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Seiko SRPB43 Reloj automático para hombre PRESAGE con fecha

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Acerca de Seiko:

En 1877, a la edad de 18 años, Kintaro Hattori estableció su negocio reparando los relojes de estilo occidental que se estaban volviendo cada vez más populares en Japón. En 1892, Hattori estaba fabricando sus propios relojes en una fábrica que llamó Seikosha, de las palabras «seiko» que significa «exquisito», «éxito» o «miniatura» y «sha» que significa «casa». La compañía creció y prosperó, produciendo su primer reloj de pulsera en 1913 y lanzando la marca Seiko en 1924. La innovación tecnológica siempre ha sido una fuerza motriz en la historia de la empresa. Los hitos clave incluyen la introducción por Seiko del primer reloj de cuarzo del mundo en 1969, y su exitoso lanzamiento, en 1988, del Kinetic, el primer reloj sin batería del mundo con precisión de cuarzo. Reconocido por su excelencia tecnológica, Seiko ha proporcionado servicios de cronometraje para los Juegos Olímpicos y los Campeonatos de Fútbol de la Copa Mundial. Hoy en día, la marca Seiko sigue siendo una marca de tecnología de vanguardia, así como de calidad superior y diseño refinado.

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‎ 5 x 5 x 4 pulgadas; 13,6 Onzas

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‎ Hombre


‎ 1 Específico del producto (Tipo de pila necesaria)


‎ Seiko


‎ B074KL28XK



Comentarios (10)

  1. Vincent Nichols Arienza

    Just buy some strap if you dont like the «shiny» kinda strap.

  2. Fan

    This is a great automatic mechanical watch for just little over 300 USD. As is known to the watch community, Seiko is an ancient watchmaker that existed the same time as Audemars Piguet and even before Rolex and has an amazing horological value in the history. Seiko had seriously shaken the Swiss watchmakers and caused the historical Quartz revolution. So I won’t even bother with the word «fashion watch» on this one because this is not, as some other reviewer described.For little over 300 USD, you are getting the Seiko 4R35 movement, (not the 6R15 as they used in the JDM counterpart), which is decent, with about +6S/day on the one I got. This is right on the edge of COSC +6S/day for the standard of the Swiss makes. So I’ll say the accuracy is not that great but good enough. In case you don’t know, only 3% of the Swiss makes are certified by COSC anyways. The dial of the watch is very detailed, especially the beautiful sun ray pattern, each ray covers exactly one minute. And if you look closer to the dial, all the metal parts are finely polished. The dial is in silver/grey color, not as blue as showed in their official pictures. And I think this is one problem of most of those good old brand, that they cannot take a good picture of their watch what so ever. Under the sun, it has a very faint blue tint, and that is amazingly beautiful. The hands are craft in the attention to details as well, the second hand is slightly bent at the tip to compensate the shape of the dome glass. From the back, you can see the movement and the very carefully polishing pattern on the parts as well. The second hand is hackable, and you can also manual wind the watch instead of rely on your body movement to auto wind it, which added a little bit more fun to it.Of course there are shortcomings of this watch. First of all, I’m not trying to compare this «Seiko» with «Grand Seiko» or «Credor», which are the two luxury brands under Seiko, since the price are not even on the same level. But overall, this might be the best mechanical watch you can get. The Hardlex crystal is little bit disappointing, but I understand Seiko is trying to segregate the lower end watch with their Grand Seiko. The hour and minute hands are slightly misaligned, but you won’t really notice it unless you are doing a serious review and put the watch under microscope like me. And the OEM strap is as bad as their JDM counterparts. Corners have been cut in order to achieve the price point. So if you got the watch, unless you really like the plastic feeling blue stitch strap that is borderline offensive, get a real alligator or lizard strap and it will look great and fit most occasions.

  3. Teary

    Movement: obviously this is the updated version of the original 2010 cocktail time. The old model had a 6R15 movement, but this SRPB43 has a slightly downgraded 4R35 movement. Still quite decent for the price, but I wish they would have stuck with the 6R series. The movement itself is decorated impeccably as is normal of Seiko.Case: Typical high quality Seiko case construction. Absolutely nothing to complain about here.Strap: The strap is «unique,» I’ll give it that – I’ve never seen another strap even close to it. It has a glossy sheen and feels very stiff, almost like it’s not leather at all. But straps are easy to swap out, so if it isn’t your cup of tea then buy yourself a nice black leather strap online and call it a day.Crystal: Seiko uses their trademark ‘Hardlex» tempered mineral glass instead of sapphire, which I suppose is a step up from normal mineral glass, but still not a rival to real sapphire.Dial: This is the real star of the watch, and where it makes back most of its stars. The dial is just gob-stoppingly freaking gorgeous, a true work of art that you don’t really see imitated on many other watches. If you ever want a true ‘conversation starter’ watch, then this is it. But just be warned: the dial is beautiful but very dressy and very formal. I would not classify this as a ‘casual wear’ watch. So before you buy, just make sure that you will actually have reasons to wear this more than just a couple of times a month, otherwise it could easily end up sitting gathering dust, looking pretty in your watch box more than on your wrist!=EDIT= February 2022: the last sentence of my previous review ended up being prophetic. I actually did stop wearing this watch for a long time (including to the office), because it’s just too darn formal and dressy for many occasions. Suit and Tie events yes, casual daily wear NO.

  4. Daniel P. Tolentino

    Love the dial and the hands. It is an absolutely breathtaking watch for the price but I do recommend getting a new band for it. I wasn’t a fan of the patent leather that came with it. I was able to open the back and regulate it to around 2-3 seconds a day fairly simple. Highly recommend for watch lovers on a budget.

  5. Seth

    Very nice piece for the money. Band is terrible, but plenty of aftermarket options to swap out for.

  6. William A. Wexler

    Avid watch collector. This prestigious brand – Seiko – fails here on multiple levels. The strap is a disastrous twin of a 4-yr old girl’s first patent leather shoes. Give me a break. The watch face, while elegant, is silver on silver with no lume. Complete inability to read time without massive focus and very best light. Do as I have done – return it. Better yet, don’t buy it. And this from a guy that has six Seikos I enjoy dearly. For what it’s worth – my first product review.

  7. Peter

    The 4R movement isn’t the greatest, the black leather strap is truly ugly, and the Hadlex crystal is disappointing. But if you can get it below $300, the watch is worth it. Seiko’s target market for this line won’t really care about movement accuracy or crystal to warrant a huge markup. It’s a decent trade-off for a beautiful watch. Depending on the strap, one could wear this casually or more professionally.As for the good–the face of the watch is gorgeous, especially when it catches the light. Most people are only concerned with a watch face, and this does present extremely well! The deployant clasp is nice to prevent wear to the strap and be easily swapped to a more appropriate band.The bad–as I mentioned earlier, the movement isn’t the most accurate and Hadlex scratches easier than sapphire. Quality on this tier of watches can be hit or miss, so be prudent when checking your new watch. But the biggest ding is the black, shiny leather strap. However, this is also easily remedied–I would suggest switching to a brown leather band (I am fond of a dark tobacco brown leather).This is a gorgeous watch that has decent features, making it more than a fashion watch. Not really worth $350+, especially when a new strap is almost mandatory to keep a quality look.Edit: The ugly–After initial winding, the second hand would stick to the minute hand. I have heard that low/mid-tier Seiko’s don’t have very good quality control anymore (or at least not like it once did), and it looks like I got my first taste of it. Still, I feel like it was worth it to get a replacement. After replacing the 1st one, the 2nd watch had a similar hand issue. With 2 duds, I can say that there is serious quality control issues and might not be worth the hassle. Personally, I still think even with its poor QC, this watch is a very good

  8. Robert Griffith

    This is my first automatic watch, and I recognize it’s not among the most prestigious or expensive. Nevertheless, I get compliments when I wear it. It’s striking, and the face really does appear to change colors based on lighting. As many other reviewers have noted, the original black leather band looks cheesy. I swapped it immediately.

  9. Richard

    Beautiful case. The band it comes with, as many have already mentioned, looks and feels very cheap. Ended up swapping it out with a Barton’s brand band and looks much better. Great addition to the collection.

  10. James

    Seiko, as always, creates a beautiful watch with a gorgeous dial. The photos on Amazon do not do it justice. Again, as always, Seiko puts the value in the movement, case, and dial. A new band is pretty much required, and there is a sapphire crystal mod available. Very happy.

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