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UBeesize Anillo de luz de 12 pulgadas con trípode, anillo de luz para selfie con soporte de trípode de 62 pulgadas, anillo de

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14,25 x 12,71 x 4,25 pulgadas


Anillo de luz, Anillo de luz + kit de iluminación, Kit de luz de anillo + luz de video LED




‎1 Metal de litio necesaria(s), incluida(s)



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a la tienda de UBeesize

Comentarios (9)

  1. Jerry B.

    I used the light with a swing arm expansion on my desktop workstation. Docking my phone in it allows me to create distinctive how to videos for clients. I ended up buying a second just for inventory.

  2. Jessica

    It worked perfectly for my needs until it didn’t work at all. When it arrived, I knew it was made with cheap material, but as it was affordable, I didn’t mind. That is until the outlet you plug the power chord in went inside the ring light unit, making the entire product unusable. I looked for a way to take it apart to see if I could fix it, but it seems as though I would have had to break it open to find the piece. Hoping they will send a new part.

  3. ALG

    I was introduced to this light ring on a girls weekend and wow – I had to get one. The minute I got back I bought one and it’s great for what I use it for.

  4. NJmom

    This is a great tool for self videoing/ photography. Works great with all iPhones. If you are planning to use back camera it is not as sturdy when I bend the ring like for example to record something on a counter top. I make cookies and was hoping to record the process. This isn’t sturdy enough to support the weight of my phone while in a bent ring light position. I’ll stick with a tripod instead. All in all good product for what it is marketed for

  5. Don

    Use this time for vlogs and business videos great product. Also has different light settings which helps a lot in different settings

  6. Jennifer

    Light is not as bright as I thought, but works well enough. I like how lightweight the tripod and light are. Remote control works well with my phone camera.

  7. Dr. Daniel Brewer

    This 12″ ring light by UBeesize is ultra-bright, and highly adjustable. Unlike other smaller ring lights that are powered via USB, this light has a dedicated 20W power brick and is able to kick out tons of light at five different color temperatures and ten different brightness levels. The included tripod is also highly adjustable, allowing the stand and light to go from a tabletop height of about two feet to all the way up to over six feet tall. At around $30, you get a lot for your money as the kit includes the large 12-inch light, an adjustable stand (up to 67-inchs in height), a highly adjustable and secure phone holder, and a Bluetooth remote. I’ve been using it daily for the last few weeks and it has not missed a beat; I highly recommend this light. Of the various options I have used, this UBeesize 12’’ Ring Light is the most capable and most versatile.I have another 8” UBeesize ring light which I also like a lot. The smaller 8” light is powered by USB, is not as bright and does not offer as many color temperature adjustments (3 on the 8” verses 5 on this 12”). The smaller 8” light features a controller along the cord, whereas this light is controlled completely by the controls below the ring. In many ways the smaller 8” light is preferable for up-close video calls, or smaller desktop spaces, as it is not as bright, and you can adjust it along the cord without having to reach for the light. However, the 12” light is big and bright enough to work as a primary or key light for portraits or to light larger spaces, while it can also be dimmed down for closer use. I have been using the 12” light on my desk for Zoom calls and have found I am using it on one of the lowest three levels (out of 10 possible). The ability to mount a phone or camera fully inside the larger 12” ring means you are guaranteed to get bright even light all around the subject. And the stand that comes with this 12” light extends very tall to nearly seven feet in height with the 12” light on top of a 67” stand. But you cannot go wrong with any of the ring lights by UBeesize, and I would just recommend you select the one best suited to your particular needs. If you are looking for something ultra-light weight and portable, or able to run off a USB power source, this is probably not the light for you. However, if you are looking for an economically priced, highly adjustable, powerhouse of a light, this is the one for you. The included USB camera/video trigger is also a great bonus, and helps limit the need for editing if you can start and stop your video recording remotely.As a psychologist working from home during the pandemic, I’ve used a number of different ring lights to brighten my face for sessions. This 12” light is by far the largest, brightest, most powerful, and most highly adjustable of the lights I have used. Thank you to UBeesize for sending me the light to test; I would purchase the light again with my own money, and I would highly recommend it to others.

  8. Shriman Y.

    not the greatest but pretty good

  9. Vivienne McNair

    I love how y’all it is. It works great.

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