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UBeesize Trípode de teléfono de 67 pulgadas y palo para selfie, soporte de trípode para cámara con control remoto

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Weight 1,92 lbs
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3,81 x 3,07 x 17,3 pulgadas




1 CR2032 necesaria(s), incluida(s)



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a la tienda de UBeesize

Comentarios (10)

  1. Lynette H.

    This is the first item that arrived that was part of a «tech» purchase My friend has a professional tripod for her photography business and was going to loan it to me. I told her I was going to buy one. I found this inexpensive tripod and thought I could use it instead of an expensive piece of equipment. To my surprise this tripod looks and feels like my friends, but, I only paid a few dollars as opposed to much, much more. I am very happy with this product and would highly recommend it.

  2. Luisa

    Good for content is really big even when at its smallest size so if you want to carry it around everywhere it’s gonna be tuff

  3. Rhiannon

    its a little big for packing purposes but its nice to have it when you want a group picture!

  4. K

    I love this tripod, it holds my phone so well, ive never had issues with it tilting while using it, ive even used it for a stand for my projector. All my friends always borrow it. It also fits in my suitcase to take on trips

  5. Anne L

    This tripod went out west with us! It allowed us to get some great memories!

  6. Lois A. Near

    Been using this for months now and it works great

  7. Maria

    I LOVE this tripod – I took this photo of myself with it and people ask me “who was there to take that photo”. I am an artist and try to do content creations regularly. Ive tried a goose neck/selfie stick – none of these work like that. This makes life easier – just prop it, move it when you need, its super lightweight so I just carry it everywhere i go to paint. I can take photos,videos – and yes, the remote is an awesome addition.

  8. Edward

    I purchased about 5 of these Tripods to use for YouTube videos. They make life so much easier. Well made and no complaints. The legs spread far enough apart that even AZ’s high wind gusts have not been able to knock one over yet. I have used them for a while now and haven’t used the remote or used them as selfie sticks but it’s nice to know those are options. I especially like the different camera mounting attachments it comes with. Mounts for cell phones and for action cameras. A lot of thought went in to the Tripod’s design and it’s great because of that.

  9. Joey Pearce

    Very Good tripod, with one minor flawso i’ve had this tripod for about a year or so now so i thought i’d give it a review. Honestly for the price, it’s really good. I’ve used it in windy weather, snow and it’s held up just fine. So while I use it with my phone, its been amazing thus far. But when I tried to attach my new gopro 11, with the attachment it came with it. It just doesn’t fit. Like I tried to force it into the attachment and almost broke the mounting area on my gopro. So, it will work with phones, but with a gopro im not to sure. Since it didn’t work with mine so now I have to go and buy another tripod.

  10. Deniel Cruz

    Sturdy but lightweight..Easy to use. Very sturdy and lightweight, only dis for my wife is how bulky the handle gets when its all close and she want to do a selfie..but overall its a good buy!!

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