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SteelSeries Nuevo Apex 9 Mini – Mini teclado óptico HotSwap – Diseño compacto 60% – Interruptores ópticos – Personalización

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Haz el primer movimiento con el increíblemente rápido teclado Apex 9 Mini. Con interruptores ópticos OptiPoint intercambiables que accionan un 33% más rápido que el teclado óptico líder, ajusta el punto de accionamiento entre un rápido 0.059 pulgadas para juegos y 0.059 pulgadas para escribir deliberadamente en este teclado compacto al 60%.

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Apex 9 Mini

Powered by the Speed of Light

Harness the power of optical switches with custom-built OptiPoint for a lightning-fast 0.2ms response time and keystrokes with zero debounce.

33% faster actuation

33% faster actuation

Make the first move before your opponents flinch. The groundbreaking OptiPoint optical switches instantly react to changes in light, in combination with the 1mm actuation point, to earn you the top spot.

2-point Actuation

2-point Actuation

Adapt to any game by changing the registration depth from a fast 1mm light press to an accuracy-focused 1.5mm keystroke.

Swappable Switches

Swappable Switches

Customize, upgrade, and repair your keyboard by changing the switches to your favorite style of OptiPoint switch and make it truly your own.

Compact 60% Design

Compact 60% Design

The Apex 9 Mini is built to create more space on your desk for game winning-swipes while retaining all the capabilities of a fullsize keyboard with its side-printed secondary functions.

Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Double Shot PBT Keycaps

Enhance your typing feel and accuracy with high-quality texture double shot PBT keycaps. These keycaps are engineered to be long-lasting and fadeproof.

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

Aircraft Grade Aluminum Alloy

The Series 5000 metal top plate is identical to the aluminum used in combat jets for a lifetime of enhanced rigidity and structural stability.

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Teclado, Teclado + alfombrilla para ratón, Teclado + Auriculares, Teclado + paño mediano, Teclado + ratón para juegos, Teclado + ratón para juegos, ónix, Teclado + Teclas, Negro


Apex 9 Mini, Apex 9 TKL

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‎1.9 pounds

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‎4.02 x 11.53 x 1.58 pulgadas





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a la tienda de SteelSeries

Comentarios (10)

  1. Sebastian

    Muy buen productoMuy bonito el teclado y fue rápido el envío

  2. Michael

    High quality, Compact, Optical SwitchesIt’s fantastic 60% keyboard with cutting edge optical switches.The switches are Gateron optical switches (yellow) but with customized/modified optical sensors. Basically, they’re linear switches which are smooth & easy to press but also not too loud (clicky).BUYER BEWARE: SteelSeries claims the switches are hot swappable but don’t be fooled, you can’t swap them with normal optical switches; it’s gotta be their customized/modified ones which I assume they will be selling on their website sometime in the short term future (currently, not available as of Sep 2022).The modifier key is located at the bottom right corner and the overloaded keys are clearly labeled on the underside of the keycaps. A keycap removal tool is provided and stored/hidden nicely under the keyboard. I haven’t messed with the software yet but don’t plan to mess around with it much anyways. I keep my keyboard setup pretty vanilla.PROs* optical switches, extremely fast & spammable. Great for esport games.* Small form factor* keycap remove tool provided* customizable LEDsCONs* not wireless* custom/proprietary switches not truly 100% swappable

  3. Andrew S

    Nice, well built keyboardSolidly built and I like the smaller form factor. Not having function keys takes getting used to, and the Steelseries software for controlling the RGB threw me off because I thought the keyboard was DOA, but actually is was the software syncing to my game.

  4. Lito

    F red switchesRed switches suck

  5. Austin

    Not my cup of teaI was going to use this for a MacBook. But I started getting used to the MacBook keyboard and there were some functions I couldn’t do on this that I could use the mac keyboard for.I use my MacBook for coding. I need directional keys and this keybaord don’t have them. So that’s the main reason I don’t like this keybaord.Other than that it’s a very hefty little board. It has some weight to it and the buttons type super fast. Found my finger accidentally typing letters on its own because they’re so touchy.

  6. Realm of Nova

    A Reliable and Smooth Keyboard that’s Not for EveryoneI’m going to make this as simple as I can; this is an excellent high quality keyboard that’s super smooth, durable, premium, and elegant but also leaves lots of features to be desired that are missing with this keyboard. Despite being made by SteelSeries, who is a reputable accessories manufacturer, I do feel like this mini keyboard is solely aimed at a specific group of people who are not only willing to live without these many missing features, but are also willing to pay a steep premium.To start, the keyboard has one of the most durable, premium feeling metal frame shells I have ever felt as not only can you feel the quality from the weight of the keyboard, but there is also zero flexing, bending, warping, etc with this keyboard. The chassis is built to last, and that might be one of the keyboards best features. Although, it is disappointing that the keyboard still has to be tethered as it cannot be used wirelessly, but that does mean you won’t have to worry about recharging it every few days.The keyboard itself has surprisingly smooth and thumpy optical switches that have some of the best response times I have ever seen. I never really noticed the delay with my other keyboards, but I definitely noticed that my inputs felt way more «instant» than they used to, almost as if playing games somehow predicted my next movement before I even pressed the key. That’s how responsive this keyboard is. The downside, however, is that SteelSeries is using proprietary switches which means that even though you can theoretically put various other switches into this board, they will not respond when pressed as this keyboard only works with SteelSeries own switches. It’s disappointing, but if you don’t normally swap your switches and prefer using your keyboards as-is, then this isn’t a problem.Additionally, you also do lose a lot of functionality here. While you can still perform most inputs as you could on full-size keyboards with the dual-input keys here, it is more of a hassle toggling those secondary inputs if you are not used to small form factor keyboards like this one. Once you get used to it, however, it becomes fairly easy to adjust your volume, change your RGB lighting, play/pause your videos & music, toggling a function key and much more once you get used to using the toggle key for those other inputs. Speaking of RGB lighting, the backlighting is very vibrant and elegant and the keyboard does come with numerous lighting effects and colors for you to choose from to get it to your preference.Overall, this is an excellent keyboard. It is the definition of what quality should be, even if it sacrifices a lot of features (mostly ease of use) to deliver on that. While I do believe this would be a great keyboard for most users, I do think that some gamers, spreadsheet makers and other people may find the lack of a NumPad and other features too much of a compromise to be willing to purchase this product. Not only that, I do feel that while the quality and performance is astounding, I still believe that the marketed cost may be too high for some people to stomach. While I can vouch for SteelSeries on other keyboards I have used in the past, I can also say you will find nearly as good keyboards as this from SteelSeries themselves that are available at a lower cost and with more features. In the end, it’s really up to you and your opinion on what works best for you. If you prefer mini keyboards for quick work or portability, then this is the way to go, but if you have been using full sized keyboards, then swapping that out for this one may be a difficult adjustment for you to make.

  7. J K

    A high-quality 60% keyboardThis is a 60% keyboard, meaning it doesn’t have a dedicated numpad, arrow keys, or home keys. Assuming you can live without those keys, read on.The first thing you’ll notice is the build quality. It feels really solid and well-made. There is no flex in the keyboard, and it is made from Series 5000 aircraft grade aluminum alloy (whatever that means).The OptiPoint switches in the Apex 9 Mini were custom-made by SteelSeries. They are optical switches, which means it uses light to detect when a key has been pressed; optical switches have a quicker reaction time (important for gaming) than traditional mechanical switches.The OptiPoint switches are linear switches rated for 100 million keypresses. They don’t require much force to attenuate, and the sound is pretty nice. SteelSeries says the switches are hot-swappable (meaning you can put your own switches into the keyboard), but the keyboard will only work with SteelSeries switches, NOT traditional mechanical switches. This is a big bummer.They keycaps are double-shot PBT, which ensures the legend won’t fade over time. Additionally, it also allows for light to shine through, which I appreciate. SteelSeries also has software you can use to customize the backlight colors, etc. if you are into that.Overall, if you’re looking for a well-made 60% keyboard, this is a good option! I don’t love that the switches aren’t truly hot-swappable, but otherwise, this is a good option!

  8. Edward

    Very good gaming keyboard with great feature and a big problemThe keyboard is really good for typing and gaming because you can adjust the actuation hight and basically everything about this keyboard is perfect including the hotswap part, but the switches are made insanely inconsistent the switches are from gateron, and they come pre-lubed, which is really nice but some of the particular switches is NOT LUBED which result in a terrible felling and sound, and is different from other switches, which is not what a $180 premium keyboard should have, the quality control is terrible!

  9. kristen

    FantasticWe bought for our son and he is thrilled with it

  10. julie cloutier

    Ados satisfait !!Pour ordinateur ans.= très satisfait !!

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