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SEIKO PRESAGE Power Reserve Ice Blue Cocktail Time»Sky Diving» SSA343J1, Azul

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Esfera plateada mejorada con manecillas plateadas. Caja de acero inoxidable plateado con una banda de cuero negro. Movimiento automático. Resistencia al agua de 165 pies. Bisel fijo. Cristal Hardlex resistente a los arañazos. Funda transparente. Cierre de espiga. Corona de tirar/empuje. Tamaño de la caja: 1.594 in x 0.571 in. Banda de 0.787 in x largo. Seiko SSA343J1 Reloj de preajuste.

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‎ 4,88 x 4,88 x 4,02 pulgadas; 5,29 Onzas

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‎ Hombre


1 Iones de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)


‎ Seiko





Comentarios (10)

  1. YALNakamoto

    I have bought and owned Seiko watches since the early 1970’s and I have fond memories of some of my favorites. This Seiko Presage Sky Diving SSA343J1 will not disappoint me. I received it promptly and it is everything that I expect from Seiko.There are people who like to wear time pieces for their utility and others who would rather not buy a wrist watch and look at their smart phones instead. I am writing to those who have graduated from quartz digital watches into a wrist watch that is an automatic. This Presage automatic is retro, vintgage dial and has a certain presence when worn. Looks cool and with no Lum, it is a watch worn for dress purposes as an everyday work wear.The watch catches the eyes of people who appreciates the artistry of design that Seiko has from time to time, no pun intended, presents to the world, a beautiful and affordable watch that is also reliable.I also like cars from the 60’s which are now considered vintage and not restored. I once owned a 65 fastback 2+2 K-code. It was definately a 10 foot car. Get closer and all the flaws and details that weren’t quite right would show and remind me that it was not concourse. Well, this watch is like that. Small flaws that can only happen to a watch sold at a price range. Although the front Hardlex is clear, the back window has small air bells. Look closer that there is lint, human skin flakes and not the kind of workmanship found in watches priced in the high end watches. I know, I have them. I am not disappointed because of my expectations and fond memories of the watches, and some of them I still have, still working! If anyone buys this watch, please remember, these watches are production watches that are manufactured to be affordable. I would rather wear a Seiko to an event that is not controlled than wear a Patek or Brequet or Rolex and get physically attacked.I do have high resolution pictures of what I wrote. Close-ups taken through Nikon and Olympus microscopes used in a Class 1,000 Clean Room. This post does not allow for images of flaws like the blue second hand is not blued but a clear resin coating with pigmented blue coloring. Like I stated, if you know, then you won’t be disappointed.I

  2. S. Davitt

    Overall, it’s a very nice looking watch. But, it just didn’t work out for me. I already had the SRPB43, which is the same watch, but without the power reserve indicator and it has a conventional 3 o’clock date display. I ended up returning it because:1) I couldn’t read the date dial, even with my cheaters. The font was WAY too small. The regular ol’ date window on the SRPB43 is much more legible to me.2) It’s a chunk. Much too thick/tall for a dress watch and seeing/wearing it in person really drove that point home.3) Probably just an issue with the specific one I had, but I could not pull out the crown with my fingers for anything. It was far too difficult to manipulate and my SRPB43 doesn’t have that issue at all.4) There was very little blue in the dial under any type of light, viewing angle, etc. Again, my SRPB43 is awesome with a beautiful ice blue on the dial the vast majority of the time. Also, I bought it for that dial and having it less cluttered is a bonus IMO, anyway.5) My fault, but I didn’t need to spend another almost $500 to buy almost the same watch I already had again. I freakin’ love power reserve indicators, which is why I bought it and Amazon showed me a stellar $449 price (plus tax) on it, so I bit. All in all, if I didn’t already have the SRPB43 and the crown operated normally, I very likely would have kept it.

  3. Poor old dad

    Ok, the dial is eye catching and on that alone, I will keep the watch. Date function is hard to read and even harder to set. The strap (black patent leather) might look ok on women’s shoes, but on this watch, well, I’ll be replacing it.The seller (order fulfilled by Amazon) shipped the watch in a bag, outside the box! No protective plastic on the dial! The seller will get a single star fir that trick. Luckily, the watch looks like new with no evidence of being worn.I’ve had this watch several days (and wore it). I’ve taken a star away, because of the horrible strap! Stff and very small, but worse of all, the shiny, patent leather barely works on shoes, let alone a watch. THE BAND IS UGLY,

  4. Nick Meyer

    Beautiful watch, just was not a fan of the strap it came with. I replaced it with a brown strap and now it looks great! Lots of compliments on this one.

  5. Florida Clay

    I had been thinking about this purchase for a while based on photographs and past good experience with Seiko. I finally pulled the trigger and the watch arrived today. I was just blown away when I opened the box. I have a couple of watches that cost 10 times as much, but this is the most beautiful one in my collection. The dial is just stunning, the way it plays with the light and subtly changes color with variations in the light. Everything about the watch is well laid out and beautifully done. I will note that the calf skin band is done in a high gloss «patent leather» finish. Not everyone will like that, but it would be easy to swap it out for a band you like better. The band is a standard 20 mm width at the lugs. I will note that the included band has a nice deployant clasp.

  6. Jhoanna

    Very happy with this watch. Looks beautiful and the automatic function is on point. I’m thinking buying it in another color. You won’t be disappointed.


    Only the manual, no limited warranty card!

  8. dar

    It’s a gorgeous watch!! It reminds us of a Grand Seiko. The band is butter soft and my husband says it is very comfortable to wear. He loves it. Looks expensive and feels expensive. Highly recommend this item and the seller. We did not have to wait long to get it.

  9. Tien Nguyen


  10. Lucky Day

    Lighting doesn’t matter, it’s silver and harder to read the time. Can barely read the date due to the pico print size. I kept mine, it runs fast 10 spd. I have a newer SRPB43-J1 and the dial on it is a spectacular sky blue color mystifying at certain angles. Quite a noticeable difference. Still a beautiful timepiece, but I have a hard time paying the newer prices above $350 for a watch that will cost more for maintenance in 5 years than it’s worth. You run ‘em until they don’t keep time well anymore, and then you put them in the drawer to remind you of what one was a companion.

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