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Stanley Trigger-Action – Taza de viaje clásica con acción de gatillo, 16 onzas

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Arcilla Hammertone, Bottomland, Brillo de carbón, Brillo de cuarzo rosa, Carbón vegetal, Crema brillante., DNA del país, Hábitat, Hammertone Silver, Lago Hammertone, Lava, Limestone, Naranja (Blaze Orange), Negro mate, Nightfall, Polar, ‎Hammertone Verde


16 onzas (paquete de 2), 453 ml, ‎567 ml

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‎Taza, tapa.



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1.0 Count

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‎2,9"W x 10"H pulgadas

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‎Trigger-Action Travel Mug

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‎Unisex adulto



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‎1 Count (Pack of 1)




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Comentarios (9)

  1. TM Conway

    Just about perfectSince I keep my mugs for a long time (and only have 3), I spent a bit extra to get the pretty Nightfall color. Color aside, I LOVE this mug.PROS:– (TEMP)This actually did keep my coffee hot for a long time. I got the mug at 1:32 pm & took about 20 minutes to wash it out, boil some water to pre-heat the mug, and make coffee. I was still drinking hot coffee – not piping hot but still very hot – at around 7:10 pm. The 2nd night I had it, I put hot water in it to prime it for the morning & left it closed all night. When I opened it in the morning, the water was still warm enough. If it had been coffee, I would have been able to enjoy it.– (COMPARED TO) I really like the press & sip feature. I think that has a lot to do with how the mug keeps the coffee so hot for so long. I have a 160z Klean Kanteen and an 8oz Yeti mug. The problem with the K.K. is that the lid is finicky & can wear rough so that after a while the coffee stops retaining heat and starts leaking if you don’t get the lid on absolutely perfectly. I love that cup but hate having to clean the lid. The Yeti is super cute and does a decent job but, again, the seal isn’t tight enough. That’s fine for 8 ounces of coffee but this 16oz Stanley is what I need most days.– (CLEANING) I saw reviews saying the lid on this is hard to clean. I don’t find that to be a problem at all. The twist-off bottom is super easy to remove and replace. I can see all of the insides as I run soap and water through it. To finish, I turn the lid upside down over the mug and pour hot water into it, then drain it with the trigger. I don’t have to soak this lid overnight to break up hidden creamer gunk.– (GRIP & TRAVEL) I have smaller hands & this mug is very easy for me to grip in one hand and walk around with. When I was deciding on a color, I thought about getting the Matte Black one since it might have more grip. The one I have is not matte and the grip is no problem because of the mug’s circumference. Also, this fits in vehicle cup holders where my other 2 mugs do not.–(LEAKPROOF) One of the most important things is that this is totally leakproof. As other reviewers show in videos, I turned this upside down to check its leakage & there were NONE. When I was taking photos of the bottom of the mug to post, it was filled with scorching hot water. I left it upside down *on my bed’s beautiful comforter* and there were no accidents. This is good because I am a klutz and usually tip my mugs over as I sit with them on my writing desk or, worse, my lap desk when I’m sitting on the bed or couch. This didn’t spill when I tested that out. As for packing this around inside of bags, I don’t normally put mugs into my purse, cases, or backpacks but as long as this is placed well for the trigger not to depress, it should be fine.CONS:The biggest thing for me, since I have been trying to support American workers, is that this is made in China. I didn’t realize that until I got the mug. That might be a deal-breaker for some people. I usually check this before I buy but I just assumed… I like the workmanship of the mug enough to let this slide.– Because I prime the mug with hot water, I was able to notice that the silver part at the top right under the lid gets REALLY hot to the touch. That’s not a huge problem because I hold the mug’s middle area. However, if a kid should touch this, they might get a little owie.– You have to be careful when sipping from this because it does keep the coffee just as hot as it comes out of the pot. As long as you realize that, you won’t be surprised and singe your lips.OVERALL:I do like the mug so much. I’m especially happy with the color and design. It’s classic, nice-looking, and solid-feeling. I have put my Klean Kanteen in storage because I am just keeping it for its sentimental value. The one thing I have not tested (and hope never to) is how durable this is. I saw a couple of other reviews with pictures showing bad denting. I’m not sure how that happened because this thing feels pretty sturdy. I don’t care about the eventual damage to the color, as long as the mug still works. I am going to be checking on that «lifetime warranty» though. Just in case.By the way: I suggest you make sure to take a photo of the bottom of your mug. That is where all the info is that you will need in case you need to make a warranty claim. I include a photo from the Stanley site ( about finding the product info & notice that my info on the item was etched around the outermost edge of the bottom of the cup & the mfg qtr and yr were in the middle. Hope this helps.

  2. Matthew MacLeod

    Best cup I’ve ever owned.I have gone through so many travel cups. This one changed the game. It’s easy to carry, holds enough liquid to keep me quenched, and is better insulated than anything else on the market. I’ll make an iced tea in the morning, and the same ice gets dumped more than 36 hours later. Do yourself a favor, buy two. You’ll be glad you did. I’ve been using stanley products for 40+ years, and it’s looking like I’ll be using the same ones in another 40. I live and work pretty rough. I’m outdoors, on foot or horseback most of my week, but my cups, flask and thermos hold up to any abuse I toss at them. I have no doubt that my son will be drinking from this cup in 50 years.

  3. Sarah I Shambaugh

    Love this!!My coffee stays hot for hours. I make my coffee at 5 and may not to sit down to drink it until 9 at work and it’s still hot. I love the auto seal I can toss this in my bag during my commute and not worry about any meaning. The size is just right too!! Fits in the cup holder, back pack drink holder, and holds a good amount of coffee.

  4. Shelby

    Best $25 you’ll ever spend!I adore this mug- I pour my coffee at 6:30 every morning and sip on it throughout the day, and by noon it is still hot! It’s so nice not to have to worry about drinking my coffee before it gets cold- because it never does in this mug! Also, the trigger action lid is so much nicer than a traditional opening- less fuss and less mess make for a much better drinking experience. My husband and I both have one- would highly recommend!

  5. david brandt

    Leak proof, but not easy to cleanFor the most part I love this travel mug. Being able to stash it in my bag and not have to worry about it leaking is big improvement over pass mugs.The biggest downside for me is cleaning the top. I drink coffee with milk so that adds to the problem, so soaking doesn’t help that much. There are so many nooks and crannies that most kitchen brushes can’t get into. It does come apart, somewhat, but not enough. It can go in the dishwasher, which helps but, some parts are too small and may get lost, and disappear, or get caught down in the heating element and melt.

  6. Brayan O. Guzmán

    Calidad StanleyMi esposa no deja su termo en ningún momento, lo ama definitivamente. Siempre tiene su producto frío o caliente tal cual como lo guarda. La temperatura se mantiene por bastante tiempo (más sí es frío). Lo único malo es que al tener hielo, se se mueve muy brusco, puede generar abolladuras dentro del término.

  7. Cameron Poe

    It kept my beverage ice cold, or hot.The Stanley has without a doubt, been a very useful accessory during my time here. I don’t think I’ll be able to take it with me on July 14th, when I get on that freedom bird home. But I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a wonderfully crafted insulated mug. The leak proof seal alone is enough to keep any liquid from spilling on your kids bunny toys etc.

  8. Laura Nielsen

    FORGET YETI, GO WITH NO SPILLS!I have several yeti tumblers and travel mugs, but I struggle with on the go spills and honestly after several months of use with regular cleaning, the coffee stains get harder to remove completely on the yeti products (almost like a coating has worn off??)Decided to try something different, my uncle has “owned and operated” his Stanley trigger mug for many years! What can you say, it’s a Stanley! Super tough and durable! Soooo naturally I bought one…Love not having to worry about spills! Trigger action is smooth and responsive, can operate easily with 1 hand. The entire top and trigger mechanism will disassemble out of the top to clean each component easily, reassembly is very easy. NO complaints at all.probably won’t go back to the yeti’s… despite how pretty they look

  9. Dewalt Fan

    Stanley vs Contigo. I prefer ContigoI really liked my Stanley water jug so I decided to give this a try. I have been using Contigo travel mugs for years and love them. So this review comes from that background.1. The Stanley has no lock option so it makes me nervous when traveling with it in my backpack with my laptop and tossing it in my truck.2. The Stanley has a weird ridge on the mouth portion that makes it harder to drink and tends to collect drips.3. The Stanley is narrow and straight. It easily slides out of my backpack side drink pouches. I put a silicone wristband on the bottom to give it some grip and prevent it from sliding out as easily.4. I like the nostalgia of the classic Stanley thermos.5. The Stanley has a 20 oz option where the standard Contigos are 16 oz.6. The Stanley lid comes apart to wash easily, but this isn’t much different than the hinge on the contigo to clean the seal part. The Stanley bottom is dishwasher-able where the Contigo is not.

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