough, if only…It’s hit or miss whether it’ll turn itself back on after the PC goes into standby mode. When it doesn’t you either need to yank the DP cable out and plug it back in, or reboot the PC. And there are a few other minor irritants similar to that.But, nothing bad enough to make me ever want to send it back. Grab it, ESPECIALLY if it’s on sale.

  5. Jonathan Goodman

    Great ultra wide – with compromisesSo first of all, I’ve been using ultrawides for quite some time now. And this is a great one! However, only if you’re fine with a few compromises. Some tl;drs are:+ That 1000R curve is fantastic. It brings a whole new level of immersion to these kinds of displays.+ The HDR is hella bright. As it should! In HDR viewing scenarios for gaming, it works out quite well. As does the mini-LED backlighting.+ The high refresh rate is also an excellent addition+ 1440p! Yes, there are 4K/»5K» displays in the ultra wide segment with HDR. But there’s many others without HDR that focus on 1080. This is a great compromise between the two.- Bloom. Holy hell you will notice this one pretty bad if you use the monitor for anything other than gaming.- A few glitches here and there. These seem to be getting better with each firmware update though.- Some weird issues if you have a USB KVM connected to it. Namely, expect the monitor to occasionally refuse to sleep without just constantly connecting and reconnecting your peripherals.So on to the nitty gritty.First, let’s start with one of the most important parts of any HDR monitor: brightness. This thing is almost blinding in a dark room. That’s a good thing objectively – with HDR you want more contrast and brightness from the monitor’s darkest black to its brightest white. This monitor will deliver in this regard.However, with many HDR display devices you need to consider black levels and the like. For this monitor, with its mini-LED backlight it’s great when it works. I know that sounds generic – «when it works». But when it works is basically video games and movies. Literally anything else it breaks down a good deal. Also, get used to bloom. The bloom is pretty intense on this monitor in productivity scenarios. Even basic web browsing will make the bloom quite noticeable. So be wary of that if you’re sensitive to that.Color quality is pretty good for a consumer monitor for what it’s worth. I’d expect more for a $2k+ price tag though.Resolution is about as good as you’d expect out of a high end gaming monitor. 1440p is generally pretty good from a perceptual standpoint for most desktop applications for what it’s worth – I doubt most people will notice the difference between 1440p and 2160p (errr- 4k for those of you who think 2160p is «4k») given its intended purpose. Also the refresh rate is quite nice.The monitor does have some occasional glitchy behavior, namely it tends to have weird lines that will intermittently appear on screen I’ve noticed. I’m not sure why this happens – but it happens. It’s also kinda rare – so likely some weird firmware bug? I also have a USB KVM to switch between to computers for my work from home setup. I noticed it does have some problems with that on occasion – namely it keeps connecting and disconnecting its built in hub to the host PC which prevents the system from going into standby or keeping the monitor in standby. It’s a weird quirk, but one I think that’s worth noting none the less.As a long time ultra-wide user, the 1000R curvature is fantastic for immersion. I wouldn’t say this is a selling point on its own so much – but combined with everything else it’s at least a little considerable.Let’s talk a little about its aspect ratio, and some misc features that may make this worth it if you’re looking to replace a multi-monitor setup like I did with this.First, let’s talk about the 32:9 aspect ratio. You read that right. This is basically two 16:9 monitors in one. That alone isn’t particularly useful – however this monitor offers picture by picture support, effectively emulating two 16:9 1440p monitors. That was one of the selling points for me.Basically, if you’re looking to go from multi-monitor to single monitor for your WFH setup, with HDR, generally good contrast, and so on – this is a great monitor for it. It’s versatile, it fits a very wide array of content, and even the bloom problem can be fixed by disabling the dynamic dimming in the settings – which it does automatically if you’re connecting your work computer and your personal computer to the same monitor. However, for over 2K it’s not as worth it. If this were to drop down to $1k or maybe even a little over, I’d call this a serious contender. But for now, it’s priced for early adopters who have no compromise levels of money.

  6. Kou

    Good, but with some annoyanceBought mine new when it was on sale for $1449.99. Took longer than I thought to arrive, around 2 weeks with Prime. Overall good gaming monitor, but had a few annoyances.Everything looked good when I opened it, after turning it on it wouldn’t show an image when I connected my Display port. After tinkering with it, I saw that it was defaulted to the HDMI port, I made the Display port the default and it worked. Annoying because monitors usually auto pick up the port that’s connected.Had 2 dead pixels, both on the far left end; one near the top, the other near the bottom. I was going to return it, but also read reviews that buyers had to pay for return shipping $40+. I ended up chatting with an Amazon. The rep offered me a discount to keep the monitor, which I accepted. The dead pixels are in an area that I technically won’t notice, and I saved a good amount of money.The last annoyance, and I hope this does not worsen. A few sections of the monitor sometimes flicker, showing lines when I turn it on, mostly the left side. I’ll update this review if it gets worse.Other than that, the monitor plays games nicely, runs at 240 hz with my RTX 3080. I’ve been using Microsoft Power Toys utilities (FancyZones) to better use the Ultra Wide.

  7. Dave N.

    Unfortunately…Update—No Refund For Shipping it Back!Well, I’ve been fighting to get my refund for the shipping costs for nearly 3 months. Wow. I’ve confirmed with Amazon that this seller does in fact state they will cover shipping for returns, but they don’t. I was offered $10 in compensation for my more than $200 cost to ship the behemoth back! Uhm…no…that’s not what I paid to get it back to you. So disappointed with this seller. I’ll happily revise this review when they finally do what they said they will do. Till then…1 star.Replacement Update. Monitor number two—I got my replacement monitor yesterday and set it up today. This time I went with a brand new one directly from Samsung, no gambling with a «nearly new» option this time. Opening the box was a treat…this truly is a beautiful piece of desk art. I’ll spare you all the other details. Suffice it to say that after getting it in place and running I was very pleased with it’s image quality. I enjoyed using it flawlessly for about 4 hours…then came the green line. In this case it was a very thin bright green line that went from the top to the bottom of the screen. Ugh. Sigh. Head bangs on desk. After going through the usual troubleshooting options I called Amazon and they put me in touch with Samsung’s service team. Crossing my fingers for a positive result…but honestly thinking of just going a different direction. I’ll keep you posted.Original Review Post…Monitor number one—Let’s start off by sighing. –sigh– I have been anticipating this monitor for months! I’ve read the reviews and been truly excited to see this beautiful display in person, on my desk! Unfortunately due to shipping and or packing carelessness…I don’t get to enjoy all it has to offer. When the box arrived it was clearly beaten up. Not such an issue if a coat or blanket is inside, but a monitor that runs in the thousands, oof, not good.I opened up the box and it was pretty clear that it wasn’t new as described. In great condition, yes, but certainly not new. Keep in mind that if you intend to sit this mammoth display ON your desk it is going to take up some serious real estate. The Stand is very well built and hides the cords very well. There is a panel across the back side that also adds to the cord concealment. Love it! The portal where the stand connects to the display is illuminated in a very cool way. It makes the price tag all the more worth it. That said, I’m considering mounting it to the wall instead to pull it a bit farther back on the desk. The kit includes an adaptor for this purpose (well thought out Samsung).When I got it set up and in place on the desk I just stood back in awe. Wow…what a fantastic looking piece of hardware! Then I powered it up fully expecting to be blown away…please see the insert photo :(Unfortunately I am also one of the folks who experienced a shipping casualty. I don’t know if the damages to the box were due to poor packaging by the seller or poor handling by the shipper. End result, low color quality, loss of the left 3 inches of the display area (pretty important on a Mac machine! No access to the Apple Menu), and a line that transverses from the left side to the right side across the middle. Oof.I’ve reached out to Amazon for support and they’re working on it now. They’ve assured me I will receive a new unit soon. When I went through the automated return process it did NOT process as a free return…I was going to have to pay shipping. That’s on the seller and should probably be fixed on the admin side so it doesn’t happen to someone else. This would not be a cheep return from a shipping side.I plan to update this review once I have my replacement on the desk (or the wall) and can truly enjoy it’s power.Now, to clarify something that’s been rolling through the review world. This is NOT a 4k monitor. Period. Yes, the description in the add says it is…but it isn’t. I had to dig for quite a while to get to a definitive answer. Since monitors in this configuration are rare, there isn’t a lot of «off site» info to evaluate. I eventually ran through a resolution matrix and was able to see that the resolution I was seeing was sub 4k. Barely lower, but still they shouldn’t be claiming it’s a 4k monitor when it really isn’t.Some have asked if it has speakers. Nope, you’ll need to add this to your existing system. Make you have nice sound though with good bass, you’ll truly enjoy the pairing more that way :DDoes it come with a remote? No. Honestly it doesn’t really need one either. The under-screen toggle found on other Samsung displays works well once you acclimate to it.Stand fluidity. Wow…this is a fantastically engineered stand. Once loaded, it moves very fluidly and mine is staying right where I set it. Changing position and height is as easy as a gentle nudge either up, down, or to the sides, so enjoy getting your’s right where you want it.Chinchillas. No, it doesn’t come with a chinchilla. I know that is going to disappoint some folks, but you’ll have to get your chinchilla a different way 😉

  8. HIFI enthusiast

    brilliant with some flawsI had high hope for this newly release Samsung unit, so I am a bit disappointed. Here are a few flaws, some are fatal:(1) the «Smart» screen feature is extremely annoying to use. much prefer a pure ‘dumb’ monitor.(2) color setting is finicky and confusing, especially when turning on HDR.(3) the display is NOT uniform, as shown in the attached pictures. I guess this is intrinsic with the technology, just like burn-in with OLED.but it does have excellent treats:(1) inky black almost as good as OLED. a big plus!(2) color is vibrant with high brightness.(3) very sharp

  9. Vito D

    1st monitor lasted 20 min but the replacement is fantastic.I was excited to get this monitor and had very high expectations. I set it up and it looked great as I started playing a game. It lasted 20 minutes until there was a bright flash of light that appeared toward the middle of the screen and it wouldn’t go away no matter what I tried. I researched the issue and turns out it is a common QC problem with Samsung panels and requires a panel replacement in most cases. I decided not to test my luck again so I packed it up and shipped it back for a refund. I was not going to try for a replacement but decided to give it one more chance since it was $800 during the week of Black Friday. My 2nd monitor arrived flawless. It took some getting used to the curve but I don’t even notice it during gaming. It is very noticeable though when browsing the web or doing anything other than gaming or watching movies. Isn’t too bad though. The image quality with the bright HDR, deep blacks and stunning colors is where this monitor really shines. A little bit of blooming is visible at times but it doesn’t bother me. I have had OLED TVs since 2018 and am very happy with the HDR and the black levels on this monitor. I have it paired with an i9-13900k and RTX 4090 FE PC and they’re a gaming match made in heaven. It doesn’t have official G-Sync support but you won’t even know. PC games run buttery smooth with zero screen tearing. Even the PS5 looks exceptional on it and I’m replaying games I haven’t touched in a while. I am glad I decided to try this monitor again because it is fantastic. I use it mainly for playing AAA titles. I personally wouldn’t use it for competitive fps games as the curve may be a hinderance for those. For competitive games I use a 1080p Acer Nitro XV252Q 390 Hz monitor. Neo G7 checks off all of the boxes for anyone not wanting to go the OLED route and risking a burn in. The image quality of this display is so close to OLED that I don’t feel like I compromised on anything and the colors look better than on my LG C1 OLED. 139 ppi make everything, inluding the text nice and crisp. If you can live with the curve and the hefty price tag I highly recommend that you give the Neo G7 a try for PC or next gen console gaming. I see myself enjoying this monitor for a long time without buyer’s remorse no matter what new screens come out next year.

  10. Joseph

    AMAZING 4K GAMING MONITOR!!!Got the Neo G8 to replace my old LG 240hz 1080p display and the difference is night and day!Pros:1.) The local dimming is incredible and nearly on par with OLED black levels.2.) The contrast and HDR is phenomenal and gorgeous.Cons:1.) The stand is flimsy and has a cheap feeling to it.2.) Curve doesn’t add much to experienceNote: I know a lot of people have had scanlines on their units but I don’t see any in mine. Not sure if it’s because my unit was manufactured in March 2023 in where it might’ve been fixed.

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