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Tiffen 3.031 in densidad neutra 0.3 filtro

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Densidad neutra sólida (filtro ND) Estos filtros reducen la cantidad de luz que pasa a través de la lente de la cámara sin cambiar el color de la escena. Son especialmente útiles en condiciones de luz brillante para ayudar a prevenir la sobreexposición. Los filtros de densidad neutra también permiten una exposición adecuada en una apertura de lente más amplia para reducir la profundidad de campo para resaltar un tema clave haciendo que el primer plano y/o fondo fuera de enfoque. Elimina imágenes demasiado brillantes y lavadas. Equilibra la exposición. Controles la profundidad de campo Permite velocidades de obturación más lentas para producir efectos de movimiento borroso

Reduces the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene. This filter is especially useful in bright light conditions. Allows proper exposure at a wider lens opening when reducing depth of field to highlight a key subject by making the foreground and/or the background out of focus. A slower shutter speed can be used to produce blurred motion effects.

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Tiffen Neutral Density Filters

These filters reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens without changing the color of the scene. They are especially useful in bright light conditions to help prevent overexposure. Neutral Density filters also allow proper exposure at a wider lens opening for reduced depth-of-field to highlight a key subject by making the foreground and/or background out of focus.

– F-Stop Reduction of 1 (ND2 or ND101)

– Eliminates overly bright, washed-out images

– Balances exposure

– Controls depth-of-field

– Allows slower shutter speeds to produce blurred motion effects

With Tiffen ND 0.3 Filter

Increase in Depth-of-Field in tree line behind subject

Without Filter

With Filter

Without Filter

Tiffen Precision Optics Academy Award Winning Technology Exclusive ColorCore Technology Made in USA

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Dimensiones del producto

2 x 4 x 4 pulgadas


40.5mm, 49mm, 52 mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 77mm, 82mm



Nombre del patrón

0.3 Filtro, Filtro 0,3 + filtro 0,9, Filtro 0,3 + filtro 0,9 de 2.283 in, Filtro 0,3 + filtro UV



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a la tienda de Tiffen

Comentarios (10)

  1. Blondiechick

    Not just for cameras-it can diagnose diseases.I bought this filter for a much different purpose than most people on here will. I purchased this from the perspective of an eyecare practitioner. While this filter is an amazing price for a camera filter which will subtly decrease the amount of light into the aperture without affecting the color balance-this is exactly what happens when you place the filter in front of the eye.When the filter is placed in front of the eye’s aperture (the pupil), it allows me to ascertain diseases of the pupil (and therefore the optic nerve and brain) with more of a subtle and fine tooth comb than I usually would. It makes a small defect look artificially larger and therefore much easier to pick up. This can be the difference between picking up a patient with a finite nerve problem signaling a brain tumor and missing it. This can get a patient the help they need sooner rather than later. All because of a camera lens that is negligible in cost, but a lot of docs don’t think to do or haven’t been taught to do.I’m so glad I picked this little guy up, it takes up virtually no space in my white coat pocket and it’s a non invasive way of double checking when I’m not sure of something, it’s a «better safe than sorry» measure. And if I ever decide to buy a camera that’s worthy of it, it will serve double duty and I’m sure it will take amazing photos.

  2. Earnest K

    Glad I Kept My Tiffen NDsI purchased this Tiffen ND back in 2007, because I didn’t have much money as I recall. Can’t remember why, it’s 2015 now….Oh, got a new GF that year. I also have some .6, .9, and I think a 10 or 12, mostly Tiffen, but not all. Anyway, I couldn’t afford a Hoya, B&W, or some other brand at that time. To my surprise, this is a decent ND filter. I mean I would buy certain Tiffen NDs again.Remember, the .3 doesn’t cut much light at all. I do believe I have a .3, 2-.6s, a .9, etc. Then I can «custom» combo them to reduce the light in most situations.I’ve taken some great photos with it. Almost 8 years later, I still have all my ND filters…can’t say much about that GF, but still have the filters!

  3. Riledup

    I think I need one of these…Has anyone tried this?I have a problem with a video projector that is too bright for rear projection; despite running it under Theater mode and lowering the brightness as far as the Epson S1 allows. I’m hoping that one of these filters…probably the .3 version…will cut the brightness down yet retain the colors while reducing the annoying light spot bleeding through the screen. I just have to figure out a way to hold the lens at the proper distance from the front of the projector so it doesn’t interfere with the projected image. The larger filter size would be more flexible, but the trade-off is expense. I thought a 58 might work well, but I have to check what my old 35mm lens will accept. Might as well get something I could use with my film camera, and I think I remember having a 58mm wide angle lens.Update: still waiting for this item to ship, but I did end up buying a 55mm size that will also fit my wide angle SLR lens.

  4. Charlie

    Standard EquipmentND filters should be standard equipment for any serious photographer. Primarily I use ND filters for use in the blazing bright mountain snow; the perfect solution without changing colors like a CPL filter can. I have been very please with all the Tiffen filters I have purchased and never hesitate to shop Tiffen first when I’m in need of a new filter or a replacement. I know are bothered by the vignetting you can get from screw-on type ND filters but I haven’t noticed this to be a problem as long as enough light is available. I fact, this filter is most useful when too much light is available. Until something happens to change my mind, I will tell everyone, «You can’t go wrong with Tiffen filters.»

  5. Rebecca

    Good quality at a good priceI like the .3, 77mm neutral density filter. It is a good high quality filter at a reasonable price. My only concern was that when the package arrived, the filter container was not sealed, and the filter had slight smudging. I cleaned it off and inspected it closely and did not detect any scratches. The filter works nicely and is just what I need on those bright sunny days shooting water at the beach to slow it down just a little.

  6. Horoscope Fish

    Nice Filter…Pretty decent ND filter for the price. Not much I can say about it, it’s a #2 CND by another name and a staple item for just about any photographers’ bag. Overall it feels sturdy and well made, and it fits my Nikon 18-105mm zoom just like should. I noticed pretty quickly it also adds neutral density so, yeah, how sweet is that?! Unfortunately this neutral density filter does not improve my car’s MPG nor does it whiten my teeth. Really, Tiffen… Is that asking so much??

  7. mark

    ND Filters: Great For VideoND Filters are a great addition for videography. Many high end video consumer cameras have them built in (through software) so they are not as popular as they once were, but my preference is to make as many changes optically to the incoming light rather than using the in-camera software. For those of you that are new to Videography or Photography, a Tiffen ND 0.3 Filter is the same as a ND2 filter from other brands.* Look under the products picture ‘Customer Images’ to see my pictures and how I use the ND Filter on my Vado HD pocket camcorder. *

  8. Timothy John Garcia

    Inexpensive for starters.I bought this for video work. I find that a lot of the issues some other people point out for this is easily adjustable on post.Starting a photography hobby? Get this. Experience how to use these tools, don’t get caught up with IQ and exercise your technical ability, composition.Buy expensive alternatives that will save you post-processing time when you start making $$$ on this hobby.

  9. vqworks

    A Quality Filter For A Cheap PriceAlthough you can buy an ND filter to decrease the depth of field, I find the decreased contrast of the filter much more obvious and desirable. The .3 filter definitely reduces the overly contrasty look of outdoor photos. The filtering is also so fine that there is no visible grain from the filter itself. The only inevitable and occasional consequence is a slight reduction in color vibrancy in some shots but that is not the fault of the filter. This is just a compromise that comes with reduced contrast sometimes depending on lighting conditions.

  10. Cassandra

    Worked great. Used this for desert photos and it was …Worked great. Used this for desert photos and it was really helpful considering the washed out lighting. I can’t say much on the coating/lens material because I just don’t know much about that, but my photos came out great

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