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Sony, Alpha 7 IV – Cámara de lente intercambiable sin espejo + Sony, FE 0.630-1.37 pulgadas (16 – 35 mm) F2.8 GM gran angular

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Base, con 1.378 in F1.4 GM, con 24-105 G, con 70200GM2, con GM de 0.630-1.378 in, con GM de 0.945-2.756 in, con micrófono de escopeta, con tarjeta de 128 GB, w/2470GM2


Body Only, w/ 28-70mm


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  1. Manuel Chinchilla

    Actualice mi cámara Sony a7ii a la A7IVLa cámara Sony A7IV es una actualización impresionante ya que vengo usando la A7II. Con una calidad de imagen excepcional y un rendimiento mejorado, esta cámara es perfecta para los entusiastas de la fotografía y los profesionales. Su sistema de enfoque rápido y preciso, junto con su capacidad para grabar videos en 4K, la convierten en una elección sólida para cualquier fotógrafo exigente.

  2. Terry Failing

    A Plethora of Options Where You can Easily Get LostComplicated and over-engineered, but takes great pictures even when you don’t know exactly what you are doing.

  3. J. Jones

    Makes birding so fun!Also great for pets and kits in action. The autofocus system is much better than the mark iii, so I really recommend upgrading if you haven’t.

  4. EJK

    Upgraded from a A7After a decade or more with my gen 1 A7 I decided to upgrade to the A7IV. If you’re coming from a A7II or A7 the upgrade is quite large. The autofocus speed is the biggest thing I noticed immediately. Even older lenses like my 55mm Zeiss is very fast on this camera.The other thing I noticed is how this camera body is about twice as thick as the original A7. If you liked how small the A7 was well… expect the A7IV to be more of the thickness of most other cameras. The thickness from what I understand is the sensor stabilization which by the way the original A7 didn’t have. I used to use a monopod with the A7 because no stabilization meant handshake was a very real issue. With the A7IV I can get very sharp images in hand without worry.One other thing. This camera’s ISO has some dual sensor business going on. It’s both a good and bad thing. It’s good because if you shoot at 100ISO or 400ISO your images will look almost identical on noise. The bad is if you shoot at 125, 160, 200, 250 or 320. Someone that doesn’t know this may get less sharp images when you need to increase ISO over 100. Do yourself a favor and just shoot at 100 and 400 for most instances then over 400 as usual.I noticed reviewers complaining about the camera menu, but if your coming from another A7 you’ll understand the menu quite easily.All other specs were about what I expected. The massive increase in AF points, better video recording, full HDMI slot, dual SD card slots, etc. Also no wall charger for battery… really Sony? Don’t be Apple please.

  5. Powell Village Winery

    Great Camera, butI love this camera, I really do…but, I still think my A7R3 creates a better image in photos and in video. I bought it to be my “A” camera but im using it as my “B” camera to the A7R3. But, other than the picture quality, (which is the most important thing) I love the camera and its functionality.

  6. Kindle Customer

    For the «eclectic» photographer, this is a good choice.The a7iII is also a good choice if you need to lower the price tag. So far the a7iv has done every thing the reviewers said it would do. My personal advice is, ignore all those guys who tell you to do this first. Get to know your camera and then figure out what settings work best for you. Sony, Cannon, Nikon, Fuji, etc all make good cameras. Unless there’s really a compelling reason to switch systems, stick with the one you know.. Spend you money on good glass, rather than the latest camera. My old Sony A99 has about taken one too many bounces. It took me a long time to decide it was time to move to mirrorless. I’ve alway thought mirrowlless for digital cameras was the way to go. I stuck with old Sony SLT cameras because I could sue my Minolta lenses on them. Now I’m slowly getting a new lens collection.

  7. hutchison15

    Amazing technology, better enables me for creativity.I can’t emphasize enough how amazing this camera is coming from the very first generation of the Sony A7. I was worried whether this was worth the extra $500 versus A7M3 but after typing it out, it seems like it was. Versus the A7M3, it has…- Higher resolution photos.- More autofocus points.- Bird eye autofocus.- Better stabilization.- 4k60p vs 4k30p video.- Higher res viewfinder/LCD.- Bigger image buffer.- 5GHz WiFi support.- USB3.2 support.To each their own, but it felt like for $500 difference, that was worth it for me in the long run.Having now for about a week, I will say coming from the Sony A7 (first gen) – it’s amazing on all fronts. It does feel heavier, but the bigger battery, in-body image stabilization, and other cool tech shenanigans surely have to attribute to this.Autofocus is 99% perfect; seems like in dim-light scenarios, not as great as I was hoping but it’s barely off.The video looks fantastic.Love the new menu system.An amazing amount of customization. Those just beginning will definitely want to study up on YouTube for what everything does.Flip out screen is great, but I do miss the first gen’s folding system a little for outdoor photography; you can of course get MORE articulation with your screen now but it just takes longer to fold out, plus it’s outside of the camera body which worries me with durability in mind.The quality of the body and grip feel fine; I am tending to miss the first gen’s material choices as well but I think this will grow on me.Loving the arrangement of buttons and switch choices.Performance seems stellar. I paired with dual Lexar Professional 2000x (LSD2000128G-BNNNU) and haven’t had any issues.Solid thumbs up, and can’t wait to use this camera for 7+ years as I did with the first-gen.

  8. Jack M. Hoffman

    Not as big a deal as the A7iii was at the timeOverall I like this camera body a lot, but I feel like it wasn’t as huge a jump from a7iii as that camera was up from a7ii. It is definitely worth it if you are eyeing the a7iii but don’t mind spending a bit more for nice features.Good:Everything that’s great about the a7iii but now with:- 10-bit video- HEVC- 4k60- +9MP- ridiculously good AF, like stupidly good- higher available bitrates when using v90 cards.- Full size HDMI port- Streaming/direct usb stream support to make it the most epic webcam ever- improved ibis with crop based stabilization on top of mechanical sensor shiftBad:- I don’t like how they made the body bigger. It feels quite big compared to a7iii.- the 4k60 crop sucks, as everyone else has stated. It’s fine for tight shots but if you need to do something wide you will need a lens like 12-24mm- overheats in continuous 4K recording after about an hour at room temp. Yes, I set it to high temp threshold. It does still overheat just takes longer. Had to rig up a fan system for continuous longer recording (see pic). From my extensive testing, this solves the problem, and allows for recording for hours and hours even at 4k60, but I had to come up with it myself using parts from Amazon and SmallRig. If you don’t want to do all this you may have to stick to 1080p if you’re recording something hours long.- My rear top dial (the one I have assigned to iris, next to the EV Comp dial) started malfunctioning about 4 months in. Currently without the body as Sony is taking care of that under warranty. Not thrilled with that but hopefully the repair will last.

  9. grace_receiver

    Spoiled by A7S iiiOverall, this camera is fantastic. Sony auto-focus is second to none. The customization of buttons and overall ergonomics are wonderful. My two main gripes are: the surprising over-heating shooting standard 4K video (even with max temp set to High); and the screen size definitely needs improvement.I can film all day in the sun on the A7S iii with no overheating warnings. I do get that the image on the A7IV is being down-sampled from 7K and the sensor is 33 megapixels compared to 12, but I’m just still surprised that it overheats so easily…again.You could argue the fact it’s a hybrid camera justifies the performance to not be as stout in video. But to me, hybrid shouldn’t mean unreliable.I’m debating if I’m returning it or just solely rely on the A7S iii for video. But then that begs the question of whether the A7IV is worth $2500 just for photo. I’m leaning toward “no”. The A7Siii photos are also fantastic, and for now, I’m mostly using them for real estate work and some product promotions.

  10. Yves-Constant Tamomo

    My primary cameraNo se pudo cargar el archivo multimedia.

     I am a filmmaker and photographer and this camera does it all. The autofocus system makes my work easier. The image quality is great both photo and video

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